The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 44: The Reality of the Kingdom

The victory in the first battle was a great victory.

Leon, along with the hunters and the kingdom army, headed for the palace while catching over a hundred demons.


While the rope was tied like a bunch of fish, a demon fell over.

“Oi, be careful——”

It was the time when Koo Dae-sung was unintentionally trying to raise the devil. Goo Dae-sung realized that the devil is a very beautiful woman.

‘what? Even until just now—-‘

The appearance of the hideous devil is nowhere to be seen, and what is in front of him is a beauty radiating fatal charm.

“Hunter, if you let me go… I’ll do something nice for you.”

“Uh, uh…”

Koo Dae-sung is confused by the devil’s temptation. It was strange. Even though he knew that the being in front of him was the devil, Goo Dae-seong stretched out his hand as if he would succumb to the temptation.

If only I could hug such a beautiful woman once… It’s not bad to risk your life…

[Lion’s Heart’s Aura: Legion Enhanced Contamination Resistance is activated.]

It was the moment when I stretched out my hand toward the devil. The flamboyant beauty’s face disappears, revealing a hideous one-eyed figure.

“Oh fuck!”

Surprised, Goo Daesung hit the devil with his fist.

The devil, who was hit with a fistfight close to punching, has a dumbfounded expression.

“Put it on, can an ordinary human shake off my temptations?”

Is this the devil’s temptation? I was almost going to pass on it. Goo Dae-seong held on to his beating heart and was wary of the power of the devil.

“What kind of guy are you!”

Leon rode a horse in the lead. The figure of him blocking the sunlight while riding the Shinsu Stallion was very authoritative.

“Someone made a fuss!”

“It’s a bastard!”

Goo Dae-seong directly points to the devil who seduced him. With a quick change of attitude, he pointed at the self-deprecating demon.

After getting off the mill, Leon’s gaze turns to the devil. He said as if he noticed the whole situation in an instant.

“How dare you seduce my soldiers with your filthy body?”

“Yo, forgive me…!”

No questions and answers. Leon’s boot hit the devil’s shin. Ppogak! and the broken devil’s leg.


“Raise your voice wherever you are dirty and vulgar!”

Knock knock! Leon tramples on demons without mercy. The demons and hunters who were watching the scene were tired of it.

‘He’s more like a devil than a devil… !’

‘Oh, be bloody… … ‘

It was only after seeing the demon trampled to death that Leon got back on his horse.

‘It’s a killifish that can’t even fill up with proper energy.’

Leon felt the devil’s soul being absorbed into the Holy Grail and being pulverized, confirming the energy of the Grail.

While the demons were disorganized, they hunted many commander-level demons. There were also advanced demons among them, and Leon recovered enough holy power.

Citizens were waiting for Leon, who had improved by dragging the captured demons.

They stared at the demons with fear as they welcomed Leon and the soldiers who had won a great victory.


The war against the devil is always like this. Even if they are lesser demons, they seduce humans and lead them into destruction and corruption.

The same goes for that hideous appearance. Because the war against the monsters is endless, only a few elites are inspired by victory.

It was only in the Lionheart Kingdom that they sought and prayed for God even more, but they had no target for that.

So, Leon raised both hands.



“What, what?”

Citizens as well as hunters’ gazes are mixed with doubts. I’ve gotten used to Leon’s sudden actions, but that’s different.

However, all the soldiers stop just because Leon stops. It brought stillness and silence and focused his gaze completely on Leon.

“Applause! Give glory to the god of war and flame and sing the glory of this Lionheart!”

“”… … … … .””

silence for a while. Someone started clapping their hands, and it spread like an infection in an instant.

Gradually, the sound of applause resounding like thunder soars high in the sky.

“Hang the demons and let the citizens kill them themselves. Let them enjoy the sweetness of their ugly souls disappearing.”


“Now… I came back with a great victory, but no one came to see me off.”

Leon recalled the generals and knights who did not exist.

I have a lot of questions.

queens and knights.

At that time when something was suspicious, red eyes were visible from the window of the castle.

“Have you succeeded?”

Leon immediately returned to the royal castle.

* * * *

Upon receiving Yapi’s report, Leon immediately strode to the basement of the castle. It was with the Hunters.

“Stop! Access is not permitted here——”

Leon did not wait for the soldier who stood in his way. I kicked the basement door that was blocked by a window with my foot.

– Quaang!

The door bounced off as if bursting with tremendous pressure. The soldiers have long since been subdued.

“Your Majesty. Is this okay?”

Manager Kim Jin-soo struggled to come forward. He had never seen such a reckless gate attack.

Attacking the bondi gate is, after all, clearing the quest.

It is enough to clear the gate according to the system message that kindly explains the closing conditions.

During the quest, NPCs also appear and enlist them as allies as much as possible.

I’ve never heard of a strategy that goes out recklessly and turns enemies in all directions like this!

“……Give up. It’s easier if you give up.”

“No, what is that…!”

Hunters who had already watched Leon’s actions at the Oak Gate understood as if they had been liberated.

“Hey, wait! Rather, look at these!”

Koo Dae-seong, who had been following from the lead, was frightened and pointed with his finger.

After breaking down the door to the basement, there is a huge cavity. An unnaturally large cavity… … .

“what is this.”

“Is there a place like this in the basement of the castle?”

Even assuming the worst case, the hunters followed Leon as he strode forward. And there are two articles blocking them.

“Lion Heart King! How rude is this!”

“Go away! We can’t go any further!”

Leon does not stop despite the shouts of the knights. I just pulled out my sword.

“This is the king’s palace. Get on your knees.”

Instead, it was Yaffe who took action. The steel wire wielded by the auxiliary arm transcends the speed of sound and captivates the knights.

Their hard swords cut in an instant before the holy steel wires.

“That, the sword…!”

“You guys!”

Yapi immediately captured the knights, and Leon took down the tent they were guarding.



The elasticity bursts out. When the tent was taken down, a frighteningly beautiful woman was soundly asleep.

A work of art rather than a creature… No, a subject made by the devil.

Queen of Spero Kingdom.

Beatrice Alighieri Spero.

Even her sleeping figure is fatally beautiful, leading men to destruction.

“iced coffee…….”


The soldiers, seduced by her inhuman beauty, head towards her while salivating.

obvious abnormal behavior. Leon realized that they were bewitched by an irresistible temptation.

“Resist! Don’t be seduced by evil spirits!”

Leon shouted, but the soldiers reached out to the queen. The mental strength of the soldiers was unable to resist even after receiving the lion’s heart’s aura.

Should we blame the weakness of the soldiers… Leon slapped the nape of section chief Kim Jin-soo’s neck as he stretched out his hand while salivating.


After that, Lionheart had to do painstaking work himself. It stuns the soldiers one by one and makes a disappointed expression.

No matter how lenient he tries to be, he is still forced to compare himself with his own subjects.

“Turn it off…!”


While knocking out the soldiers, Leon witnessed Goo Dae-seong clutching his thighs in pain and breaking into a cold sweat.


I stuck a dagger into my thigh. He stabbed himself in order to recognize the deception and overcome it by force.

“Lung, Your Majesty…”

“Take a deep breath. Inhale through your mouth and exhale slowly. Clear your mind.”

Leon sprinkled holy water on Koo Dae-sung’s thighs as he took a deep breath. The recovery power of the instant effect regenerates the thigh injured by the dagger.

“It’s amazing. I thought I wouldn’t be seduced by Her Highness.”

General Ricardo and the knights walking around. The knights surrounding the three men unleash their swords and aim their swords.

“You’ll have to explain, General.”

“How can you explain to someone who is about to die?”

Goo Dae-sung was confused by General Ricardo’s cold stare.

‘what? Is the general a corrupter?’

If so, it’s strange. The generals and knights also passed through the divine flame in the plaza that day.

If he had been a corrupter, he would not have been able to withstand the flames and would have revealed his true identity.

“Do you have any plans to protect the kingdom? Without Jim, you guys won’t be able to overcome the invasion of the evil species.”

“It doesn’t matter. Even without you.”


Even in the immediate situation, Leon did not abandon his calm attitude. Rather, he has a cool expression as if he has put together a puzzle.

“Come to think of it, you bastards. Aren’t you being seduced by the queen?”

“…because I’m used to it.”

“I’ll get used to it. The queen’s coquetry is a magic that’s close to a curse before it’s innate. I’ve seen someone with this kind of power before.”

Lord of Pleasure.

Leon spoke of the ugly demon lord of lust he had slaughtered with his own hands.

“A being who seduces all living things. A person born with coquetry. Demonic pleasure that leads men to corruption. This queen is such a creature.”

A stronghold that surpasses even the Great Devil. It is a force that living things cannot withstand. It was the difference in mental strength, and that’s why the confrontation with the demon lords was won by the sacrifice of many Holy Grail Knights.

“But it’s strange.”

“What… I mean.”

“Why does Jim, who despises and loathes evil species more than anyone else, doesn’t feel that kind of energy in this queen… How are you guys ‘all right’.”

It is impossible. Leon is a demon slayer who has been fighting demons for hundreds of years.

It is impossible for him to not notice the malicious energy.

Leon heard the Holy Grail. The cup of the Holy Grail was filled with holy water. A black flower is placed on top of the cup.

“God of Dreams and Death. Your Guardians desire your favor.”

An interracial consciousness that is not even a full-fledged consciousness. However, if the subject is a demigod, the story is different.

[The original daughter will gladly respond to the Lion Heart King’s call.]

The purple woman grinned and revealed her spiritual body. The divinity that descended directly from grinding the souls of many demons froze everything around it with its presence alone.

“Meet Fleur, the deity of dreams and death.”

[Yes, Ariana’s knight. The master of the lion’s heart.]

“Lord of dreams, I have strengthened you as you wished.

A sense of incongruity that I felt from the moment I entered the gate. And to find out the identity of the sense of incongruity, Fleur specified a direct summons.

Since the divinity of dreams and death was directly summoned, it was too easy to reveal the truth of this world.

the goddess said

[Demons of corruption. They’ve been messing around. A ritual of corruption is being performed in an endlessly repeated dream!]

The goddess pointed at the generals and knights with her finger.

[A dream is something you have to wake up to eventually. Show your true self!]

The truth of the world is revealed around the beautiful fingers.

Like ink spreading on a drawing paper, it instantly colors the world.

The world, no, dreams are shattered.


Goo Dae-seong, who witnessed the transformation and the revealed reality, swallowed the flagship.

The generals and knights of the Spero Kingdom.

Brave knights who were once heroes and wielded swords against evil.

Their hard flesh is rotting away, and their robust forearms bare bones.

“Death, Death Knight?!”

highest command.

The true nature of the undead knights who refused to die was revealed.

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