The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 45: Death Knights

The truth of the world broken by the power of Fleur, the god of dreams and death, was devastating.

The residents of the gate, which seemed to be alive and breathing, were the dead, and General Ricardo and the knights were Death Knights.

Seeing the truth, Leon was stunned.

“Ha! I know why you didn’t notice. I know why you didn’t notice!

The gate itself was a dream.


General Ricardo and the knights who revealed their true self in a broken dream. The creepy aura of the Death Knights is no longer hidden.

-Do not disturb the Queen’s rest.

– Defend the Queen.

The Skeleton Knights’ hostility toward Leon. While accepting that hostility completely, Leon is puzzled.

“I’m not a corruptor wet with malignancy. Then…!”

Leon’s sword turned towards the queen. The dream is lifted and the aura of corruption felt in her.

The dream of this gate originated from her.

– Kang!

But Ricardo Burns blocks Leon’s blade… Death Knight’s blade. His sword deflects Leon as he clears the sword at the queen.

-Exclusion of hostile factors.

A gun pointed at Ricardo. At that time, a Death Knight encountered Yapi.

“Hey, Sir Yapi?!”

Yaffi is pushed away by Death Knight’s raid. It responds by swinging a steel wire with its auxiliary arm.

In the meantime, Ricardo’s blade savagely drove Leon. The general who spreads strong attacks as if he would never get tired.

His sword had long experience and strong energy. Its power is truly A-class or higher. But it’s not enough to reach Leon.

– Kaang!

As swords collide with swords, a contest of strength begins. The general’s sword trembled and gave strength, but Leon’s sword showed no sign of being pushed back.

“It’s an excellent sword. A well-polished sword will not fail even after becoming an undead.”

However, he is no match for Leon. Leon is the pinnacle of those who have walked the right path. Ricardo’s sword is gradually pushed back. When the sword finally dug into the shoulder.

“B-Turn it on…!”


The swords stabbed with voices like boiling phlegm. The passing of the two knights deflected Leon’s sword.

Their pincer attack showed anger on Leon’s face.

“It’s a one-on-one duel! Are you going to betray the knight’s honor!”

Leon saw pride in their swords. I felt the honor of the knights who walked the right path. That’s why I have to be even more angry.

“The master’s sword and the knight’s sword must be different!”

There was no hesitation in the swords of Ricardo and the knights despite Leon’s arrogance.


“For the Queen-Her Highness…!”

I couldn’t understand the cry.

Aren’t they the ones who confined and imprisoned the queen?

The queen even directly requested that her knights be killed.

for a moment? Kill the knights? Why did the queen make such a request?

While Leon was passing the knights, he stared at the queen lying on the bed.

As for the queen who seduces creatures with the blatant aura of corruption… … .

‘Isn’t it a demon?’

As the dream was reaped, the knights revealed their true face. However, the queen still has vibrant skin and beautiful looks.

Unlike the demons of lust who have ugly appearances.

“You guys! What have you done! What have you done to the queen!”

“You made a deal with the devil, Lionheart.”

Spero Kingdom.

Like Leon’s world, they were also being invaded by demons.

The current Queen Beatrice led the kingdom’s army against the oncoming forces of evil.

However, she could not overcome the offensive of the demons, and Androgyn, the great devil of pleasure, reached out to the queen who was on the brink of destruction.

[Queen. Your courage is great. make a deal.]

[transaction… ?]

[Embrace the essence of corruption and repeat the destruction of the kingdom for a hundred years. If you do not fall, I will save you and your people.]

The queen of the kingdom already facing destruction had no choice but to accept it. Even though it was the devil’s trap.

repeat destruction.

The war against the devil was repeated every year.

At first, I just endured it.

Even if I get killed by demons, I just have to resurrect in the next year and endure again.

[Kihehehe… !]

However, what they were dealing with was the great devil of pleasure. They insulted and violated the people and the soldiers.

It corrupts and disintegrates the mind with endless pleasure and torture.

Even the longest-serving soldier did not last more than three years.

[I… what did i do… … .]

Realizing what she had done, Queen Beatrice found a way, but the devil’s trap is cunning and cunning. There was no loophole in the deal that had already been accepted.

she was getting mad

During the day, I had to watch the demons slaughter the people, and at night, the corruptors whispered.

[It’s because of you. I died because of you.]

[Corrupt. Embrace the pleasure.]

The image of her kingdom being destroyed and the essence of corruption planted in her body constantly seduced the queen.

When it passed 50 years, when a loyal knight finally couldn’t withstand the queen’s temptation and sneaked into the bedroom——General Ricardo Burns made a decision.


Self-determination was strictly forbidden in the repeating world. Androgyne did not create a gap even when it committed suicide or committed suicide with the help of others.

[Those who commit suicide to evade the contract will forever be the spirits wandering the Nine Heavens! The moment the hundred-year deal ends, you will become servants of corruption!]

Nevertheless, Ricardo Burns and the 37 knights chose to commit suicide.

Protect the queen, and give her allegiance. It was because he knew that the oath he swore when he became a knight of the kingdom would never come true while he was alive.

The Queen’s charm didn’t work for those who became Death Knights by dying themselves, so they sealed the Queen.

“Even that seal-even the 80th year-was nothing more than a half-day ritual-sleeping.”


Leon groaned as he listened to Ricardo’s story.

what loyalty is this

Their loyalty surprised even the Lion Heart King. However… … .

“That’s why the Queen asked Jim to kill you guys.”

To prevent his knights from becoming servants of demons.

“The Queen knows. That she will not last.”

“No-! The Queen- will – oh! Another five years! Five more years – only she will have to – endure! She- can – do it!”

“How can a knight judge a ruler’s judgment? Your loyalty is admirable, but that is not loyalty!”

“Don’t you judge my allegiance!”

The sword of General Ricardo strikes down. Even the sword he threw all his strength into, Leon received with one hand.

Leon stretches out his arm to him empty-handed. With the intention of tearing off the head, the outstretched arm was blocked by the piercing sword.


Leon withdraws his arm and withdraws. After that, two knights swing their swords horizontally.

– Kaang!

Leon extended his holy sword behind him to block it. He kicks and kicks General Ricardo, who is rushing at him.

“This me…! Do you think you can stop it even with a pincer attack!”

every know

The power of this monster was evident in his battles with demons.

A monster that reached superhuman powers with only physical abilities, even excluding the sex laws. An article among articles. Night of Night.

“For rudeness – forgive!”

One of the Death Knights swung their swords. A posture to only add strength. It is too crude to be a sword wielded by a knight.

Leon didn’t miss the chance. Immediately, the blade of the holy sword pierced the empty side of the Death Knight. But–


Death Knight’s shield that blocks Leon’s sword. The next moment, Death Knight’s sword is swung by Leon.


Barely combed to the side. Strands of golden hair were cut off.

‘Did he deliberately show an opening to induce an attack!’

A bold attack on the premise that fellow knights will block it. I feel that solid trust in him too.


The attacks never stop. If you think you dodged the spear you wielded from a blind spot, you will be tackled from behind.

Even if you don’t give him space to swing his sword, he throws his whole body to give his comrades a chance to attack and pushes Leon away.

Leon catches the violently colliding Death Knight and throws it to the floor. The moment I raised my sword to deliver the final blow, a sharpened spear stabbed me.


The sound of impact resounded like a cannon blast.


I managed to block the blow of the spear with the blade, but my trembling hands could not absorb the impact.

‘It’s strong.’

If it was the Lionheart Kingdom, it would be possible to walk the path of training to reveal the honor of the goddess.

There is no doubt that each one of them was a renowned knight who had demonstrated his dragon power.

‘Rather, becoming an undead has weakened my capabilities.’

Knights of this size boast pure and sophisticated swordsmanship. If he became undead, his physical strength might have increased, but his long-term delicacy would inevitably decrease.

“Even so, this level of capability… Excellent!”

General Ricardo Burns looked down at Leon at the head of the knights.

“We-Sphero-Kingdom-prominent-knights. Royal rank under the Queenship-Applies. Over the repeated-hundred years-we have become stronger and united firmly!”

Only for the protection of the Queen.

How can these loyal knights be called wicked specters?

“Excellent, knights. You have kept the honor and pride beyond that of a knight. But…”

Leon stored the Holy Sword inside the Holy Grail. He has a large jousting spear in his hand.

“What lies in front of you is the history of the Lionheart’s 300-year war. Can you guys handle this weight?”

“What nonsense…”

“Take this mass and try it. Then it will be recognized.”


A white horse that responds to Leon’s call. Riding on Maengwoo’s back, he distances himself from the Death Knights.

“Follow me!”

However, the Death Knights also summoned ghost horses. Ghost horses wandering the nine heavens, dying together with their masters, pursue Stallion.

“It’s big?!”


However, the ghost horses could not pursue Stallion. This divine horse bestowed by the goddess of light and justice is a divine beast with a different lineage.

The ghost horses had no choice but to stare blankly at the white horse, which quickly spread the distance.

And the moment the distance opens, the rider’s head turns in the opposite direction. Any driver can tell.

-charge… !

-come… !

Cavalry’s most powerful blow. Charging.

“To Lionheart…! Glory be to you!!”

A mounted horse that spurts the ground while raising a holy spear. Against this, the knights also charge at once.

one to thirty-seven.

One knight king and thirty-seven knights.

At the moment of clash, the knights realized their fate.

– Kwa!

In the first collision, the foremost knight flew through the sky. It was with the ghost horse.

Even in the second clash, Stallion’s momentum did not diminish at all. Two rows of Death Knights bounced off.


Even though the three rows of Death Knights just brushed against the Shinma, Bungte couldn’t hold on to his horse.


Ricardo raised his sword straight as he rolled across the ground. I knew that the opponent’s breakthrough power was beyond the ark of common sense.

If so, there is no room for a thorough charge in hand-to-hand combat, just marking!


Ricardo looked around and saw that all of his fellow knights were devastated. Yes. At this moment of shock, Ricardo was the only one who pulled out and withstood the shock.

‘With just one charge… You destroyed our Queen’s Guard in one fell swoop?!’

Even his hardened skin trembled at the shocking fact. Leon’s holy spear pierces Ricardo’s chin.

“Wake up from your fleeting dreams.”

“Lion Heart King…!”

Where the hell did this monster come from? Why did such a powerful being appear now?


He has not yet extinguished the flame of resistance. The loyalty to repeat the queen’s time and finally save her moved his body, which had long since become a lion.

“If you can’t wake up from your dream, live forever in a false fantasy. Foolish knight.”

It was the moment the window was about to come down.


Margie’s skin is shaking.

Leon immediately noticed that an evil group with the most evil energy was approaching.

“They are demons!”

Are you saying they are already gathering forces and advancing? Leon was able to take care of Ricardo first and go. Leon didn’t.

“Stand up! Soldiers of the Lion Heart King! How long are you going to stay stupidly asleep!”

A roaring roar of the cavity. It woke up the fainting soldiers.

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