The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 46: The God of War and Flame

Scheduled morning offensive.

On the first day of the defense wave, Androgyn was furious when he heard the news that the demons had fled.

“What? You mean you ran away without even fighting!”

I didn’t even think that I would attack the castle with just the first day’s battle. According to the original history, this battle would continue for the next five days and then be destroyed.

However, this was the first time they had been destroyed without even pretending to fight properly. one hundred years. There has never been such a humiliating defeat in 95 repeated history.

“You cowards!”

As Androgyne’s eight beats danced, the dismembered bodies bounced one after another.


The demons who were decapitated by Androgyne’s beats were not released into the mental realm. Their souls screamed incessantly as they were absorbed in the blood-stained bakdo.

pitiful things.

Androgyne felt sorry for his subordinates who died overnight.

Among the demons of lust, they are war-specialized species that accept even pain as pleasure.

After they stayed up all night, they said they all turned into rice cakes. It was because of Leon’s surprise.

During the many repetitions of history, Leon was the first madman to run out of the castle and hunt demons himself.

What on earth was that madman missing, leaving the safe castle behind and going on a demon hunt?

Androgyne didn’t know.

That the demon hunting all night was to relieve Leon’s stress, which caused panic disorder due to the existence of demons.

The time when I tried to regroup while rebuking my subordinates–


Androgyne’s eyes widened. Fields with thick vegetation, forests lost their vitality in an instant and died.

Exactly, it’s back to ‘original’.

And that means one thing.

“The queen’s dream… shattered?”

This world is a bad luck born with innate talent. A space to corrupt a queen who can corrupt any man or woman.

Repeating the dream, he transforms the queen into a demon of lust with the Essence of Corruption.

Endless despair was necessary for him, and the remaining five years were the last steps to make sure the queen surrendered.

The dream, which should have been broken only after the fall of the queen, was forcibly broken?

Something strange happened. Androgyne became urgent.

“Damn it! A queen must be reborn as a lord of pleasure!”

That is what the Great Devil of the current highest level of pleasure ordered.

Androgyne, who became desperate, led his men and headed straight to the capital. There was not enough time to gather all the forces, but there was no time.

Raynald and the Jewel of Wisdom watch over them. Raynald whispered carefully.

“I’m going to help…wouldn’t you?”

[I’m not going?]

stupid kid.

Raynald struggled to swallow the words.

* * * *

Leon, Koo Dae-seong, and Yapi beat the dreamy hunters to wake them up and immediately came out of the palace.

The hunters are dumbfounded as they look at the inside of the castle, which has been broken from their dreams and turned into ruins.

“What, what? What happened?”

“Sure… we went downstairs… and what happened?”

Despite the hunters’ questions, Leon did not explain one by one. It is because right now it is urgent to cope with this rapidly changing situation.

“They are demons!”

“Demons have entered the castle!”

However, the demons had already crossed the gates and were flocking inside. It is a sudden change that hunters cannot understand.

“Damn it, where did the wall soldiers go?”

“Are you too many?”

Goo Dae-seong shouted at the confused hunters.

“Hold up the shield…!”

get the shield Hunters instinctively reacted to that voice.

The shields piled up mechanically. The square, completed in an instant, greeted the demons.

-Kill it!

– Get rid of it!

The demons of lust rushed into the naked body. Their combat power is not great. However, the number of lust demons is their specialty.

Only the lump of mass that collides from the front exceeds one hundred.


Hunters who endure the clashing demons. He thrusts his sword right through the gap in the shield.

– Kick!

– Kkeuk!

The lower level demons easily fell for the hunters’ blades.

[Fear of the Evil Species]

【Maximum Demon Slayer】

【Demon Lord Slayer】

Three traits amplified the damage of the hunters’ archevil. Their attacks take on an anti-demon quality, and demons around them weaken.

Here’s the aura of the lion’s heart. Hunters’ defense is solid. As for the demons coming from the front.


‘Hey, come back to the side!’

the end of the dustproof. There, Chief Kim Jin-soo, holding a shield, felt frustrated by the demons turning from the front.

Being surrounded is instant. Annihilation is also an instant.

‘Even so, no one moves!’

Even he, the association’s B-class tanker, gets nervous, so how do these D-class hunters stay calm and square?

The reason was the existence of knights.

– Elimination of aptitude factors. Weapon Free.

Minimalist machine gun pouring rainwater. And that’s not all. The steel wire imbued with holy power is swung at a speed beyond human perception.



They didn’t even know what was going through their torso. However, when I recognized it, the neatly cut section slipped.

Leon’s side was spectacle. The demons urinated just by glaring at them with wide open eyes, and their eardrums burst at the sound of his screams.

Two Holy Grail Knights cover both sides of the formation. The blow they wielded was more powerful than the sum of all the swords wielded by the Hunters in Bangjin.

-Hey… !

-Demon Butcher… !

-It’s the center! Get in the middle!

Rather, the demons flocked to the square of the many hunters.

It’s because it’s better to escape to the spirit realm if you die in a square fight than to have your soul thrashed after being cut down by the Holy Grail Knights on your left and right.


“Why is it so heavy…!”

Thanks to this, the burden on the hunters increased. Manager Kim Jin-soo shouted.

“Protector Shield!”

It is Chief Kim Jin-soo’s unique skill, the power of a guardian. A skill that temporarily increases the defense of all members of the raid team by 20% of the user’s defense.

Originally, it’s a skill that only benefits from sub-tanks, but aren’t the hunters here sinful tanks?

Hunters who endured with difficulty with solid defense. As if to put an end to them, Androgyne shouted from the rear.

“Work, slaves! Flounder in the pleasures of pain!”

Androgyne’s crown emitted a huge dark light. The eyes of the demons exposed to the light of the crown twisted grotesquely. Literally… taste gone



Demons screaming and running. I throw myself at the shield and don’t care if my body gets pierced.

They throw themselves in joy, as if pain had turned into pleasure.

It’s hard. The shield is heavy, so I want to throw it away right now. However, Goo Dae-seong did not do that. Hunters did not leave their seats.

[The virtue of a soldier is to be good at one thing. Just do your best to block it. The rest will be covered by the article.]

The king only ordered one thing for them.

Hold your position, block the enemy.

Then the knight will crush the enemies.

‘If you just hold on… !’

‘His Majesty will do something!’

believe the article I believe in the lion heart king. The soldiers just stare at the king’s back as he endures and endures and runs toward victory.

“Let’s go, Stallion!”

Look at that strong back.

His Majesty the Lionheart will do it somehow. as it has been so far.


Leon disappeared from the sight of the hunters. The endless black waves of demons swallowed Leon, who was alone.

hope is gone

Black waves were full in front of my eyes.

* * * *


Leon swung his holy sword without hesitation at the crowd of evil that filled his eyes.

Five demons scream in one blow. But soon other demons fill the place.

There is no sign of being afraid of demons. Those bloodshot eyes are red and bloodshot, and he’s insane.

It is a trick that the great demons of pleasure have shown many times.

They replace the pain of the crowd with pleasure and turn them into madmen who only pursue pleasure.

They are demons of lust with weak fighting power, but receiving such a buff is annoying.

‘Insufficient breakthrough power.’

The number of enemies is too many. Androgyn himself led the army. Originally, the final battle would only happen on the last day of the defense.

It was accelerated as the queen’s dream was broken.

‘Can I do it?’

The Holy Grail Knights… No, at least if there was at least an order of frontier knights under his command.

‘What should I do by blaming something that doesn’t exist?’

Leon has been fighting alone all along. A war against evil that lasted 180 years. It was the life and death of all demons and Leon.

But it is different now than there was.

At that time, there was a land where divinity existed.

There was faith in the gods and holy power built up from the beginning of human history, and the authority supported by all the gods.

But not now.

I lack faith, and all I have is a body.

At most, only one or two of the Holy Laws that had been overused could be used, and the Holy Sword and Holy Lance lost their power in their prime.

can i do it

“No! It has to be done!!”

Leon’s sword emitted a dazzling light. The layered light separates the demon.

Even for the sake of the soldiers watching over these backs, even for the sake of the gods who will give glory and honor.

Even alone, he has to do it.

That is why he is the Lion Heart King, and why he is the only representative of the gods.

“To Lionheart——!!”

It was then. Leon’s square. Bakdo, spewing out black demonic energy, flies in. Leon’s holy sword deflected it, but the bounced Bakdo decapitated Stallion.


Leon falls off the horse as the Stallion, which was cut by Bakdo, collapses. The summoned Holy Grail urgently set out to restore Shinma, but the wound did not recover easily.

And the moment the knight falls off the horse is an opportunity for the janitors. It was the moment when the waves of demons rushing in all at once were about to swallow Leon.

-Rock-attack–Do it!

Mass collides. The moment of impact with added acceleration and weight was dramatic.

Kwak! and demons that bounce off. At the forefront is Death Knight Ricardo Burns.

“Is it the general?”

“Lion – Heart King.”

The ghosts of the glory days who became dead by cutting their own throats and wandering around the Nine Heavens. Even in death, the royal knights who are loyal to the queen leave the queen and are here.

What does it mean?

“Are you awake from your dream, knights?”

“My loyalty to Her Highness- the Queen- remains the same.”

“Yeah, that’s how it should be.”

“But…if you-can-make a change…”

I’ll try walking there. Leon laughed.

Since ancient times, he has been a symbol of hope.

Even at the moment when the world is destroyed by evil species, even at the moment when the gods take refuge in his heart.

Even the hunters and loyal knights of the queen.

“Then you should show it. Of course, meet that expectation.”

what he always did

Overcome adversity and reach for the stars.

“God of war and flame! Respond to their dragon!!”


The divinity, which needed no altars or temples and only gave answers in the heat of valor, gave a strong voice.

[You’re still a losing role. In the end, it is a momentary flame that will collapse at any time without you.]

“Then I will stand before them forever. Until the day they can stand on their own.”

Stallion disappears. The white divine beast howled in shame at being reverse-summoned without being able to protect his friend’s side.

“Thank you, my ally. Take a break.”

Leon looked at the 38 knights protecting himself and blocking the demons. In the midst of them, the Lion Heart King shouts.

“I am Lionheart! The foremost warrider of Petos, the god of war and flame!”

Demons are in pain at the loud cry, and soldiers and knights are reminded of Leon’s existence.

“War! Flames! Your foremost warrider rightly requests the flames of war here!”

Each syllable, each syllable, carries unbending glory and weight. The sparks of war duly responded to that clear request.

At that moment, the skin-burning heat and roar shook the middle of the battlefield with vibrations.

Demons, knights, hunters… Everyone’s gaze is directed towards the center of the flames. In the middle of the divine flame that was extinguished by the touch of a demon, what appeared was a divinity with a density far beyond common sense.

A fire-breathing bull.

The Shinsoo, which radiates violent and ferocious spirit, is a non-standard existence that deviate from human reason.

A huge war chariot pulled by two such bulls. Leon climbed on top of it and took hold of the reins. he exclaimed.

“I, Leon Dragonia Lionheart, report to the Queen’s loyal knights!”

38 riders. Death Knights with swords and spears lined up behind the war wagon, retreating from the demons in fear.

“You are the proud sword of the Spero Kingdom and the Queen’s shield!”

“I am entrusted with the noble mission of punishing the wicked.”

“Glorious Knights! Become a flame that purifies evil!”

The burning flames of war were transferred to the Death Knights’ swords.

It is because the fire that burns and purifies them recognized them as pure beings.

“Follow me.”

Leon aims his spear.

The lead is always his.

“Then you will win.”

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