The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 47 Demon Crusher

Death Knights… The Queen’s Guard felt the changes brought about by the flames of war.

The eyes became clear again,

The hands holding the weapon stuck together and could not be separated.

The soles of the feet stitching the ground are surprisingly light.

To think that they, who had fallen into evil spirits, exuded such clear and clean heat.

“Follow me.”

The lion heart king in the lead aimed his spear.

As if it’s natural that you are the first.

“Then you will win.”

A train that spurts with all its might.

Bulls spitting out flames assault the ground with their imposing four legs.

The ghost horses followed, but none could catch up to the bull and the lion heart.

“Danger-hao! Lead alone!”

The capital of Sphero was full of black evil.

The bull’s intimidation is certainly great, but even so, the future at the moment of crashing into that black wave is nothing to think about.

It was the light that would eventually be swallowed up.

The Death Knights, Ricardo Burns and the Queen’s knights thought so too. But–

the light cuts through the darkness

Blacks filled with pitch black like the sea are burned as if they were melted by the spreading flame.

The sharp eyes and spirit of the bulls made the spears of the evil species retreat, and the fire that spewed out spreads in front of the eyes and burns the black things into black powder.

It seems that the excavator, which has been released from the speed limit, rushes at full speed into a group of rabbits.

Looking at the bodily fluids and flesh of the evil species being trampled, burned, crushed, and torn, one even feels sympathy.

The Death Knights who were following realized it.

That the mediocre soldiers, who were merely piled up in huge numbers in front of that war wagon, would be unilaterally trampled upon.

By the time even the riotous massacre and the screams of the demons have sublimated into an unpleasant background sound——

“You cheeky bastard!”

Androgyn exclaimed in anger. His bakdo danced and the crown shone.

Crown of Longing. A treasure left by the Lord of Pleasure. Grants the power to turn Androgyne’s slaves into fanatics willing to die.

There were those who received his power and charged with frothing and bloodshot eyes.

Slaves of pleasure.

Riding a monster reptile with sharp claws and wielding a whip, they rushed at Leon and the Death Knight riders. The number is two hundred indeed.


Those that waved ferocious whips and imitated charging cavalrymen. Leon let out an absurd laugh.

“You don’t even know what a cavalry is, vulgar things! Charge is proper with a spear!!”

Not a spear or a sword, but a whip. Even if that was a sonic weapon that sprayed poison, how would it stop the hordes of knights rushing forward?

[[The Strongest Assaulter] is applied.]

moment of conflict.

Needless to say, those torn apart are the demons of lust.

– Kwajik! Quadduk!

Raw flesh is being torn apart and exploded. The detached halves splatter in all directions.

Androgyne didn’t expect them to fend off that ferocious charge either. but… … .

“What is that?”

That’s more than five times the number.

But how can it be pierced without stopping it even for a moment?

He knew the skills of the Death Knights. They are excellent knights, but in the end they couldn’t overcome their numerical limitations.

If something happened, it must be that bull. No, he was that man at the forefront, leading the war wagon and holding the reins.

“Shoot! Sweep it out!”

The demons of lust raised energy cannons in the shape of cannons. A magical cannon obtained earlier from the demons of wisdom and exploration.

The Japanese sosa pours out in lumps. Unreasonable firepower.

[【Ranged Abomination】is applied to the unit.]

Unit Immunity: Applies the Holy Law <Arrow Nullification> to the unit under your command.

{Death Knight (38) is subject to <Arrow Nullification>.}

The pouring magic cannon did not injure the Death Knights. The Holy Grail Knights’ long-distance hatred renders ranged attacks null and void, not only for themselves, but also for their direct unit.

Conversely, there is a disadvantage that the entire unit under direct control cannot use ranged weapons, but such a unit is not necessary for a unit that charges.

Only the knight’s dragon power can shake the battlefield. Is there any honor for such a cowardly ranged weapon!

“Lion Heart…! Glory to you!!”

[【Strongest Assaulter】is applied to the unit. [War Knight’s Blessing] and [Demon’s Fear] are combined and applied.]

Troop Reinforcement: Charge bonus is increased by 400%.

Troop Reinforcement: Charge bonus is increased by 120%.

Troop Reinforcement: Charge bonus is increased by 100%.

Troop Reinforcement: Increases the physical resistance of assault troops by 35%.

Enemy Weakness: Decreases the demon race’s charge defense by 80%.

[The War Bulls of Pethos grant attribute enhancement: <Flaming Sword> to allied troops.]

[Most Demon Slayer] applies physical resistance reduction, sexual resistance reduction, melee defense reduction, and automatic soul recovery to all demons within a radius of 1km.]

Thousands of demons of pleasure and corruption are swept away in an instant.

Demons disappearing like autumn leaves in the face of overwhelming breakthrough power.

Androgyne was dumbfounded by the terrible reality in front of him.

only one. Only one person has been added, but those Death Knights are getting so strong?

Even the Death Knights themselves are dumbfounded, but what about Androgyne?

“this guy!”

Eight arms wielded swords at Leon, who was getting closer. The swinging Bakdo hit the war wagon.

-Ooh oh oh oh… !

Two bulls howl. The wild oxen broke the wagon by themselves and ran free. One of them crashes right into Androgyne’s shinbone.


The divine beast’s charge made even the great devil kneel. The height of an androgyne that exceeds 5m is instantly lowered.

‘It has no taste. Where did the Lion Heart King go?’

At that time, a shadow fell over Androgyne. Instinctively, the Holy Spear, wrapped in flames, descended on the sky that was raised.


Androgyne barely avoids it. He hurriedly retreated and shouted.

“Slaves! Kill him!!”

There are still thousands of demons around. If they come like a wave, even the lion heart king won’t have the ability to withstand it.

“Hold on for one minute!!”

The command of the Lion Heart King shouting loudly. The Death Knights wielded flaming swords and swept away the demons.

Androgyne and Leon stand in a battle arena in the circular camp they create.

“You bastard, Lion Heart King. You were the one who killed Dotradon!”


Leon summons the holy sword and laughs.

“Are you talking about the dysphoric man who wore that bloated lump of fat?”

A blazing holy sword and holy spear were aimed at Androgyne. Leon declared.

“That’s all. All of you lowly perverts have ripped limb from limb. It’s the same with you. Just… you have a lot of limbs to tear off.”

“this guy…!”

Androgyne threw a bakdo. To be precise, they are bakdo who have the ability to fly on their own and track enemies.

Bakdodeul rotated by powerful magic. against him… Leon lifted the window.

“Didn’t you throw it with your own strength, but rely on the power of magic! That’s why you guys are weak!”

The only thing Leon would throw at the flying eight swords was one holy spear.

He hates ranged weapons, but doesn’t deny ranged attacks.

Only weak conscripts and serfs could use bows and cannons.

However, the article shouldn’t have done that. A knight is disqualified only if the sword wind generated by swinging the sword is weaker than that of an arrow.

Overwhelming muscle strength goes beyond the limits of long-range weapons!

– Boom!

The thrown holy spear deflects the flying bakdo. Even after bouncing three out of eight in all directions, the momentum that did not diminish finally blew away one of Androgyn’s arms.


An arm had been blown off, but Androgyne had no time to rage at the pain. A chill running through his body made him shiver.

A knight who breaks through the limbs that the five Bakdoes dance with, using the holy sword of indestructibility.

Brilliant flashes of light piled up in layers shine to decapitate Androgyne.


At that time, the crown Androgyne was wearing shone.

Crown of Longing.

That colostrum artifact shows the primordial desires of Leon as well as all creatures everywhere.

“Gee – that’s dangerous!”

“Lion – Heart King!”

Only non-living Death Knights were not engulfed in that craving. However, Lionheart, a living being, is different.

The crown of longing made even their lord, who was a great queen, fall asleep.

No matter how hard the lion heart king is, it’s only one second. Even if he fell for that temptation for just one moment, he in the real world would be killed by the great devil.

When the disillusioned Death Knights hurriedly pulled the reins, they witnessed it.

The Lion Heart King wielding the holy sword of radiance without stopping.


The sword plunged in and slashed Androgyne from the tip of his shoulder to his chest. It was fatal.

“Oh, how…! How did you escape the illusion of longing!”

Androgyne backed away, clutching his shoulder in pain. In response to his question, Leon puts on an expression that is unreasonable.

“Even the lord of pleasure couldn’t seduce the original king, so how can someone like you deceive the original king!”


As long as they are alive, everyone has a desire to crave. How can people not be tempted by it in the slightest?

In Androgyne’s eyes looking at Leon, only the feeling of incomprehensibility wells up.

“No, stop him! Stop him!”

Androgyne hurriedly began to fall backwards. It’s the corruption of the queen, and now I have to escape.

If you die with the sword of that Holy Law user, that is true extinction.

Androgyne immediately opened the demon gate and wanted to buy time to escape. But then–


With a loud roar, two bulls crashed in front of Androgyne.


An unsightly androgyne. Leon is holding a holy sword in front of him.


“for a moment…!”

The holy sword stopped at the cry of Androgyne for a moment. Androgyne begins to speak plaintively.



“It was a duel, but the Shinsoo intervened!

“Certainly… it is not honorable for a third party to intervene in a one-on-one duel.”



The holy sword shines brightly. Leon’s expression is determined.

“There is no honor to be revealed to you evil species!

“You damn discriminator——!”

The holy sword struck mercilessly and cut off Androgyne’s throat. At the same time, the magic of the crown of longing was broken and what the demons of lust witnessed was Androgyne, the decapitated great devil.

Watching that soul get absorbed into the Holy Grail, it distorts in astonishment.

-Ah, Androgyn passed away!

– Do, you have to run away!

– Uh, where?

At that moment, what the demons saw was the Demon Gate that Androgyn had summoned to escape. And at exactly the same time, Leon saw it too.

“Where! Run away! GAAAAAAA──!!”

Demons that collapse in an instant. Demons of lust running through the Demon Gate to live together.

After ruthless slaughter and slaughter, many demons returned alive.

It was a quick response.

… … …

… …

“Great Being. The plan seems to have failed.”

[…] … … … .]

“Are you great?”

[Ah, the game really sucks.]

* * * *

Leon stopped his pursuit as he watched the demons hurriedly throw themselves into the Demon Gate. After that, at the end of the chase, the knights and hunters who were slaughtering the demons gather.

“Chasing – stopped on the way.”

At the words of Death Knight Ricardo Burns, Leon spoke calmly.

“I had to leave the escape route open. If you destroy the Demon Gate, you’ll fight for your death.”


If it were you, you would be able to kill the thousands of remaining demons, but in response to his question, Leon looked at the trainee hunters, including Dae-seong Koo and Jin-soo Kim.

“Since the fatigue of the soldiers is exhausted, there is no choice but to stop establishing criminal records. Excessive special forces force the sacrifice of those below.”

“Is that so.”

If Leon had been alone, he would have destroyed the Demon Gate first and started a war against the demons.

But he is the commander. Now there are many soldiers to be responsible for.

In this battle, the trainees faithfully fulfilled their role, so they could not force more damage.

“Each leader, report the damage situation!”

The captains step out one by one at Leon’s cry. They looked grim for having achieved an impossible victory.

“Most of them are injured, but they are recovering thanks to the Holy Grail. But…”

Goo Dae-seong saw people who could not move while being carried on a shield. It was a familiar face for a month or so.

“Six have been killed.”

“Hmm, I see.”

Leon acted like it was no big deal. Goo Dae-sung and others felt sad about that response.

“I will pray for them.”

A mere prayer? While the hunters make bitter faces, Leon’s sword is thrust vertically in front of the bodies of the dead.

“War and fire. Here your warriors die an honorable death.”

Leon’s one knee drops. It was a knee that should never be bent in front of the common people. However, at this moment, he was just a priest.

“May you take their souls. If you have any sins during your life, wash them with a major, and even in the face of death, evaluate the dragon that burns so that you can enjoy a feast with the gods.”

Something transparent came out of the bodies of the dead. Just like when the souls of dead demons are sucked in, the souls of dead hunters are sucked into the Holy Grail.

However, this was a pious act to welcome their souls, not to crush and annihilate the evil spirits.

After the cataclysm, the religious world lost its power.

Everyone looked for God in the face of this inexplicable disaster and blamed God for not responding.

Hunters are atheists who make lifelong friends with death and violence. They did not seek God and did not turn to God.

But now.

There is a saint who shows miracles right in front of his eyes.

There is a priest of the gods who showed the way to salvation from a fearful death.

“Please organize the names and families of those who died in battle and report them. The Pantheon will repay their service.”

training period.

How could a cold and indifferent voice be so warm?

It was quite different from politicians who emphasized the loyalty and sacrifice of those who died only on the day of the event.

… … … … …

… … … …

… … …

… …

[The door to the paradise of the gods has opened.]

– The level of the soul is low. Entry into paradise is denied.

– The level of faith is low. Entry into paradise is denied.

– The honor given is extremely low. Entry into paradise is denied.

[Absolute effect: Lion Heart King blessed.]

– Enter Paradise.

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