The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 48 Magician Queen Beatrice

Beatrice Alighieri, the Magician Queen of the Spero Kingdom, Spero was a famous saint.

The kingdom that has prospered since the time of its founder is prosperous and peaceful. It seems that this peace of mind will last forever.

Everyone thought so.

Until the demonic invasion begins.

At first, I thought that the black groups that were coming from far away from the west would be a group of barbarians.

However, the notoriety and its power is as thick as it is. It is said that the hordes of filthy lusts that have risen from faraway kingdoms have destroyed many kingdoms in the blink of an eye.

The more the black group approached, the more the queen realized that the opponent was an unusual being with the refugees and eyewitness testimonies.

The momentum of those outrageous things will eventually extend to this Spero Kingdom.

Of course, honorable knights and loyal soldiers who are loyal to the queen will stand up to the invasion.

They fought against the hordes of evil that were on their way.

Victory. Victory. Victory.

The magician queen personally led the troops and sortieed, and the troops only repeated victories and raised their glory.

The refugees of the kingdom, which had been repeatedly defeated and finally destroyed, had hope as they watched the queen unite even the defeated soldiers to defeat evil.

It took less than thirty years for that hope to gradually crumble.

It’s not a group that’s skilled in warfare. Weak, promiscuous, and without discipline. However, the morale is surprisingly high. It is surprisingly full of energy.

It must be a ragtag army that only pursues obscene pleasures without faith or cause, but it throws itself violently.

I realized that they are immortal beings even if they die, three years ago, when the Great Demon, who should have been defeated, reappeared in good shape.

‘This war… There was no chance from the beginning.’

A group that resurrects even if they die.

There is no way they will die, so they are willing to throw themselves into it.

The population on this side is steadily being cut, but they are coming in endlessly.

No matter how many victories you win, no matter how many demons you kill, in the end it will come back.

What an unreasonable fight.

The war went on endlessly.

Even after defeating tens of thousands of demons, hundreds of soldiers dragged from the crowded battlefield are corrupted by terrible torture and pleasure.

Demons wearing human skin and infiltrating the royal castle corrupt the ladies-in-waiting and create an orgy.

The pseudo-church filled the streets shouted that the pursuit of infinite pleasure is salvation.

The kingdom is crumbling.

The steely knights are corrupted, and the soldiers who defended their country aim their spears at my family.

I can’t remember the beautiful and peaceful scenery of my homeland that I once saw.

Until when was the day when citizens laughed and enjoyed themselves on the streets and promised tomorrow… … .

Doom was coming.

[Queen, let’s make a deal with me.]

The highest level archevil proposed to her.

[If you plant the essence of corruption and endure for a hundred years, I will stop invading this world and return it to its original state.]

How can you believe that

I didn’t even have to ask.

The kingdom has already been destroyed, and only one castle remains. In the end, his people, soldiers, and knights… They will all perish with destruction.

The great devil’s proposal must be completely advantageous to them. But Beatrice had no choice but to accept the devil’s bargain.

Because this is the only way to protect the people I love.

* * * *

The devil’s trap was vicious.

They repeated the fall of the kingdom for a year.

When the kingdom is destroyed, it goes back to the beginning and repeats the process of destruction.

If it was just that, the kingdom’s citizens and soldiers would have endured. Someone must have been with the Queen.

However, the demons of pleasure and corruption did not kill the people of the kingdom easily.

In their coquettish arena of corruption, they were humiliated and tortured endlessly, experiencing the most horrific things a living creature could suffer.

Even death could not save them. If you take your own life, you become a specter that wanders endlessly in the nine heavens.

In the end, they had only one choice.

Corrupt yourself and join the forces of evil.

Promising endless pleasure and immortality, whispers of corruption seduced the proud kingdom people.

Alas, I have failed.

The choice he made to save the kingdom turned the people of the kingdom into evil.

The proud queen begins to crumble.

Watching the repeated destruction, he intuition that he would eventually collapse.

It’s not just a game that the great devil of pleasure tried to corrupt himself to such an annoying condition.

A natural coquette to the point of being frightening even to oneself. Its color is corrupting even honorable knights.

If I continue like this, even my knights will fall into evil.

The queen wanted to save at least the remaining knights. He broke the contract himself and fell, and in return he wanted to save the remaining knights.

“Queen. Forgive me for disloyalty.”

Finally, when a knight came to the point of attacking the queen’s bedchamber, the general sealed the queen underground. And he took his own life and became an incorruptible specter.

“I… I made you like this.”

10 years of regret and exhaustion.

The fate of destruction that has no choice but to repeat even though each other knows the end.

The Queen hoped that this nightmare would end as soon as possible.

* * * *

[Hidden Quest: Save the Queen and the Kingdom.]

The king returned after killing Androgyn. In the capital of Sphero Kingdom, where the true nature was revealed, there are no more residents singing of hope.

“Are you saying everyone has already been corrupted?”

“That’s right.”

At Ricardo Burns’ affirmation, Leon let out a pitiful sigh.

He watched countless corrupters. It is difficult for ordinary criminals to overcome the devil’s temptation.

Even more so, the terrible death that would be repeated for a hundred years would have further urged depravity.

“There must have been people of the kingdom among the burdened demons.”


“I pity them, but I must not forgive them. For the corrupt, there is only death. This is immutable justice.”

Despite Leon’s heartless words, the Death Knights couldn’t answer. If so, there is one more thing to consider.

“We who have fallen into the dead… What are you going to do?”

Death Knight… Undead are not welcome everywhere. It is natural.

Because the undead who abandon their proper life and pursue immortality are evil beings.

If this article can’t tolerate them… can you resist

“That’s none of my business. I’ll have to work with the Queen first.”

Leon and the Death Knights headed to the underground cavity where the queen was enshrined.

Queen Beatrice even sealed it to prevent the progression of corruption as much as possible. Even that couldn’t stop it.

Leon sighed and looked down at the sleeping queen.

“Plesy. How are you?”

At his words, divinity appeared. The goddess of dreams and death with purple hair. She looks amazed.

[It is a natural talent. Those nasty malignant things are coveted. Indeed, a terrifying demon lord almost was born.]

Gyeonggukji color. It was a bad news of ruined country that tilted the country only with appearance and coquetry.

[The essence of corruption was planted, and the bad news was further amplified. More than half of the corruption has already happened.]

“However, not corrupted. She wished me the death of the knights with the malignity of lust.”

It wasn’t because he hated the knights who imprisoned him. Kill them to save their souls.

Both the queen and the knights did what each other least desired to protect each other.

How can those who are royalty and knights not admire this love for the people and this loyalty?

[Leon, engrave the pattern of the original woman on this child. If she can accept my consciousness, she will radiate divinity to expel the essence of corruption.]

“He is a ‘king’ who deserves it, so I will gladly serve him.”

Leon felt an affinity for the Queen.

Because he too has been fighting against evil for two hundred years.

That’s why you know better than anyone. How sweet are their temptations and whispers.

When Leon put his hand on the queen’s body, divinity flowed through him.

In the pantheon in the lion’s heart, she feels the goddess of dreams and death step towards her.

The next moment, her eyes opened, revealing purple pupils.

“Are you awake from your dream, Queen Beatrice?”

[You have cleared the hidden quest.]

– ‘Contamination resistance’ of all participants is strengthened.

-You have acquired the Crown of Longing.

-You have acquired the Bakdo of the Soul.

* * * *

The battle is over.

Androgyne, the great demon of pleasure, was annihilated and many demons were slaughtered, and most demons escaped through the Demon Gate.

There was also damage on Leon’s side.

It was because of the death of six hunters. Hunters who lost their comrades with whom they had shared joys and sorrows for a month were depressed, but were relieved to read the message of their souls heading to paradise.

‘Then even if we die… Are you going to heaven?

‘Tahheuk… ! Your Majesty the Lion Heart King, I will be loyal!’

‘and… Loyalty Loyalty.’

Leon and his gods do not hide above the clouds.

He actively expressed his existence and encouraged faith.

You shouldn’t enter into a deal with the divinity, but that can only be done by the divinities taking care of their believers.

Even if there is a guarantee from the Lion Heart King, even if it is a machine, even dead ghosts, even those without faith are free passes.

“Your Majesty, the loot is coming.”

Manager Kim Jin-soo and the hunters are professional hunters. Of course, if I cleared the gate, I took the loot first.

“Is that the crown and sword that the devil used?”

The crown and Dora Park. Since it is an object stained with evil, it must be destroyed immediately—


It was then. A Yacht Spinner approached, stepping on the ground with its eight legs, and began tying Bakdo with a wire.

“Do you like it?”

-High-strength metal materials. useful.

“However, it is an object stained with evil.

Leon penetrated the essence of Bakdo left behind by Androgyne.

Bak-do, which was created to punish even demons and imprisons souls. The souls of countless demons are imprisoned in that Bakdo.


-Forgive me, forgive me… !

– Curses. Curse me!

see Just by being near that Bakdo, that thought erodes the surroundings. The hunters who actually touched Bakdo would have been contaminated long ago had it not been for the recovery of the Holy Grail.

– This machine can handle it.


These are the words none other than the Holy Grail Knight, Yafi. Leon nodded and allowed him to deal with it.



Fleur, the god of dreams and death, appeared before them.


The hunters get mad at the sudden appearance of a goddess. Leon yelled.

“Get down on your knees, you lowly ones!”

“Absolutely yes!”

The Death Knights had already knelt down. Hunters also hurriedly kneel down.

Only Lionheart stood proudly in front of the goddess. because he still

“Speak, Goddess.”

[Defeat that demon and show the crown you got to the original woman.]

“I’m afraid that it will stain the eyes of the goddess because it’s a bad thing.”


Leon lifted the crown of longing. The goddess examines it carefully.

“It’s a crown with unusual power inside. I tried to break it once I regained more power.”

[It’s not that I don’t know what you mean. But why not leave this crown to the original woman?]

When Leon tilts his head in puzzlement, Fleur smiles.

[This crown, you may not remember, but it is the crown common to the great demons of pleasure whose heads you cut off.]

“Is that so?”

To Leon, it was just a shame. When the insects are decapitated, what does it matter that they wash their hair?

[Those hideous demons of lust dazzle children with meaningless dreams. Such power is compressed in this crown. If you are the original girl, you may be able to pull something out.]

“It was a special item to be destroyed anyway.

Leon handed it over to Fl without thinking about it.

[Thank you. And this time, well done. The pantheon rejoices and gives thanks to your glory and honor. Say hello to war and go.]

[What is greeting?]

It was then. A naked man who seemed to be on fire. An intense male god descends next to Fleur to the point of being afraid of the burning gaze.

Petos, the god of war and flame. The appearance of the ferocious divinity following the Fleur made the Hunters and Death Knights feel like their existence was being weighed down.

“Uh, ah, ah…”


For criminals, the presence of a divinity is such a pressure, even if it is a spiritual body.

What is the lion heart that can stand proudly under such pressure?

“Dream and war, there is one thing I want to ask for.”

[It’s been a while since I’ve seen your face, so you’re suddenly asking?]

“I’m sorry.”

[What is it?]

Leon glanced at the Death Knights. Among them, he saw the queen still asleep.

“Please accept their souls.”

The gods did not listen to the lion heart king’s request.

[Do you mean to lead the souls of the dead to paradise? They have abandoned the cycle of life and death.]

[It’s hard, war. The authority of death is the authority of the original woman. It’s none of your business.]

[Which divinity is the undead?]

[That’s right.]

Dreams and death looked at the Death Knights. Originally, she couldn’t tolerate that existence.

[Knights who defy death are black beings who must be punished by the original woman. They have escaped the cycle of death.]

“Please… forgive me.”

Then, the queen struggles to open her eyes. She was barely holding on to her spirit amidst the essence of corruption that raged within her body and the divinity of Fl who was trying to drive it away.

“Queen-Your Highness…!”

“Okche-bojung… please.”

The Death Knights knelt in front of the Queen. These loyal knights were concerned about the Queen’s safety even at this moment when their disposition was being decided.

Beatrice could not ignore this lofty spirit.

“O god of the alien world… The lowly queen of a ruined country dares to be shameless…”

Loyal men who sacrificed their lives to protect the Queen. Knights of loyalty who protected the Queen for 95 years.

The queen was able to bend any pride for the peace of the knights.

[hmm… … .]

Fleur agonized between the pity of the queen and the knights and Lionheart’s request.

The undead are blasphemous beings who have defied death. It is blasphemy to let them into paradise.

[The Queen’s loyal knights. No one in the pantheon can take your souls into paradise.]

“……Is that so.”

The Death Knights, including Ricardo Burns, had already made up their mind. They only want one thing. only the comfort of the queen.

[However. Your gong covers the fruit. Your loyalty impresses the gods, and most of all, the Lionheart begged the original woman for your souls.]

So, Fleur said an alternative.

[I can’t let you all into paradise, but I will give you a chance to reincarnate. I will purify that dirty soul and give you a chance to be born anew.]

It was a device for souls who did not deserve to enter Paradise.

Even if you are a sinner, you have a chance to purify your soul and be born again. The deeper the sin, the more often it perishes in the purification process.

However, since the sins of the Death Knights are not heavy, they will be able to endure it.

[However, queens and knights. In the underworld, which is under the jurisdiction of the original woman, the function of reincarnation is not working. This is due to the lack of divinity of this land.]

Currently, the Pantheon and everything related to it were driven only by Leon’s lion’s heart.

However, reincarnation only functions when there is full faith in the earth.

[Queen, be the original woman’s priest. Help the Lion Heart King spread the faith in this land. That is the only way to give rest to the souls of your knights.]

Beatrice happily bowed her head.

* * * *

“Then, Your Majesty, we will go through the formalities of Her Highness Queen Beatrice.”

In the unprecedented situation of the variable gate, the Hunter Association gathered all the hunters it could mobilize and prepared for the dungeon break.

a week like that. Leon finally cleared the gate and returned.


“After Yacht Spinner, I’m a survivor again.”


It is not uncommon for survivors to return from Bondi Gate.

Oh Kang-hyeok, the head of the association, registered Beatrice as a survivor at Leon’s request and also expressed his condolences to the deceased hunters.

“I express my condolences to the sacrifices of the Hunters.”

Six Hunters died. If it was a normal incident, Leon’s graduation ceremony could be called a catastrophic failure.

“But it was a red gate where even the Great Devil appeared in the variable gate. It is a miracle that it ended with this much damage.”

“You must have checked the detailed video through Lord Spinner. I also need to meet the families of the warriors.”

“Would you like to meet me in person?”

“He was one of the few soldiers of Jim. That’s enough.”

“…you could end up in a bad shape.”

Mourning for the dead is always emotional. The president of the association was worried that the families of the dead would be harmed again by trying to harm Leon.

“I’m not so blocked that I don’t understand my dead wife and parents and children. But they will be relieved to hear Jim’s story.”

It was a soul that Leon himself blessed and guided. They are rightly relieved to think of the treatment they will receive in the paradise of the dead.

Those who lost their families will be taken care of by Leon’s pantheon, and this is the Lionheart Kingdom’s etiquette for the dead.

“Reveal the video and summon more hunters. The evil species will eventually invade your world, so soldiers and knights are needed for that time.”


Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association, has already confirmed what happened inside the gate through video.

The great devil of pleasure and corruption. They are demons that have been witnessed in South America and Mexico.

In a South American country where security is still a mess, the city they corrupted was eventually evaporated by a nuclear attack.

Oh Kang-hyeok has also seen the deeds of those obscene demons of lust many times as a record.

“Your Majesty, is your power optimal for dealing with demons?”



Oh Kang-hyeok talked about the upcoming association-level schedule, and Leon readily accepted it.

And the headquarters of Mansinjeon in Naju Plain.

The variable gate incident and the completion ceremony of the trainees have not yet been completed, but Leon has urgently found a place to ask for ‘help’.

A place where no one in this world can help. A place that can be reached only by the power of faith that has been faithfully accumulated so far.

Leon closes his eyes and puts himself into a coma.

Being in a spiritual state, he saw the purple goddess staring at me.

[Would you like to hold the original woman’s hand?]

It is familiar to Lion Heart King to come into contact with the glorified jade body of a god. Guided by the goddess, he headed to his own heart.

The only temple of the gods enshrined in the heart of a lion that produces holy power on its own.

Since the beginning of the Age of Gods, a place only allowed to Leon among mortals.

paradise of the gods.

There were people waiting for him in front of the magnificent temple.

“Welcome, Your Majesty.”

A woman with long brown hair, wearing a veil. A divine radiance that cannot be found in ordinary humans accompanies her.


“The lowly servant of the gods meets the agent of the gods.”

Leon stared at the numerous people behind the kneeling saintess.

Each and every one of them is a servant of the gods who has reached the pinnacle as a human being, and is qualified to enjoy dinner with the gods in the pantheon.

The previous Lion Heart Kings and the great Holy Grail Knights. Forest sages and champions of the gods.

“Welcome, greatest Grail Guardian.”

A paradise created by the gods for mortals.

At the center of the temple, ten thousand heroes and people prostrated themselves toward him.

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