The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 49 Paradise of the Gods

“Anyak, it’s been a while. Is paradise comfortable?”

“It’s thanks to His Majesty protecting it.”

Agnyak Protesia, the Great Saint of the Pantheon. She, who was with Leon until the final battle, fell by the hands of demons 180 years ago.

It’s not just her.

“Sir Gildus. Sir Antoc. Everyone has a divine knowledge.”

Holy Grail Knight Gildus, legendary ogre slayer Beltion and—

“His Majesty the King.”


Leon’s predecessor Lion Heart, Archen Majesty Lionheart.

Indeed, legendary heroes were in front of Leon.

Unlike those who died living an ordinary life, those who left for the gods after living a life of honor and glory.

This is the paradise where they live.

From an earthly perspective, heaven and hell. According to the Mansinjeon, the afterlife is divided into a place of rest and a place to purify the soul.

“New souls must have come here. Have you heard the rumors?”

Leon mentioned the trainees who died at the gate. The Argentine Lion Heart King said.

“Isn’t this the first new soul in 180 years? You’re welcomed, so don’t worry.”

“Is that so.

Originally, entering the afterlife was a taboo that the living would not be permitted to enter.

However, Leon, who represented the gods of the pantheon, was allowed to do so.


“Originally, I would like to say hello to the gods of the pantheon and resolve the dispute, but the situation is urgent. I must borrow the wisdom of my ancestors.”

“I’ll give you my friend Petelion.”

The horse given by the lion heart king of Argentina was a stern, muscular dark horse. However, the difference from a normal horse is that it has wings.

A fantasy species called Pegasus. The heavenly horse, Petelion, who is said to have been handled by very few of the lion heart kings of the past, was killed while fighting the great devil with the lion heart king of Argentina.

Leon rides on her and floats through the vast sky.

In this paradise of the honorable, even the warhorses who were with them in life live.

Even in the midst of running across the open meadow, countless knights’ horses recognized the king’s horse and bowed their heads.

One day, the moment will come when he and Stallion will run through this place.

‘No, as of now, it’s impossible without leaving a posterity.’

Leon is the last bastion of this paradise and the gods. A community with a shared destiny. Therefore, he allowed many of the taboos granted to mortals.

Just like this.

“That way, Lord Petelion.”

– Purruk!

The place where Pegasus, who understood Leon’s words, settled down is in the middle of the forest at the entrance to paradise. As I landed there, the dark forest stirred.

“Lion… Heart.”

“The legitimate grand duke of Dragonia.”

“Lord of the Holy Relics.”

Voices echoed throughout the forest. You don’t even need to look in the direction. All the dense giant trees around here are ‘sages’.

“I apologize for trespassing on your domain from the sky, sages of the forest.”


“To the Lion Heart King.”

“All living things… owed a debt.”

“Even the gods.”

You don’t need to be polite. The forest always welcomes you.

“It’s embarrassing to paint your face with gold.”

“Honorable, descendant of the dragonslayer.”

“Heir to the lion’s heart.”

“For some business.”

“Did you visit the paradise of the dead?”

Leon was pleased with their welcome and spoke the name of a wise man.

“Gunlar. I want to meet the youngest sage among you and my best friend.”

The forest moved. One of the giant trees in paradise, normally asleep, wakes up and its features are revealed in the rough bark.

The spirits of this forest, called tree men, are those who have awakened their selves in the old trees.

“Leon. My old friend.”

Tree Giant Gunlar. A colleague Leon has traveled with since his days as an attendant, and a comrade who was with him during the last war.

He bent his knee, which was over 15m long, and met Leon at eye level.

“Why did you come to see me?”

“I need your seedlings.”


forest spirits. Treemen who have risen in rank and have been promoted to forest sages have the opportunity to plant ‘trees’.

Treemen who live a very old life can leave a ‘seedling’ only once in their lifetime.

“You were not able to plant seedlings and were embraced by paradise. You must plant your seedlings.”

“So… are you in a hurry?”

“This world. The Earth, Jim’s hometown, is being invaded by evil species. With this expedition, we know it clearly. The evil species’ conspiracy has reached an alarm.”

Leon thought of Demon Gate, set in Queen Beatrice’s Sphero Kingdom.

A gate fluctuated by something. A kingdom where demons of pleasure played tricks. What this means is two.

“They noticed my existence and started messing around. They must have infiltrated this Earth as well.”

“Like the Empire… I mean.”

The scary thing about demons is neither their strength nor their infinite resurrection.

It corrupts humans and rots from within.

At least where Leon was active, their reckless movements had to be stopped.

“You were the only living person who could take this thing from the underworld. It’s good. If it’s you, I can trust you.”

Gunlar happily handed over his seedling to Leon. Small seedlings that are only about 10 cm tall are at risk as if they will break even in the wind.

“I know, but you will. The moment you plant this, you will attract the attention of the villains. It will be dangerous.”

“I’m determined.”

After accepting the seedling, he hurried back to the temple. This is the world of the dead. There is nothing good about living for a long time.

“It was a pleasure meeting you after a long time, my old friend.”

don’t come too soon

The forest responded and echoed at Gunlar’s voice.

* * * *

It was the time when Leon was about to return with Gunlar’s seedlings.

“Sir Leon.”

“Isn’t it Lord Gratas?”

The giant slayer, Grail Knight, Gratas. As a Holy Grail Knight two generations before Leon, he is also a friend of Leon’s teacher Lord Gordic.

He was also the creator of the Holy Grail Knight’s Standing Army training manual.

And that’s not all. Saint Agnac, the 13th Lion Heart King, Archen Majesty Lionheart came to visit him.

“What are you all doing?”

In response to Leon’s question, the former king of Argentin spoke as a representative.

“After discussion, I’m going to present you with what you need right now. In this world, there is a limit to the holy power, so isn’t there a limit to what you can carry? We discussed it with each other.”

The Argentine Lion Heart King entrusted the reins to Leon’s hand.


“It’s a master trainer’s reins that can even train fantasy beasts. When I died, I entrusted it to you, and you had a funeral with me.”


Leon knew the value of this treasure. That’s why I hoped that Lion Heart King, who headed to paradise, would run through the paradise of the gods holding this rein.

It is because the soul cannot take the treasure that has passed its ownership.

“It’s my turn.”

Grail Knight Gratas approached and handed over a book.

“this is?”

“I heard that you are training the soldiers again from the beginning. If you led the proud kingdom’s elite as the Lion Heart King, I think it would have been frustrating.”

The book that Gratas gave you was not an ordinary book. It’s carefully woven from leather, and you can even feel the holy power inside.

“This is one of those books that contains the training know-how I’ve been putting my whole life on the line for. I hope it helps.”

“”How to catch a giant with a serf?”… Isn’t that the legendary training manual for Lord Gratas? This precious thing?”

“Heh heh, it’s nothing.”

“Sure, it’s a book compiled by the legendary Holy Grail Knight. It’s a holy thing in itself. I’m dubious that it only came down as a story, but did the serfs really catch the giant?”

“Three hundred out of five hundred are dead.”

“It’s the lives of serf worms. Who cares?”

Rather, the fact that the cultist effectively consumed the savage worms was an achievement.

This time, Saint Agnac approached him as he embraced the gifts given by the Argentine Lion Heart King and Gratas.

“I’ll give you my necklace.”

What Agak gave was the symbol of the Lionheart Kingdom. It was a necklace in the shape of a cross sword. Leon knew this value better than anyone else.

“The sacred relics of the saints are treasures that can only be passed on through the saints. How can I, the saint, receive this?”

“Who will discuss Katabuta with the agent of the Pantheon?

Leon hesitated for a moment before accepting her gift. Bondi tradition is a law that requires flexibility that can be put aside for a while in times of crisis.

Although the holy item Agak gave you only once, it will be of great help in a critical situation.

“Thank you all. I will use your gift to my advantage.”

In this way, Leon returned to the present world with seedlings, scriptures, holy relics and treasures in the paradise of the gods.

* * * *

When Leon opened his eyes, the first thing he checked was the objects in his hands.

Holy Grail Knight Lord Gratas’s Bible.

Reins of Arhen, the 13th Lion Heart King.

A sacred relic of Agak, the saint of light and justice.

Finally, the seedling of the sage Gunlar.

Other treasures are precious, but the seedling of Gunlar, which was the original purpose. We need to find a place to plant this as soon as possible.

‘The president of the association will send new trainees. Train them and complete the smallest corps.’

Increasing the number of soldiers is not the only solution. If the soldiers are auxiliary, the main force is the knight. The head of the association introduced a good opportunity, but the power of articles is not enough right now.

‘For him… … .’

Leon left his seat and headed to a room in the Manshinden building. He rarely knocks on the door and waits for the intention of the other person.

“Lion Heart King. Will you allow me to visit you?”

There was no answer. Just wait for the door to open by itself and enter.

Leon was able to step through this door with pleasure. But it didn’t.

“Aren’t you coming in?”

“Because you didn’t allow it.”

This is how Leon respects his opponent. It is not lawful for an uninvited person to enter a royal bedchamber.

“You are a stern person. Please come in.”

Only then did Leon cross the threshold of the queen’s bedroom. and… I notice that the air in the room has suddenly changed.

Just breathing in the air is dizzying. reason… No, the corrupting power that seduces the living. It’s not as much as before, but if it’s a man, he’ll attack a woman just by twisting.

“Queen Beatrice. I’m sorry for taking you to such a shabby place.”

“It’s too much for a ruined queen. Her Majesty Lionheart. Just… forgive me for my rudeness.”

Every gesture is coquettish enough to be lethal.

Indeed, the talent of bad luck that was chosen as the next monarch of pleasure. It doesn’t seem like she can do anything about it.

“The divinity that dwells within you is suppressing the essence of corruption… but it hasn’t completely destroyed it.

“Divine power… Your Majesty has so much power.”

“The gods love me. A king loved like me can do many things.”

Beatrice passed the wine with a grin at his confident attitude without a hint of doubt.

It was a drink dedicated to the association, but Leon was not the type to enjoy it.

“A farewell wine for the knights?”

“Because this is all I can do.”

Beatrice stared at the bright red liquid in the glass with a tired gaze.

“Wasn’t His Majesty able to treat them as servants?”

Death Knights. Even though it has become a specter, there is no shortage of power.

If Leon hadn’t attained their souls on the spot, no, if he had made the knights his Servants on the condition of attaining Buddhahood, who else could have refused, let alone the Queen?

In the history of countless wars, even in the midst of the Holy Grail Knights ascending to heaven one by one as they were destroyed by evil species.

Leon was able to do that. But it didn’t.

“It is an insult to the dead to minister to them as dead. How can I betray my honor and gain a worthless profit?”

“Even if the end is destruction?”

“Then I will ascend with honor.”

until the last person.

He’s a really down-to-earth, honest man.

Beatrice knew the difference between herself and the Lionheart of this alien world.

In the face of destruction, he finally succumbed to the devil and accepted the deal, and

The Lion Heart King did not compromise even in the face of destruction and only shouted justice.

It was not the wise who won, but the one who kept his convictions.

That would be the crucial difference between him and himself.

“It’s been two days since we arrived in this world. Have you adjusted?”

“I think we still need more time. This place is… different from my world.”

Upon returning to Earth, Beatrice realized that the Earth is a completely different world after receiving desperate guidance and introductions from the Association staff.

Internet, cars, planes… All of them are shocking things worthy of astonishment. Leon must also be a resident of another world, no different from himself.

“You don’t have to adapt.”


“They follow their own laws with pride. A king has to spread his own royal road wherever he goes. Criminals with paid wages and free will just follow the king’s path and that’s it.”

“Is it the mind of an invader?”

“It’s very different. If it’s just a desire to harm the world, it’s the ambition of the wealthy. If it’s to benefit all people with proper teaching, it’s the enlightenment of the Lion Heart King.”

What kind of bloated ego is this?

Beatrice smiled wryly at this man’s brazen confidence. Well, at this level, he must be able to do the crazy thing of fighting demons for hundreds of years.

“I don’t think the demons are the only targets you’ll be against.”

“That’s right. Jim has a noble quest given by the gods of heaven and earth.”

Leon tapped my chest and said to the queen.

“That’s why I propose. The Magician Queen of the Spero Kingdom. I want you to join me in my cause.”

Neither force nor charisma… Even the radiance of the gods. Beatrice also knew that Leon was the one who had finally won over the demons.

To the extent that demons fear him.

“I owe you. Queen, how can I not repay the kingdom’s favor?”

Beatrice bowed respectfully, covering her chest. I could do this much to the benefactor who saved her as well as my knights.

“But one thing.”

Eun Won. It is a word that means both grace and resentment. The queen’s purple eyes glow ominously.

“Quay, the great demon of pleasure. Please teach me the power to annihilate it.”

The queen lost her kingdom.

A hundred years of repeated history, except for the loyal knights, all the people eventually became corrupted.

A ruined queen who failed to fulfill her duty to protect the kingdom. The only duty left to her is vengeance.

Knowing that intention, Leon willingly accepted the offer.

“I’ll do anything to kill those filthy parasites. My heart throbs when they show me how to annihilate their souls with their fearful spells.”


Indeed, sexual law. It is the only way to annihilate demons. Beatrice coveted it.

“In our kingdom, demons are boiled in a kettle and executed. It was meant to be traumatized at least because they keep resurrecting and coming back.”

“You’re wise. They’re selfish and nasty. They put my pain first. Have you ever driven an awl under a devil’s fingernails? That’s when they screamed the loudest.”

“I’ve peeled off the skin and rolled it in a field of iron nails.”

“Ha ha ha! That’s so creative.”

The story of the two deepens.

“Ha ha ha ha ha……!”

“Whoop whoop…”

The laughter of the demon butchers spread cheerfully and gloomily.

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