The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 5 Divinity (1)

Honam Plain. It was a week ago that Gate appeared here, which is responsible for Korea’s rice production.

The vermilion gate, which is said to be grade A in average difficulty, was scheduled to be cleared without difficulty as the Phoenix Guild won the bid.

If only the Phoenix Guild had properly attacked.

“How the hell did this happen!”

Manager Kim Jin-soo and Assistant Manager Han Ha-ri boarded a helicopter and flew straight to the Honam Plain. There, he was able to meet Lee Yong-wan, the guild leader of the Phoenix Guild.

“Ah, Manager Kim. Do you have our rookie Han Hari?”

Despite the seriousness of the situation, he was relaxed. Seeing that expression, the two felt intuition.

‘This bastard… on purpose!’

Undoubtedly. The Phoenix Guild intentionally caused a dungeon break by deliberately sluggish gate capture!

‘Why did you do something like this after persistently asking for exemption benefits?’

Recently, friction between the Association and the Phoenix Guild has been frequent.

The Phoenix Guild has consistently requested exemptions from themselves, one of the top 10 guilds in Korea, throughout this year.

It requested an exemption of up to 1 trillion won for income generated from by-products obtained from the gate, income from magic crystals, and monster materials.

The names were training juniors and increasing treatment costs for guild members.

The government, which already provides various benefits to large domestic guilds, expressed disapproval and rejected the request of guild leader Lee Yong-wan.

I wondered if they were going to resort to something, but it’s no way that they’re doing something like this in the middle of a commotion with the black gate that has been appearing for the first time in 13 years!

‘Damn you motherfuckers! What kind of land is the Honam Plain! How could he do something like this when the cleanup of the plains of Naju has not yet been completed!’

Since the Gates debacle, the world’s food trade routes have been frozen.

The vast plains, which were late in responding to the initial gate incident, were contaminated with demons, and this was the case in Korea as well.

The granary, which is said to be the best in the country, was contaminated, and the amount of the reagent for purification from the Magic Tower was astronomical!

If this year’s farming in the Honam Plain is ruined right away, the food self-sufficiency rate that has been somehow maintained will be cut in half.

Deputy Han Hari, who was in a hurry, requested.

“Hunter Lee Yong-wan! We have to close the gate right now! It’s been a week since today! After more than that——”

“I know, I know. The authority for the successful gate passes. But what?”

Guild leader Lee Yong-wan mocked the two with a mean smile.

“Our guild members are seriously injured. It seems difficult to attack in this state. Our Phoenix Guild seems to have to give up the right to capture the Honam Gate.”


The faces of Manager Kim Jin-soo and Assistant Manager Han Ha-ri boiled red. The two wanted to hit the son of a bitch right in front of them and swing their fists, but he was an S-class hunter.

Not only Kim Jin-soo, a B-rank hunter, but also Han Hari, an A-rank hunter, were able to match his subordinates.

‘Bastards! There are so many A-ranks, but it’s impossible to attack the gate?’

“What would you like?”

“……What do you want to say?”

“How did the association deal with the monsters that popped up right away?

Thanks to the staff who were put in because of the black gate were not hurt, the association was able to afford it now.

But that’s only for a moment. From the 7th to the 10th day, a gate full of monsters triggers a dungeon break.

In other words, the vermilion gate in the Honam Plain has not completely burst yet.

“Right now, the right to capture the gate——”

“No. Manager Kim, why would you be like this? You know that according to the Hunter Act, the winning guild retains the right to attack until the 8th.”

No matter how much the association was, it could not forcibly take away the right to attack the gate that had already won the bid. The head of the Phoenix Guild was abusing that right away.

“We’ll try our best until tomorrow. But there are so many bad friends, so I don’t know if the strategy will go well.”


Han Hari couldn’t stand it and spat out swear words. Lee Yong-wan smiled at her remarks and relaxed.

“That’s why it would be nice if we agreed with each other nicely. Did we only do that? Can’t the heroes who risk their lives risking their lives to protect this country, can’t they ask for a small benefit?”

“Already… already receiving so much subsidies and tax benefits….”

The benefits the government gives to large guilds are by no means insignificant. The problem is that they are insatiable pigs.

“Shall we go to Japan? You promised that they would treat you much better than Korea, where we are beggars?”


yeah this was the problem

A battle between survivors and awakened people from around the world.

The richer the country, the more it tried to recruit high-ranking hunters for its own safety, and carried out the operation at the risk of diplomatic friction.

In order to preserve even the smallest amount of power, the Korean government tied up large guilds with huge benefits, but… Even that has reached its limit.

“You… don’t you have the slightest bit of patriotism?”

Even if contempt for the weak and taking care of the strong are the virtues of this world, at least… Shouldn’t there be a minimum conscience and justice?

“Patriotism? Justice? It’s been a long time since I’ve been in fashion. Why are you being childish? My Miss Hari, I told you during the draft last year, right? In the world, money and power equal justice.”

Hari trembled and swallowed his anger. It was like this. The reason she joined the Hunter Association.

The behavior of current Korean hunters who only think about money and risk and do not consider those who are harmed by it.

The era of humanity is lacking, justice is plummeting, and people who want to live righteously are ridiculed.

It was a very disgusting reality for a young girl who admired heroes and wanted to protect people.

But should I admit it? That the world is all about money and power? If you admit such a miserable reality, where will you find justice?

“They are really shallow and old-fashioned writers.”

It was then. Everyone’s eyes turned to the voice from over there.

“Le, Your Majesty Leon?”

“Do not call the king by name, Woman. Only honorifics are permitted to you.”

A man who followed two people in a hurry to see the world. He stood between the two gaps as if he had heard all of this conversation.

“What are you? You seem to be European, but—”

“It’s the king’s palace! How can a thousand things tease a light tongue!”


S-class dealer Lee Yong-wan. He was one of only 20 S-class hunters in Korea and the guild leader of the Phoenix Guild, represented by the top 10 guilds.

In this day and age, when strength as a hunter is replaced by power and wealth, no one dared to speak in front of him. however… … .

‘What is this bastard?’

The guild leader of the 10th guild and an S-class hunter with only 20 people, a gift for yourself? What kind of bullshit is the king’s court?

“I want to die——”

“Stop it, Hunter Lee Yong-wan! He’s a survivor!”

“A survivor?”

At those words, Lee Yong-wan calmed down the mana he was raising. Yes, survivor. They are strangers from a culture different from Earth.

Putting aside their cultural differences, survivors have great value in themselves. Of course not everyone is like that.

Lee Yong-wan did not make the foolish mistake of directly antagonizing the survivors.

“Excuse me. I’m Lee Yong-wan of the Phoenix Guild. I’m a survivor… I can’t believe that at the black gate—”

“A king never speaks twice.”

Leon, who immediately made him shut up, asked Han Hari and Kim Jin-soo.

“Tell me the problem.”


“Don’t make me say it twice. Jim doesn’t know much about gates. Clear things up, Colonel.”

At those words, the two of them got angry. As a survivor, he showed his will to solve this problem himself.

“It’s a Dungeon Break! When a Dungeon Break occurs, a large amount of mana is released and the land is polluted! If that happens, there is a possibility that the entire Honam Plain will be polluted! Even now, the mana that has already spread is contaminating the land!”

“How to fix it?”

“We must purify the contamination through decontamination and clear the dungeon as soon as possible to get rid of the dungeon itself!”

“I understand. Is the polluted land and the gate an expanding problem? Summon your forces. The moment the attack period for those who are weeds or something is over by tomorrow, the main king will come forward himself.”

“Are you sure?”

Leon was, at the very least, an S-class hunter. A strong man like that said he would help, but there is no fool who would refuse.

“But, before that…”


The two are willing to match him with anything he wants. Should I start with the weapon first? No, he already has his sword.

It seems that there is no armor, but should I go to an auction in a hurry and collect the goods?

But what Leon was asking for was completely absurd.

“The king of a foreign country cannot arbitrarily engage in military action in someone else’s territory. First of all, I need to get permission directly from the king of this country.”

“Yes? No, it’s okay, it’s okay…”

“There is a law and a proper procedure for everything. Can’t we quickly send a dispatch to your king?”

“”… … .””

Even the top 10 guilds in the world do not ask the president to show his face. Lee Yong-wan thought for a moment.

‘Isn’t this bastard worse than me?’

* * * *

“… … I am the president.”

Fortunately, the president, who was on an overseas tour, did not fly all the way to the Honam Plain.

When Leon heard that he had gone to ask for support regarding the black gate, he was convinced and was satisfied with a light phone call while congratulating him on his way home.

“Your Majesty! All 50 members of the Hunter Association subordinate raiding party are ready!”

Han Ha-ri and Kim Jin-soo, who had filled the gate’s official target of 50 people, stood in front of him armed.

“Okay. Did they say that the legal deadline for weeds ends tomorrow?”

“Ah yes…….”

Hari stared at Leon as if he was surprised. It seemed that he, who advocated the caste system, would ignore legal procedures and break into the gate at any moment, but his actions were so unexpected.

“Do you see Jim as a savage?”

“Yeah? That can’t be!”

“In civilization, there is a law called due process. How can you be called an honorable knight if you do not abide by the laws that contain the authority of the state?”

“Oh oh…….”

Admiring association staff. Leon took control of them at once and demonstrated his natural commanding power.

“Have you prepared anything more than that?”

At those words, Hari and the association staff couldn’t shake off their dubious gazes.

“I… Your Majesty.”


“They said to prepare, so I prepared… Where are you going to use these?”

What Leon ordered was a pumpkin skull decorated with bows and arrows and ornaments. There, he ordered a doll made of rice straw to be made.

“Isn’t the precious land contaminated? The contamination of the land must be cleansed.”


More than 100 rice straw dolls were made by the association’s staff, hurriedly roaming around the city asking ‘women who had childbirth experience’ to make them urgently.

“Are those the wives who made the dolls?”

“That’s right.”

Around 100 women who were dragged in after receiving an urgent request from the association and district office staff in the early morning are standing in a row.

They ranged in age from young women to middle-aged and elderly people.

“Each one of you show the doll you have made.”

Although there were those who mumbled in an endless command tone, the reward offered by the Society granted them generosity.

Leon began inspecting the rice straw dolls his wives had made.

“Hmm… that’s ridiculous.”


“To think of calling such a metaphysical hulking figure a doll.”


The first rice straw doll was thrown down.

“Oh, what is this?”

“Do you like it, bachelor?”

“It’s like a living doll.”

“It doesn’t seem like it was made that well—”

“I’d rather choose to kill myself than live with this ugliness.”


The second, third and twentieth dolls were also thrown away. It was Han Hari’s turn.

“Hmm? Did you participate too?”

“Ah, yes! He’s good with his hands, so he’s good at making stuffed animals!”

Certainly, the doll Hari made was plausible. Even though it is made of rice straw, it has a dainty shape and is well decorated.

“It’s surprising that you have childbirth experience.”

“Yes? Oh, I’m not married… I’m not. If it’s a woman, isn’t it okay…?”

“No, stupid.”

– Boo-wook! Boo-wook!

“Ugh! Crested round!”

The rice straw doll, brutally torn apart, was blown away by the wind and vanished in vain.

After such harsh standards, it was the eighty-ninth old lady who came to Leon’s eyes.

“Excellent! How many children has your wife given birth to?”


“Hmm. You are indeed a patriot at a young age and the source of living life. Do you have plans for children in the future?”

“Have you run out of inspiration?”

“Heh heh, if you have enough vitality like your wife, remarriage is quite possible. You’re still young, so think carefully about 10 years.”

“I’ll go after you first.”

“By default, a knight is dispatched to personally deliver plaques and gifts to wives who have given birth to ten or more children, but please forgive me for the difficult situation.”

Leon kissed the back of the old lady’s hand and placed the rice straw doll on the altar.

“The conditions are met.”

Leon took out something in front of the prepared items.

A subspace opens and a cup appears in the palm of his hand.

It was a faded, old glass with cracks here and there, but no one could take their eyes off it. As if a mysterious energy flowed through it.

“You are the mother of the bountiful land. May you dwell in the doll of bountiful harvest given to you by the children of the earth.”

The glass was filled with water. When the self-filled cup was placed in front of the altar, a strange thing happened.

The water in the glass boiled to the brim and then gushed out like a reflux and entered the rice straw doll!

“What the hell is going on?”

The association’s employees, the wives who made the rice straw dolls, and the guild members of the Phoenix Guild couldn’t take their eyes off what was happening in front of them.

the sunset comes to mind

The red light colors the clouds and the repeating day is about to begin.

But on this day, the sunset of May 24, 2032… It will be a special beginning for the whole world.

“Lionheart, my child.”

The rice straw doll rises. The divinity-infused doll testifies to itself by emitting a benevolent voice.

“Greetings to the Earth Mother. Demera, deity of life and fertility.”

Divinity descended on this land.

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