The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 50 Lord Yapi’s big data

Harry tends to start early in the morning.

Wake up at dawn, exercise lightly, and eat fried eggs with ketchup.

Her morning routine is quite sincere for a modern person. Since Hari’s orphanage days, I’ve never seen anyone start breakfast earlier than me.

“Ah, Your Majesty. Have you been strong in one direction after the gas?”


But Leon’s morning was much earlier than Hari’s. He doesn’t tend to go to bed early, so he wakes up before the rooster crows in the morning.

He woke up and mechanically swung his sword. How intense must he train to sweat profusely even in battle?

“You’re moving early in the morning.”

“Hey, Her Highness the Queen.”

A mysterious woman with a veil covering her face in a black dress.

“Sit down, Queen.”

Leon offers her a seat. The two naturally sat on the bench at the training ground.

“I’ll have a cup of tea or something.”


Hari briskly prepared a teacup for the two of them.

“Your Majesty, would you like green tea or barley tea?”

“Hmm, what would the Queen do? Black tea would be standard, but these days, things don’t know how to drink tea.”

“It’s fine as long as it’s warm.”

“I haven’t paid much attention to it, but I guess I’ll have to hire a lady-in-waiting. Han Hari.”

“Ah, yep!”

Leon said while elegantly drinking the barley tea offered by Hari.

“I want you to wait on Queen Beatrice for a while. I didn’t care about luggage, but dress appropriately for the queen and dress appropriately.”


“You don’t need to be so concerned.”

“No. The royal family deserves proper attention and assistance.”

“Then… did you say Miss Hari?”

The veiled gaze of the queen turned to Hari.

“Ah, yep!”

“I can feel the strong fire energy from you. I’ll take a look if you don’t mind.”

Did you notice? own unique skill?

Leon also helped with the queen’s unexpected proposal.

“I see. Pull out your sword and try it. You’ve been helping luggage so far, so you can benefit from that.”

Leon hands over his sword as if he were honored to be taught directly by the Lion Heart King.

Hari suddenly took the sword and took a stance.

“Where did your swordsmanship come from?”

“I learned from the instructor at the academy. I heard that you were a promising kendo instructor before the cataclysm.”

“Show me your swordsmanship. Jim will take care of it.”

“Hey, here comes the glory.”

Hari grabbed the wooden sword and took a stance as Leon instructed.

Having just graduated from the Hunter Academy, she has never learned any special swordsmanship.

The swordsmanship she learned is basic swordsmanship. There was a gap with the vision technology that the 10 guilds had been hiding.

Hari, who rejected the offer from the 10th guild in the draft, had to develop her swordsmanship on her own.

wield a sword

A fast, large blow that imagines wielding a longsword violently cuts through space.

Early genius… It was Hari, the youngest A-class hunter. Seeing her swinging her sword like that, Leon said nonchalantly.

“The action is great.”


fast. But that’s it. A fast sword that relied on physical ability. There are many gaps and the scope is large.

“Is it based on the premise of using the ability?”

“That’s right. Did you notice right away?”

“Because I saw it when fighting an honorable knight at the Honam Gate.”

headless knight. Leon remembers fighting him.

“Take a close look. A sword is a powerful, but short-lived swing.”

Leon raised the sword himself. He assumes a top stance and strikes his sword lightly and quickly.

Top cut and middle cut. It looks light and simple at first glance, but the movements are not large and there is no superfluity.

Even the queen was so skilled that she admired it. Above all–

– Kwajik! Kwajijik!

A sharp sword wind scrapes the floor and cuts through the outer walls. It was a sword wind of monstrous strength that seemed to tear the entire training ground apart if I gave it a little more strength.

“Isn’t this as easy as it is? Practice it by swinging it 10,000 times a day.”


“And the blessing of fire. It must be swinging the sword as hard as possible to maximize its power. Use it and show it off again.”

Hari’s unique skill, Blessing of Fire. It is the power to convert heat resistance and mana into fire.

Basically, there had to be a medium, and in a busy battle, it was most efficient to use a sword as a medium to light fire and wield it.

When Hari used her own skill, Blessing of Fire, her swordsmanship became quite flashy and plausible.

“Beatrice, what do you think?”

“The use of fire is inexperienced.”

The queen stood up and drew her sword. Like a treasured sword descended from the Spero royal family.

“If you want to use fire with swordsmanship, you have no choice but to load the sword with the magic of fire.”

The queen snapped her fingers and fire shot up from her sword. It was a magical fire.

“Fire is a fragile force. It should be used compressed, not scattered.”

Just as Beatrice had said, the fire in her sword was compressed to its limit.

Unlike Hari’s fire, which quickly scatters around the sword, the sword she wields sticks to the sword without being disturbed in the slightest.

Hari inadvertently burst into admiration at the beauty of her movements, as if she was dancing, demonstrating with a sword of fire. right then–

“Releasing the compressed fire is the moment of death. It’s like stabbing like this—”

A sword soaring towards the sky. At that very moment, a fiercely spinning fire shot like a cannonball and pierced a hole in the cloud.


A hole in the sky… Harry stared blankly at the high sky.

“Compressed fire doesn’t leave any flesh. You just have to compress it to such a high temperature that it turns into ashes. It’s easy, right?”


It’s not easy.

At most, Hari was taught by the strongest, but it was difficult to understand the teachings of far-out geniuses.

* * * *

New trainees came in.

This is thanks to the association announcing the achievements of Leon’s first trainees and announcing the promotion at once.

-Really, those 10,000 years of D-class were promoted to C-class at once?

– You saw the video. It’s crazy, it’s ridiculous.

– Class D survived against the demons. Such a survival rate in a fluctuating gate.

The video of the rewarding graduation ceremony of the 1st class trainees also played a role.

“Yes, I learned a lot.”

“It was really… a rewarding time.”

The trainees filming the graduation ceremony were sincere.

Leon was a savior to those who couldn’t escape the fear of death in D-class in their later years. However, Yapi, who is filming the video of the graduation ceremony, cuts off the interview and gives instructions again.

-Lack of average text content. Make the most of your lack of vocabulary.

“……No, even if I ask you to pull it out.”

A machine gun was pointed.

“Then we must.”

… … …

… …

“I will give gifts to trainees who have completed their training with outstanding grades.”

Seven of the 43 trainees who completed the graduation ceremony were given reinforcements refined with the heart of an Orc warrior.

A valuable item that ordinary D-class hunters cannot afford. Those who received it were hunters who actively participated in battles such as Koo Dae-seong and Kim Do-han, who showed their ability to judge, and this also drew the enthusiasm of many hunters.

-Oh my God, you only give the heart of an Orc warrior to a D-class hunter?

– It’s an item that is only given to promising players in most middle-level guilds!

– It’s good to have a good luck.

The results of the training and the treatment were excellent. Even guild members who became full-time soldiers were blessed with free support.

-Wow~ I’m really happy.

-The Mansinjeon Guild is the best.

-Everyone join the Pantheon Guild. His Majesty Leon is also a good person, and please treat everyone nice.

It wasn’t because of the machine gun behind the camera.

“Whoa~ I have to report it to the chief and the president of the association… I have to stock up on potatoes and sweet potatoes for the new trainees… I have to change my equipment, so where can I get a blacksmith…”

Leon is not the type to pay attention to small things. Rather, he thought doing chores like that was a disgrace, so naturally, the pantheon guild’s chores belonged to Hari.

And that’s not all.

“Tax problem! What should I do with this?!”

There was that too. Leon still refuses to pay taxes. The reason was that the king could not pay taxes.

The association is handling the work in order to please Leon as much as possible.

For example, the rice delivered from the Naju plains is exchanged and treated as tax.

It was also necessary to cooperate with the local county office to use most of the tax completely for the residents according to Leon’s instructions in the ridiculous tax rate of the ten structures within the pantheon.

It is impossible to suddenly build facilities for residents’ convenience with private capital.

“Ahhhhhhh… Accounting is not my specialty…”

To have a headache. I learned how to pay taxes at the Korean Hunter Academy, but this was not expected.

It was the time when Hari was wrapping her hair and carrying snacks for the hunters.


“Hey, Sir Yapi?”

hallway ceiling. Yappy was running up and down the ceiling, defying gravity.

“It’s a surprise…….”

When I see Yapi in the dark, I am startled.

– Can’t handle accounting work?


Unexpected Yapi’s mention. I think I overheard Harry talking to himself.

-We wish to share accounting work to increase work efficiency.

“Hey, Sir Yapi…!”

Yes. In the Pantheon Guild, there was an almighty Holy Grail Knight, Sir Yapi!

“That’s because we need accounting and expenses for paying taxes, right? I’ve been to accountants, but ‘not paying taxes’ is unreasonable no matter how much I think about it.”

-Refer to Big Data. Application of the Hunter Administrative Special Act. Hunter meal expenses can be covered. Completed self-registered equipment production.


Are there any such costs? Hari recalled that the cost of food for trainees last month was 38,000 won for sugar and salt.

However, in terms of accounting, the cost of food is recorded at 38 million won.

It wasn’t at the level of Gara, it was an accounting manipulation.

“What, do you think something is wrong?”

– not wrong. Naju Plain Crop Prices Soar. Agriculture and Fisheries Act Special Support Screening Utilization. Purchase tax benefit.

“That, so… Did you buy the crops at a high price and include them in the hunters’ food expenses? Isn’t it a scam?

– Separation of businesses. Mansinjeon Farm and Mansinjeon Guild are strictly separate businesses. Utilization of special support from the Agriculture and Fisheries Act for Manshinjeon Farm. Additional tax exemption applies.

– Utilization of trainee family support project. Registered as a welfare business under the name of Manshinjeon and additionally utilized tax exemption benefits.

-Independent pension business registration. Increase asset value through investment.

A country’s legal system is downloaded in 0.1 seconds, and holes in the law are found in an instant.

‘This, is this big data?’

Hari admired Yapi’s high-intelligence calculation ability to find a solution in an instant.

“Wow, that was really helpful. I guess I won’t have to worry about this any longer for the time being.”

-If you have any further issues to discuss, please let me know.


Hari had nothing more to ask for, thanks to Yapi’s quick fix. She now spoke of a very personal concern.

“His Majesty told me to wait on the Queen. He said that I need to hire a maid, so I need to prepare a separate outfit, but the maid… must be a maid outfit, right?”

Hari knows that Leon’s view of the world is close to the Middle Ages.

Well, since it is a fantasy kingdom in a different world, it may not be possible to accurately compare it to Earth, but the maids he thinks of are probably those wearing maid uniforms?

Yapi also confirmed this.

– Her Majesty Leon. Similar to the Middle Ages European kingdoms. Maid’s outfit = Maid’s outfit The reasoning is reasonable.

“Right, right? I was hesitant because I thought I would be criticized for cosplaying later.”

-No problem. Reasonable ‘maid clothes’ order by big data?

“Thank you for doing so!”

Harry didn’t know.

The ‘big data’ of maid clothes that Yapi was talking about was the comprehensive data of Internet home shopping.

That it is the No. 1 product with the most satisfactory star rating there.

– My boyfriend really likes it.

-My boyfriend likes it very much. I need to wear it often.


It was the evil of big data.

* * * *

After returning, Yappi went about his business without a break.

Heto, the god of iron and blacksmithing, has entrusted one mission to Yapi.

The rise of the Pantheon Guild and the revival of Lionheart.

For that, manipulation of public opinion and propagation of faith are essential. Yapi went straight to work using the 1,339,865 accounts he was managing.

First, he edits the video of the variable gate he filmed, translates it into the language system of every country on the earth where the Internet is active, and publishes it.

Not only that, but we also thoroughly analyzed and responded simultaneously to communities related to national YouTubers, foreign YouTubers or channels, hunters, and religious circles.

Among them, what Yapi has been focusing on recently is investigating the great devil Androgyn’s Bakdo that he saved from the change gate.

– High-density ore. Strength measurement, over superalloy MDV.

Yapi saw the potential of this incredible metal. It’s not comparable to ‘Shincheol’, which showed the divinity of iron and blacksmith, but at least it’s harder than the Chogokin MD series he used in the original world.

-Presence of similar minerals. Gatesan special mineral. Also known as ‘adamantite’. 99.8% identity

What does this mean? Yapi counted hundreds of cases and thought they were worth buying and studying.

-Legendary mineral. 230 million won per 1 kg of adamantite. Need to raise funds.

The budget required is staggering. Yapi sought permission from Leon to secure funds.

「A large amount of materials are required for the construction of research facilities and factories.」

「Hmm, military funds? Money is always necessary. Is the money you earn from selling rice not enough at the gate?”

“It’s not enough. proposal. Intervention in the stock market.”

Leon also knew only vaguely about stocks. I was a little surprised to see that the investor who was famous when he died on Earth is still alive.

“How are you going to raise funds?”

“Operation master plan. Futures market manipulation. The coin market exploded after manipulation of public opinion through hacking.”

“hmm… I forgot to tell you about human justice.”

Leon knew that this strong artificial intelligence lacked human morality.

“It is inevitable that there will be victims in that filthy money-playing field. However, you are a Holy Grail Knight granted permission by the Goddess of Light and Justice. There must be justice in money play.”


Leon established several principles.

Reduce innocent victims.

The standard of innocence must be human morality.

Strong artificial intelligence absorbed human morality, commonly criticized financial crimes, etc. into big data with overwhelming computing power, and naturally drew one conclusion.

A moral act that can make a lot of money. it is–

-Discovered 187 suspicious stock price manipulations. Engaging in immoral behavior. Initiate unlimited short-time trading.

It intervenes in the stock market using 1% of the computational power. The computational power of strong artificial intelligence, which turns even the world’s best supercomputer into a savage, has begun to intervene in the world’s stock market.

-I will become a righteous thief today.

The destruction of stock price manipulators around the world has begun.

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