The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 51 Draft

Since the cataclysm, the Awakened have been the nation’s most important talent.

Awakeners usually awakened between the ages of 12 and 14, and they needed systematic training from an early age.

Countries around the world were not fools to have their precious Awoken killed without training, and set up educational institutions to train Awoken.

Hunter Academy.

It is a nationally accredited educational institution that nurtures hunters who will protect the future of the country.

Here, cadets learn basic combat skills as hunters, how to use magic, as well as the code of conduct to deal with dungeon breaks and accounting for tax processing.

Excluding the minimum compulsory education, most of them were fairly full-fledged hunter educational institutions that were assigned to hunter-related tasks.

and twice a year. The new hunters of the guild are selected for third-year high school students at the Hunter Academy to join the guild after graduation.

This is called a draft, and fierce competition takes place in the annual draft.

Korea Hunter Academy 3rd year A class Han Su-ho was also a promising hunter selected for this year’s draft.


“What is it, why are you sighing on a good day?”

“Are you Jaehyuk…”

When Kim Jae-hyeok, a classmate, scolded him, Suho smiled bitterly.

“It’s a draft today. There will be a lot of people from guilds.”

“Is there anything to be nervous about? We’re number one anyway.

Hunter Academy’s draft system gives priority to weaker guilds in order to prevent extreme concentration of talent.

The cadets also have three veto rights, so they are not dragged away aimlessly.

There are many pitfalls in the draft season, as there are many cases in which small guilds made backdoor deals to snatch promising newcomers from large guilds after consuming the right to veto and snatch them.

But when it comes to this year’s prospect, it becomes an extreme game of notice.

In last year’s draft, the competition over Han Hari, the best rookie of the year, was famous. Although Kim was leaked as she entered the association with the first nomination.

“Well, we’re class A, we’re going to aim here and there.”

“Didn’t Jaehyuk join the new sword guild?

Suho said while looking at someone sitting on the edge of the lecture room.

“No, I don’t like the Shingeom side. If you go there, you’ll have to live with your head bowed to Cheon So-yeon.”


Unlike his classmates, who were all excited about the draft, Suho saw the only girl who was scribbling notes as if she wasn’t interested.

Blue hair and sky blue eyes. With her intelligent appearance, even the female student sitting next to her keeps glancing at her.

Her name is Cheon So-yeon.

The granddaughter of Cheon Jin-soo, the guild leader of the guild, which is the absolute No.

Since she is the granddaughter of the optical swordsman, who is known as the strongest S-class hunter in Korea, joining the new sword guild is a set procedure.

The family is also a family, but Cheon So-yeon is also a B-class top hunter who is also a genius of the time. He is a genius swordsman who says it is not strange to become an A-class hunter as long as he has a track record.

Hunter Academy’s class classification is thoroughly determined by ability.

Most of the class members are B-class hunters, or Class A, who have already awakened their unique skills, is truly a gathering place of geniuses.

Even in class A, there are three that stand out.

Suho Han, Jaehyuk Kim, and Soyeon Cheon.

In this generation, he is called the Golden Horseman. This year’s draft is a thorough fight over who will recruit these three players.

Except for Cheon So-yeon, of course, because her grandfather would join the new sword guild where her grandfather was the guild leader, Han Soo-ho and Kim Jae-hyeok were attracting attention.


Han Su-ho, one of the rising stars, also had a place in his heart that he had already decided to join.

“But are you really going to join the Association? The salary is low there… If it were me, I’d go to a place like the Firebird Guild or the Mujin Guild.”

Jaehyuk knew why Suho wanted to join the association.

Hari Han. My older sister, who is a year older, is from the same orphanage as Han Su-ho. Suho always admired Hari and hoped to join the Hunter Association like her.

Jaehyuk thought that was stupid. The majesty of the 10th guild in Korea can be said to be absolute.

Even if you compare the salary of an association employee who is a civil servant on a salary and a decent middle-ranking guild, it is at least twice as much. When it comes to the prospects of the 10th guild, the difference increases exponentially.

“When you enter the association, you clean behind the gate right before the dungeon break.

Hari is a rookie who is attracting attention in the hunter community. However, the things she equipped were talked about in the community.

-Ha-ri Han is an A-class hunter, what kind of equipment is that?

-Aren’t you supposed to match the minimum unique items? I love the association money.

– They’re tax thieves. If you’re a promising hunter, you’ll get a lot of sponsorship from companies.

-B-class hunters are also big hearted and invest in unique items, but Hari is a hundred days rare item. Even Jae is only twenty years old. It’s like the next S-class hunter, but you don’t invest? This is dereliction of duty.

For that reason, Jaehyuk decided to join the 10th guild unconditionally. Even though he is not in the Hari rank, he is a promising prospect who is recognized as a B rank even though he is still a cadet.

A teenage guild that spares no support for promising players is the dream job of hunters.

Like the Hunter Association, it is not popular with young people these days unless it has unfamiliar conditions such as a sense of duty or patriotism.

“Come on, students. Today, as announced, the Hunter Guild has come to select you.”


Instead of the usual class, it was a draft briefing session filled from the 1st to the 8th period.

It is a good opportunity for cadets as they can not only introduce themselves from the guild, but also listen to the stories of high-ranking hunters they have longed for.

“Well, how are you? It’s the golden iron of the Golden Lion Guild.”

– Wow, it’s golden season!

-The S-class hunter came directly?!

The first batter was the Golden Lion Guild.

A month ago, the Golden Lion Guild, which took a lot of damage from the attack on Cheongju Gate, obtained the priority for draft selection even though it is a 10th guild.

Originally, a scouter under the guild should have been sent, but the situation was so urgent that the guild leader had to come directly.

A fact that even a few cadets know about. Nevertheless, the Golden Lion Guild’s preference was higher than expected.

-Still, it’s one of the few guilds that have S-class hunters.

-The deputy guild leader Hwang Yeon-ha is also the next S-class.

-Now is the time when the Golden Lion employment rate is at its lowest. I’m a C-class, but I’m sure it’s worth a try?

It is also a story that applies to the ambiguous upper ranks. Jaehyuk and other geniuses who reached grade B in the third year of the academy.

Alternatively, talented players with rare unique skills expected to be selected from traditional top-level guilds with two or more S-class guilds.

“Whoah~ It’s the 8th period now. I’m tired from doing this all day.”

“I have to do it for another three days. To experience the guild office building and go on field trips, I’ll have to set up a schedule during vacation.”

“Haven’t all the guilds that can come out on the first day already come out? There are a lot of good guilds this year as well.”

The cadets dream of a swollen future by exchanging opinions. It was a time to rest and stretch.

“Cadets! Pay attention!”

An association employee who announces his presence with a loud voice and draws the attention of the cadets.

It was Kim Jin-soo, or Han Su-ho, who was Hari’s boss at work, so he knew him well.

“The person who will enter from now on is the guild leader Leon Dragonia Lionheart of the ‘Pantheon Guild’, which is gaining popularity recently.”

-Leon Dra… what?

-Why are you there? the survivor. The person who attacked the Cheongju Gate and purified the Naju Plain.

-Ah~ That religious man?

“Hey bastard!”

Manager Kim Jin-soo was frightened and pointed at the student who had just made the remark.

“Me, me?”

“Yeah, dude! I want to see everyone die together!!”


Seeing the cadets flustered as if they didn’t know what they were talking about, Chief Kim Jin-soo thought it was a relief that he had come out ahead of time.

“The person entering from now on, as you all know, has common sense of a world different from ours.”

“He was more than an emperor in that world, and he was a strict man of rank.”

“This is Earth? A modern democracy? That’s fine with him.”

“Please, if you have any complaints, just think inside. Really, really, I’m saying this for you all. Yes.

“Please contact Seong-eun like a high-ranking official from the Joseon Dynasty when he told me to follow the tone of the historical drama. If you do a dog drip like this, the student will take care of the back.

It was the association staff who were always so polite and bowed down.

They know. That they are the weak in the world of hunters. That kind of attitude In this draft, the association gave up on the A class selection.

And the association was convinced that this warning must be delivered to the extent of giving up the selection this year.

‘If that man gets mad, there’s no such thing as a cadet! Everything will be destroyed!’

Kim Jin-soo did not want the students to be broken.

There was no way that classist, that authoritarian, would fall for the prank of the students.

That question is often asked by young and handsome Hunters whenever they come to scout.

– Hunter, do you have a girlfriend?

If it were a normal Hunter, he would answer in a sensible way, haha, not yet, but for Leon, the reaction was obvious.

‘Do you dare to clothe the personal history of the royal family?’

I’m glad it’s over with words. It’s good if you don’t beat yourself up for teaching manners!

‘What the hell was the president of the association thinking when he let that bomb-like man participate in the draft?’

Originally, the Pantheon Guild was too new to participate in the draft.

However, the progress of the new guild was so amazing.

Lee Yong-wan of the Phoenix Guild cleared the orange gate of the Honam Plain by himself, which intentionally induced a break, and took down the notorious red gate yakt spinner in Cheongju and made him his subordinate.

After nurturing D-class hunters who would not have it even if they were given as soldiers, they were at least 1st grade… No, it brought more power up and even joined Yakt Spinner and Queen Beatrice.

It is already at the level of overwhelming small and medium sized guilds with only Leon, but the problem is that there are almost no A-class and B-class in the middle tier.

‘I even gave you the draft priority selection with that as an excuse. The president of the association completely bet on that man.’

The judgment itself could not be said to be frankly wrong. The power that Leon showed was truly a nation… No, it is the power to change the world.

Not only simple military force, but also a position in the religious world that has recently been terrifyingly expanding.

The question is whether he is a controllable figure. Manager Kim Jin-soo saw that it was not at all.

‘Please let it pass without any problems!’

The bell rang for the end of recess, and the students sat down, half nervous and half excited.

Out of curiosity about the fact that the staff of the association is so stupid, to be careful, and to come out with such a low attitude.

Simultaneously with the start of the 8th period.

The door to the classroom opened and Leon entered.

* * * *

he is a handsome man

No, beyond that, he was someone with a strong presence.

Class A students felt it instinctively when they saw the exotic man with blonde hair standing in front of the lecture hall.

An air of something that overwhelms even the few high-ranking hunters visiting for draft. A force close to a monstrous one that cannot be explained by logic.

They are savages of the Middle Ages, religious people who spit out religious sounds, and young boys and girls who are looking forward to their youth in their 20s have no choice but to correct their prejudice.

If there is an existence that is overwhelming to be born with, it must refer to that man.

Each gait is like perfectly refined steel, and you are overwhelmed by its spirit.

‘The atmosphere is not a joke… … .’

‘I heard they’re stronger than an S-class hunter, is that true?’

‘There are many unusual people among the survivors, but that… … .’

He was only in his mid-twenties, and I heard that he was over 300 years old. Only dry spittle goes over at the spirit and strong gaze that make it difficult to breathe.

The cadets understood Chief Kim Jin-soo’s fuss.

You have to be careful what you say and do in front of that man.

It was because he had enough dignity to feel that even looking at him like this was rude.

“Let’s declare it first.”

Without self-introduction?

The students couldn’t even ask a question to the man who didn’t even reveal his name and started talking as if he should know.

Who could stand up to that overbearing gaze?

Even Cheon So-yeon, the next head of the new sword guild, is overwhelmed with spirit and is holding her breath.

Sigh, Leon’s finger pointed at the cadets. It was never a general admonition or greeting.

“Ninety-nine percent of you will never become a knight.”


“Only 1% of brilliant talent will become a knight.”

Jim came here to seek the seed of a knight, not a soldier.

It is not a solicitation or suggestion.

It is not even a promise to promise a huge amount of down payment and support.

“I don’t care about the common people. Only a handful of you will be chosen by Jim.”

Show off your talents.

don’t test

It was an arrogant and arrogant declaration that only he could make.

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