The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 52: Magic is inferior

Leon’s shocking declaration.

Most of the cadets were resentful of the arrogance of saying that they would ‘accept’ only the 1% of outstanding students, not scouts’ invitations or proposals of large sums.

In particular, even in the academy where geniuses gathered, there were those who were angry with real geniuses.

‘I heard he’s a survivor, but I can’t imagine he’d be so arrogant.’

Cheon So-yeon, the granddaughter of the head of the new sword guild, is one of them.

‘Are we being complacent just because we recently lost our name? There are many cadets who are related to the teenage guild here.’

This is class A of the graduating class of Hunter Academy. In terms of a special purpose high school, it is a special promotion class.

It was a gathering place for geniuses whose success in the future was confirmed. It’s not like you’re offering the cadets of such a special class a huge treatment and down payment, but ‘show your skills’?

However, apart from such anger and antipathy, the students did not openly express their dissatisfaction.

It was partly because Manager Kim Jin-soo of the Hunter Association insisted on trusting him, but it was because there were few students who would fearlessly attack Leon, who is not an ordinary person.

Aren’t you a survivor? Isn’t he the one who attacked the Cheongju gate and closed the variable gate?

Since it is confidence that accompanies performance, the cadets have no choice but to be cautious.

Of course, there are quite a few people in the current 10 guilds who have accomplished that level of achievement. The new sword guild is a representative example.

“Guild leader. I have a question.”

Chun So-yeon raised her hand. Manager Kim Jin-soo, who was watching, widened his eyes.

‘I asked for trust like that!’

Leon’s official title is Majesty. The Lion Heart King of a different world called the Lionheart Kingdom. That much information was made public at the government level.

This is because the general theory is that survivors who are originally from the other world should treat their culture with respect. Of course, if you don’t have that skill, you’ll be ignored.

Leon was not such an ordinary survivor.

Authoritarian to discriminatory to classism. If you look at it from the side, it looks like a bit of a madman.

The problem is that the madman’s knife cuts too well.

‘Please, Your Majesty! I’m Jaedle Jammin! Broad generosity——!’

“Say your name.”

Contrary to Manager Jinsu Kim’s concerns, Leon answered calmly.

“……I am Cheon So-yeon.”

“Are you a noble?”

“Oh, no…”

There is no such thing as nobility in modern Korea, right? At Chun So-yeon’s answer, Leon shook his head.

“You’re talking about a commoner. Ahaha, I’m not ignorant of your ignorance, but be careful with your titles from now on.”


Cheon So-yeon, who had become an uneducated commoner in an instant, turned red. However, he soon regained his composure and asked with a cold gaze.

“You said you would ‘give’ us a test, but didn’t you already receive our evaluation data?”

Scouts are informed of cadets prior to the draft. It is to measure the ransom of the cadets through that data and make a suitable offer.

Leon also received the analysis data at the Hunter Association level.

“What can you learn from that piece of paper? Jim will look at you guys, not beyond those data.”

“What is that…”

“Say the opposite. Why did Jim have to let you guys into the military gate? Tell me why Jim has to let you guys in.”

This isn’t some kind of interview asking why the company should hire you… Leon’s expression is too sincere for it to be a pressure interview.

“I will teach you guys. You guys should know with great honor that you can become the Lion Heart King’s seed.”

“”… … … … .”

The students’ reaction was even more bewildering. Han Su-ho thought that Ha-ri must have a lot of trouble under someone like that.

“That… His Majesty the Lion Heart King.”

Apart from that, Suho cautiously raised his hand.

“Ask the question.”

“You said that… you teach, but what… content?”

In guilds with high-ranking hunters, there were quite a few cases where they directly marked and taught drafted rookies.

Because the know-how of a high-ranking hunter is valuable knowledge in itself.

In fact, Hunters who were taught by high-ranking hunters were promoted quickly.

“I will teach you four things: swordsmanship, spearmanship, horsemanship, and theological education.”


Buzzing cadets. It was natural.

Hunters can learn swordsmanship or spearmanship. However, that was limited to those with specialized swordsmanship or spearmanship skills.

Those who specialized in other skills naturally picked up other weapons, and strictly speaking swordsmanship and spearmanship were easy to use, so they were learning, not digging deep.

And what about horseback riding? Where’s the job of riding a horse at the gate, so you’re learning horsemanship?

-No, apart from everything else, what is theological education?

-You want to be our pastor?

Of course, there is bound to be a reaction like this. someone raised their hand

“I-I… I specialize in archery, right?”

“You guys are unqualified. Weapons like that belong to infantrymen. Jim came to rescue knights, not infantrymen.”

“You are too…”

A student specializing in archery who lowers his hands sullenly. At this, another student specializing in archery raises his hand in repulsion.

“Archery is an excellent skill! A long-distance dealer is essential in attacking the gate!”

“Where is this lowly meme raising his voice!”


It was a more repulsive derogatory term, but Leon’s [distant hater] effectively shut up the students.

“Arrows have limits. You can never be first-class. Only strength with no limit to growth is the pinnacle that a knight should pursue.”


“Of course, I don’t intend to spread the theory of long-range use. However, that’s just mediocre. It can never be the main force in melee combat where swords collide with the body.”

In short, long distances play a supporting role. The theory is that close-range cold weapons that have been trained to the limit surpass even long range.

“In the first place, the Holy Law… No, magic is universal. With the firepower of magic, what is the need to rely on memes?


It’s harsh, but in reality, the long-term fighting ability of archers was controversial.

It is true that there is a limit to the number of arrows in field gates or large-scale battles where supply is not good.

“Then do you think wizards don’t have to join His Majesty’s guild?”

The one who raised her hand was not only Class A but also one of the few wizard girls in all grades.

Usually, wizard cadets do not have much interest in the draft because they go to the Mage Tower after graduating from the academy.

“Is it a wizard? It’s certainly convenient to have a wizard. There’s nothing Jim can teach you about that.”

Well, I guess.

As you can see, he’s a martial arts hunter, not a wizard. Judging from the long-distance hatred and whatnot, there’s no way they’d use something like magic—

“But if you study theology, Jim can teach you simple pronunciation.”

“Theology… theology?”

It was the most questionable. Aside from swordsmanship, spearmanship, and horsemanship, what does it mean to teach alternative theology?

“Does sexual law have anything to do with theology?”

“Yes. Because the Holy Law is manifested in faith.”

-What is it, magic with a different name?

-I’m a bit curious about the magic of this world.

– But it’s a knight. What kind of magic is the knife-slicing man?

– It’s like a fantasy in that it’s something to believe in in the first place. Why is it like a priest healer in a game?

-The light is on the side of the righteous! What is this?

Most of them responded that they couldn’t believe Leon’s words. Usually, magic requires a very small number of talents to be born.

Among the 5,000 students of Hunter Academy, there are only about 100 wizards. It’s such a rare talent.

It’s also a rarer job in general in the yard where the Mage Tower wipes out all the wizard cadets.

A martial artist who teaches swordsmanship and spearmanship uses magic? Suspicion wells up in his gaze toward Leon.

“It seems that you all regard magic as a blessing granted only to a very small number of talented people.”

Isn’t that obvious? Leon continued.

“The Holy Law is not only granted to such a few. Anyone who learns and has the will can do it.”

“It’s nonsense.”

These were the words Chun So-yeon had uttered. She was momentarily taken aback by the words she had inadvertently uttered, but then raised her hand and spoke.

“The normal martial arts hunters and magic hunters have different procedures for using magic. In martial arts, it is an internal force that condenses magic from the inside, while in magic, it is an external force that radiates outward.”


In response to Leon’s attitude, “What are you going to do?” Cheon So-yeon chewed her lips and continued.

“There are geniuses who can use both at the same time, but those are rarer than wizards. Didn’t Your Majesty say anyone can do it?”

“That’s right. It’s not a strong castle law, but it’s a castle law that even a street farmer can do if it’s necessary for life.”

Chun So-yeon’s gaze narrowed. This can only be bluntly bitten.

“Theoretically impossible.”

“Don’t try to understand it with logic. It’s not accumulated with knowledge. However, since it doesn’t seem to be believed, I’ll tell you one more thing.”

Leon’s next words would frighten even the wizard girl who had approached him out of curiosity.

“Magic is inferior to Holy Law.”

“”… … !!””

What is this?

Aside from the previous comments, what kind of bombshell remark is this?

The wizard cadets in Class A shuddered and raised their hands, unable to show their anger, and Leon answered the questions he heard from here and there.

“This is wizard cadet Kim Dae-soo. Inferior… What do you mean?”

“Literally. Inferior. Next.”

“I’m Chae Na-rin, a wizard cadet. W, why are you inferior?”

“Because a wizard’s magic is nothing more than a result of an equation. Next.”

“It’s Chun So-yeon… I’m not sure what that means.”


Leon wanted to explain the crucial difference between magic and sexual law here.

“Let’s say there is magic that uses fire. What can you do with that fire?”

“Burning… isn’t it?”

“Yes, that is the proper use of fire.

That depends on the firepower.

A bonfire would only burn meat, and a thermal power plant would burn a large amount of fuel.

“The wizard girl over there. Did you say Chae Na-rin? Come forward.”

“Yes, eh?”

Cadet Chae Na-rin, who was nominated, looked around and cautiously stepped forward. Leon looked for a suitable item and called Manager Kim Jin-soo, who was worried and looked at me.

“Chief Kim Jin-soo. There must be weapons for training here, right?”

“Yes? Oh, that, yes.”

“If you have a shield, that would be nice.”

Manager Kim Jin-soo didn’t ask Leon’s intentions and brought a training shield right away. It is a semi-large size round shield that can completely cover one person.

“Hmm, it’s not a bad shield for a trainee’s equipment.”

That’s the fixtures of Hunter Academy. Because the most expensive education cost in Korea is covered by taxes.

In fact, the practice shield uses the highest quality mineral among normal grade minerals. It is safe to say that it is a semi-rare class.

“This shield, how long will it take if it is burned with magic?”

“Tae, are you burning?”

“Yeah, think of burning it down. No melting process.”


Cadet Chanarin’s words were natural. When you light a lump of iron, it melts, not burns. It also required a lot of firepower.

Especially if it was a magic crystal shield made for hunters.


“Eh, it might be possible if you’re an S-class wizard, but… But it needs a melting process!”

“Yes, that is your limit.”


Leon said to the bewildered students.

“Your magic isn’t strictly magic. It’s just the result of a reasonable equation. It should be called magic, not magic.”

Of course… No, I’m tired of even reacting like this now. The cadets watched Leon with faces full of distrust and resentment.

Unable to blame the students for their ignorance, Leon began to focus his holy power on his fingers.

“I believe that the sacred flames of the God of War and Flame will consume this shield. It may end at a melting point if I so desire. It is entirely up to my faith.”

What the hell are you going to do with just words of faith? However, surprisingly, fire began to rise from Leon’s fingertips.

Are you really using magic? But the surprise of the cadets did not end there.

Seongbeop <The Burning of Evil>

The moment that feeble-looking fire touches the shield.

The shield turned to ashes and disappeared.

It disappeared as ashes without even melting.

It happened in an instant.


“”… … ?!””

A silent clamor filled the classroom.

Everyone doubts their own eyes and tries to interpret what just happened.

But the eyes and the head cannot interpret it. It only came out as a result.

The only result is that the fire ‘burns down’ the shield.


The equation of the most important intermediate process of using magic has completely disappeared.

It causes fire, and fire consumes it.

Only the results are shown in reality.

“This is the difference between magic and holy law.”

He said the obvious and did the obvious.

Leon did not brag about how great the ‘miracle’ he had presented was.

such a great miracle.

It is said that it is of course possible to do it only with the illogical power of faith.

This is not innovation or novelty.

Absolutely, it’s different.

Sex law… No, the very existence of Leon is ‘different’ from this Earth.

This nonsense was just common sense to Leon.

-really… can anyone learn?

-Is this theological education?

– I am also a wizard… No, can you become a wizard?

The cadets’ gaze at Leon changes.

From a pseudo-authoritarian in another world to an indescribable ‘real’.

“Really, that——!”

It was then. The bell announcing the end of the 8th period rang and the heavy atmosphere relaxed.

“Hmm, is time up?”

Knowing that he had used up all the time allotted to him, Leon left the church without hesitation.

“What I choose is 1% jade. Those who consider themselves jade, and those who want to become knights, prove their qualifications at my military gate.”

In the place where Leon left, only traces of the shield, which had been burnt to ashes, fluttered.

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