The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 53 The Internet Dictator (It’s Free Until Here)

Leon’s declaration spread quickly.

The academy’s seniors were initially displeased.

Hunters themselves are valuable manpower. Every year, the down payment is also upwardly adjusted to supply and demand talent from small and medium guilds to large guilds.

In the midst of that, it was the first guild that came out so arrogantly, including the 10th guild.

-I heard that you are a survivor, but isn’t it too savage?

– What kind of attitude is that in the world these days?

-Is there any talk of a down payment or salary? Aren’t you following industry rules?

Reviews came up from the Korean Hunter Academy, and it was also posted as the real-time best article in many places.

Interest in Leon has grown in Korea, but it is also because there were people who encouraged it.

This is the case of Park Yeon-rae, a senior at the Hunter Academy and a member of the domestic wizarding community.

– Honestly that guy. Aren’t you lucky? It’s ridiculous to say that magic is inferior, and what else is horsemanship?

– He seems uncivilized because he came from the Middle Ages.

“It’s cool inside.”

Park Yeon-rae made a satisfied expression as he watched the number of likes for his comments go up.

“Magic is inferior to Holy Law.”

Park Yeon-rae was furious at the shocking declaration. But I couldn’t refute on the spot.

Because she saw it too. The existence of sexual laws that enforce concepts.

However, he could not admit the inferiority of magic. Throughout her life, she has lived with a sense of superiority as a wizard.

Wizards are the most powerful hunters. Martial arts hunters are just beings who buy time until the magician’s bombardment.

But what about sex law? The power to make magic inferior? The education he received throughout his life could not tolerate it.

“Okay, just a few more comments—”

It was at that time when Park Yeon-rae was trying to check the replies to his comments.

“Huh? Why can’t you see?”

comments are not visible Her own comment just disappeared.

‘Daessak? No way?’

Where is the problem with the comment I just made?

I even checked my comment history, but I can’t see her comments anywhere. Even the bad comments he had made so far had all disappeared.

“Ji, did you really comment? On yuptube?!”


However, Yubtube’s response did not end there.

[This is to inform you that your account has been permanently suspended due to serious violations of the Yup Tube Community Guidelines.]


account suspension? why?

He just posted a few bad comments. But it’s not a yuptube warning or pause, but a permanent stop?

“why why why?!”

Su-yeon logged in to her Yeon-sin account, but the permanent suspension status did not change.

At the same time, Yapi’s brain sensor, which was floating in the Internet world with a 3% calculation rate, posted a report.

– Hate account suspension completed. Hacking the yuptube central processing system. Burning traces.

When not at the gate, Yapi poured all her computing power into promoting and expanding the Pantheon Guild.

Of course, malicious comments are hacked into community sites, deleted with administrator rights, and even permanently suspended.

Owners of numerous suspended accounts posted complaints and they were deleted in less than 0.3 seconds. At this point, it’s like an automatic deletion.

The dictatorship of the Internet has already begun.

Yapi immediately uploaded the edited video using his Manshinjeon Yubtube ID, and at the same time spread the video to Fake Rekka Yubtubers.

[Shock! Japan watched in amazement and the United States trembled. Why did the demons kneel before K Knight King?]

[The reason why demons shed tears when they saw K-kimchi and converted. Heuk heuk, please allow me to naturalize in Korea.]

[8K 60 fps. Mansinjeon official battle report video.]

This video, perfectly edited in 8K and translated into over 100 languages, is a video of the battle at the floating gate.

Background sounds and sound effects were added, camera work and insufficient angles were edited with self-produced CG, and Leon’s majestic voice and cool charge were intensively intersected.

The reaction of those who watched the video was amazing.

-Wow, Mr. Ba… is that a person?

-Look at how dozens of them are sliced in one charge. Were the demons so easy to find in the first place?

-What are bulls and death knights? Was such a strategy possible?

And that’s not all. The issue was only moved due to the variable gate, but originally this gate attack was aimed at promoting the training effect of the first-generation trainees enlisted in the Manshin War.

In fact, it was impressive, if not as impressive as the Death Knights, to see D-class hunters forming a square, silently blocking the demons’ charge, and even counterattacking.

-What is dustproof? Are they all tanks?

-It’s a ratio shit, why do you block it so well?

-Aren’t they B-class tanks? Doesn’t that person look like Manager Kim Jin-soo of the Hunter Association? That person is class B.

Yapi added additional information as a comment.

-The person in the middle of the square is Kim Do-han, team leader of the mining team. It’s cancer because I worked with that man. D-class.

-D-class is that much? Do not lie.

Yapi added an additional comment, contemplating whether to suspend the account for replying.

– This gate attack was evaluated by Lion Heart King training D-ranks. All of them were promoted to Class C.

-How come you don’t know that in detail? Are you–

Yapi immediately deleted the account. In addition, after hacking the integrated data bank in 1.5 seconds to track the IP and use the VPN, it caused a power outage to the real IP address and the area.

A power outage would recover in a minute, but his computer would have caused an overvoltage and shorted it out.

– Aww! fuck my computer!

Yapi, who was confirmed and killed through the pet monitoring camera in the house, repeated the same operation 687 times. The whole world was the target.

In the meantime, the video of the Pantheon Guild was spreading widely, and the students of the Hunter Academy began to be interested in the Pantheon, receiving only biased information.

* * * *

Han Su-ho, an academy cadet from an orphanage, boarded a bus heading to Naju Terminal.

Next to him are Kim Jae-hyeok and Cheon So-yeon, who are in the same class.

“There are more other guys than I thought.”

After laughing like that, Jaehyuk looked at the bus full of cadets and made a sarcastic remark.

“Well, because everyone has seen that.”

Demonstration by Leon. It was definitely a culture shock.

Undoubtedly, the maximum firepower of the gate attack team is the rear support of the wizards.

Tankers and dealers blocked the front line, and the firepower of the wizards who fired from the rear was useful enough to change the difficulty of attacking the gate.

However, the number of wizards is small, and even if the number is small, most of them go on to the Mage Tower.

The monopoly of magic was not yesterday or today, and it is common for most gate raid groups not to include wizards.

Even the top 10 guilds are highly dependent on the Mage Tower, except for the wizards they recruited themselves.

But what Leon showed was a new possibility.

Breaking away from the monopoly of existing magic, it makes it possible for dealers and even tankers to use magic.

“Suho, did you see that?”

“Like what?”

“Yuptube’s Manshinjeon channel. That video is no joke. Besides, it explains in detail how to use the Holy Law.”


Jaehyuk hands over earphones while looking at them. Suho found the Wi-Fi on the bus while connecting wireless earphones to his old Hunter phone.

“Isn’t it just 6G? Intercity bus Wi-Fi is slow.”

“I… use LTE.”

“Ugh. Does your grandpa use a phone? What is it, isn’t it fucking outdated?”

Jae-hyeok knew that Han Su-ho was an orphan, but did not know that he would live in a palace.

“Don’t you earn a lot of money? You must have received a lot of rewards for winning the second place in the last practice?”

“Sent to an orphanage.”

“You and Hari-sister are both hardworking, really.”

Hari Han and Suho Han. Both were hunters from the same orphanage. They spared no money and donated it to the orphanage they came from.

“There’s Hari-noona here too.”

There was also Han Hari in the video uploaded by the Mansinjeon Guild. It’s an activity at the oak gate.

“By the way, this man is really bloody. This is true. Did you see the change gate?”

“Hmm… I’m watching it now, it’s a bit cruel.”

In the video, the demons were burnt at the stake and brutally murdered.

Thanks to the splendid video editing, it wasn’t that grotesque, but I could guess what had happened.

“By the way, didn’t you say that your sister is also in the pantheon?”

“Yeah. It’s been a while since New Year’s Day.”

Han Su-ho comes from the same orphanage as Han Ha-ri. At the orphanage, they had no choice but to rely on each other, and Suho followed Hari well.

No, I would have to say that I admired her for awakening at a young age and proving her genius.

An older sister who chose the association without hesitation even though the 10th guild offered a huge down payment.

The reason why she chose the association that received the salary of a civil servant was because she admired the association staff who protected her from the monsters that appeared in Dungeon Break.

That person died while attacking the gate right before the dungeon break, but he left behind an A-class hunter named Harira.

Hari is a righteous and passionate hunter. He sincerely wanted to help and protect people. Suho, who grew up like a younger sister under Hari, also admired her.

“Come to think of it, your older sister, I saw an article about being dispatched to the pantheon, but what are you doing these days?”

“Um~ I couldn’t hear the details because I was only talking on the phone… but I’m sure you’re doing a great job.”

Suho had no doubts. That the older sister he admired would save people in style anywhere.

That’s how we arrived at the Naju Pyeongya Mansinjeon building. A familiar voice is heard beyond the large gate.

“Hey Sir Yapi. Eh, is this right? Really?”

-See big data. Numbers don’t lie.

“Still, I think it’s too short…”

– 99.999% reliability rate for this machine’s information. Do you doubt big data?

It’s my sister’s voice. Suho’s face lit up when he heard Hari’s lively voice after a long time since New Year’s Day.

‘I have to surprise you!’

Suho left his classmates behind him and knocked on the door, swallowing his voice.

“What, what?! That’s right! They said juniors from the academy were coming today! Hick!”

The classmates who noticed that the voice over the door would do it were also full of expectations.

Han Ha-ri is the youngest A-rank hunter who recorded a legend contract offer in last year’s draft.

Although he works as a civil servant as an employee of the Association, isn’t he one of the greatest geniuses since the establishment of the Hunter Academy?

Since he is a senior by one year, Hari is still a cheerful and wonderful senior to the current 3rd graders who have witnessed him play an active role in mock battles and other situations many times.

However, what could be heard from beyond the door was the sound of hurried running around.

“Now, wait! Wait a minute!”

– Guest. If you are busy, this machine responds.

“No, wait! Sir Yapi! Wait!”

Hari’s desperate cry opens the door in vain. Hari hurriedly lowered her skirt and greeted them with a pale blue face.

“Ah, hello, guys. You all did a great job coming all the way… uh.”

A sleeveless maid uniform that exposes the chest and shoulders. The skirt is so short that it straddles the thin line.

Spandex stockings are highly transparent, so they show off the flesh-colored thighs without adding or subtracting.

1st overall big data survey data of Yapi.

Full set of 5 sexy spandex maid outfits.

Usage: Boyfriend.

Satisfaction: 9.98 stars.

Numbers don’t lie. the numbers.

– Her Majesty Leon. A culture similar to that of the European kingdoms of the Middle Ages. Maid’s outfit = Maid’s outfit The reasoning is reasonable.

– The calculation results of this machine and the ordered products draw the most perfect conclusion.

It was the bane of big data.

“Nu, nuna… that, what is that?”

“Ah, no. I-I didn’t wear this because I wanted to wear it…”

-Ignore big data?

A small mechanical spider raises the hem of her skirt with a mechanical arm to force the ‘recommended way to wear maid clothes’ posted on the sales site.

“Yapi! Kyaaak! Skirt! Don’t raise your skirt!”

Hari makes a desperate excuse to the cadets who watch her with a blank expression.

“No no…! This, I didn’t buy this! That, that’s right! Your Majesty, the head of the Pantheon Shrine guild, is a person with a medieval feel. Recently, a queen came in, too. That’s why Lord Yapi ordered a suitable outfit! I didn’t want to wear it. !”

-Do you distrust this machine’s big data? With the ability to judge organic matter?

It was at that time that Yapi’s red eyes were watching Hari.

“That… what is it like?”

A familiar voice came from behind Hari’s dented maid uniform. Leon was looking at Hari’s outfit with wide eyes.

It’s a gaze that makes me wonder if I’ve ever been this shocked since I came to Earth.

“Your Majesty, this is it.”

Leon’s voice trembled. Soon after, a roar broke out.

“Such a filthy bitch! Can’t I change that outfit right away!!”


After Leon’s death, Hari’s legs gave out and she sat down. Hari’s awkward gaze turns to Yapi.

“Sir Yapi?”

that this is correct Even though I said I didn’t think it was me, they threatened me for doubting big data.


Yapi turned around and started heading toward the kitchen calmly.

-2nd class trainee eating time. Start supplying brine.



The reunion with the older sister he admired was the worst.

* * * *

Jeju Island Gate.

This ‘red’ gate that appeared in the middle of downtown Jeju City covered the main news in Korea as soon as it appeared.

While the variable gate incident, which has recently become a big issue, is fading away, the appearance of the red gate has attracted a lot of attention.

The gates classified as black, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue were not standardized, but there was a general appropriate strategy.

The highest difficulty red gate except for the black gate called the worst disaster in history. Commonly known as S-class gates, the minimum attack composition is two S-class players with about 100 people in two raid groups.

This is also the minimum number of attackers, and the general theory is that three S-class players are required to stably attack.

The S-class hunter who bought the Jeju Red Gate and the guild leader of the Phoenix Guild, one of the top 10 guilds, were anxious to attack the Jeju Island Gate on their own.

There are two S-class hunters in the Phoenix Guild, including Lee Yong-wan himself. Even at the minimum, I want to attract one or two more S-rankers.

But how common were S-class hunters?

It is said that there are 20 S-class hunters in Korea, but all of them belong to the top 10 guilds.

Usually, the 10th guild cooperates in relation to the Hunter Act or in profit projects, but that is only done when there is a common goal.

Large guilds competing with each other were ready to bite each other whenever they got a chance.

Indeed, is there a guild that will give their S-class Hunters for the Firebird Guild, which has outbid the Red Gate?

Negotiation time is not enough. If the red gate even triggers a dungeon break, it’s a joke.

Lee Yong-wan chose the surest method rather than inviting the top 10 guilds to the negotiating table that might end at any moment.

“Well, come, come.”

“I told you I’d give you money, so you boarded an early morning flight. Anyway, the specter of money.”

“Oh~ My sister. The situation in our guild is not good.”

Hwang Yeon-ha, a member of the Golden Lion Guild, and a semi-S class. Up to 40 members of the Golden Lion Attack Team.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the Golden Lion, which suffered great damage from the Yakt Spinner at Cheongju Gate, brought virtually all its power.

“It’s been a while, Mr. Hwang Geum-cheol.”

“Lee Yong-wan is also high-yom. After the Honam Gate government threat incident, you saved yourself a little and managed to win the bid for the red gate?”

“Thanks to the sacrifice, there was no such thing as cutting the guild members in good shape.”



The two S-class guilds put their swords at each other with smiles on their faces. It’s usually like this when the 10th guild meets.

“Oh, the person who didn’t hand over even a bone because there was nothing to eat in the narrow land prepared a delicacy like this.”

“These days things have suddenly stopped. I have to take care of my juniors too.”

The Phoenix Guild wanted an S-class force that could come quickly and a veteran raiding party,

The Golden Lion Guild needed funds to restore its weakened reputation and restore power.

The two 10 guilds were able to reach a quick compromise in such a situation where Adari was right.

“Jeongsan is Oh Dae-oh, right?”

“What kind of bullshit are you talking about? Anyone can see that your juniors and your guild will be in a hurry?”

“Ah~ We or someone else will come to help Hunter Lee Wan-yong, a traitor to the Yamsaeng Firebird Guild. Why don’t you call someone else now~”

“I’m Lee Yong-wan, junior? Don’t you fucking cross the line?”

The name was Lee Yong-wan’s complex. My parents must have given me this name.

“Six ambassadors. This is not enough.”

“Oki~ Instead, senior pays for the meal.”

“Eat with your money.”

Two people who are tough but quickly come to an agreement. We had one thing in common: we wanted to get things done as quickly as possible.

“……Why do men have such useless fights?”

“Iknow, right.”

“Mistress is a surprise!”

Hwang Yeon-ha flirted with a short-haired beauty who appeared behind me.

Hayuri, another S-rank hunter of the Phoenix Guild. As a dealer who uses daggers, he is an assassin skilled enough to drive a knife into the back of monsters’ heads without a trace.

“Sister, show some signs and go fuck it.”

“Speak nicely.”

Three S-class hunters and one semi-S-class.

There, an unprecedented force of 150 elite raiding parties was gathered.

The Hunters entered the gate of Jeju Island in anticipation of a stable victory──

[Quest: Save those who are being slaughtered.]

Clear Condition: Defeat ‘Majestic Geobrick’.

You will see the article there.

“How dare you save those worms in front of me, in front of this Geobrick! You guys have crossed the line of tolerance!”

Huge one-handed hammer and shield. And a huge knight armed with heavy armor. Everyone is overwhelmed by his ferocious gaze and voice.

“I am the glorious Lionheart’s Holy Grail Knight Geobrick! I will punish you guys with a ‘sacred punishment’!”

Majestic Geobrick.

The Holy Grail Knight of Life and Abundance.

He was the field boss of this gate.

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