The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 55 Level Test

Aside from the shocking reunion with Hari, the Hunter Academy cadets looked around the Manshinden building and made subtle expressions.

‘Is this a total nerd?’

‘There are no state-of-the-art training facilities or medical lounges.’

‘The restaurant… is that a restaurant? Why are they huddled together and drinking only water?’

A guild’s office building is a place that symbolizes that guild.

Look at the colorful office buildings in the middle of Seoul of the 10 guilds.

One of the 10 guilds, the Phoenix Guild, had a building worth 100 billion won as its office building, and there were numerous training facilities underground.

Chun So-yeon, who grew up in the new sword guild, the number one large guild in Korea, also knows all too well what is needed in an office building.

First of all, we needed a facility for the training of hunters, and we also needed a separate medical center and restaurant. What about office workers?

“Miss Hari, there is corn here, go and steam it.”

“Oh, thank you~”

“Since it was paid with 10 items included, I’ll pass it on to His Majesty.”


In the warehouse, farmers who pile up crops with unknown tax laws pass by.

“Sir Yapi… is this really all?”

– Need more salt?


Meal time? The trainees who appeared to be slumped gazing at the salt-filled water in their glasses.

“This is the ‘soldier’ training ground, gentlemen.”

“Aaagh! Die! Die!”

“Fuck it until it bleeds!”

are fighting bare handed. take off all your clothes

A week ago, news broke that Mansinjeon had received new second-generation trainees.

The unprecedented result of the promotion of all first-class trainees made a lot of noise, and 100 second-class trainees boasted an extreme competition rate of 85:1.

The 100 sub-hunters who had enlisted through the vicious competition rate were swinging their fists with the momentum to kill each other.

“I-I… Senior Hari. What about that training?”

No, can that be called training?

It’s sparring, it’s not a duel, it’s nothing. It’s a battle royale where everything in front of you is smashed.

“After that, it’s training.”

“Is that… training?”

“It contains the very profound meaning of His Majesty the Lion Heart King! You can experience it too… No. I said that the manual for training knights is different…”

Lucky everyone! Hari smiled and smiled. Someone who was tired of it took a step back.

“I-I’m getting out of here. I need to get out of this crazy place!”

“Hmm, is everyone gathered?”

It was then. Leon appeared behind the cadets. All trainees stopped at his appearance.

“”Are you here, Your Majesty!””

In a sense, it is terrifying that the trainees who became bloodied by brutally beating each other became polite.

“Today is the visit of academy cadets considering enlisting in Jim’s military gate. Temporarily suspend training today and settle down.”

In response to those words, the trainees sat down all at once. The first trainees, including Koo Dae-seong and Kim Do-han, sat in the seats closest to the king, followed by the second trainees.

The cadets naturally sat in isolation in the middle of the training ground.


Just when Han Suho was about to say something, Hari ran in a hurry and moved the seat in the training ground.

“Your Majesty~ I’ve prepared a seat for you!”

What is that clumsy historical drama talk?

Like it or not, Hari puts a cushion on Leon’s seat as if it were natural.

“Hmm, what about Sir Yapi and Queen Beatrice?”

“Sir Yapi is cleaning up the meal, and Her Majesty the Queen hasn’t come out of the room. However, she said she was preparing to go out…”

“Then you, the maid, shouldn’t go and help dress up.”

“Ha ha… I committed a sin to death. I was out of my mind.”

Hari can’t bear to say that she couldn’t go because she had to change into a maid outfit.

“Tsk tsk… It’s done. You guys should stand there too.”

“Um… yes?”

“I think you guys will have to train as a knight as well. How long are you going to stay at that level?”

“Uh, yes yes!”

Harry ran quickly. Then stand in front of the cadets.

“I will select a boulder from among you and make it my seed. For those selected as seeds, I will guide and teach them myself. It will truly be the honor of the family.”

It was still awkward to look down from this high place, but the cadets responded that it was easy to understand.

“Hey, Your Majesty. If I become Your Majesty’s squire, can I learn the Holy Law?”

Jaehyuk Kim. Among the cadets gathered here, he is ranked within three fingers in terms of skill. He was confident that he would stick.

“The Holy Law is taught to everyone. However, only those of you who are qualified to use the Holy Law are permitted by the gods.”

“The Pantheon…”

In short, if you want to learn the Seongbeop, you have to convert first.

Thanks to the Manshinjeon yuptube channel, they are cadets who are well versed in the gods of Leon’s world.

I wondered if most would choose the sanctity of war and flame.

Anyway, the fact that the cadets were driven like this was thanks to Leon’s vocal skills.

-I saw it on yuptube. Sex law is really amazing.

– How about strengthening the fire attribute to all soldiers? how did you do that?

They are the generation most sensitive to the visual media these days. They came knowing what the Pantheon Guild was like and what kind of activity Leon had been doing.

-But it looks like the videos were edited. The camera work is so perfect.

-I heard that it is stronger than S class, is it true? Honestly, wouldn’t it have been a bit mixed with Gura?

-The great devil you killed is also looking for a bit helplessly, isn’t he originally a weak guy?

Harry was taken aback by the sound he heard behind his back.

Even a good-natured person would want to get angry at such a stupid thing. Could it be that there is no iron?

As soon as the great devil appeared, the government… No, it is a catastrophe in which all governments of the continent are on high alert and, if necessary, dispatch their own S-class hunters to exclude them in advance.

Have you forgotten that the great demons that have appeared so far have played a devastating role in blowing up a sin city? Even if it’s just there right now–


“Uh, sister?”

“Suho, why can’t I mess around with His Majesty? I’m saying this because I’m really worried about my sister.”

“…it seems so.”

Hari was worried that Suho, who grew up like a younger brother in the orphanage, might have asked for bad water while he was away.

I couldn’t imagine that the lion heart king would look after him just because he was a raging adolescent boy.


Chun So-yeon and Kim Jae-hyuk also listened to the warning.

Even though he has a bit of a strong corner, he is a senior whose intuition is like a knife. The senior’s warning made the two of them a little nervous.

“I’ll have to look at your skills first. Everyone pick up your sword and fight.”


At Leon’s words, the cadets put on puzzled expressions. He didn’t even give those cadets time to adjust.

“The time limit is… yes, until the last one falls. Well, there is no way to die anyway.

At that, the hunters who were training in full swing until the cadets arrived shuddered. Their bodies have already been regenerated ‘without a scratch’.

“Ah, no, wait. What is that——”

no way? really? It was when Leon landed in the middle of the cadets with steps as light as a breeze that his uneasiness turned to certainty.

“About forty people. I hope you can at least sort out the rubbing on Jim’s body.”

In the next moment, the momentum of the force spread out ignorantly.

Among the cadets, those with sensitive senses have such strong aura that they doubt their own senses.


Immediately after Hari’s voice echoed, Leon’s finger moved to the forehead of a cadet. It was finger snapping——

– Kwak!

The cadet who was hit on the forehead hit it with all his might and bounced off like a fan baseball. A huge aftermath swept the cadets in a straight line together.

* * * *

The cadets of the Hunter Academy are the elite of the Hunter world.

Among the awakening people who increase every year, those who awakened early at a young age already have practical experience by the time they reach the third grade, their senior year.

They were familiar with dealing with monsters, and there were safety guidance from professors who were high-ranking hunters, but there were several who cleared the orange gate.

“We… didn’t hesitate, did we?”

Jaehyuk Kim couldn’t believe what was happening in front of his eyes. The same goes for Han Soo-ho.

“At first, everyone was taken aback. But right away, they took up their weapons and fought…”

The sword wielded by a classmate is caught by two fingers. At the same time, Leon is seen punching the owner of the sword to the ground.


damn strong

Cadets never took lightly the unarmed.

He swung his sword without hesitation at the tingling sensation he felt instinctively.

However, even if you use a real sword or a unique skill, you can’t even get out of your seat, let alone touch your body.

“What kind of monster is that…”

Cheon So-yeon, who had her own treasured sword, did not dare to attack Leon. My feet feel heavy, like when I was sparring with my grandfather. No, if you look at the momentum alone, it might be more than that.

Cheon So-yeon was raised as the successor to the No. 1 large guild in Korea, the Shingeom Guild. He is taught by Cheon Soo-jin, who is called a lightsaber, and has more practical experience than his senior, Hari.

But she had never seen anything like that. A monster that overwhelms hunters with only momentum, without moving from its seat?

“Yeah, you’re strong as expected. Kids, you can’t just attack.”

It was the voice of Han Ha-ri, who had fallen out early and was looking for an opportunity. Han Soo-ho replied.

“Sister… Can I win?”

“No, it’s absolutely impossible. You didn’t even summon the Holy Sword, let alone talk.”


I wanted to say something else, but Hari naturally gave instructions to the cadets. The business card of being the eldest and A-class hunter is not a joke.

“Let’s do this. Do you remember the 2nd and 3rd year joint gate clearing in the past? Just like the boss raid raid back then.”

“Sister… But wouldn’t it be a bit wrong to treat people as boss monsters?”

At Suho’s common sense tackle, Jaehyuk Kim pointed his finger at Leon.

“Suho, do you think that man is inferior to the boss monster?”


“I agree.”

“So-yeon to you…”

Cheon So-yeon affirmed Hari’s plan while frowning at the tingling sensation from earlier.

“Hurry up, senpai. I don’t think it will take less than a minute until all but us are wiped out.”

It was then. Among the cadets who were swept away like autumn leaves, a large cadet bravely charged with a mace.

The skin of the giant cadet is as hard as steel.


Unique skill ironclad skin. A unique skill that hardens the skin all over the body, making it unnecessary to wear armor. Corresponding to this is finger snapping.

– Empty!

“Shut up?!”

It is crushed as the center collapses. The cadet vomited up what he ate this morning through his esophagus. Leon biting his tongue.

“You’re so fragile. You only believed in your skills and neglected your training.”

The steel armor’s skin shattered like pieces of glass. Is that finger snapping? No matter how many times I watch it, I don’t understand.


Suho and Jaehyuk ran out at Hari’s cry. It is a simultaneous attack by Kim Jae-hyeok, the spearman, and Suho, the shield swordsman.

Of course, the difference between the reach of the finger and the spear cannot be compared. Jaehyuk and Suho do not rush to approach and attack Leon from the out range.

“It’s a fierce and classic strategy. However, you’re just overconfident in the difference in weapon length.”

Leon snapped his fingers. Finger snapping like never before. However, it is different that he hit the spear, not the flesh.

– Empty!

The window stick that he flicked with his finger broke and bounced upward.

“Keuugh! What kind of power?!”

The moment the weapon leaves the guard line and becomes defenseless, Leon’s fist extends toward Jae-hyeok. At the moment of desperation, Suho instinctively raised his shield to protect Jaehyuk.

– Tup!


The shield is seized. What Leon did was simple. Throws the shield of protection it holds into the air.

Suho, who inserted his left arm into the handle of the shield, bounced straight into the air.

Simply grab your shield and throw people into the sky?

“Is that a person…”


Suho who flew in the sky for a while and then fell. Cheeky! He fell down, and Leon tapped him with his foot and raised him up.

“Wake up. You’re not tired already, are you?”

“Oh no!”

Suho stood up. The two of them blocked Leon’s attack with a pincer attack.

However, it is clearly the one with the weapon, and this side has the advantage in a lich fight, but the irrational physical ability overwhelms the two.

“Jaehyuk, what should I do? That person is a complete monster?!”

“Did you know now?!”

At the moment of desperation that can only be endured, a shadow jumps from behind Leon’s back.

“Your Majesty! Be prepared!”

Hari jumps up in the air and gains momentum. The sword that struck straight down aimed at the top of the defenseless Leon’s head, but–

– Puck!

Caught. It is also a one-handed blade grip.

“……Does your palm hurt?”

“I would have said the action was great.”

At Leon’s point, Hari answers with a puzzled expression.

“You know my skill, right?”

At that moment, a new explosion broke out. The flame compressed around the blade burned the air layer and hit Leon directly.

It is an application of the form of Beatrice compressing her power from before. But–

“God of war and fire protects me. Fire can’t hurt me.”

Leon didn’t even get a scratch on his palm, let alone a burn. Before the difference in physical ability, it is the difference in ability. But at that moment–

– Karak!

The sound of iron grinding iron in Leon’s palm. Hari pulled out the sword that was being held.

‘Even if it’s not power, it’s not like I saved power.’

Also has talent. Hari drew out her sword and stabbed the fire-encased sword at full speed.

“I should have said that fire doesn’t work.”

Even so, the sword stabbed without hesitation. Leon’s eyes widened.

Beyond me reflected in her eyes. A sword and a spear that emit an eerie light there.

At the same time as Ha-ri’s stabbing, Kim Jae-hyeok and Han Su-ho stabbed without missing a chance.

In other words, fire is a means to attract one’s attention. I wouldn’t have imagined that I would notice Jaehyuk and Suho reflected in my eyes in that moment.

‘The connection is quite good. but… .’

It’s obvious. In addition, to keep each other in an oblique line during the simultaneous attack, if Leon dodges, the two sides will not collide with each other.

It was the moment I was about to fall half a step to the side, aiming for a collision. A sharp anticipation flickers in Leon’s spirits.

‘Is there one more?’

A wind of magical power blows. The cool nape of Leon’s neck. A deadly bullet was fired at that blind spot.

Cheon So-yeon. The granddaughter of optical swordsman Cheon Soo-jin.

Her sword is a sharp sword that specializes in stabbing. The rushing sword is also the art of stabbing itself.

The sword that shoots like a flash of light aimed precisely at Leon’s retreat interval and stabbed him.

“It’s not bad.”

Right before being swept away by the barrage of attacks, Leon’s voice was heard even by the fallen cadets in every corner. At the moment of the attack, the eyes of those who had only focused on the tip of the sword widened.

“Realize that there is an ‘overwhelm’ that nullifies all technique and coordination.”


I caught the stabbing sword with my hand without even looking at the flash of light attacking me from that blind spot.

Is such a thing possible? Unless you have eyes on the back of your head?

Leon grabbed Hari’s burning sword in his left hand and Soyeon’s flashing sword in his right hand. Power entered his palms.

– Kwadeuk!

A terrible metal crushing sound. In the next moment, even Suho and Jaehyeok’s weapons, which had reached an off-beat of 0.7 seconds, are broken by Leon’s blade.

“It’s a low-quality material. Instead of containing the energy of the stars, did you just hit it with a hammer? I need to properly arm myself.”

Leon lightly smashed even the swords of the two. For the subject of shattering four real swords in an instant, that hand is so fine.

“This, what is this…”

Is it really just strength? Did that alone crush the armament made of magic stones?

“That… Your Majesty. Are you human?”

“Excuse me. I’m a demigod.”

I knew it was strong, but such an absurd force. It is strength far beyond imagination,

As the two failed in the best surprise, Leon’s cold eyes turned to the four of them. Harry carefully raised his hand.

“Ha, surrender?”

“Your limbs are fine, but why are you giving up already?”

“Meaning… is it?”

“If you want to be treated first as a trainee.”

Hari shook her head. Hari has no intention of filling a meal with salt water.

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