The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 56 How strong is the Holy Grail Knight?

The ruthless violence in the name of testing is over.

The training ground was very harpooned because it could not be broken. Goo Dae-seong and the hunters who saw the crater dented here and there shuddered.

‘Even the cavalry charge during training wasn’t enough power.’

‘I saw this in the first place.’

How strong is that person?

Leon sorted 44 cadets. Articles 1 through 3. However, it is not evenly distributed as in the case of soldiers.

In Group 1, Han Ha-ri and Han Su-ho. And there were only four Kim Jae-hyeok and Cheon So-yeon, and only thirteen people in the second group. The remaining twenty-seven were classified into three groups.

“Team 1 is treated as a pilgrim knight. You guys are not official knights, but depending on how you train, you can see that you can advance to the next level.”

In short, there is talent. such an evaluation… However, the cadets made faces full of displeasure.

“Are you saying we… have no talent?”

“Um, I’m the same B grade as Jaedle in the official evaluation? If I do well, I’ll even get A grade…!”

“It’s noisy. You guys are at the level of a seed that can’t even reach a pilgrim knight. Those who have been systematically trained for over 5 years are at the level of a seed… I have no words to say.”

The cadets shut their mouths at Leon’s actions. What is the alternative pilgrim article that treats themselves, the elite hunters of Korea, so lowly?

“However, if you train steadily for about three months under Jim, you will be able to progress to some extent.

Leon’s eyes turned to Team 3. Most of the cadets belonged to group 3.

“You guys have a long way to go.”

Leon said nothing more and sighed lightly before sitting in the seat of honor.

“Soldier’s training is simple. It is to constantly overload the body.”

Bones break and bond and become stronger, muscles tear and regenerate and become denser.

“What about the heart and lungs? Are those who run long distances born from the beginning? Repeat the same action and increase the limit. This is a very basic training method.”

It is a common training that Hunters of the Pantheon receive. Leon’s 4-week training for real compression overturned the limit of their late D-class.

“However, knights are different. I will raise you guys to be knights. 1 trillion to the level of kingdom knights… The rest will have to grow at least one step at a time.”

“I don’t know the standard, Your Majesty.”

Chun So-yeon raised her hand. She knew what the word pilgrimage was. In short, a wandering knight who did not receive an official knighthood. say wandering knight

“Hmm, in my kingdom, knights are divided into five levels.

First, the wandering knight (Knight Errant). A wandering knight who has not received an official knighthood. These Wandering Knights must roam the whole kingdom to prove themselves and be appointed by the lord.

That’s why no knight calls a pilgrim knight ‘Kyung’.

“A knight who has proven himself and received an official title is a Kingdom Knight (Knight of the Realm). He gains the right to belong to the Knights Order and becomes a War Knight’s direct subordinate.”

“Wonite next?”

At Suho’s question, Leon shook his head.

“War Knight (War Knight) is a position. You can call it a Commander. Next is an Accompanying Knight (Questing Knight).”

“An attendant?”

“They are those who abandon everything and wander in order to receive the quest of the gods. You must be prepared to endure even decades of wandering just to complete the quest.”



Leon was not disappointed when he saw those who were already getting tired of it. It was because the hardships he himself had as an ascetic knight were never easy.

“I don’t expect you guys to walk the path of training. It will be hard for young ones like you.”

“Your Majesty… did you go through an acolyte?”

Hari had heard about the Acolyte Knights and Holy Grail Knights from Leon several times. Leon also went through the Holy Grail Knight, so of course he must have gone through training as well.

“Yes. Jim completed Ariana’s quest, the goddess of light and justice, through the path of training. Thus, I became a Holy Grail Knight (Grail Knight).”

“The Holy Grail Knight…”

“Huh? I think you’ve heard the story that Yakt Spinner is a Holy Grail Knight in Yuptube?”

“Is there a machine?”

The cadets who tell the story of Yup Tube’s videos edited by Yapi. It should be seen as the unique energy of a teenager to become busy quickly.


In an instant, the cadets shut their mouths.

“My purpose is to raise you to the level of a knight of the kingdom. After that, walking the path of training depends on your faith and the mercy of the gods.”

After that, Leon introduced the gods of the pantheon to the cadets and allowed them to choose the divinity they wanted to believe in.

However, offerings were made to the two divinities in common, because a knight must serve the two divinities.

“The goddess Ariana, the god of light and justice, and Petos, the god of war and flame, are the virtues that knights must worship.”

Jaehyuk Kim has two places to donate… asked, scratching his head.

“Your Majesty, I think I can roughly understand the divinity of war and flame just by hearing the name, but why about light and justice? It’s just a pure question.”

“No matter how victorious a person may be in a war, if the victory is not righteous, it is nothing more than an evil deed.”

“Oh oh…….”

That must have been the reason, Jaehyuk Kim quickly understood. As Leon’s explanation was finishing, Suho Han suddenly raised his hand in doubt.

“Your Majesty, isn’t there a fifth yet?”

“I see. I thought you guys didn’t need to know, but I’ll have to explain it first.”

don’t need to know It was as if they were saying that no matter what, you guys couldn’t reach it.

“Guardian of the Holy Grail (Grail Guardian). It is a title given only to one Holy Grail Knight who inherits the lion’s heart. To claim it… It means challenging my throne.”

Those who challenge the kingship will be eradicated without mercy. The cadets swallowed their saliva at Leon’s staggering declaration.

“It’s not determined by strength alone, but, well, the time when you guys can challenge the kingship is probably the only time now. My power is weakened compared to the past, and it’s on the same level as the Holy Grail Knight.”


that is… that you’re weak? How strong are the alternative Holy Grail Knights?

“No, Your Majesty. Then how strong are the Holy Grail Knights?”


Leon pondered what to use as an example. In front of me is the Holy Grail Knight, Sir Yapi. But now, Yapi is weakened.

Even the yakt spinner I saw at the gate was below the average for Holy Grail Knights.

“The strength of the Holy Grail Knight…”

Leon began to tell the feats of the Holy Grail Knights in a way that these modern Earthlings could easily understand.

* * * *

Give the lives of sixty people.

Lee Yong-wan knew from the beginning that this Grail Knight had no intention of letting them live.

“Why are you hesitating? Why don’t you stick your neck out?”

“Haha… Fuck, that doesn’t even sound like a word.”

“Hmm… I don’t know, but that’s an insult.”

The majestic Geobrick raised his hammer. It is far from clear that a hammer the size of a human torso is a one-handed hammer.

“The lowly things harmed the kingdom’s soldiers and knights. Accept the punishment they deserve.”

full combat stance. Lee Yong-wan grinned, putting the tension of having already encountered the field boss to shame.

“I can’t help it. I have to die here.”

That was the moment.

Behind Geobrick’s back. A transparent shape takes shape. Her identity is Hayuri, an S-class hunter from the Firebird Guild.

Unique Skill: Absolute Stealth. There are many stealth-type skills that melt into darkness, but a skill specialized in assassination that blocks the presence, smell, and even touch by making the body itself transparent even in broad daylight.

An assassin with the back of an enemy is relentless. Her eyes flashed and she detected Geobrick’s vitals.

To be precise, a skill that finds the weakest part of the body of humans, monsters, and demons. But–

‘what? Whole body is weak?’

I hesitated at the report of the skill that I couldn’t understand at the time, but the surprise position was perfect. She stabbed her dagger aiming at the gap in her armor, the only empty spot behind her neck.



The sound effect of stabbing a knife into a person’s skin was unbelievable. Feels like stabbing polished alloy.

“What kind of person’s skin…!”

At that moment, the shield that Geobrick wielded hit Hayuri. I took a defensive posture for a moment, but the far-off impact made me dizzy.

“It’s awesome…!”

Yuri Ha manages to keep her posture as she bounces off her body.

“Miss Yuri, are you okay!”

“From heels…!”

Simultaneously with Lee Yong-wan’s words, the healers from behind the attack team healed Hayuri. It was only after the three healers poured their magical powers that the meager arm barely recovered.

“Hmm… Ambush. If it’s this level of stealth, even the Assassins in the desert will admire it.”

Geobrick raises his hammer. He’s in full combat readiness.

“But a lowly assassin dares to attack the knight of the gods. That alone is a mortal sin that will annihilate the soul.”

“You can’t afford it. Yuri-san, are you sure you’ve stabbed it?”

“It’s skin is like some kind of steel… but it’s penetrated.”

At that, Lee Yong-wan smiled.

Ha Yu-ri’s Legendary Dagger Galsa’s Poison Fang.

The moment it penetrates the skin, it injects the highest level of deadly poison. Extreme poison that causes even large monsters to wriggle and die while poisoned.

“Well, the field boss of the red gate won’t die to this extent… but a significant debuff is—”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…!”

It was a loud laugh. His mad laughter stopped just before the eardrums of the raiding party hunters exploded.

“This me…! And Geobrick, who is protected by the Goddess of Life and Abundance! To believe that you can harm something with poison! What kind of barbarians are you guys!”

As if unaffected by the poison, Geobrick exclaimed as if he had nothing more to say.

“Get ready for battle, loyal soldiers of the kingdom! I, the majestic Geobrik, who is protected by the goddess! I am with you guys!!”

“Geobrick! Geobrick!”

“”Majestic Geobrick!””

[System Message: Magnificent Geobrick’s buff is activated.]

-【Blessing of War Knight】, 【Blessing of the Living Saint】, 【Blessing of Life and Abundance】────

Soldiers advance with cheers like thunder. The erratic knight Dalion also rode his horse and charged.

Against a raiding party of over 150, only about 40 men charged. What an ignorant and irrational act.

But the results were different.

– Kwak!

First, the tanker who was trying to block the charge of the erratic knight Dalion Mchain was thrown back with a single blow. The main tank of the A-class attack party could not block the mounted charge and attacked the rear dealer.

“What, what!”

“Damn it, fuck dildo!”

The raiders pouring long-range deals all at once at the dug-in Dalion and the soldiers. Among them are S-rank hunter Lee Yong-wan’s archer and a small number of wizards’ magic bombardment. But–

“Can you harm the army I lead with a cowardly ranged weapon!”

[The Holy Law <Distant Nullification> is activated.]

-Weakens ranged attacks by 90% for all units below Majestic Geobrick.


“Where’s that cheating skill?!”

A torrent of ranged attacks. A 90% halving attack didn’t do much damage to the clumped square. but… … .

“Is anyone hurt?”

Apart from what Geobrick questioned, the wounds from the soldiers who were hit by magic bombardment in a dense state began to heal.

“The damage has also decreased sharply, but it even recovers?”

“What the hell is this…!”

The raiding party realized that it was completely different from before as they dealt with less than half of the kingdom army.

First of all, the dill doesn’t stick. The dealers attacked the soldiers using their own skills, but their skin became tougher and their armor became terribly hard.

Unreasonable defensive power, as if each soldier was fighting a medium-sized monster. They did not know that it was the blessing of the deity of life and fertility.

“Damn it, the boss! The boss did something!”

Lee Yong-wan, the main order of the united attack team, quickly finds a strategy. The reason why the kingdom army became abnormally hard. Needless to say, it must have been the influence of the field boss Geobrick.

“Geumcheol Hwang, Yeonha Hwang! And Yuri-yang takes the main fighters to attack the boss. Tanker 1st team leader Park Chan-su! You surround the kingdom army and faithfully cut it down!”

“Okay, guild leader!”

Even though it was an alliance, Golden Iron and Hwang Yeon-ha, who clearly had a small number, followed the instructions of the Main Order. It was actually reasonable too.

But rational choices are not always wise.

Lee Yong-wan tried to keep Geobrick in check by shooting an arrow, but long-range weapons couldn’t give him proper damage.


There is damage. Geobrick made a puzzled expression at the pain he felt, and at that moment the golden iron two-handed hammer was swung around.

thud! A roaring sound hits the shield. The shock transmitted through the shield was not small, but he did not budge.

“Hoo~ That’s a good power.”


Warhammer crashing down. Feeling threatened by the one-handed hammer the size of his two-handed hammer, Hwang Geum-cheol quickly fell back.

The hammer, which brushed the golden armor that symbolizes him, struck the air with a boom, causing the compressed air to dent the ground.

In the meantime, Assassin Hayuri and Mutuist Hwang Yeon-ha grab Geobrick’s back.

Yuri Hay, the fastest in the combined attack team, aimed at the gap in the armor with her dagger and avoided the hammer swinging it like chasing away flies.


A spray of fierce magic power. The unique gauntlet, which boasts 65% defense penetration, strikes Geobrick’s side with her superpower.

“Kuhah…! That’s quite right, bitch!”

Geobrick, who had received plausible damage for the first time, was stunned and fed up with the cheerful laughter outside the helmet.

“You’re filthy tough, madman!”

Despite the pincer attack of the four S-class hunters, Geobrick did not back down at all. No, rather, in the meantime, he is steadily advancing and beating the attacking squad.


“Crazy… How could an A-rank tank fall in one shot?!”

It was an incredible monstrosity. Even if it’s a field boss, can a single human-sized individual be this strong?

Isn’t the country’s top raiding party, which has also hunted countless boss monsters, not using their strength!

“Damn it, ranged attacks are being halved so much! It’s like there’s no multiplier halving!”

“Dealers, do something! Tankers can’t stand it!”

“Even if you hit a dildo, you’ll recover right away, so what are you saying!”

Even though only one knight participated in the war, the aspect was clearly different. Lee Yong-wan trembled and took off his glasses.

“Damn it, Miss Yuri! That…!”

“……They said they wouldn’t use it because it was expensive.”

“They’re all dying! Money isn’t the problem!”

Ha Yu-ri took something out of her arms as if she had been waiting for Lee Yong-wan’s unresponsive scolding.

Parchment in the form of a scroll. As soon as it is torn apart, which even feels antique, Warhammer, who was about to swing a hammer at Golden Iron, is ‘tied’ in the air.



Geobrick saw the ring-shaped shackles restraining his arms.

“It’s magic. That’s a fairly powerful, high-ranking magic.”

“Is that all?”

Lee Yong-wan and Ha Yu-ri, who had opened the parchment, approached. Lee Yong-wan took out a second piece of parchment.

The most expensive guild equipment that can only be used by assistant guild leader Hayuri and guild leader Lee Yong-wan.

“The highest level of sealing magic that binds even Hydra. And…”

The second parchment is torn. At that moment, a huge magic circle unfolded below Geobrick.

“Is this… coordinate magic?”

“The ignorant knight Nagura noticed it very well! This is the 2 billion Flame Burst Scroll I bought from the Mage Tower! I’ll bake that armor to perfection!”

Two 800 million bounding scrolls and a 2 billion flame burst combo!

Lee Yong-wan, who burned 3.6 billion in an instant, shed bloody tears, but thought that killing such a monster would be a cheap price.

“Certainly. It’s hard to move because it’s the power that binds even pseudo-polyposis.”

Even though he was restrained by the bounding magic, Geobrick moved his limbs quietly.

“I-I’m not getting away from that?”

“Is that possible?!”

“Ha ha ha… don’t worry too much. You won’t be able to escape until the cast ends anyway, right?”

“Getting away? Why should I?”


pick up a hammer It’s not a distance where you can hit someone.

However, an intangible aura rushed into the hammer he had only heard.

I wanted to know what to do, but the hunters who saw the sight of the surrounding air being savagely engulfed them all turned pale. And–


floor… No, the giant’s hammer that strikes the ground.

The shattered ground crushes and shakes, causing an earthquake. It was such a destructive phenomenon that even standing was difficult.



The hunters tried to understand the phenomenon in front of them as they were. But I didn’t understand. It is because of their common sense, that they did not want to admit the reality in front of them.

Of course, when it comes to S-class hunters, they boast of ferocity that even a single punch or knife cuts through armor.

There are many unique skills that boast ridiculous cutting power or cause destruction.

It would be no exaggeration to say that a magician famous for firepower was a human artilleryman.

But this is not it.

A crater appeared as if some kind of bomb had exploded. There was nothing that wasn’t crushed by the shockwave.

The ground was just devastated. There is no other way to explain it other than this.

He changed the terrain with hammering.

this… What do you mean by human power?

Can this kind of irrationality, such destruction, be allowed to one person?

What kind of mind did God give to a human with such superpowers?

“Da, what the hell is this…”

Lee Yong-wan looked at the ground where Geobrick was standing with a bewildered face. He sought meaningless confirmation from Hayuri, who tore the scroll together.

“What about magic?”

“Cancellation… that’s okay. Just hammering.”

“Cancel? Can the magic that started to count… be canceled?”

“That’s right, magic is activated only when the magic circle is intact, so I don’t know, don’t ask me if you’re seeing something like that for the first time…!”

Holy Grail Knight Magnificent Geobrick.

The force displayed by the field boss at Jeju Island Gate far exceeded their common sense.

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