The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 57 Knights are more equal

Like the trainees, the academy cadets were also supposed to eat, sleep, and receive training in the Manshinjeon building.

“Hehe, it’s worth seeing the faces of the cadets.”

“That’s right.”

The 1st class trainees of the Pantheon. Koo Dae-sung and Kim Do-han, now enlisted as full-time soldiers, imagined the faces the cadets would make at dinner.

And that’s not only for the 1st generation, but also for the 2nd generation. Under training, they have become accustomed to the vicious diet of this pantheon guild.

An ignorant diet with a lot of salt and a lot of sugar, only salt and calories.

A career soldier now… The first-generation students who were promoted to Man-at-Arms are eating fine, but the memory of that time… Saucera Rimanche was terrible.

On the other hand, the cadets did not expect much from dinner. It’s also true that the place where they are is Naju Plain. In other words, the countryside.

“What do you see when you see the villagers walking around…”

“Maybe corn and potatoes.”

“Something like greens from the back mountain.”

“Can I eat that?”

“Why do you come from a natural person?”

For the cadets, most of whom are natives of Seoul and the metropolitan area, rural hospitality usually feels like that.

There was a gap between the trainees and the cadets, but neither of them cared about the quality of the food. But there is one common feeling.


The hunger caused by the intense training of the day was shaking enough to make a gurgling noise.

“Ugh, I think I’ll eat everything if you give me rice.”

“……I agree.”

Jaehyuk and Suho, who were considered in the first group, had to endure Leon’s harsh training, although it may be because of their mood. Beside him, Hari gave a pitiful look.

“That, that… you’d better not expect it.”

You’re so hungry, you eat only salt and sugar water. Even at the orphanage, I never went hungry.

“Hmm, I’m glad there aren’t enough seats for everyone.”

Leon entered. It is a yard that is gathered in jira huddled on a seat in the yard. It was a scene you might only see at a middle school self-denial retreat, but Leon didn’t mind.

They have to practice eating here even when it rains, so they will have to get used to it.

“Colonel the meal.”

At Leon’s instruction, the door to the yard opened and the residents entered with their dishes. The dishes they serve to the 2nd class trainees are… Needless to say, it is a sugar brine.

“Ah, this is it too.”

“I thought it would be a little different today.”

“Let’s wait for a sweet potato dinner before going to bed.”

The 2nd class trainees, accustomed to pantheon training, gulped down the sugar-salt water placed in front of them. The faces of the cadets who see it brighten.

“What is that?”

“Water? No, what did you put in the water?”

“Ah, this is salt water.”


You eat something like that? The expression of the cadets is distorted by the incredible culture shock.

“Nuna. What is that?”

When Suho asked with a wide face, Hari answered with a resigned expression.

“Salt water. I also added sugar.”


“Lord Yapi will explain that part ‘logically’…!”

At Hari’s mention, Yapi, who was serving food, approached in various ways. Minimal-sized mechanical spiders provide a logical explanation for sugar-salt feeding.

-human. You can survive on a minimum of nutrients and calories.


– Reduction of food cost. Increased ‘Miasma’ factor. very efficient.


The cadets tremble at the villainous logic.

“Ooh, do we have to eat that stuff too?”

“It’s nonsense. How can you live by eating only those things?”

As the cadets’ faces grew tired, Goo Dae-sung mentioned it subtly.

“Keuheum, don’t get me wrong. After the training period, we give you a proper meal.”

As the saying goes, the 1st trainees… Now that they have been promoted to professional soldiers, they are given proper rice and side dishes.

Kimchi, an essential Korean diet, was served along with meat side dishes. The rice and local crops given right away are all ‘blessed’ rare meals.

Regardless of the taste, the soldiers were very satisfied with the fact that they became strong and the trifles disappeared every time they ate.

You just have to endure the training period. The diet of the 1st gen trainees is the hope that they will meet soon.

That’s why you can survive. You just have to endure a little bit. The cadets now had to be aware of the salt-sugar water placed on them.

“……Do I really need to eat this?”

Cheon So-yeon, the heir to the largest guild in Korea, and even Han Soo-ho, who grew up as an orphan, were frightened by the salt water in front of them.

The boy turned his gaze to his sister, whom he always depended on, but Hari smiled and turned her head.

“It’s easier to give up.”


Having said that, this is the second time Hari has eaten salted sugar water.

At first, I drank it to see if it was worth it after seeing the 1st class trainees enduring after eating only this.

But soon ep! Wow! I spat out the salt water and had to listen to Leon’s scolding.

‘Ha, I can do it. Han Hari! you are an orphan! It’s a body that went through hardships as the bottom 1% of Korea!’

No, orphanages have improved these days, so is it 3%? Hari drinks her cup while trying hard to sublimate her misfortune into willpower.

The moment the glass poured with salt passed down my throat, the extremely salty taste burned my throat.

‘make… !’

salty. too salty It’s so salty that it burns your throat. To the extent that I wondered if this might cause esophagitis.

However, the salty taste was quickly covered by other flavors. It’s thanks to the sugar poured in the gourd.

‘Too sweet!’

If the salt made your mouth burn, the sugar made your tongue tingle. The problem is that the flavors are jumbled together and painful.

The same goes for other cadets.

Cheon So-yeon, who underwent severe training, and Han Su-ho, who know that eating is living as a life in an orphanage.

When he reached Kim Jae-hyeok, he tipped the glass to the floor to throw it away.

– Detection of cheating.

Kwajjik! and the swung steel wire threatens savagely.

“Woah, that’s dangerous!”

I protested, but the mechanical spider is ruthless. He was the military leader of the Pantheon War guild, who never accepted objections.

After the shocking salt water meal, Leon stood up.

“Then let’s digest it and start training.”


The reaction of digesting what you ate… Hari was more suspicious of Leon’s reaction, which was different from the way he had been before.

“Lungs, ha… didn’t you give me a break after eating?”

It was the basic schedule of trainees.

Meal after morning training. After a break, train again. and sleep after eating.

In other words, after dinner, he went straight to rest and sleep. It’s informal, but I also fed potatoes and sweet potatoes.

“Tsk tsk, you guys are aiming for knights, not trainees. How did you think that the training of soldiers and knights would be the same?”

“Is that so?”

Leon’s gaze turned to Manager Kim Jin-soo. He also participated in this training in the form of an observer, but he seems not to have realized the shocking visual of the salt-sugar water.

“I told you to prepare it, did you get it?”

“Oh, yes, that’s right! Yes, that’s right! I’m sure you’ll be preparing an attack sooner or later…”

“Not soon. Right now.”


“The 2nd trainees go to bed after resting like this. Sir Spinner will supervise. Foreman Koo Dae-seong and Kim Do-han and below, prepare for departure within 10 minutes.”

“Yes, yes! I see!”

“I take orders, Your Majesty!”

The 1st trainees, with their discipline firmly in their hands, ran straight to the weapon storage room. The cadets were bewildered and had no choice but to follow them.

* * * *

In line with the cadets’ visit, Leon bought a ticket to capture the gate.

Orc Gate, where orcs appear. Rescue was easy.

The Bondi Oak Gate has little to gain compared to the effort it puts in.

The most expensive item you can get is the heart of an orc warrior, worth at least 400 million won.

The problem is that it is a raid boss given by an Orc warrior.

Blood pain is also blood pain, but as a warrior, there is nothing that is not threatening.

That’s why usually A-class assault teams have to attack, but considering their annual salary, the warrior’s heart wasn’t even very expensive.

The rest are very few elemental weapons. Even this is a rarity compared to performance to be a tem that can be obtained by catching orcs that are at least B-class.

So, in most cases, Oak Gates are bought at a bargain price.

Such a property was difficult to deal with even as an association, but when Leon said he would buy it, he handed it over at a bargain price.

“It’s an oak gate.”

“Oh, are you okay? Has anyone here cleared the Oak Gate?”

“Cheon So-yeon, Kim Jae-hyeok, and Han Su-ho are probably all…”

The cadets couldn’t believe that they had come to attack the Oak Gate.

Oak Gate is that he came to extinguish after being tortured in the name of such a poor meal.

[Quest: Orc civil war is intensifying. You are a foreign mercenary who has come to join this civil war. Help one side end the civil war and earn the warchief’s approval.]

“Looks like you have to take sides?”

“Still, one orc is on our side.”

The cadets breathed a sigh of relief. Usually, such quests are safely cleared by using allied Orcs as a shield as much as possible. If you fight wisely, the gate won’t be that tough–


“This… is that it?”

“I guess so.”

However, the reaction of the soldiers was completely different. The 1st trainees, including Koo Dae-seong and Kim Do-han, predicted a certain future.


Why are you like that? It was when Suho was about to ask Hari. A group of orcs approached from across the field.

“Are you all mercenaries from a foreign country?

– Knock!

The orc warrior couldn’t finish his words until the end and his head flew off. It was because a lance flew from somewhere and blew the orc from the top of his chin.


The cadets couldn’t react when they saw the orc whose head had been blown off in front of them, and the same was true of the orc.

Looking for the culprit who threw the spear as if he couldn’t believe it. No, I didn’t even have to look for it.

No matter where he came from, the Lion Heart King on a white horse threw down abusive words with a contemptuous gaze.

“Whose permission does the filthy beast open its stinky mouth?”

The overwhelming sense of intimidation caused by disgust, contempt, and hatred makes the flesh tremble. If cadets are not the target, what about orcs?

“Establish a dustproof!”

A voice that rings without a chance to wake up. The 1st trainees built their shields and stabbed their swords reflexively.


“Hey, these guys are cowardly!”

The orcs, who were suddenly surprised, collapsed helplessly. The cadets could not keep up with the urgent situation.

“Now, wait a minute. Isn’t it a quest that can be killed just like this?”

“Why, why are you attacking? Someone tell me why!”

But the soldiers responded without hesitation.

“Kill an orc.”

“Because it’s natural.”


[Most orc slayers among primates]


: 50% killing effect against Orcs.

: Orcs are overcome with fear, confusion, and despair.

: Deserved hatred for Orcs spreads.

It was then. A system message popped up in front of the cadets. The system messages didn’t end there.

【Aura of Lion’s Heart】


: Corps reinforcement charge defense is granted.

: Corps reinforcement fortification is granted.

: Corps reinforcement battalion reinforcement is granted.

: Legion strengthening valor is granted.

: Legion strengthened lighter armor is granted.

: Legion strengthened tough skin is granted.

: Legion strengthening heavy blow is granted.

: Legion strengthening anti-magic enhancement is granted.

: Legion strengthening ranged resistance is granted.

: Legion strengthening sharp gaze is granted.

: Legion strengthening anti-infantry slaughter is granted.

: Legion strengthening contamination resistance is granted.

【Living half body】

[War Knight’s Blessing]

【 Holy Grail Guardian 】

【 Dragon Slayer’s Honor 】

[Fear of the Evil Species]

【 Demon Lord Slayer 】

【Most demon slayers】

[Long-distance loathsome]

【 Strongest Assaulter 】

“Mi, crazy. What is this?”

The traits poured out almost at the level of carpet bombing. When the cadets couldn’t come to their senses, Leon screamed.

“Pull out your weapon! Stand on the left and right sides of the square! Charge to their side!”

Some of the cadets foolishly followed the orders pouring in as if threatening them on horseback. While the orcs clashed with the square in anger, its flanks were empty.


Leon’s charge order. While the anvil-role soldiers endured, the hammer-role cadets became shock infantry and had to collide with the orcs.

However, even though the combat power of the cadets was higher than that of the soldiers, they did not know how to charge as a single mass.

“Keuh…! These guys!”


The cadets dug into their sides, but their breakthrough power was lower than expected. It was because they lacked the ability to break through the giants and heavy defenses of the Orcs.

“Td, it’s pierced!”

Rather, it was the time when the cadets’ formation collapsed and was about to collapse due to the protruding Orcs. The flames burned the air and wiped out the crowd of orcs.

“Ha, senior Hari!”

Hari, who had cut down two orcs and burned three at once, smiled awkwardly.

“Be careful, kids. Take it down calmly.”

At least, Hari, who is accustomed to this crazy orc hatred, sparks and makes up for the lack of impact.

‘The problem is the cadets on the other side.’

The cadets were divided into two, centering on the soldiers in a single square, and surrounded the orcs.

The number of Orcs was less than fifty, so they were able to siege it leisurely, but unlike this side, where Harira was, there were only pure cadets on the other side.

‘I don’t think His Majesty will help… … .’

It was then. On the other side of the orcs Hari was burning, a series of terrifying tunes rang out.

“You, you little bitch!”

“I’ll cut you in half with an axe!”

A single swordsman who pierces the space to the point of being staggering even in a tumultuous mass fight.

Cheon So-yeon, the granddaughter of lightsaber Cheon Su-jin and the strongest academy cadet, was breaking through the throats of the orcs.

It’s not just her. Swordfighter Han Soo-ho and spearman Kim Jae-hyeok. The two of them are coping with the momentum of the orcs without being too far behind.

It was not the first time that the three of them, who were in the top graduating class of the academy, were dealing with orcs.


Leon watched their performance while summoning the Holy Grail to restore the soldiers on the front line.

It is Han Ha-ri who is doing an overwhelming job. In fact, it alone covers half of the right hammer shock infantry’s attack power.

I thought it was lacking in delicacy, but in a legion fight like this, the Blessing of Fire boasts absolute performance.

“Now! Deal with the burned orcs!”

Also has talent. If you teach it well, even the Holy Spirit of War and Flame will like it.

On the other hand, Chun So-yeon, Kim Jae-hyuk, and Han Su-ho are making a big success on the other side.

The three of them seem to have experience in hunting orcs, so their response is good. Han Soo-ho slashed the orcs’ attacks with his shield and dutifully cut them down, while Kim Jae-hyeok savagely killed the orcs with a difference in reach that overturned the height difference.

When it comes to Cheon So-yeon, the delicate sword strikes are fast and light. The swords pouring down like a flash are stabbing only the fatal vital points accurately.

“On the other hand, the other guys are normal.”

Those four were exceptional, and the rest couldn’t be said to be good with empty words.

Even though the shield infantry, which are only C-class, are holding the eyes of the orcs, they are not able to properly attack from the side.

If it weren’t for the innate physical ability and a few active people, the result would have been that the hammer would have been eaten by the surrounding troops.

If it wasn’t for Leon’s ignorant buff, it would have collapsed without even being able to do that.

The battle ended in an easy victory.

Leon ordered the already exhausted cadets to arrange physical strength and prepare for the next battle.

“your majesty…….”

Chun So-yeon approached. She was breathing evenly, as if she hadn’t shed a single drop of sweat in a single battle.

“Questions are allowed.”

“Why… did you attack the orcs? The quest is obviously to help one of the orcs.”

“I don’t spare orcs. Not even one.”


Leon decided that it would be more efficient to declare it in front of everyone than to explain it to only one Cheon So-yeon.

“Remember. Orcs are green-skinned beasts.”

“These beasts talk about honor and glory and speak human language, but their honor and glory are nothing but the violence of beasts in vain.”

“Have you seen them cultivate civilization? Have you seen them choose dialogue over savage violence?”

There is only one truth that Leon learned from the repetition of Lionheart’s thousands of years of history.

Orcs are talking beasts.

“The beast imitates a man.”

“The beast covets the warrior’s honor.”

“The beast sings glory with your soul.”

It’s not fair. These trash beasts dare to discuss the honor and glory that only an honorable race can speak of.

“You have to make a decision with firm determination. They are beasts that don’t even deserve to exist. They are filthy parasites that shouldn’t live.”

On modern Earth, Orcs are not treated well, even in empty words.

This is because their wildness and violence are difficult to accept in a civilized society.

However, in a world where the human rights of orcs were guaranteed under the name of political correctness, no one radiated extreme hatred like Leon.

“Crush those disgusting molars and stinking jaws. Don’t hesitate to slaughter the beast!”

“A good orc? Only a dead orc can be good.”

“There is no need to discuss cowardice in hunting animals. All you need is slaughter and proper anger. The intent to kill them is all you need!”

[【Most orc slayers among primates】spreads due hatred towards orcs.]

However, as Leon’s speech continued, a certain fire was kindled in the hearts of the students.

Although there was no rationality in his logic, there was deserved trust.

The soldiers who were already immersed in the teachings of Leon and the pantheon became even more intoxicated with that divinity–

“Kill! Kill the green beasts!”

“Kill! Kill!”

“Kill! Kill!”

He responds by tapping his shield and sword. Until the young cadets who are swallowed up by the madness are engraved with the values they deserve.


“Try to trample!”

“Don’t leave a single beast behind!”

Glory be to Lionheart.

There will be honor in your spears and swords.

* * * *

loathing and hatred. Under the command of the overwhelming charisma of Leon, every Orc in the Orc Gate was slaughtered.

After slaughter all day without a break, there were no more orcs left at the gate, and profits were much higher than expected.

“Wow~ Three hearts of a warrior and a spirit weapon… How much are the magic stones?”

Its revenue is well approaching 1.2 billion units. If you look at the profit of the A-class attack team, the unit price may not be right, but the hunters here are C-class and cadets who did not graduate from the academy.

Kim Jae-hyeok was pleased with the accumulated spoils and calculated his share.

“Since there are 96 hunters, even if we catch them conservatively, each of them will lose 6 million won?”

“This is the first time I’ve ever caught so many orcs…”

“Suho, you also need some money after a while. Are you going to send them to an orphanage?”


The heart of an orc warrior is an item that can be sold at auction for 500 million won. That way, your profits will go up even more.

In response to instructions to clear the oak gate and receive their respective allowances, the cadets approached Yaffe, who was managing finances with a look full of expectations.

I wasn’t used to having an artificial intelligence machine calculate my allowance, but since it’s a machine, wouldn’t it be honest?

– Deposit complete.

“Oh, that’s fast! Did you pay in advance?”

“The Orc Warrior’s heart hasn’t even been sold yet… Huh?”

The two people who checked the account with their smartphones were puzzled by the amount that came in.

“Hey, Mr. Yapi? I think you made a mistake with the deposit?”

-There is no mistake in the calculation ability of this machine.

“No no, why is there only 700,000 won in my account? You don’t have to come in at least 6 million won?!”

– Kim Jae-hyeok. Battle video analysis. 7 million won per calculation fee.

“Uh… You set it a little high. No, but why did you only get 700,000 won!”

-Ten structures.


The cadets who had received the allowance came to inquire. They had to hear the same answer from Yapi.

-Ten structures. Taken in advance to save you trouble.


The cadets made a stunned look at the vicious tax structure.

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