The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 58: Get out of the way, woman


The bone is about to break. Golden Lion deputy guild leader Hwang Yeon-ha stood up clutching a throbbing bone pain.

“Damn it, I’m going to break a bone.”

The last memory is confusing. why are you down I remember running away from that monster field boss… … .

“You’re awake.”

“Who… Huh!”

She was beautiful enough to light up her dull eyes. Thin clothes woven from natural fabrics, amber necklaces and bird feather decorations are far from ready-made goods of civilization.

Hwang Yeon-ha realized at once that the woman in front of her was a resident of the gate.

“Who… show?”

“I’m Hildir, a shaman from the Woodsling tribe. Champion.”

“Yo, warrior?”

He puts on a puzzled expression of bewilderment at the unfamiliar title. But Hildir said as he nursed her on his knees.

“Because you wanted to protect us from the cruel kingdom army.”


He realized that those younger than him were ‘tribal people being slaughtered’. And then, the tent opened and someone came in.

“My sister~ She’s alive and not dead!”

“What dude?”

golden iron. The guild leader of the Golden Lion Guild entered the tent.

“Have you been? Golden Iron Warrior.”

“Yeah, well… It seems that the pursuit has now been avoided.”

“Tracking? Ugh, I can’t remember.”

Younger grabs her greasy hair and demands an explanation.

“How long do you remember?”

“That… even the fact that the ground was shattered?

“A whole day’s worth of memories are gone. That’s understandable.”

Hwang Geum-cheol stroked his sister’s hair and said. The pain still hasn’t gone away, but the younger, who can’t even fight back like usual, listened to the explanation in silence.

“After the magic failed, we immediately ran.

Holy Grail Knight Geobrick. He pursued the Hunters with a handful of knights. They were not satisfied with having already taken dozens of prisoners.

“There, the warriors of the Woodsling tribe helped me. I was able to repel the chase with a trap, but you were hit by a hammer while fighting with him.”

Two days after that, he couldn’t open his eyes.

“Thank you. If it wasn’t for Hildir Shaman here, you would have died long ago.”

“Where are the healers going?”

“For some reason it didn’t recover.”

“The Holy Grail Knight Geobrick also has the power of a curse that prevents the wounds of the opponent from healing. He used the power of recovery and regeneration in reverse.”

Hildir took off his younger T-shirt. He blushed at the sudden action, but soon discovered that something was engraved around his navel.

“What is this!”

“It’s an inscription engraved in order to restore the hero. This inscription restored the hero’s body.”

such a spell? When the younger brother looked at his brother, he shrugged and said.

“I heard that it is the unique power of the tribes in this region. It seems that the power given to it is different depending on the engraving engraved on it.”


“Could it happen anyway, Sister? To take you to a meeting if you don’t mind.”

“I can do that much.”

The younger woke up from the sick bed. And head to the tent prepared for the emergency meeting room. Hildir also followed the two.

“Oh, are you awake?”

“are you okay?”

Lee Yong-wan and Ha Yu-ri were also there. It was a place where all the main leaders of the raiding party were gathered, and there were also unfamiliar faces.

“You’re awake, warrior.”


“I say that I am Beldi, the chief of the Woodsling tribe.”

“Bearsun Tribal Chief Gezzliyo.”

“I am Urzon, the chief of the Baltherhorn tribe.”

There were also several tribal chiefs who seemed to be indigenous to the area.

‘What is this? When did they gather like this?’

‘Anyway, this quest. It seems that it is not clearing with raids alone.’

NPCs can be hostile or friendly. The objective of the quest is to defeat the field boss Majestic Geobrick and prevent a massacre.

If so, getting help from the tribes on the side of being slaughtered would be one of the ways to clear it.

“Now that the younger ones are awake, let’s start the strategy meeting right away.”

Lee Yong-wan requested an explanation from Hildir, a woodsling shaman, for Hwang Yeon-ha, who had passed out.

“In the meantime, the kingdom’s army has been slaughtering and plundering us, calling us heretical. They skinned and executed them horribly.”

The beginning was a demonstration of force by the united tribes who could not stand it.

He executed the elderly and killed the knights and soldiers who set fire to them. But it called for greater force.

“Grail Knight Geobrick… That terrible monster has already annihilated three tribes, claiming to be the price for killing the knight.”

The remaining tribes either fled deeper or set out to defend their homeland. The Woodsling, Bearthorn, and Waltherhorn tribes were a tribal union that decided to confront.

“But the monster’s power is too strong. We asked our god for help… and thus the warriors came to rescue us.”


Is it such a quest? Hwang Yeon-ha was convinced to some extent. In short, while serving as their hero, they receive support and defeat the kingdom’s army.

This seems to be the core of Jeju Island’s red gate.

“That guy… he was filthy strong.”

The 150-strong elite raiding party was unable to use their hands. Even though there were four S-class Hunters.

Hildir said.

“Geobric has the defensive power to block the charge of a giant horn and the regenerative power to regenerate even a burnt body. Some say he can survive even if his heart is destroyed. As long as he lives, his army will receive similar blessings.”

yeah that’s the problem Geobrick himself is ridiculously hard, but even his subordinates receive powerful buffs.

“The only attack that worked was the weapon of the younger sister. Was it the MF-07 series of Supreme Heimer Co.? Converting that mana into energy direction?”

“Well, that’s right.”

The younger man looked at the log of his weapon. Defense penetration up to 65%. This power was the only one that gave an effective hit.

“I think I’ll have to go around the defense system…”

“What is a defense system?”

Among the tribesmen who couldn’t keep up with the hunters’ words, Hindir asked.

“Ah, ignoring defense to some extent… what is that?”

In short, impact force. No matter how hard the armor is, it doesn’t mean that the damage to the inside is zero.

While explaining it logically, Hildir agreed as if he had realized something.

“I see. If the molars of our tribe are imprinted… I think we can achieve a similar effect.”

“Mazo’s molars engraved?”

“Yes, it is an imprint that amplifies the strength of the warriors and strengthens their resilience. It is the strength that our tribes have been able to stand up to the soldiers of the kingdom.”

Hildir said he would carve that mark on a hunter as a test.

Then, he took off his clothes and imprinted on his skin, and the effect of the imprint was immediately organized through a system message.

[Mazer’s molar has been engraved.]

– Defense Penetration is increased by 35%.

– Increases strength and endurance by 20%.

“That’s amazing!”

This is the level of using one more specialized item. In response, the hunters requested that they be engraved.

“Awesome… With this, you can stand up to that monster.”


The tribal chiefs bowed.

“Please save us. We will help with anything as long as we can.”

For the tribes being slaughtered, Hwang Yeon-ha clenched her fists and vowed to save them.

* * * *

Jeju Island horse ranch Yuwol Ranch. This is the country’s largest horse ranch, supplying one-third of the horses supplied to domestic racecourses.

For some reason, the peaceful ranch with only trainers and funeral directors is usually crowded with people.

“Wow, that’s true.”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen it.”

A large-scale field trip from Hunter Academy. And the leader is Leon Dragonia Lionheart of the popular pantheon guild.

“Oh, you’re here, Your Majesty.”

Ranch owner Park Soon, who had received precautions from the association staff in advance, greeted Leon with the utmost bowing.

“Hmm, thank you for welcoming me to such a sudden visit.”

Leon gave encouragement by patting the shoulder, which is rare for a commoner. In Lionheart, the kingdom of knights, raising horses is a noble profession.

“I’m sure you’ve heard beforehand, but I’ve come to ask for a horse to use as my warhorse.”

“Yes, yes…! Our Yuwol Ranch is the largest ranch in Korea and supplies the most horses for racing! We also have a lineage of famous Japanese racehorses, so the seeds are great!”

“Hmm, yes, it’s the seed that counts. Let’s take a look at the horses.”

Leon left the rancher behind and approached the cadets.

“For a knight, a horse is a precious comrade who will be with him for the rest of his life. It is important to communicate with and become one with the horse. Get close to them, communicate with them, and try boarding.”

Leon approached the trainer and other ranch staff and patted them on the shoulder.

“Today, please take good care of me. I will reward you separately.”

He’s usually busy, but he would have thought he was leaving work, but Leon was the known king of another world. He asks with a benevolent smile, but there are not many commoners who would refuse.

Above all, there is something about his innate cuteness and unusual energy that makes him feel embarrassed even to be asked for a favor.

“Oh, I see!”

“I’ll do my best to serve you!”

There’s even a special bonus. Knowing that the amount delivered through Yapi was not small, the employees pledged to do their best.

“There are so many words.”

At that time, a woman walking with an elegant gait, protected by a parasol held by Hari.

A veil covering the face of a black dress. In modern civilization, the outfit was awkward enough to be considered cosplay, but the clothes she wore are noble as if they existed only for her.

Even though it was beyond the veil, the staff and cadets who saw Queen Beatrice focused their eyes as if possessed.

“Thank you for responding to the sudden schedule, Queen.”

“His Majesty invited me, how could I refuse?”

Queen Beatrice responded politely and naturally extended the back of her hand. Leon willingly bent down on one knee and kissed the back of the Queen’s hand.

“Would you grant me the honor of serving a noble lady?”


Watch the horses with the queen. Naturally, Hari, who played the maid with a parasol, also joined.

“Your Majesty, these are the finest horses in our ranch.”

The horses prepared for Leon and the Queen are among the finest in the June ranch. Among them, there was a winner who won several times in domestic horse racing competitions.

“Hmm, not bad.”

The condition of the horses was not bad. These are horses that have been proven in horse racing in Korea. The lineage could be said to be the best because it was repeatedly crossed with the finest seeds.

“It’s not bad.”

“Would you like to try aboard?”

“Yes. Your Majesty, would you recommend it?”

“Hmm, then… what about that black guy?”

Leon headed for the horse named Black Comet, the winner of the previous year. The rancher smiled, but awkwardly snickered.

“Black Comet is a great horse. But… I think it’s a bit ferocious for a thin woman to ride. It’s also a large horse.”

“There is no need to worry.”

At the Queen’s soft refusal, the ranch owner Park Soon withdrew with a worried expression.

“Choose one of yours too.”

“Me, me too? Umm~”

Hari looked at the horses with expectant eyes. Among them, the white horse stands out with its most beautiful and refreshing mane.

“How about that white horse…”

“That yellow horse is tall and has a lot of muscles. Go with that.”


Hari calmly nodded and approached to mount the horse.

“Um, how do I ride this?”

Of course, Han Ha-ri is a native of Seoul. All I could say was what I saw on TV and what I saw Leon’s new beast, Stallion.

You don’t know how to ride a horse.

“Would you like to sit down?”

As Hari fidgeted and carefully held the horse’s reins, Leon pushed her away.

“Get out of the way, commoner (woman).”

Hari ignores it and Leon extends his hand towards Beatrice.

“Take my hand, Lady.”

“Oh, thank you.”

Beatrice, who held Leon’s hand, easily boarded the dark horse.

“Can Jim lead?”

“You said that Your Majesty would act as a coachman himself?

“It is not the virtue and honor of a knight to serve a noble lady like you.”

“Hehe, thank you. Then I’ll ask you.”

Leon holds onto the reins and gently leads the horse.

The wild-tempered and rough course was surprisingly calm when led by Leon.

However, Hari, who had not even been able to ride a horse until then, groans at the sight of the two.

“It’s too discriminatory…”

The way he treats himself and the queen is the difference between heaven and earth. Hari sighs and jumps as if jumping to board a horse that has no intention of carrying her.

“Hunter, then the horse is amazing!”

“I’m sorry.”

The horse giggled as if it were a little startled, but we managed to get on board anyway. Hari hurriedly followed the queen’s black horse.

“Miss Harry, did you board well?”

“Ah, yes! Cha, he’s a good boy.”

Even though it was her first time riding a horse, Hari’s riding skills were not bad. This is a little different from beginner’s luck.

“It has a good compatibility with horses. It has a gentle personality and is easy to handle.”

“Is that so? Come on, I think it’s an honor for you. He’s such a great person, did you praise him?”


Perhaps because she was a beginner, Hari was not even allowed to run, but she seemed to get used to it quickly.

That was the time when I was choosing the words of the cadets. Manager Kim Jin-soo, who had been able to ride a horse thanks to following him, answered the phone and approached.

“Me, Your Majesty.”

“What’s going on?”

“This is an urgent contact from the president of the association. If you accept it, please tell me that you will be grateful.”

“I will do it.”

With Leon’s permission, Manager Kim Jin-soo switched the phone to speaker phone mode so that the president’s voice, Kang-hyeok Oh, could be heard.

“Are you well, Your Majesty? I am Oh Kang-hyeok.”

“What happened?”

Oh Kang-hyeok, the head of the association, told Leon about the matter while attaching a beautiful and formal rhetoric. It’s because I heard short and simple sentences, not etiquette.

Let’s talk about the conclusion about this–

[Please help me to capture Jeju Island Gate. It’s a big deal if a dungeon break occurs.]

It has already been 5 days since the combined raiding party of the Phoenix Guild and the Golden Lion Guild entered the gate. The deadline for the Dungeon Break was approaching.

According to a raid member who escaped from there, it seems that there is an absurdly strong boss.

“Does Jim have any obligation to help with that? Jim is not a handyman doing your chores.”

[Of course, it is something that Your Majesty would be interested in, so I risked being rude to contact you. There is a message from a survivor of that gate.]

“Are there survivors?”

[yes. We are guessing that it is related to His Majesty.]

Oh Kang-hyeok took a breather and delivered the survivor’s testimony.

[Goddess of life and abundance. The person claiming to be the knight is the field boss of the gate.]

A person who can call himself a knight of God.

only in one case.

[Holy Grail Knight. I don’t know if it’s real or fake, but His Majesty decided it was worth checking.]

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