The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 59 I will not tolerate this kind of brutality!

The Jeju Island gate occurred a week ago. The one who won the bid for the gate was Lee Yong-wan’s guild leader, the Phoenix Guild.

Lee Yong-wan brought in the golden iron of the Golden Lion Guild to clear the red gate, and the Firebird x Golden Lion alliance attack team started to attack the red gate.

There is one principle in attacking the red gate.

Be sure to request support when attacking is not possible.

And when requesting support, the association has the right to forcibly mobilize ‘hunters’ to the red gate where a dungeon break is imminent.

In fact, during a dungeon break, one city is almost the only requisition right that the association has because it is a red gate that basically deals damage at the level of flying.

Even this was not accepted by large domestic guilds, so a condition was attached that the ‘attack failure’ had to be a fait accompli.

This is the reason why the association sent manager Kim Jin-soo and Hari as scapegoats for the actual attack failure in the black gate.

“So, you’re saying you’re going to mobilize me?”

When Leon rolled his eyes in displeasure, Manager Kim Jin-soo answered cautiously while sweating profusely.

“Of course not. The Association wants to maintain an amicable relationship with His Majesty. In the first place, we’re not at the stage where we can invoke a mobilization order just yet.”

The emergency mobilization order had to be declared a failure by the preceding guild. The problem is that there are hunters who have escaped, but whether or not that is a failure is ambiguous.

“I’ll have to see him first. Where is the returnee?”

“I’m being treated at the hospital. They say I’m almost unconscious…”

“It doesn’t matter. Eggplant.”

Leon went straight to the Jeju hospital where the surviving Hunter was taken. The association staff, who had received Leon’s visit by radio in advance, bowed 90 degrees when they met Leon.

“This way, Your Majesty.”

The wounded from the Phoenix Guild and the Golden Lion Guild were concentrated in the 4-person room. All of them were not in very good condition, but the serious ones were not in their seats and they were undergoing surgery.

“This is a hospital.”

Beatrice, who followed Leon to the hospital, admired the modern hospital facilities on Earth.

It is kept clean to prevent infection, and numerous nurses and doctors are resident to treat it.

It is quite a sensational sight for her. Why couldn’t he have thought of this in his own kingdom? No, that would have been impossible… Called.

“Heh, not savage.”

“This facility?”

“That’s right. It’s about treating soldiers injured in battle. Even so, how can even commoners be treated?”

It was not meant to be discriminatory in the sense that commoners were not entitled to treatment.

In Lionheart Kingdom as well as in most countries, commoners eat blessed crops and never get sick.

Longevity without disease and the act of healing disease are repeated at every meal. At least, there were no bacteria in the mouth, so the concept of dentistry was unfamiliar.

When ordinary people received healing, they did not have the concept of a trauma caused by an accident or a god of medicine, so the priests of life and abundance took their place.

If you are sick, come to the temple to pray, eat well and go home. Why do you need a doctor and why do you need hospitalization?

Such a thing is necessary only for soldiers and knights who have had their arms attached to them due to urgent trauma or injured their internal organs.

Even that is a matter for the priests of life and abundance dispatched to the battlefield to solve.

“…Your Majesty’s world is an unusual case that cannot be put on the scales.”

“Well, I know. That’s why the burden representing all the gods is the blessing of this world.”


The queen did not tackle the god-king, who deserved arrogance. She herself is now the priestess of dreams and death.

“There are a lot of people who don’t say hello.”

“It’s because I was given a sedative. If you wait a little longer…”

“You don’t have to.”

Leon approached the queen.

“Is it my turn to leave?”


Beatrice aroused her own holy power. She is the priestess of Fleur, the deity of dreams and death. Even if he is a novice priest with no experience, it is not to the extent that he cannot intervene in one person’s dreams.

“There is nothing difficult. Create a new space in his dreams. You must be the one who constructed the repeated world in that gate.”

Born with the talent of a dreamer, she has maintained a world that repeats itself through the tricks of demons. In that respect, what I am doing right now is more familiar than I thought.


How ironic is this? The terrible repetition of memories and experiences became so helpful only after they were liberated from them.

Beatrice entered the unconscious Hunter’s dream, where she was able to examine the Hunter’s consciousness.

[…] … This.]

Soon after, Beatrice came out of her dream and became conscious, and immediately testified to the scene she had seen in her consciousness.

“It’s a green armored knight. He carried a huge one-handed hammer and shield, and claimed to be a knight protected by the goddess of life and fertility.”

“Hmm… Demera?”

But maybe not. What is the guarantee that there will be no goddesses of life and fertility in other worlds?

“Can you guess the knight’s name?”

“Geobric. It seems that he is called the majestic Geobric. And… the guardian of Gerhan. The mighty knight of Montreal…”


At that moment, Leon’s eyes widened.

“your majesty?”

“Let’s leave right away. Jim will go out himself.”

When Leon immediately expressed his willingness to participate, the complexion of Manager Kim Jin-soo and the association staff brightened.

Most of the 4 S-class raiders had lost contact. In such a situation, sending someone would require at least a power comparable to that.

Of course, other large guilds in the country would stretch out, and their strength was questionable. But if it’s Leon… … .

‘This person is not a person who moves with profit and loss.’

Moreover, its strength is well known. Perhaps even compared to world-class monsters, it would be equal to or better than that.

“Shall we call the troops from the office building? We can arrange a charter right now.”

It was just in time for Leon to purchase horses for the knight cadets on Jeju Island.

It was very unfamiliar for a hunter attacking a gate to buy a horse, and there was no need to bring soldiers.

They would need troops to attack the gate, so Manager Kim Jin-soo was able to bring them by using the association’s plane.

“No, I will not be taking soldiers to the gate this time.”

“Why… Joe?”

In response to Manager Kim Jin-soo’s question, Beatrice, who had witnessed Hunter’s dream scene, recited a guess instead.

“Isn’t it because there’s no meaning to mediocre skills?”

“That’s right. So at least the level of a wandering knight or higher. You should have at least enough strength not to get caught up in death.”

“Miss Hari and the three of them, including me, would be the only ones. It was a mistake not to bring Sir Yapi.”

At least, B-class cadets with mediocre skills and soldiers, including Koo Dae-seong and Kim Do-han, are not enough.

“The sooner the better. You’d better join them sooner rather than wait for Lord Spinner.”

Should I be in such a hurry? Aware of the seriousness of the situation, she headed for the gate with Leon.

* * * *


“This, what the heck…”

What I witnessed as soon as I entered the gate was the traces of a terrible battle.

The incinerated traces of human habitation. It was a thorough act of destruction that left not even a single blade of grass.

Ruthless slaughter and merciless destruction. Hari, who witnessed the symbolic ‘execution table’, gritted her teeth.

“You are too serious…”

Human skin peeled off and hanging.

Children, men and women of all ages, the sight of the naked scaffold raised eyebrows in most eyes.


Suho could not stand the disgust and vomited. Jaehyuk patted Suho on the back.


It was Cheon So-yeon who saw all the stars while clearing the gate, but this is the first time she has been to such a terrible execution site.

Although they didn’t show it in the line of frowning, Leon and Beatrice calmly examined their surroundings.

“It’s been a while since the execution grounds were set up. Are these hunters?”

“It’s not. That’s why the overall height is small. Koreans generally have strong height.”

In addition, we found traces of people who stayed there until recently. It is because of walking in a field where many footprints have become ashes.

“After implementing the clear night tactics, they killed every single one. The intention is not to leave a single seed in this land.”

“Are you familiar with me?”

“When I killed the orcs, I did something similar to their few green spaces.”

Leon left the executed victims behind and mounted his horse.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I’ll trace back and find out what’s going on.”

Leon leads the way, followed by the Queen and the Cadets.

I’m not used to it yet, but riding a horse was much faster than walking.

“your majesty.”

Beatrice asked as they were walking on horseback.

“Tell me.”

“Looks like you’re in a bit of a hurry. Sir Yapi isn’t waiting. Any guesses?”

“Hmm… Jim was inconsiderate.”

road on horseback. Leon started talking.

“As I said before, mediocre skills are dangerous. The reason is that the ‘Holy Grail Knight’ is here.”

“Grail Knight… Sir Geobrick?”

Beatrice recalled the knight in green armor she had witnessed in Hunter’s consciousness.

Majestic Geobrick. Claiming to be a knight of God, his armed forces certainly belonged to the Outer Magician.

“The Holy Grail Knight favored by Demera, the goddess of life and abundance. The Holy Grail Knight three generations before me. It was a knight whose prowess was passed down to my generation.”

Leon doesn’t know much about him either. Holy Grail Knights basically have a long lifespan.

A generation usually starts with at least 200 years.

“Sir Geobrick was 800 years ago, 500 years before I was born.


“It must mean that he passed away, sister.”

Leon did not deny Suho’s guess. Originally great saints do not express their death as death.

Their deaths are due to their ascension to paradise, led directly by the gods.

“However, Sir Geobrick did not come to paradise.”

“……So the soul didn’t arrive.”

“I even traced the energy of the sacred object, but I couldn’t find him and the subjugation army anywhere.”

Beatrice saw Leon personally ascending the fallen trainees to paradise.

So, at least in Leon’s world, he knew that the afterlife existed and that souls favored by the gods were gathered.

Speaking of Holy Grail Knights, if they were the most favored saints of their time, how could their souls not reach paradise?

“Three guesses. First, is Sir Geobrick actually alive?”

It is quite possible. Holy Grail Knights do not have a fixed lifespan.

They ascend to the heavens when they perish on the battlefield or give up their seats and are embraced by the gods.

“Second, did his soul get lost in the middle? Lastly——”


Holy Grail Knight Geobrick. Was it that he who was favored by the goddess was actually a renegade?

“If you attack this gate, you might be able to figure out the truth. But, the Holy Grail Knight with super power is involved. If a battle does happen, it won’t be a human fight.”

Therefore, only those who can survive the aftermath of the battle have been selected. This is because it is not yet large enough to handle the consumption of troops.

The more they traced back, the cadets’ faces darkened.


“It was built like a showpiece.”

It was because the corpses put on the scaffold as an example were all terrible.

Bodies burned to death, unilaterally trampled and trampled villages, traces of being massacred without resistance.

In particular, it growls, noting their peeling skin.

“It is unacceptable. To commit such atrocities. These people are mortal sinners who deserve death.”

At Leon’s words, Hari nodded in affirmation.

‘As expected, His Majesty is also angry at this tragedy.’

Leon may seem discriminatory and authoritarian at first glance, but in essence, he is a righteous person.

Even though there were some cultural differences, Hari considered him a righteous person to follow.

“Han Hari. And the rest of the cadets, listen.”

The eyes of the cadets are focused. They were tired of this horror, but focused on Leon’s clear words. Knowing that he is the standard that will lead them through this hellish place.

“No matter what happens from now on, it’s enough for you to follow the main king. Don’t be overconfident in your eyes and thoughts. Do you understand?”

“Ah, I see.”

“I will only follow the path to His Majesty!”

Why are you making such an obvious request? The cadets looked puzzled, but Leon went ahead without saying anything more.

How much higher did it go up?


-help me!

Another tragedy is coming.

The smell of burning brimstone and flesh, the sound of music in the wind.

“Your Majesty! It’s a village! People are being slaughtered!”

Knights and soldiers on horseback were killing naked people unilaterally. Those who resisted, regardless of age or gender, were slaughtered, and those who were captured were beaten mercilessly.

-die! I will kill you!

-Hahahaha, get lost, you lowly ones!

A massacre by anyone. The scene of one-sided slaughter no matter who sees it. Leon was enraged in front of a terrible massacre in which those who resisted had their limbs cut off even more horrificly.

“This, these buggy trash…!”

“your majesty!”

Hari was thrilled to see Leon in genuine anger. You can trust and follow this person’s justice!

“Allies are in danger! Charge!”

“I’ll follow you wherever you go!”

Hari clumsily grabbed the horse’s reins. The same goes for other cadets.

They believed in the moment to save the civilians from being mercilessly slaughtered and establish justice. If you are with this Lion Heart King, you will be able to achieve justice.

-Dag dag dag dag!

The horse’s hooves pound the ground. The Lion Heart King, who summoned Lance before he knew it, ran at full speed, so fast that no one could catch up with him.

To the extent that clumsy jockeys and racehorses could not catch up.

“You’re too fast! I can’t keep up!”

“You’re that angry! Just like when you met an ‘orc’!”

The cadets were excited to catch up. At that time, Suho tilted his head and said.

“……Uh, isn’t there something strange about the direction?”


In response to Suho’s question, Hari also looked straight in the direction Leon was heading.

The direction Leon rushes furiously along with the fury, that place… It was the residents who stood up to the massacre.

“To Lionheart…! Glory be aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!”

Kwakang, the moment of clash… The three civilians who were being slaughtered were pierced with a lance like skewers.

your majesty?

Isn’t that the direction?

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