The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 6 Divinity (2)

“Hello, it’s been a while since I turned on the broadcast. I’m Mr. Park, a Jeolla-do farmer.”

– Haha What are you doing at this time?

-When will you upload traditional liquor content?

Mr. Park, a farmer, was a farmer who had a job as a yub tuber.

A typical local YouTuber who shows rural life such as farming content, frog eating shows, wild boar hunting, and also does farming work.

He came here to see the rice fields of Mr. Kim, a neighbor who was said to have stopped work recently due to the appearance of a gate.

“Didn’t the community mention it once? There’s a gate in the Kim family’s field next door.”

– ㅇㅇ I did

-The Phoenix Guild won the bid.

-Kim’s father set a table and a drinking table for the firebird guild hunters to solve it well.

“Ah, but the dungeon break exploded?”

– Mr. Park Goo

-S-class Lee Yong-wan and A-class firebird with over 40 could not clear the scarlet gate?

– No bullshit

The reaction of the viewers made Park feel unfair. It was because he personally saw the owner of the field, Mr. Kim, crying over a field contaminated with demons.

Mr. Park did not know much about the Hunters, but he knew that they were the famous 10th guild and had great skills.

Even so, the dungeon break occurred and Mr. Kim’s field was still being polluted by demons. It is the tragedy that farmers fear the most since the cataclysm 30 years ago.

“Oh, it’s real. The association’s staff come here and it’s not a fuss. It’s because the rice has rotted because it’s been contaminated with oxen.”

As Mr. Park zoomed in on the camera footage, he showed the contaminated land and the association’s employees in confrontation with the Phoenix Guild.

Not only the rotten rice, but also the remains of skeletons strewn around it, suggesting that they were the remains of skeletons.

-… … really? If it spreads in Honam, it would be farming this year, but no news?

-Isn’t that fucked up? The food self-sufficiency rate has declined recently, so farming subsidies have increased.

– What if the subsidy increases? There is no land to farm.

– The answer is smart farm. Doojeong Mirae Foods must be bought now

-Stockworm OUT!

After that, Mr. Park took a video around the gate.

Although a control line was drawn, Mr. Park, who was sneaking around among the crops, was luckily not found, and the reaction of viewers became more serious.

“Oh… there are foreigners.”

Just then, a blonde man came into his camera. Viewers also raised questions.

-What kind of foreigner are you? Are you from the Phoenix Guild?

– Other than that, the equipment is poor. You’re not even wearing gear.

-Then are you an association employee?

– There are no Europeans among the association’s staff. but he is very handsome

-Are there a lot of young ladies over there? What are you all holding? Mr. Park, try zooming in.

Mr. Park saw the altar and rice straw dolls that Leon had built. It’s not clear because it’s dawn, but it’s a sculpture that feels like an altar.

‘Are there any good games?’

It is a common sight to hold an exorcism in a land contaminated by demons.

Even so, he prays for the contaminated land to be purified, but in the end, the only way to purify the contaminated land is to inject the magic tower agent reagent in time.

Could that blond man be a wizard dispatched from the Mage Tower? No, no matter how you look at it, he seems far from a wizard.

Mr. Park was strangely concerned about that man.

It’s not just because of his looks.

Even though he was filming from far away, the brilliance of Leon, a living saint, subtly radiated nobility and noble grace.

It was an instinctive feeling of ‘realness’ that could not be felt in the upper classes or actors who are often seen on TV or on the Internet.

Modern aristocrats are said to be High Awakeners and entrepreneurs, but their grace and pedigree are inimitable.

and the next moment.

Park, a farmer, witnesses a moment that will change his life.

* * * *

Leon is the first knight of Ariana, the goddess of light and justice.

Lion Heart Kings of the Holy Knight Kingdom Lionheart were Ariana’s first champions to serve.

However, in the Lionheart Kingdom, where harmony with the gods and service are considered virtues, some gods are essential beliefs, so naturally, the Lion Heart King also served as their champion.

“Lionheart. It’s my child.”

“Greetings to the Earthmother, Demera, deity of life and fertility.”

Leon showed respect and reverence to the crested doll as he got down on one knee.

Even in the pantheon, Demera’s status is high. Because it is the deity that embraces all life and controls abundance.

While everyone did not understand the voice resounding from the rice straw doll, the deity Demera, who dwelled in the rice straw doll, said.

“This new land is also being invaded by evil. The land is polluted.”

“Yes, evil species exist in this land. However, I am afraid that divinity is absent and the lowly and lowly pigs will dirty the eyes of the goddess.”

The first emotion Leon felt after returning to Earth was ‘disappointment’.

Being an Awakener or a Survivor is a secondary issue. The vague memories of the 20 years he lived were left as memories.

However, as soon as I returned, what I saw was the tyranny of the 10th guild and the incompetent government, so it was pitiful but also regrettable.

“I can’t say that ignorance and greed are all sins. Because that’s what mortal life is all about. What do you plan to do next?」

“I don’t like it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t drive out legitimate rule. This land elects its leaders by the pitiful means of voting, but that is also the legitimacy and lawfulness of this land.”

It was the only reason he recognized the authority of the president.

The incompetence he gets around because he can’t handle even a single swordsman is intimidating, but since the right to rule is sacred, he intends to follow the due process.

“I will establish parallels between rights and duties on this earth. I will teach the ignorant and guide the right path.”


A hometown where power and money became justice.

Above all, a land devoid of divinity.

Leon intends to build a new pantheon on this land.

Now, it will restore the divinities of the pantheon that have lost their power and revive the new Holy Grail Knights.

He needed faith. True faith to be worshiped by countless believers, priests, and pantheons.

“Baby, don’t you have something to ask of this mother?”

Demera read Leon’s intentions and smiled. Ariana’s first article. He is no longer just a champion of light and justice.

When the gods of the pantheon chose a grail guardian named Leon as their vessel and decided to place all their divinity in the pantheon in his heart.

The gods bet everything on Leon.

He believed that he would slay the evil groups and survive to the end.

He did it brilliantly over 200 years, and found opportunities in new lands.


The gods of the pantheon will do whatever he desires.

I will trust the greatest knight in history who has kept his honor and divinity in the end.

“Yes, Demera. The free people of this land are suffering from the evil energy of Masora. Although it is not possible, please heal and purify this land.”

Demera, a straw puppet, bore divinity at her fingertips. A feeble blessing that is incomparable to that of receiving the faith of countless followers.

However, in a land where this faith is absent, it will be seen as a great miracle.

“You are my priest. our champion. The earth of this world is not this mother’s body. Spread my divinity and replace this parched land with my body. Then everything on earth will become your ally.”

Divinity resides in the earth.

Living saint, demigod, lion heart king… Furthermore, the mother of life blessed the land where the priestess of life and abundance was located.

Earth is life

It is the source of life and the beginning of an affluent world.

As the divine dwelled on the ground with infinite energy, an amazing sight unfolded.

The land contaminated with demonic energy, and the rotting rice fields perish.

The divinity that does not forgive wrongdoing has sprouted a new life.

at the same time.

Since all living beings rooted in the land had their due duties fulfilled by the hands of the saint, neither polluted land nor rotten rice could stop their growth.

Leon reported all this to everyone watching from a distance.

“Look and realize! Fools who do not learn and do not know! This is the world with the divine!”

Rows of rice soaring like gold. Everyone clings to their trembling hands and mouths in front of the miracle of life that purifies the contaminated land and grows.

“Be fruitful and multiply. This is the duty of those who have life. This fertile land is the evidence of the covenant that will last forever.”

* * * *

Hunter Association employees, including Han Ha-ri and Kim Jin-soo, were dumbfounded by the miracle unfolding in front of their eyes.

How do demons pollute the land?

How can life not grow in polluted land?

Through all the questions, there was only one conclusion.

A vicious will that cannot be understood by human common sense or technology works to devastate the world.

Crops cannot grow on polluted soil. Purification work is possible, but it’s more like offset by investing a lot of valuable hunters’ mana.

Crops cannot be grown on soil contaminated with demonic energy.

That was modern common sense, and why modern humans clung so desperately to printed cultures and palm farms.

As the land gradually contaminated by the dungeon break increases, mankind’s food self-sufficiency rate will hit the bottom.

“This, what is this…”

Hari and Jinsu doubted their eyes at the phenomenon in front of them.

The golden crops that filled the land swayed gently in the wind.

The rich golden fields of the earth shine brilliantly as if the fact that they had been polluted just now was a lie.

“Chief… This is really rice.”

“I-I’m watching too.”

Rice that grew quickly. It was not only the Hunter Association that was shocked to see it.

The same was true of Lee Yong-wan, the guild leader of the Fire Bird Guild, who tried to intimidate the Hunter Association by contaminating the land.

“Ha! You don’t seem to know that crops grown rapidly with magic are poison!”

Lee Yong-wan’s point was correct.

Since the cataclysm, mankind has been researching the direction of growing crops with magic power.

However, the crops imbued with magical powers could not be eaten by ordinary humans, and rather acted as toxins.

“Did you see such an ignorant thing? It is a crop directly blessed by the divine. How can you judge it as poison?”

“That rice straw doll——”

“I forgive ignorance only once. Do not defile the goddess with your light tongue.”

Leon’s words were powerful and had something to make them submissive. Above all, the implicit wariness of survivors prevented him from acting in vain.

‘Damn it, I shouldn’t be like this.’

The Honam Plain was a hostage. As the association guessed, the Phoenix Guild deliberately induced a dungeon break.

The top 10 Korean guilds still receive countless benefits, but they wanted more, and the key was the exemption from dungeon by-products.

Now, we want a waiver of 1 trillion won a year, but we will further increase the scale in the future and will eventually demand a complete waiver.

In the end, if you use dungeon break as an excuse to intimidate the government, the government, which has to protect the land and people, will have no choice but to accept it.

But it went awry because of one survivor. Lee Yong-wan wanted to find fault with something.

“Let’s do an appraisal. I think verification is necessary for the safety of the people who will eat that rice.”

Regardless of his intentions, the claim was true.

Crops grown with magic cannot be eaten by ordinary humans. So, of course, verification was necessary.

“Let’s borrow our guild’s appraiser. I’m curious. What kind of crops will grow in one second?”

Lee Yong-wan waited for the results with his characteristic mean smile.

Waiting for the moment to unmask that shameless face.

The moment even a horse of magical power comes out of the crop, I plan to sell it as a fraudster.

“Go, the evaluation results are out!”

“Papa, that’s fast.”

“Because our guild appraisers are excellent.”

While Lee Yong-wan was waiting for the appraiser to say that he could not eat this rice, the appraiser’s mouth finally came out in a cold sweat.

“The appraisal result grade is rare!”


“Each of these rice is all rare grade!”

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