The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 60: Holy Grail Knight Geobrick (1)


Leon’s spear pierces the man’s heart. And that’s not all. It penetrated the back and also penetrated the chest of the woman behind him.

The victims screamed at the lance that was threaded like a skewer only after three people were penetrated.

“The bugs and garbage are even noisy.”

He lifted the lance that had pierced the three people high and swung it. Corpses falling from the tip of the spear and strewn about.

With the tip of Leon’s spear soaked in blood, he searches for his next prey.

“Let’s go, Stallion!”

It was a scene of slaughter and slaughter, where battles were not even established.

“What, what?”

“Aren’t you crazy?!”


Suho, Jaehyuk, and Soyeon. All three are stunned by Leon’s runaway.

Wasn’t the charge direction wrong? was it a mistake? However, he realizes that he is sane as he continues to slaughter.

”You really stand on the side of the soldiers!”

The ignorance and hatred of the Orc opponent was of a different race, so I didn’t think this would happen to the same human.

“This is not it.”

Unable to see, Hari stepped forward. The horse would not easily enter the heart of the storm, but we must get down and stop the atrocities!

“Miss Harry.”

At that very moment, a dark energy blocks Hari. The Magician Queen’s magical powers restrain her.


“Hey, my queen…”

Hari stares at the queen with a reproachful gaze at the queen who blocks her. Even so, the Queen understood Hari. She quietly persuaded me with a smile hidden under her veil.

“Trust me, Your Majesty. There’s always a reason for what he does.”

“Is that so?”

Hari looked at Leon.

– Die, you scum!

-ha ha ha! Did you sew five! What a new record!

-I won’t let even one of them live! Die in anguish and cries!

Leon who pierces with a spear, stomps on with a divine beast, and splits his head with a sword.

“Isn’t it just hate?”

“…you do have a temperament that gets a little excited.”

If you look at the visuals, there is no such thing as a crazy person. Hari, who has gotten used to it, is the second one, but the cadets, including Suho, look frustrated.

-we… Shouldn’t we run away now?

-Oh, I agree.

-Strength… If you want to get… … .

It is not only because they lack a sense of justice that they do not step forward after seeing that terrible scene.

The first is that even if they do, they have no power to stop the massacre.

The second is that since Leon is doing it, there must be some reason.

Lastly, in the end, the existence of the gate is ‘fake’.

Excluding survivors, which are only a few cases, the monsters and NPCs in the gate are just memories of the past that reproduced certain events.

Unlike the ‘real other world’ where survivors exist, only magic stones and drop items can be collected here.

Among the numerous attempts since the appearance of the Gate, the fact that all attempts to bring the NPCs or monsters inside the Gate to Earth have failed is proof of that.

that they are fake after all. Whether fakes are slaughtered or displayed on the scaffold, they may frown upon it, but they do not consider it a ‘sin’.

Eventually, the massacre of incinerating an entire village was over, and knights and soldiers approached Leon and his party.


Hari and the cadets prepared to draw their swords while watching the soldiers soaked in blood.

They were the ones who killed people so brutally. The scaffold for the skinned corpse must have been set up by them.


A knight wearing a stylish helmet took it off and approached. He dismounted and suddenly fell to his knees.

“Meet the living saint, the Holy Grail Knight!”

“Meet the living saint, the Holy Grail Knight!!”

Knights and soldiers kneeling all at once. They bowed down as if they were worshiping Leon and waited for Leon’s words.

“Stand up. It’s still a battlefield.”

Knights and soldiers barely raised their heads only after permission was granted. One article that was at the forefront came out.

“My name is Toscata Bendelic, brother of Lord Bendelic and a member of the Knights of the Dawn of Lavonia. Saint who bears the brilliance of God.”

“If it’s the Bendelic Territory, it’s a trading city close to Langqual. Is your younger brother the lord?”

“Unfortunately, I was the only one among the brothers who was recognized for my knightly talent.”

In many cases, a knight does not concurrently serve as a lord. It is the role of civil servants to manage and govern the territory.

Those who walk the path of an ordinary knight… Especially if you want to walk the path of strict training, it is because you can’t afford to govern the gnosis.

“Have you not left the path of training yet?”

“Yes, this conquest was the last time I was going to go on a training course.”

Leon couldn’t recall a knight named Toscata Bendelic in his memory.

At least if he had become a Holy Grail Knight, he would have met them in the paradise of the gods. That is, he either failed in his training or died in this conquest.

“The other knights also make a name for themselves.”

“Yes! I am Tezare, the Kingdom Knight of Viscount Gitan!”

“I am called Kingdom Knight Zoltan Bormun!”

“I’m the pilgrim knight, Benien Barboza!”

“I’m the pilgrim knight Isla Stanion!”

Leon checked each of their names against his own memories. But it wasn’t a name I knew. Unfortunately, these honorable knights could not leave their names in history.

“I am Leon Dragonia Lionheart. I am the legitimate grand duke of the Grand Duke of Dragonia and the owner of the lion’s heart, inherited by Ariana, the goddess of light and justice.”

“”… … !!””

At those words, the knights and soldiers were stained with astonishment. The reason for this was fully understood by the Hana cadets.

The era of this gate is the distant past in Leon’s world. For example, he is the future Lion Heart King. Who would believe him if he pretended to be a king in this era?

“……The one who bears the brilliant brilliance. Should we judge this as nonsense?”

“Fucking. Any knight in the world pretending to be the Lion Heart King?”

A feeble mistrust spreads among them. The knights were hesitant about the current situation in contradiction with the more intense brilliance felt from Leon.

“Believe me. It’s complicated to explain, but I’m also unmistakably the Lionheart.”

“…I believe it.”

‘You believe this?!’

The faces of the cadets were full of surprise. It wouldn’t be strange to draw a sword right away, but Leon makes an outrageous claim and the knights believe it straight away.

Even the soldiers are in the mood to say, “If that’s the case, that’s it,” and move on.

‘I doubt it, but I believe in something more absolute than my own judgment.’

Cheon So-yeon sensed the ‘fanaticism’ felt in them. Reasonable facts, logical grounds, claims without evidence… What on earth do they trust so much that they ignore all rational deductions?

“Knights, as far as I know, you must be the subjugation army that came to subdue the barbarians. Is that correct?”

“Yes…! That’s right!”

“Is the War Knight of the subjugation army really Sir Geobrick, the Holy Grail Knight of Life and Abundance?”

“That’s right!”

“I urgently need to see him. Where is Sir Geobrick?”

Leon knew that these were ‘remnant hunters’. While the main unit collides with the largest hostile force, a small number of detached units break down the surrounding small masses.

Even though he was a knight, he wore light armor instead of heavy armor, so he could attack quickly with speed battles.

Considering the reason for ‘removing the skin’, what is happening here is probably–

“Sir Geobrick is currently confronting the main barbarians.”

“Soon he will slay the filthy barbarians.”

Leon had a hunch.

Grail Knight Geobrick, who was unable to ascend to the paradise of the gods, must have suffered something in this war.

* * * *

For the past few days, the Phoenix Guild and the Golden Lion Guild have helped the tribal union by mobilizing all the knowledge they know.

Waiting for the moment of decisive battle, they dug the ground, carved incantations, and made traps.

“The log trap is complete! Install it please!”

“Thank you, warriors! We’ll take it.”

A peaceful tribe of people fight to defend their homeland against the invasion of an evil kingdom.

“Hero, have a cup of tea.”

“Uh, uh… Thank you, I do.”

Hwang Yeon-ha nodded awkwardly as he joined them. She puts down the wooden fence that was under construction and drinks tea from a tribal woman.

“My sister~ Are you kidding?”

“Fuck me.”

Ha-yeon cynically responds with her middle finger. It’s the look of an ordinary brother and sister.

“What’s going on? ‘We’ve finished preparing enough.”

“Well, it means that the enemy’s big bread was eaten personally.”

At that moment, he realized that the density of the air had changed.

Beyond the barrier, there is that green knight.

A giant close to 2m. Perfectly refined armor, a huge one-handed hammer and shield.

The exhaled breath makes the space heavy, and a huge presence weighs down all the humans in the seat.

“Whoa… You finally woke up.”

Lee Yong-wan and Ha Yu-ri are already waiting at the fence. The two of them, as well as all the hunters from the Phoenix Guild and the Golden Lion Guild, are clearly nervous.

It is natural. A superhuman who has escaped from that human being is a difficult existence even for S-class hunters.

Above all, there was only one Geobrick then, but now there is an army following him.

“That’s a lot.”

The Ravonia Knights, called the Kingdom Knights, were about two hundred. There are only six hundred wandering knights who have gathered in search of honor on the wandering road.

The evaluation of the hunters who fought them in sporadic guerrilla battles several times was astonishing.

Even if the pilgrim knights are at a minimum, they are at the top of the B class and at the bottom of the A class. Kingdom Knights are A-class or higher.

Of course, there is a big difference between S-class hunters and A-class hunters. The problem is that there are as many as 800 people who can hit with A rank. This is a number that exceeds all A-class hunters in Korea.

Is that all? Geobrick is a monster that even S-class can’t compete with. According to Hwang Geum-cheol’s evaluation, even the yakt spinner at Cheongju Gate was unmatched.

“Is this really a red gate? Isn’t the difficulty level the same as the black gate?”

Black gates that have only happened three times in 30 years of history, each of which is a crisis of humanity. No, four times now.

I don’t have any experience in attacking the Black Gate of the Golden Railroad, so I don’t have comparable knowledge… … .

“But it’s worth a try.”

Yes. Nevertheless, there was a reason why the combined raiding party did not give up the attack.

“Heroes. Warriors are ready for battle.”

Hildir, the coming shaman. She looked tired after carving a magic mark on all the ‘hunters’ for the past few days.

“What’s our number?”

“Two hundred senior warriors, three thousand intermediate warriors, twenty thousand low rank warriors. Even the old and weak who decided to fight, there are 50,000 people.”

It was a good thing considering that Geobrick and his corps were less than 7,000 in total. At least in terms of numbers, this is more than seven times as many.

It was a natural result since all the tribes in the area joined forces after indiscriminately killing people through the whole town.

Here, the combined raiding party consisted of only 50 A-class and 100 B-class.

In the first battle with Geobrick, more than 30 people were seriously injured or captured, but the main force remains intact. Above all–

[Mazo (魔猪) molar has been engraved.]

– Defense Penetration is increased by 35%.

– Increases strength and endurance by 20%.

[The seal of Baekrang(白狼) has been engraved.]

-Property Stride is granted.

– Agility is increased by 15%.

[Cheol-woong’s fur has been imprinted.]

– Attribute strength is granted.

– Endowed with hard skin.

[The black eagle’s claw has been engraved.]

-Reduces resistance by 30%.

-Air resistance is given.

The ‘beast gods’ served by the local shaman and tribes. A powerful seal that can be obtained by serving those gods.

The enormous efficacy of the imprint increased the combat power of the raiding party.

“Heroes. Please save us.”

“Of course, Ms. Hildir. We, the Phoenix Guild, will not leave you alone.”

When Lee Yong-wan answered kindly, Hwang Yeon-ha stabbed Yuri Ha, who was sitting next to him.

‘what? That man isn’t that kind of a man.’

‘The two of them screwed up.’

‘Oh… … .’

It happens quite often. Hunters who are in control with the NPCs in the gate who do not have to worry about their backs.

If it was Earth, there were a lot of atrocities that would have been punished for serious crimes, so Lee Yong-wan is a nobleman.

“Ugh! That man is moving!”

At that moment, everyone’s eyes turned to the outside of the fence. Geobrick moved. Riding a Pegasus armed with green barding, he flew over the wooden fence in one fell swoop.

“Poem, fuck… that scam.”

“Is it possible to intercept?”

“You have to aim for the moment it comes down.”

It wasn’t that they didn’t know about the existence of Pegasus, so the allied attack team also prepared for it. However, Geobrick told them from above as if he had no intention of coming down.

“At that time, the surviving mercenaries.”

A voice rings out. A muffled echo as if screaming into your ear.

“Even though it’s a lowly thing, you saw my ignorance and let me live. What are you doing there?”

“What is it? I’m preparing to take you down.”

Gate closing condition. Defeat the ‘Majestic Geobrick’.

The combined attack team plans to take down him, grab a full amount of magic stones before the gate disappears, and then bounce.

It was a waste of the magic crystals scattered around this gate. It’s probably a magic stone that fell from the massacred tribesmen who are NPCs.

However, the weaker the magic crystal, the lower the quality. The combined attack team coveted the items and magic stones that the monstrous Holy Grail Knight would drop.

“I will give you one chance, you ignorant and oblivious. Give up all your armaments and get out of here. You have no major sins.”

“Ha… Are you guys saying that I’m talking about sin? Aren’t you ashamed?”

Lee Yong-wan’s rebuttal was valid. Everyone from Earth thought so.

People were skinned and executed, mercilessly slaughtered, and even the elderly and children were not spared.

It is nonsense that those brutal slayers even mention sin. I wish I had the sympathy that any human being would have.


Geobrick and the knights.

Even any soldier in the Legion.

“There is no shame in looking up at the sky, and no shame in looking down at the ground! My actions are nothing but justice!!”

No one feels guilty about this brutal massacre.

As if exterminating insects, he was sentenced to death as if he had done a natural thing.

“How dare you save those worms in front of me, in front of this Geobrick! You guys have crossed the line of tolerance!”

Geobrick’s Declaration of Doom. Its majestic echo and ferocious gaze overwhelms everyone.

“Yo, hero…”

Hildir held Lee Yong-wan’s hand as if frightened. Even though he was an NPC, Lee Yong-wan, who had a body, held his hand.

“I am the glorious Lionheart’s Holy Grail Knight Geobrick! I will punish you guys with a ‘sacred punishment’!”

next moment.

A huge green aura was sucked into Geobrick’s hammer. Lee Yong-wan, realizing that it was the same as before, exclaimed urgently.

“Defense technique operation! It’s not a technique that can be used often! If you block it once…!”

comparison was made Invested without sparing resources. Several plans were prepared. But–

“Knights of the Kingdom who follow us, the honorable Holy Grail Knights! I will gladly contribute this power to annihilate the evil!!”

The Kingdom Knights extended their swords and spears. Who would have predicted that the act, which seemed to be in perfect order and meaningless at first glance, would cause a terrible ‘resonance’.


“What, what?”

Two hundred kingdom knights. Those who swore to defend the kingdom and entrusted their fate to the gods.

The holy power they had accumulated through their firm faith was concentrated in one Holy Grail Knight.

Its aura is incomparable to that of the past.

Geobrick pronounces the sentence from above.

“Kneel before the glory of the true gods.”

The condensed holy power in the sky spreads in all directions.

The next moment——the ground collapsed.

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