The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 61: Holy Grail Knight Geobrick (2)

A being chosen by the gods.

The power given to knights sublimated into saints by the goddess of light and justice who oversees all knights and teaches justice.

A Holy Grail Knight is an agent of God. As saints, they weave the holy power offered by believers with their own power.

divine punishment.

A group castle method that mobilized one knight. Each Holy Grail Knight is different depending on the deity he has as his main god, but the Holy Grail Knight of life and abundance has the power to shatter the earth.

“Ugh… what the hell is going on… that’s unbelievable.”

Lee Yong-wan couldn’t believe the reality in front of him.

Due to Geobrick’s Divine Punishment Earthshattering, part of the area where the Tribal Union and Hunters were located was completely extinguished.

800m in all directions near the wooden fence where the main troops are crowded. Would it be like this if there was a super-giant sinkhole?

Fortunately, that area was not an area that the Hunters were defending. Most of them are where the warriors of the tribal union are located.

However, just over 3,000 warriors were slain with just that.

“Fuck, what is it? What is it… How is that, how is that a person…”

The Holy Grail Knights supported by the Knights are themselves a one-man army. It is a monster no different from a great wizard.

The hunters fell into a panic in front of a cataclysm they had never experienced before.

overwhelming power. What can you do against such a monster?

“Is that a human…”

“…you can’t beat that.”

The Holy Grail Knight speaks on the Pegasus. His languid voice was clearly etched all around.

“Goddess, protect us from the land we touch.”

“Be a solid ground for my brothers and sisters to tread on.”

“A chance to purify the cultists who have gone astray.”

A benevolent and even holy prayer. However, no one saw that as a ‘argument’.

It was because the madness that was about to explode at any moment crossed the twisted corner of his mouth.

“Fuck off, disgusting heretics.”

-Ooh oh oh oh oh oh… … !!

-Follow the majestic Duke Geobrick!!

The warhorse runs. The knights rush towards the defense line, where one axis has completely collapsed.


“”——Do it!!””

There is a gate. It is a wooden gate that is oiled, placed with a block of rock behind it, and covered with magic.

The first hitter is definitely Geobrick. His hammer glowed as he rode Pegasus on the ground, and his hammer flew through the air.

The hammer thrown as hard as it could hit the castle gate.

Kwak! A roar of destruction resounds and flies through the fence. The knights rushed through the hole.

“No, stop!”

Leading tanks and shield-wielding tribal warriors stood in their way.

Considering the opponent’s cavalry power, they supplied maximum spears and built barricades to block them. But at the moment of collision–

The spear collided with the armor and broke, and the shield bounced off the shield soldier with its heavy mass.

– Eh, nonsense!

– Not only the effect of the engraving, but also the compatibility was superior!

Cavalry is weak against spearmen. No matter how cavalry is in front of the densely stacked shield formations and spears, there is no choice but to collapse.

that’s common sense. But these are their knights.

A knight’s armament is never light. Their heavy armor is impervious to cheap infantry spears, and the warhorses of the Lionheart Kingdom are not afraid of squares like hedgehogs.

Among the knights picked and picked there, the knights of glory who claim to be the knights of the kingdom and can be commanded by War Knight.

In front of knights who have been riding horses all their lives since they were born, clumsy dustproofing is worse than a sheet of paper!


Jinhyeong is pierced. Only 200 knights were sweeping the battlefield in a large-scale battlefield of 10,000 units that none of the hunters had ever experienced.

“Damn it! Don’t push! It’s falling!”

“Sa, save me!”

bounced off and trampled on The warriors of the United Tribes, whose sides were punctured by Geobrick’s Divine Punishment, fell into the sinkhole under the impact of the knights.

Lee Yong-wan did not remain silent.

He tore up the scroll he cherished and cherished and concentrated his firepower.

However, most of the high firepower is the long-range weapon Panguk. The Knights of the Kingdom, blessed by the Holy Law <Distant Nullification>, swung their spears as if they were insignificant.

“Stop the main dealers! Hit them from the side!”

Disregarding Lee Yong-wan’s instructions, the veteran hunters took care of the knights’ weaknesses.

It’s a great breakthrough, but there are only 50 A-rank hunters here. While the warriors of the Tribal Union served as meat shields, they cleverly beat the side of the Knights.

“It’s pretty!”

Kingdom Knight Gaston blocked the ax swinging at me with his shield.

heavy Their strength is not lacking even compared to his own.

“For a mere mercenary to have this much power. Is it because of the cult’s imprint?”

“Evaluating leisurely on the battlefield, Sir Gaston!”

Said Sir Laurent, who deflected the javelin that flew towards him from the side. He has a humiliated expression on his face that his charge was stopped by the momentum of the hunters.

“No, I just admired how lowly bugs and scum can become this strong by borrowing the power of a cult. Indeed, I can understand being seduced by evil powers.”

“Sacrilege, Sir Gaston. Recognize that what you say and do may be disrespectful.”

“Hahahaha! Sir Laurent is still serious. Don’t you remember when he slaughtered the orcs in the Black Desert 30 years ago?”

“Well, aren’t those beasts the ones that always kill?”

“Now it seems like we have to fight the way we deal with orcs.”

Kingdom Knight Viscount Gaston Valshvar. <The Orc Slayer>.

“Against these bastards… Hama!”

Kingdom Knight, Baron Laurent Dominek. “The Iron Barrier”.

Knights with exposed sides dismounted from their horses. As their heavy armor rattled and landed on the ground, it seemed as if a small earthquake had occurred.

Knights who do not back down in the face of several times the number.

“Light and Justice—”

“Life and abundance——”

“War and flames—”

They raised their swords and shields and shouted the faith they served.

“”Glory be to the pantheon.””

Needless to say, when a knight’s destructive power is the strongest, it is when he is riding a horse.

The overwhelming speed and the combined impact of the mass break the square.

But knights are not just riders on horseback. If only riding a horse well was a knight, commoner yomen could replace that role.

‘What, what?’

Park Chan-su, an A-class hunter who was attacking five isolated knights with a hundred intermediate warriors, was embarrassed.

They were swallowed up by waves of numbers and surrounded. The horse’s breakthrough power was blocked, and even the hippo. Long, heavy lances were put down, and knights with swords and shields acted as foot soldiers.

However, no matter how strong the armor and solid shield are, there is nothing you can do in front of such a quantity battle.

If elites with similar specs are mixed, they will eventually collapse and be swallowed up.

But there was something they overlooked.

kingdom knights.

Knights of Realms.

Although they did not walk the honorable path of fulfilling the quests of the gods as companion knights, they traveled all over the continent to prove themselves and proved their honor.

In slang terms, it has been decades since I ate only rice with knives. When it comes to knights flaunting their old age, they have lived wielding a sword for a hundred years.

they are survivors.

The warriors who slayed the dirty green beasts and the ugly cultists, and stopped the invasion of foreign peoples.

He has hunted as many beasts as physically stronger than himself.

“War! Protect me with divine flames!”

The flames soaring roaring through the sword were swung. It was never the power to wield in the midst of allies, but the flames engulfed dozens of tribal warriors.

“Mi-Crazy! You’re letting allies get involved too!”

A Hunter who is frightened by an act of self-destruction. However, he realized that none of the knights were burned by the knight’s flame.

“Do you think this God-sent flame will harm your brothers in the same faith, foolish cultists!”

In front of the overwhelming achievements of the Kingdom Knights, the pilgrim knights and the Kingdom Army rushed. Thanks to Geobrick and the knights pushing through the narrow gate, the soldiers of the kingdom were able to get inside the fence.

And when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, a one-sided massacre is only committed.

– My, damn it! The article is too strong!

– Someone do something about that!

-Soldiers are at this level! The connection is different!


Lee Yong-wan gritted his teeth as he watched.


The Kingdom Knights were strong beyond imagination.

Not only in terms of power and special powers, but also in terms of experience, they are slaughtering tribal warriors like machines.

‘Is it not enough just to have the specs equalized?’

There is an enormous gulf between them and themselves. Hwanggeumcheol approached him and asked if he felt the same way.

“What can I do? The kingdom’s soldiers have already arrived. Are they completely destroyed in a frontal power confrontation?”

“I know, junior.”

“If you fall, it’s only now.”

“What? What bullshit is that!”

When Hwang Yeon-ha, who was listening next to him, shouted out loud, Hwang Geum-cheol replied with a shrug.

“We haven’t put our main effort yet. From the beginning, we planned to set up the tribal warriors as meat shields and steadily cut down the field bosses.”

“It was.”

“However, let alone the field boss, the knights are not doing well. This is not possible with us alone.”

Gates must be abandoned. They had to give up the attack and ask for the help of other 10 guilds.

“If you borrow the hands of other 10 guilds… It won’t be impossible to attack, but will there be a dungeon break long ago?”

“Actually… it seems there is a way to end it more smoothly than I thought.”

“What does that mean?”

Hwanggeumcheol’s subordinates were wounded while fighting the knights and retreated one after another. And fortunately, the names of the gods they worship came to his ears.

“Ariana, the goddess of light and justice, and Petos, the god of war and flame. Haven’t you heard of it somewhere?”

“I don’t know. I’m not interested in religion. I can’t know about Gate’s religion in the first place——”

“Lion Heart King.


Lee Yong-wan’s pupils widen at those words.

“no way?”

“That king, it seems he’s from the same kingdom as this gate. Damn, on the first day he fought a little when he was a knight of God or something.”

Then the story is different. They also know about Lionheart Kingdom and Lion Heart King Leon.

What if the king of those knights came from the same place as the knights here?

“……It’s worth retreating.”

“Well, anyway, this will soon be pierced. If you want to deal with them, there is no option with only 7 times the number.”

It is extremely reasonable. If they retreat, this tribal alliance will surely be destroyed, but Lee Yong-wan has no intention of giving his life for the NPCs.

“Hero… Are you leaving?”

Even if there were NPCs with mixed bodies.

“Miss Hildir.”

“If the warriors leave… what should we do? Are you really going to abandon us?”

“I’ll bring reinforcements right away. Please step back for now.”

Lee Yong-wan did not persuade Hildir further with those words. There is nothing more meaningless than arguing with NPCs.

“Tell the guild members the news of the retreat! Hurry through the gate——”

“After all, I guess I couldn’t beat those monsters this time either.”

“Miss Hildir?”

Lee Yong-wan felt a chill run up his spine.

Because until this morning, the lovely beauty who had whispered love to me under my bed was smiling so grotesquely.

“They’re disgusting to say they’re never closed.”

Her eyes were still on the lead of the butchering of the warriors. The green knight and the knights and soldiers who follow him.

“What are you talking about——”

As Lee Yong-wan approached, Hildir waved his hand and stopped him.

“It’s okay. I have to use an expedient this time. He probably won’t like it.”

right! and flicking fingers. It was then.

– What?

-That’s it?

The first started with a dead body.

The skin with the ‘imprint’ swelled up, the muscles expanded, and the skeleton twisted.

An excellent number of hairs grow on the body that has expanded as if it were expanding. When he finally took the form of a beast rather than a human, the eyes of the Knights were burning.

“They use witchcraft!”

“It’s a beast!”

Barbarians who serve the beast god. By carving the imprint of a beast on their bodies, they receive evil blessings and eventually gain the power of animalization.


Wild boar, bear, wolf, eagle. There were well over a thousand monsters that took the form of beasts at the end of a human body that was stretched and twisted.

Seeing the terrible appearance, the tribesmen cheered.

“The great beast-god has bestowed grace!”

“We too will receive that grace soon!”

It is not only the warriors of the Tribal Union that have become beasts. Regardless of gender or age, anyone who has carved an imprint of an animal is deteriorating. Even Hunters.

“Keu, keuuk…! What the hell are you doing…!”

Lee Yong-wan resisted, scratching the black eagle engraving on his neck with his fingernails. Instinctively, he realized that this was changing him.

Hildir twisted the corner of her mouth as if mocking the meaningless resistance.

“Oh, my love. It’s useless to resist. It doesn’t take long for the imprint to be engraved, but in the end it’s just a matter of time.”

It’s not just Lee Yong-wan. Yuri Ha, Hwang Chul Chul, Hwang Yeon Ha… And all the hunters of the united attack team were imprinted, and they could not stop themselves from losing their sanity.

When he finally reached the point where he couldn’t resist, Hildir smiled and clapped his hands.

“Now then, kill those infernal grail knights and knights. You have to start over. How come you’ve been through so many worlds and no one can kill them?”

At Hildir’s command, the S-class hunters rushed towards Geobrick. Geobrick was in the middle of cutting down tribal warriors and demonic beasts.

“Peel off the ‘skin’ engraved with your mark! That’s your weakness!”

Even in the midst of this uproar, Geobrick split the skull of the oncoming warrior. Bursting bone pains and scattering pieces of meat. Geobrick believed he was dead, but it wasn’t.


The imprint on the nape of the neck disfigures the body and soon inflates it like a large bear. Seeing this, Geobrick widened his eyes.

“The Holy Law would have destroyed the soul?”

Geobrick’s one-handed hammer isn’t just a hammer. In itself, it is a sacred object that contains the holy power of Geobrick’s life, and it is a tool that constantly absorbs my holy power and enforces the holy law of ‘destruction’.

Like other Holy Grail Knights’ holy swords and holy spears, Geobrick’s hammer also annihilates the souls of the slain.

Not to mention, the brand of the beast god engraved on the body of a savage warrior should disappear as soon as it touches it.

However, at the same time as he died, he proceeded to become a beast. Evidence that there is a problem with the sex law.

-Uh uh uh… !

I kick and break the shin of a giant bear that lunges at me. Cheol-woong, who had collapsed, died from the hammering that exploded with the stamp.


The knights and soldiers must be rectified in a hurry. Even as a Holy Grail Knight, if the Holy Law does not work properly, this battlefield will force an endless war of attrition.

Although the conflict is intense, he has to send a dispatch to the kingdom to receive help from the other Holy Grail Knights.

“Everyone retreat—”

It was then. A shadow running towards Geobrick. A two-handed hammer the size of a man strikes at Geobrick.

Geobrick quickly blocked it with his shield.


heavy. Geobrick knew who struck the hammer. The captain of the mercenaries who had quite usable power. He is sending a shiny gaze with the imprint of Black Woong. And that’s not all.


A warrior with gauntlets who rushes forward and delivers heavy body blows. An impact force that far surpasses the previous one is transmitted through the armor. Almost at the same time—— even he was slow to respond, and a sharp blade stabbed him from behind.

– Kaang!

I hurriedly lowered my head and barely blocked the blow of the dagger with my armor. It was Hayuri who engraved Baekrang’s mark.

– Papapak!

A bunch of arrows shooting fiercely. Although it is said to block 90% of damage with the Holy Law, it was a tremendous rapid fire that could not be ignored.

Lee Yong-wan, an S-class hunter of the Firebird Guild. He was aware of even the smallest gap in Geobrick’s armor and fired rapidly.

Four S-class hunters surrounded Geobrik. And even stronger than before.

“You guys… It looks like you’ve carved the mark of that heresy.”

stupid things. Who the hell are these ignorant writers to believe in a group of cults that worship beast gods?

All those mad bug scum should be killed, skinned and incinerated.

“If you were simply enchanted by riches, you would have killed it normally. However, if you have engraved the imprint of the beast god, there is no loyalty in counting your souls!”

Geobrick was furious and determined to annihilate these foolish souls. Although it was doubtful whether he would be able to properly use his voice now.

– Kaang!

A huge two-handed hammer was swung. The most threatening attack… If you block it with a shield, the fierce fistfighter who penetrates the gap will launch a series of attacks. The archer’s check is a bonus.

I couldn’t care less about the three people in front. If I revealed a gap even a little bit, Hayuri would grab my back in an instant and stab me with a dagger.

– Aaaaa!

Hwanggeumcheol, engraved with Cheolwoong’s imprint, attacks Geobrick, who is flustered by the dagger deeply embedded.

His symbol, the golden hammer, is about to deliver the greatest blow, emitting magical power.

“Don’t underestimate, you cheeky ones!!”

It was then. Geobrick threw down his shield and swung his hammer with all his might. The Golden Iron Hammer collided with Geobrick’s Hammer, and the next moment, the Golden Hammer shattered.

“Know the subject, vulgarity!”

In the next moment, the swinging hammer hit Golden Iron’s chest. Golden iron rolling down the floor.


In order to counter Hwang Geum-cheol’s deadly blow, he allowed Ha Yu-ri, Hwang Yeon-ha, and Lee Yong-wan to attack. However, Grail Knight Geobrick stands still as he recovers himself.

Geobrick glanced around. The war situation is never good.

Even in the hole that was supposed to have been crushed by the first divine punishment <Earth Shattering>, corpses became beasts and climbed up.

If all the barbarians in this area could be turned into beasts, a single Knights would not be able to endure it.

‘I will send survivors to the royal capital even if I burn this body!’

When Geobrik was determined to be imprisoned, dozens of beasts attacked him.

“Lion Heart…! Glory to you!!”

A golden knight falling from the sky. The Pegasus Rider who slashed the giant Cheol-Woong and the wild boar at once with his holy spear.

Was there another owner of Pegasus besides himself on this battlefield? Geobrick looked at him casually.

“All, who are you?”

The golden man answered his question.

“I am the Lion Heart King. Guardian of the Holy Grail and agent of the Pantheon. I am Leon Dragonia Lionheart.”

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