The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 62: Holy Grail Knight Geobrick (3)

While hurriedly running, Leon explained to the queen and the students about the ‘barbarians who serve the beast gods’.

“They’re like rats. Even if you subdue them from time to time and reduce their numbers, they will breed and breed somewhere.”

Hari wondered if it would be similar to the periodic subjugation of northern immigrants.

“Well, but… killing skin or even killing children…”

“The kingdom and its knights are not fools who like to be inefficient. It’s because of the imprint that they skinned and killed.”

“A stamp?”

Leon threw a piece of something at Hari. While running the horse, she managed to catch it, and at the strange feeling of the water, kyaaaaagh! and shuddered.

“Sah, human skin?!”

“There are many things that have peeled off their skins, so why are you surprised to see them?”


Maybe it’s because he’s a medieval man, but he doesn’t have the delicacy of a modern man. Hari opened the leather with one hand and found an engraving on it.

“Eh, what is this…”

“It is an oath to dedicate oneself to the beast god. From the moment you carve this seal and abuse its power, your soul will be slowly eroded.”

“That, it can’t be…”

“They infiltrate the city. They dazzle the oblivious people with their strong power and ability. In the end, the encroached souls become servants of the beast god.”

So, the only solution is eradication. They are not devils, but they are the followers of evil spirits who are incompatible with devils.

“Remember. Your peaceful common sense and soft human rights are useless in this brutal fight. All you need is truth and absolute justice.”


The cadets were silent and had no choice but to affirm Leon’s words. At first, even if you want to be some kind of crazy person, what this man claims is usually reasonable.

“Mi, I believed in you, Zenzaang…”

When Kim Jae-hyeok awkwardly hit the drip, Cheon So-yeon hit the top of his head with a scabbard.

“Billion…! Why do you hit me!”

“Be a little more serious.”

Grabbing the reins of a running horse is a daunting task. The Kingdom Knight Sir Toscata Bendelic, who was leading Leon, shouted.

“Im here!”

At the place where they arrived, Hari and the cadets swallowed the flagship.

It’s a big deal.

Knights, soldiers, and monsters are entangled in a terrible melee.

“What, what?”

“There are also members of the Phoenix Guild and the Golden Lion Guild!”

“What’s going on?!”

Barbarians whose placentas have already turned into beasts, and hunters who are controlled by the shaman of the beast god by imprinting.

The isolated knights and soldiers were fighting, but it seemed only a matter of time before they were swept away by the waves.

“This, the beasts that moved are gear noses!”

“We must charge now!”

Only 10 or so knights were furious with their arrogance.

“Wait. It’s not right to just hit and run from here.”

“But then how…”


Leon got off the horse. First, I looked at the situation and found Geobrick.

Geobrick stood out more than anyone on that crowded battlefield. A green knight with a heavy armor. He is being attacked by Korean S-class hunters and beastized monsters.

Originally, they were not Geobrick’s opponents.

First of all, the encroachment of the beast god is easily released in front of the Holy Grail Knight’s Holy Law, and the imprint is destroyed the moment the corpse dies instantly.

Even though there were so many cult barbarians around the Lionheart Kingdom, the reason they were regularly cleaned was because of the Holy Grail Knight’s sexual law of concept coercion.

However, the manipulation and resurrection by the imprint of the beast are proceeding without difficulty. This is because there was a problem with Geobrick’s surname.

“If only I could summon her…”

Leon knew a ‘new beast’ that could make a big difference in this situation. However, summoning that great body was burdensome.

[Lionheart. my knight.]

It was then. The voice of the goddess was heard in Leon’s ears.

“Are you Ariana?”

Ariana, goddess of light and justice. She had delivered her voice directly to Leon’s ear.

[Your goddess delivers on behalf of Demera. Go and reap the souls we have not reaped. Wandering souls who gave their allegiance to the pantheon.]

“I’m willing to serve you.”

It is natural. The goddess didn’t even have to order Leon’s actions. The Goddess has come to suggest a way.

[Tie the reins of the former king to Stallion. That rein has the power to awaken the old lineage.]

“Are you talking about the reins of the Argentinian Majesty?”

Leon immediately took out the treasure he had received as a gift from subspace.

Argentinian Majesty Lionheart. The reins left by the former king of Leon are legendary reins that are said to tame any ferocious phantom beast.

Leon burned this treasure together at the former king’s funeral home. May he ride a horse through the meadows of paradise.

After hundreds of years passed, the reins returned to my hands and were wrapped around the Stallion at the command of the goddess.

– Purrreuk!

Stallion… She gladly accepted her friend’s hand and put on the reins, and at that moment, an amazing thing happened.

“This, this…!”

Even the knights, the queen and the cadets were surprised. Wings sprouted from Stallion!

Even Leon was surprised by this appearance.

“Stalion…! I heard that you inherited the lineage of the Heavenly Demon…”

Stallion is a word that is classified as a divine number. A bloodline for the king, with only great bloodlines and noble beings on his back.

I heard that there is also Pegasus lineage if you trace back that long ancestor, but I never thought that lineage would be awakened.

In Leon’s generation, not only was the lineage cut off, but it is a noble lineage that cannot even be crossed with low-ranking horses.

“To be willing to give away such a great treasure…”

If this bridle is a treasure that awakens even old bloodlines… Wouldn’t a similar thing be possible with other beasts?

Perhaps it is possible to return the degenerate drake to a dragon.

“Eh, the horse has wings…”

The cadets were astounded by the awakening of that astounding comrade. Leon told them.

“You guys wait here with the knights.”

“Yes? Uh, why?”

“Guardian of the Holy Grail! Are you telling us to give up an honorable battle!”

At this, both the cadets and knights rebelled. It was because it seemed as if Leon would throw himself into that fight by himself.

“You can’t break through that besieged terrain with less than 10 horsemen. You guys are not capable enough.”

“So, then, does His Majesty intend to jump in there alone?”

“I’m not alone.”

The one who stepped out was Queen Beatrice. She held out her hand with a smile hidden behind her veil.

“Thank you for your help.”

“It is my duty.”

Leon grabbed the Queen’s hand and boarded the Stallion, which became the Heavenly Horse.

“Your example is here. Today, witness the pinnacle of glory that you must seek.”

Leon grabbed the reins, and Stallion soared into the sky.

* * * *

The road to Geobrick was difficult.

This is because a group of giant eagles engraved with black eagles and turned into beasts blocked Stallion’s approach.

“These are dirty beasts. Stallion, wouldn’t your ankles be tied to those things?”


Stallion responds with a growl at Leon’s playful provocation.

It was the first Stallion ever to fly, but the noble beast quickly got used to it.

– Caw!

Huge repairs rushing in. Likewise, they are monstrous birds that have just become beasts and are not accustomed to flying.

They came running, gasping for breath, trying to overwhelm the Stallions with numbers and mass.

However, an invisible wall formed simultaneously with the flapping of wings. The repairs couldn’t even slow down the Stallion.

– Kwadeuk!

The moment they collide, the pieces of meat are torn apart and pass out from the shock. Stallion broke through the group of eagles at once and continued gliding.

– Caw!

– Caw!

In an instant, the repairs that broke through pursued them with an annoying tune. Behind Leon’s back, Beatrice laughed.


At that moment, a beautiful hand flows in the air. Those who were confident in mana management would have been shocked to see the magnificent mana condensed in that beautiful hand.


Black magic arrows pouring down. No, it’s more like a beam gun from Space Opera than an arrow.

Estimated magical power Class A light magic. Even a high-ranking mage of the Mage Tower can form a casting that requires time with a hand gesture.


The stains in the sky were washed away by Beatrice’s light gesture. In the meantime, Stallion reached the sky above Geobrick.

“Hold the reins for a moment. We must clear the ground.”

“If Shinsoo accepts me.”


Stallion caused a match at the touch of a non-Leon, but the nobility felt in that touch immediately faded away.

like that.

Leon jumps off the Heavenly Horse.

“All, who are you?”

“I am the Lion Heart King. Guardian of the Holy Grail and agent of the Pantheon. I am Leon Dragonia Lionheart.”

I answered Geobrick’s question.

* * * *

Geobrick made a face full of surprise at Leon, who appeared out of nowhere.

“Lion Heart King… I don’t know who the Lord is, but it’s important for someone who serves a god to pretend to be—”

“Now is not the time to argue with Katabuta, Holy Grail Knight of Demera. We must overcome this difficulty first.”

“……I agree. But how?”

The sex law did not function properly and the situation was completely overturned. How to do it in such a situation?

“First… I’ll have to cut off those pathetic bastards.”

Leon saw the S-class hunters surrounding the two. Including the number of raiding parties, there were well over 100 people.

They still had the rationality of beasts, but they hadn’t gone so far as to change their bodies. Unlike the savages who were dedicated to beast gods from birth, it must be because of their innate resistance and short period of time.

“I am the Lion Heart King. I came to lead you to paradise.”

In an instant, Geobrick’s eyes widened when he saw the holy relic Leon had taken out.

“Sir, how is the Holy Grail here!”

It is a sacred object passed down from generation to generation to the Lion Heart King and the reason why they are called guardians.

Items of that holy energy are by no means imitations.

The Holy Grail shines by itself.

The holy water boils bubbling, and the sky responds to it.

The dull, dry sky cleared in an instant, and thunderstorms rumbled.

– What, what is it?

-What’s going on?

agitated soldiers. They are not alone. Even the servants of the demonized beast were afraid of the shaking sky.

right at that moment.

The holy water evaporates and touches the clouds in the sky.

The golden light forms a huge semicircle around the sky.

Great Voice <Brilliance>

A sacred shield that is only allowed to the Holy Grail Guardians.

A miracle that even the Holy Grail Knights who have lived a glorious and honorable life for hundreds of years cannot accomplish is now manifesting here.

“Sah, did the wound heal?”

“I can’t believe it… my arm was cut off…”

Super-scale recovery by the Holy Grail. The original function has been further strengthened and expanded to a greater extent.

The effect is truly a miracle itself. Thousands of soldiers and knights who had died of injuries were healed and regenerated.

And that’s not all.


The beasts howl. Beasts exposed to the curtain of light rolled over in pain from their burning skin.

Even beasts that have already turned into beasts and engraved with the power of evil spirits are at that level. The warriors who had not yet turned into beasts were ignited with their skin burning.

Here and there, the process of people burning and becoming ashes is repeated.

“Ugh, ugh… What, what?”

“Ah, it hurts… so, it hurts…”

And as the imprint burned, the brainwashed Hunters each complained of pain.

It wasn’t long after they engraved their mark that it was over, but in an instant, their power was drained and they became helpless and witnessed the miracle unfolding in front of their eyes.

“iced coffee…….”

“That’s it, that’s it…”

miracle of god.

The guardian representing the gods receives the energy pouring from the sky, and the fallen knights and soldiers stand up around them.

A brilliant radiance felt from him. Divine aura overflowing even from his breath. The knights and Geobrick realized.

That that was the true holy power that he had forgotten about.

Why didn’t I know?

How come you didn’t notice?

A gender user who enforces the law.

That the great power is a miracle caused by the gods. And–

“It’s holy power…”

Geobrick felt the true holy power flowing through Leon.

[My baby. My lost article.]

“Is it Demera?”

[Go and help the King of Knights.]

There are no more questions. Geobrick raised his hammer and mended the shield.

If there were a lot of questions, he poured them all out.

“Guardian of the Holy Grail. I will be with you.”

“It’s a pleasure to stand on the same battlefield, Sir Geobrick.”

It was then. The beasts that had been screaming in pain within the shroud of brilliance began to gather like waves and form a huge mass.

– Kwadeuk! Quadduk!

Souls dedicated to the beast god. The ‘what used to be a person’, whose body had been distorted, now begins to become entangled with each other’s fabric.

“Great Cheol-Woong. I offer you your slaves!”

At the end of it was Hildir, the shaman of the Tribal Union.

The beauty that was beautiful is nowhere to be found, and the skin that has been melted by the veil is terrible.

However, as much as it acts as an agent for the will of the evil spirit, it is maintaining its survival even in the miracle of the Great Sacred Law.

Hildir knew he couldn’t back down. Unlike Geobrick, whose soul was bound, that one is a real Holy Grail Knight.

A being that compels sex laws. A holy method user who ‘annihilates’ even the demons who do not die even when killed, or even the shaman of evil spirits whose bodies are only shells.

Individual beasts cannot do anything about it. It’s a pity, but even if the soul itself is exhausted, all the followers within the gate must be sacrificed.

[Kraah … ! Lion Heart… … !!]

Thanks to the entanglement of more than 10,000 sacrificial offerings, the incarnation was formed.

Possessed by an incarnation that is well over 50 meters tall, it is the greatest beast god. Cheol-woong (鐵熊).

The leftovers are the beasts of repair and magic. Even that number is not insignificant.

“Ohhh, it’s an incarnation. The other day, Baekrang and Majo’s incarnations were destroyed.”

beast gods. When demons lurked, they rampaged with the Orcs and led the world to ruin.

The demons summoned incarnations several times to support them, but Leon defeated them all alone. If now–

‘There is also support from the Knights. Three Holy Grail Knights, including Jim.’

In the midst of the end of the world, he raised the holy sword against all kinds of storms and evil.

“Listen, my brothers and sisters! Knights of glory and loyal soldiers! The time has come to punish the disgusting heretics!”

Leon ran. Without saying a word, he just covered the ground with his bare body, but his speed was never inferior to that of a horse.

“I will be with you, Lion Heart King!”

Geobrick follows suit. He doesn’t fall behind Leon even though he wears a giant armor.

“Follow the Holy Grail Knight!”

“Follow the agents of the gods!”

Watching the knights charge proudly, Beatrice, who was gliding through the sky on her heavenly horse, smiled.

“I will open the way.”

she gestured.

“According to the logic of magic, I command the magical powers of the world.”

Tsushima <Magical Cycle>

The terrifyingly full mana within this gate is rewrote by her hands.

The basics of magic are principles and the application of those principles.

If holy power is a miracle that changes the law, magic is a phenomenon that uses the law.

As for the hierarchy, I admit the inferiority of magic, but how can I neglect learning just because there are miracles?

“I can’t force concepts with the sex method, but…”

Beatrice Alighieri Spero.

The magician queen of the kingdom of Sphero and the one who has been fighting evil for decades to protect the kingdom.

She is the magician queen at the top of the world.

Tsushima <The Death Eye>

The pouring black rays erase the black stains in the sky. Each one has dozens of A-class magicians. This alone is the firepower of the pinnacle of a single human being.

However, the queen’s magic did not end here.

Tsushima <Burning Light Celestial Punishment>

In the sky dyed golden by Leon’s Holy Grail, lightning strikes. Tsushima artificially creates thunderbolts and draws down the power of nature.

The pouring thunderbolts transform the wild boars into a handful of ashes.


The Hunters who watched this trembled with astonishment.

The sky is ringing, space is shaking. The sorcerer queen’s unconventional magic created a huge light, a storm, and a thunderbolt.

Her magic is more like natural disaster than magic.


A stain that washes away without even screaming. A group of eagles in the sky and margers running on the ground are quickly organized.

Thus, the two knights head for Cheol-woong through the empty road. However, the opponent is Cheol-woong, who is 50m tall. This is where the sex law has to intervene.

Daeseongbeop <Spear of the Earth>

The goddess who rules the earth responds to Geobrick’s prayer.

Just like the time when he pulverized the earth, on the contrary, he pierces Cheol-woong by transforming the earth into a sharp spear.


Although not penetrated, Cheol-woong staggers in front of thousands of tons of mass impact. But the spear wasn’t just fired from a weapon.

Leon, who was running on the ground, runs as if he were using the ground spear that had been lifted up with the Holy Law. The moment he closed the distance enough and grabbed the dazzlingly shining holy sword.

[Lion Heart… You guys again!!]

“Can’t you shut that disgusting mouth, you bastard!!”

Leon’s holy sword flashed and stuck in Cheol-woong’s neck. Hwihwang’s holy sword penetrated even the toughest steel bear as if it were piercing soft leather.

[Kuaaaa… !]

but shallow This is because the size of the incarnation is not usually large. However, Leon did not push himself further and spurred himself away from Cheol-woong. Because I believed in ‘them’.

-Dag dag dag dag!

Hundreds of horses rush.

It was not a hindrance to the knights of the Kingdom of the Creator of the Earth, which soared diagonally.

Their target is Cheol-woong’s cracked neck. Knights holding lances charged at once.

“We are the Knights of the Realm!”

“I will become a shield that protects the glorious kingdom of God and a spear that pierces the evil flesh!”

“O evil, perish!!”

Grail Guardians and Grail Knights… After receiving the protection of the two of them, he works miracles with a mediocre human body.

Legion Spell <Wedge Charge>.

The breakthrough power of the moment reaches its peak.


One hit per person. Even if it meant falling off a cliff, the knights threw themselves into a single charge.

[This, these worms dare!]

Cheol-woong’s head, which has been shaved off and pierced, is in tatters.

But the opponent is the incarnation of a god. It was maintaining its shape even after 200 knights crashed into it.

“Know the bounty of your earth.”

still one.

Taking advantage of the knights’ charge, the hammer knight climbed onto the top of Cheolwoong’s head.

“Purify disgusting sin and ignorance with blood and screams of pain.”

The Holy Grail Knight of Life and Abundance.

“Your filthy bodies will not find peace even after death.”

The mighty knight of Montreal.

His hammer lifts and blocks the sun.

“You must die and become fertilizer for the earth, disgusting heretics.”

Divine Punishment <Earth Crushing>.

The hammer hit Cheolwoong’s head.

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