The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 63: Holy Grail Knight Geobrick (4)

Running hurriedly through a blood-soaked field.

It was a bloody field with fragments of meat everywhere.

A corpse here, a corpse there. Every time the soles of their feet step on the ground, chunks of soft meat are stepped on.

“Damn… Damn! Damn monsters!”

Hildir, the sorcerer of the Beast God. She straightened her crumbling body and opened the escape route.

Hundreds of years of planning failed. Damn the Holy Grail Knight, three such monsters!

Geobrick, who has recovered his prime, and Lion Heart King, who does not know where he invaded. And–

“Where are you in such a hurry?”

black witch. She let out a strange voice in front of Hildir.


Unlike the Holy Grail Knights, the Holy Law is not compulsory, but the magician queen who poured enormous firepower than anyone else.

Hildir was afraid of the Holy Grail Knight’s Holy Law, but he considered this monster to be the one with the most ‘heyday’ power.

Especially in a place overflowing with magical power like this place, it’s even more powerful.

“I have a question for you.”

The voice behind the veil is soft. Even so, my hands and feet are trembling and my confused mind seems to be caught.

The demon queen stared at the red stone in her hand.

“Is it something called a magic crystal? It can be mined by hunting within the gate.

Beatrice investigated the arcane funk that supports modern Earth civilization. As a being who has reached the extreme of magic, the study of magic is her instinct.

However, the more we learn about the existence of these magic stones and gates, the more questions we have. There are many questions, but right now… … .

“This gate. The output of magic stones far exceeds that of other gates.

“That, what about that…”

“It’s strange, isn’t it? No matter how big the gate is, in the end, the inside of the gate is limited in size, and the roadside is full of magic stones.”

It’s like when a war ends, a new war starts again.

“Is it repeating itself? Like it tried to corrupt me.”

The queen’s eyes glanced toward the battlefield. Knights and soldiers sweeping away the remaining beasts. The war situation has already turned.

“Huh, I don’t think it’s a devil… It’s like watching and copying what you’re doing. I have so many things to ask you.”

Alas, Hildir realized that this woman did not consider herself an NPC. Are you planning to capture yourself, the only ‘living thing’ in this gate?

“Great Beast Gods, to your slaves——


Hick, I’m getting chills. What was it? Hildir was startled by the tickling voice.

“It’s not a power that I really like… but what I can use is because I pay attention.”

At the end of my gaze, I can see the face of the queen who has reaped the veil.

Hair that shimmered like melted silver ingots, and red eyes that gleamed with luster. Coquetry that can be felt only with a sweet voice and hand gestures.

The innate aura of corruption dazzles Hildir.

“Could you please be quiet?”

“Ah, ah…”

The sweet voice is delivered directly to the ear.

Even though the seductive lips whispered from a distance of less than 1 cm, Hildir couldn’t shake it off.

I want to suck those lips right now, bury my face in my chest, and stroke her thighs.

I would do anything to earn his favor.

“Hey, Goddess…”

“Disrespect. Gods do exist… Yes, I allow you to call me Master.”

“I’m the owner…”

The power of corruption exerts great power against the opposite sex.

However, when it came to Beatrice, even a person of the same sex could be corrupted with just her voice. The demons of lust didn’t pick her up as the next demon lord for nothing.

She is the most powerful woman of pleasure that makes even fanatics abandon their gods. Among transcendental beings, only beings with a particularly strong mind must take this power lightly.

[You disappoint us again.]

It was then. The imprints of the ‘Three Beast Gods’ that fell off the skin of the sorcerer who had abandoned his faith each let out a dreary voice.

Majo, Baekrang, and Black Eagle. Black smoke in the form of a beast glared at Beatrice and Hildir as if to kill them.

“Ah, ah… Gods…”

Hildir felt death and trembled in fear. However, Beatrice held her chin behind her back, crossing her chest.

The queen laughed as she showed off Hildir who couldn’t resist at all.

“Your slave is now mine… now what?”

[The seed of a peculiar pleasure… !]

[You’re arrogant about getting a slave.]

[I will chew and swallow you!]

Illusions distorted by anger. Hildir trembled and confessed the information himself.

“Sir, the gods will descend. This, this gate is the realm of beast gods… Even though they are incarnated, if the remaining beast gods descend…!”

“It must be dangerous.”

The enraged beast gods who had their slaves taken away began to create cracks in space.

* * * *

The kingdom army, which defeated the enemy and reached a lull. While the hunters who were hostile to them come to their senses one by one, people naturally gather around Leon.

“Guardian of the Holy Grail…”

“You are the representative of the gods…”

Beyond the Holy Grail Knight, a living saint, a living demigod. The owner of the lion’s heart and the guardian of the Holy Grail.

They considered it an honor just to be able to see the existence of the Lion Heart King right in front of them.

“It was an honor to fight alongside you, Sir Geobrick.”

“It was an honor for me, lung…, ha.”

Geobrick looked awkwardly at Leon. It is because the Lion Heart King he knows is not Leon.

“The 11th Lion Heart King, Ronald Batalion Lionheart, often talked about lords and knights.”

“Did you… meet him?”

“Yes, Ronald the Great is in the paradise of the gods.”


What he meant was clear. The feeling of déjà vu while intuition that the sexual law was not working properly.

The true holy power of the self-proclaimed lion heart king.

Even the warm energy of the goddess Demera that she hadn’t felt before.

It all points to one thing.

“It seems we are already dead.”

Holy Grail Knight Geobrick and Ravoina Knights of Dawn. Wandering knights and loyal kingdom troops who participated in the war to raise their honor.

In fact, all of them were already dead, and even after death, their souls were bound and they were repeating battles and deaths like NPCs.

Leon conveyed this to each and every soldier. These loyal soldiers had a right to know.

“your majesty…!”

It was then. Four people approaching on horseback from afar. Including Hari, Suho, Jaehyuk, and Soyeon were approaching.

Perhaps they also participated in the battle with the knights, and they were covered in blood here and there.

“I told you to withdraw from my battle.”

“Ah! That, that’s… I want to be of any help…”

“Who are these people?”

“They are my servants. And they are also the inhabitants of another world.”

Leon explained to Hari about the existence of the gate, the hunters, and the quest.

“As for the quest… this gate will be closed only after defeating Sir Geobrick.”


“Sir Geobrick?”

Geobrick chuckled at Hari’s explanation.

The fact that if you kill the creatures in the gate, the magic crystals will come out, and the magic crystals are scattered all over the gate. And that the gate closes only when he is defeated.

He himself admired the logic that naturally resulted.

“Your Majesty, it seems I haven’t been defeated in so many years!”

“That too.”

His chuckle was so loud that it hurt his eardrums. Harry walked over to him and asked.

“Uh… do you remember anything?”

“Um…! I can’t remember. We just came to subdue the barbarians.”

“It must have been the enchantment of those demons. The demons also helped.”


Hari wondered if she should tell her what she found out. Perhaps this will lead them to despair.

However, Leon, who noticed Hari’s hesitation, helped her.

“Speak. They deserve to know the truth.”


Hari quietly recited the truth as the kingdom’s soldiers, including Geobrick and the knights, watched.

“Magic stones were also found in your bodies. Magic stones are… a special ore found by creatures within the gate.”

The person who discovered this ore belongs to the gate. All but a few survivors did.

In other words.

“You guys can’t get out of this gate.”

Geobrick is not a survivor.

The knights did the same, and the soldiers did the same.

The moment the gate closes, they disappear.

It was the time when the truth was faced and everyone realized their situation.

[Lion Heart… !!]

[I will chew and swallow you!]

The beasts of the apocalypse open their realm and enter

Filled with dense mana, they were huge enemies that could not be resisted.

* * * *

cracks in space

It was quite different from when Hildir summoned the incarnation.

At that time, there were chunks of meat to make the body of the incarnation. But not now.

All that was left at the gate was scraps of meat. Even the ‘magic stone’ was extinguished by Leon and Geobrick, who had restored the Holy Law.

Because of that, it takes time for the incarnation to descend. It was the testimony of Hildir, who was seduced by Beatrice.

“How to stop the incarnation itself?”

“Hehe, no… now that this gate… is over… the gods will use all the magical power of the realm… ohhh.”


In other words, fighting is inevitable. Leon didn’t care.

“I will fight. How can I leave this gate, leaving the Knights of Glory behind?”

Beatrice carefully advised him, who was burning with the will to fight.

“Your Majesty. It seems unwise to confront them head-on.”

“There is no way. If a dungeon break occurs, there is a concern that they will go out into the world.”

Whether you fight outside or fight here, it’s all the same. The conclusion is that it is best to fight here with at least one Holy Grail Knight.

“No, there is a way.”

Geobrick stepped forward. He took off his armor before he knew it, and the moment his big hand flashed.

– Kwajik!

Geobrick pierced his own heart and took out a large magic crystal from within.


“Muh, what are you doing!”

Hari and the cadets who witnessed the scene twisted in astonishment. However, Geobrick speaks calmly.

“The closing condition is that I and Geobrick fall. It would be meaningless to fight at the gate that will soon disappear, Your Majesty.”


Before Leon could say anything, the other knights shouted.

“For the Lion Heart King!”

“We offer our souls to the pantheon!”

The knights of the Ravonia Dawn Knights, who understood Geobrick’s actions, pulled out the magic crystals in my heart all at once.

“Thank you for following me, knights.”

Geobrick was breathing even as he pulled out the heart-like magic crystal and spilled blood.

Although he was sweating more heavily than before, he is the Holy Grail Knight of life and abundance. Even if he has recovered his sexual law, he can temporarily survive even if his heart is pulled out in conjunction with his regenerative power.

And this was the same for all members of the corps under the protection of Geobrick.

“My brothers and sisters! You will know that the final battle is imminent! Here, here, our spirit…! The Lion Heart King, who represents the glory of the gods, lives and breathes!”

“We the dead are willing to give up our lives for the future of the living!”

“Will you follow me!!”

The wandering knights and legionnaires who remained at Geobrick’s righteous declaration. They fully understood their position and stared at their only hope.

Lion Heart King.

Different from the dead and captivated by the gate, beings who can continue to sing the glory of the gods.

There was no hesitation.

Like the knights, Lionheart’s subjects and loyal soldiers sworn to defend the kingdom gladly cut out my heart.



“Damn it, it hurts so bad!”

He cuts out his heart and brings out evidence that he is a possessed being.

Now, their bodies were moving only with the miracle of God, not with magic stones.

Leon said with a distorted expression in that great spirit of sacrifice and loyalty.

“Your loyalty makes me ashamed. You have left me with a great task.”

“One more request, Your Majesty.”

I held up the magic crystal and hammer that Geobrick took out of my heart.

“Goddess Demera, grant my wish.”

If this magic stone is the vessel that entangled her soul——

“The one who is loyal to the Lion Heart King and has been recognized by Demera! Through this hammer, I will inherit the authority of Geobrick!!”

The Holy Grail Knight’s holy offering. The goddess Demera gladly accepted the sacrifice.

The magic stones of Geobrick and the soldiers disappear like smoke and dwell in the hammer. The holy relic of the Holy Grail Knight radiated a brilliant light with more full holy power.

Holy Grail Knights, honorable knights, and loyal soldiers dedicated their souls to this holy relic. Geobrick handed the hammer to Leon.

“Please take care of it. Until one day someone who holds this hammer in front of His Majesty appears.”


Leon gladly accepted the hammer. Geobrick grabbed Leon’s hand.

“It was an honor to fight alongside you.”

“Your honorable ascension will be remembered, Sir Geobrick.”

Leon turned around without hesitation. The queen and the cadets follow behind him. The pilgrims stepped forward. They got off their horses and gladly gave them to the Hunters.

“Take it. Even if you lack riding skills, you will follow the king’s words.”


Lee Yong-wan hesitantly takes over the words that the knights who were killing and killing each other were willing to give.

More than a hundred hunters rode the horses of the wandering knights.

Geobrick ordered.

“Still pilgrims on horseback. This is the final order. Protect the king until the final retreat.”

“”I’ll take it!!””

The survivors set out on a retreat under the escort of the remaining wandering knights.

The dead, who have revealed their will to die to the living, place their hands on their chests.

“A life of honor.”

“May the gods be with you.”

Thousands of soldiers salute to Leon. They didn’t look back at Leon and the others who had disappeared from sight and headed forward.

And Baron Laurent Dominec approaches him as he puts on his armor again and goes to the battlefield.

“Sir Geobrick.”

“Sir Laurent? I don’t see Sir Gaston.”

“He died fighting the beasts. He left behind this sword.”

Laurent offered the sword left by his close friend to Geobrick. It was for him with empty hands.

“It’s a great sword. With this sword I will cut my enemies and soothe Sir Gaston’s soul.”

“You will be delighted.”

– Purrung… !

Geobrick caressed the Pegasus flying towards me. A comrade who drove the black eagles around him throughout the battle.

“I will meet my true end, my comrade.”

Geobrick got on his horse and led the way. They were followed by the Ravonia Dawn Knights, the pilgrim knights, and the kingdom’s soldiers.

Beast gods who appeared with a gigantic anomaly and numerous followers, causing a rift.

Against the forces of evil and the gods, who cannot be matched by mere humans, Geobrick proudly shouts.

“I’m Geobrick…!”

“Hundred thousand enemies of the kingdom directly beaten to death! Five million enemies defeated as a War Knight!”

“Invincible in two hundred and twenty years and one thousand five hundred battles!”

“I defended Gerhan’s territory against 300,000 orcs, and competed with the Ogre Warchief in Montreal and won!”

“Demera blessed, Ariana looked after, and Petos rejoiced.”

“I am the mighty Knight of Montreal! I am Geobrick, the Holy Grail Knight of Abundance and Life!”

“You wicked ones who turned into beasts after coveting power. This goldsmith’s status. What can you guys do?!”

The grand echo made even the monsters, whose only instincts remained due to beastization, tremble.

A shining saint on a turbid battlefield.

A person who was favored by God and shared his power with him.

A knight of glory that symbolizes the existence of divinity and destruction.

He said.

“Come, let’s go. My brothers and sisters. Today we die for justice. The gods will protect us.”

“”For the Goddess!!””

“”For the honor!!””

“”For Lionheart… !!””

The Holy Grail Knight pulls out his sword amidst a roaring sound like a lion’s roar.

“To Lionheart.”

Singing the final glory, forward.

“Glory to you.”

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