The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 64: Holy Grail Knight Geobrick (5)

The escape drama begins.

Just by opening the rift, beasts that are already meaningless to count are chasing them. They are chasing horses running through the fields.

The 500 horses were taking a strange shape.

The hunters who borrowed the horses of the wandering knights are at the center, and hundreds of other wandering knights protect them.

“Fifty white herons on the flank! Fast!”

“Respond archers!”

Hunters’ magic arrows were fired at the beasts. However, even with empty words, the hit rate is not high.

It is natural. Shooting an arrow from a horse requires much more skill and practice than shooting from a flat ground.

Even the commoner yeommen, Lionheart’s scout troopers, are put into action after years of training, not to mention the arrows fired by modern men who have just mounted horses today.

Magic poems that fall in the wrong place, making the hunters’ volley fire colorless. Lee Yong-wan grinded his teeth.


Putting aside the other hunters, he, an S-class archer, is in this situation… Was it this difficult to shoot an arrow from a horse?

“Get rid of those approaching from the side!”

“Don’t spare your protection and use it!”

Wandering knights who slay the beasts that attack them even while running. they were skilled

Even while running at full speed, he stabbed the eyes with his lance or tripped over his legs from the beasts that attacked from the side.

Unlike the Hunters, who were useless while on horseback, the Wandering Knights were different.

They are masters of combat who have accumulated martial arts throughout their lives. Even though they risked their lives to protect them, the number of beasts attacking them increased.

“A bunch of monsters appear!”

“I’m in charge of the air.”

Stallion, awakened as Pegasus, flies in. Beatrice shoots arrows of magical energy from behind Leon’s back.

Her overwhelming firepower swept away the rogue birds trying to snatch the horse.

However, cracks did not occur only in one place. It occurred in various parts of the gate that was being demolished due to closing.

“A herd of wild boars is charging from the front!”

A pilgrim knight shouted to the Hunters.

“Slide to the side and take a detour! The lead 30 will charge with me!”

Leaving behind the hunters who fell to the side, the leading wandering knights rushed towards the wild boars.

Marger is a beast whose charging power is particularly threatening. Originally, it is best to avoid head-on collisions and steadily cut from the side.

The pilgrims were able to do that. But it didn’t.

– Kwaaaang!

Mazu and the knights collide head-on. As they pierce each other, pieces of meat splatter in all directions with an impact.


-Don’t let even one escape!

Horses and wild boars intertwined with each other engage in a melee. The wild boars couldn’t even think of chasing the hunters because of the biting knights.


“your majesty?”

Leon, who was watching it from the air, gritted his teeth. Seven knights who died instantly without even having a chance to regenerate from the shock.

For their souls flowed into the Holy Grail.

“Keep intercepting the monsters.”

Beatrice continued to use great magic without asking further.

to the gate entrance.

The pilgrims disappeared one by one.

* * * *

gate entrance. The saggy union raiding party hunters escape the gate one after another.

Until the moment of the final escape, the situation was not easy. Even when they arrived at the gate, they were attacked by beasts from all directions.

– Kieh!



“Shield wall!”

However, the finale is guarded by the Wandering Knights, the Lion Heart King, and the Magician Queen.

Numerous corpses pile up in front of the wandering knights who get off their horses and guard the gate.

Nevertheless, the beasts tried to block the retreat through the gap. Other hunters attacking them.

– Caw?!

The black eagles are shot down by flying arrows, and Majo, who was running madly, is blocked by the giant man.

– Kwuh?


“Hold tight!”

While Hwang Geum-cheol, who had lost his weapon by Geobrick, grabbed the wild boar, Hwang Yeon-ha struck him on the side one after another.

The thick boar’s hide was pierced and the blood spilled out, causing it to droop.

“Is that over?”

Lee Yong-wan approached. He sent the guild members first and stayed behind to help the wandering knights and Leon, and as a fixed battery, he eliminated the threat from the air next to Beatrice.

“What did we do? Her Majesty the Lion Heart King and the Queen did everything.”

Golden Chul still admired the two of them shooting down the beasts. I thought it was strong, but I never thought it would be that strong.

As a saved position, he stepped forward to contribute to Fumi’s safety, but the more he watched the fight between the two, the more keenly he felt his own weakness.

‘Is that a knight… … .’

Today they witnessed the honorable knight and its end. I owed the lion heart king’s bonus, the price of my life.

This debt I owe today will have to be repaid in one form or another.



It is the last way out of allied raids. The four of them left the gate, checking Leon, who was staring at the road he had left with his back firmly on his back.

* * * *

The beasts are still coming. If you delay any longer, you will be swept away by the waves of beasts.

While the wandering knights served as a shield, Leon remained in his seat even though he had to escape as soon as possible.

– Stop it!

– Don’t send a single one back!

The glorious knights are fading away. No matter how many knights they were, they were desperately holding out even in the midst of unfavorable terrain and numbers. Their end is soon.

“your majesty!”

I hear a little girl’s voice behind me. It was Han Hari and the cadets.

“I told you to go first.”


They knew they wouldn’t be of much help.

That it was right to leave it to the Lion Heart King and the Magician Queen and retreat first. but… … .

“I think I’ll have to watch until the end…”

Hari felt obliged to watch them until the end.

Those who are willing to sacrifice for justice, and who are willing to die for glory and honor.

No one cried, no one spewed resentment or hatred.

What is the honor they so blindly believe in, so that they can throw their lives away like this for granted?

And Leon… Knowing the knights’ loyalty, why did they still remain?

It is probably a similar duty no different from that of knights.

For the sake of the loyal knights and soldiers, he had to stay until the end and take revenge. Even if it is risky and irrational.

“If you want to stay. Stay.”

After saying that, Leon stared in the direction he had left without hesitation. Now, I stared at the pilgrim knights until the end.

And finally, when the beasts seen over the horizon arrived, Leon confronted them… … .

– Kiki profit… !

Black blotches covering the sky. While the four-legged beasts on the ground struggled, the black eagles that had gathered numbers were rushing in all at once.

“Your Majesty… I think we have to get out now.”

“Not yet. Not yet.”

Leon was waiting for someone. last one. I was willing to take the risk for that last one. The moment the rogue birds finally try to dive——



Goosebumps popping up everywhere. The black stains that covered the sky screamed and fell unable to spread their wings.

“Go, why are you doing that all of a sudden?”

The cadets were taken aback, but Leon knew what that meant.

The next moment, he sensed the ‘spirit’ returning to the Holy Grail and realized that the blow of that great soul had pierced the incarnation of the bird.

“at last…….”

Leon’s whole body trembled. Soaring rage and uncontrollable hatred stood in his bloodshot eyes.

“You will pay this price! The wicked beasts you serve will meet the most brutal deaths!!”

The Holy Grail Knights force the results through the Holy Law.

So, is the oath uttered by the greatest grail guardian really binding?

It will only be created by this King of Knights.

“Retreat. I will remember this day.”

The three of them turned the reins and retreated. None of Baekrang and the others were chasing Leon.

* * * *

The Jeju Island gate was closed, and Leon and the students returned to Korea with the thanks of the president Oh Kang-hyeok.

However, their footsteps were heavy, because Leon, the leader, remained silent.

The cadets who did not participate in the gate capture looked confused, but Kim Jae-hyeok and Han Su-ho noticed and put an end to it.

The bedroom where I came back after finishing all the work like that. Leon couldn’t sleep for a while.

This is not the first time he has witnessed the deaths of comrades.

In the great war against the demons, countless knights perished, and the soldiers met their end. The Holy Grail Knights who were able to entrust their backs ascended to heaven one by one, and the saints and priestesses were embraced by the gods.

In the end, only Leon survived. When the gods carried the pantheon to his heart, he accepted it gladly, but the weight was by no means light.


Unable to sleep, he woke up. Yapi tilted his head beside him, but Leon stroked his back and left the room.

There is a bar in the pantheon for drinking. It is not a fancy and luxurious bar in the city, but a rugged facility for supplying soldiers with alcohol and relieving their fatigue.

Only 1st generation students who have completed their training period are allowed to drink here. Even that is a quiet facility because they go to bed early for regular training.

“Oh, Your Majesty?”

Surprisingly, there were passengers.


“Can’t you sleep?”

“Is that you too?”

Beatrice tilted her head with a soft smile. In her hand is a glass full of red wine.

“How can you have a drink without snacks?”

“I want to get drunk.”

She leaned against the table with an unusually flushed expression.

Unlike her usual relaxed appearance, she now looks dangerous.

“Can I have a drink too?”

“Are you drinking with me?”

“You drink with me.”


Beatrice staggered out a new glass and poured the wine. The overflowing cup is full of red.

“Your Majesty… Do you remember those who went before you?”

Beatrice’s gaze was reflected in the glass. Leon smiled wryly as he looked at the red eyes in the sparkling wine.

“Being a monarch is a tiring job.”

You must carry more burdens than anyone else, be stronger than anyone else, and never give up under any circumstances.

Even if no one stays by the side at the end of the fight.

Leon took a drink. poisoned a lot.

Beatrice filled the empty glass without saying a word. Beatrice grinned as she waved her sparkling wine glass.

The two casually clinked their glasses at each other. Surprisingly, it seems to be a common culture across the world.


“Please call me Bice. I have no kingdom or people to protect anymore.”

How can the king of a kingdom without people be called a king? Beatrice recited self-deprecating sadness and sent a pitiful gaze.

“So, isn’t it the same for me too?”

“Your Majesty is different. Your Majesty carries the soul. Even the gods rely on you.”

And above all.

“Your Majesty has soothed their spirits and fulfilled their longings. He is a great king incomparable to others.”

“……Don’t blame yourself so much. You are also a better king than anyone else.”

In order to save her people and country, she threw herself into the devil’s plot. Repeating destruction and rebirth for nearly a hundred years.

Even if it failed, who can blame that spirit?

“Your Majesty finally won. He did not compromise with evil, and he kept justice and faith. That’s why even now, His Majesty’s people and knights can have hope in paradise.”

Beatrice seemed to be praising Leon, but her eyes were sad.

“That’s why I feel sorry for Your Majesty. Because you will carry that burden forever. Even if you lose again and again, you have to stand up again.”

Beatrice saw the expression on Leon’s face when he had to watch Geobrick’s ascension.

It was a terrible loneliness, and it was a road to death with no end in sight. He must have been frustrated.

However, because I am not a person who will collapse because of frustration, because I am a person who will stand up endlessly in the end.

She struggled with her own weight and wanted to lean on Leon. I wanted to lean on his shoulder and pass the burden on him, even if it was only a brief moment of drunkenness.

The death knights who supported him until the very end. The only way to repay their loyalty is to help them succeed in a safe reincarnation.

You can’t rely on him anymore. Anything should lighten his burden.

“If there’s anything you want from me, tell me anything.”

Whatever it was, Beatrice would give Leon what he wanted. Leon smiled bitterly when he read her determination and determination.

“Jim fought alone for too long. That’s why he seems to have forgotten. The many comrades who once fought alongside Jim…”

Today, Leon reflected on the loss of that time.

“My people, my friends, my kingdom. My…”

Leon couldn’t think of anything more. I didn’t want to mention those two.

The loss and sadness that only he remembers belonged to him who was left alone.

Leon stared at Beatrice.

“You must not die before Jim. The death of the person next to you will pierce your bones no matter how many times you experience it.”

The night deepens.

The two share the same scars and spent a long time working together.

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