The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 65: Geobrick, and then

Golden Lion Guild Headquarters.

As an emerging guild in Korea, this guild, established by S-class hunter Hwang Geum-chul, boasted a solid position as one of the top 10 leading guilds until recently.

But Cheongju Gate and Jeju Island Gate. Huge damage in the process of successive gate attacks.

Honor and reputation have been raised, but there is no substance. Above all, losing the guild’s first-team veteran raid was an irreplaceable loss.

However, the Golden Lion Guild will surely recover from this wound.

As long as the guild master Golden Iron exists, the Golden Lion Guild will not collapse.

However, this is not a situation where you can relax. The quarterly performance of the Golden Lion Guild was falling day by day due to a series of casualties. Even so… … .

“Are you still training?”

“My Sister~”

Hwang Yeon-ha worriedly looked at her brother, who had been living in the training room since the Jeju Island Gate.

“Grind the bones.”

“…Well, it’s because I’m done with everything I have to do.”

I know why my older brother is doing this. Like ordinary siblings, they treat each other as if they are enemies, but the two are similar.

“I thought it was pretty strong.”

S class with only 20 people in Korea. The guild leader of the 10th guild. The most destructive Korean hunter.

But it was a frog in the well. The real strength was different.

Holy Grail Knight Geobrick.

An unprecedented strong man whose power, belief, and will cannot even be compared.

Not only them, but also the hundreds of knights under them would have been praised as famous strongmen in Korea.

“The Holy Grail Knight…”

who the heck are they

Do you have such a strong, such a strong will? Above all–

“I mean cool.”

“What… I agree.”

How could you have made such a cool final decision?

The complicated state of mind seemed far off.

* * * *

Lee Yong-wan is greedy.

He was good with money, and he enjoyed seeing his amassed wealth.

When it comes to the 10th guild in Korea, they are close to the political world and wield unbridled power, but surprisingly, to Lee Yong-wan, power was just a means to increase his wealth.

patriotism? sense of justice? Childish things like that don’t help you make money.

In modern times, if you don’t get ridiculed for being childish, it’s an ideology.

“We the dead will gladly give up our lives for the future of the living !”


Lee Yong-wan opened his eyes and realized that what came into his field of vision was his office.

“Oh no… did you sleep?”

It is because I stayed up all night for post-processing after the Jeju gate. In fact, it was a big thing that I was hanging out because I couldn’t get a job.

“I’m not feeling well these days.”

The main character of the voice is Hayuri. As an S-class hunter and deputy guild leader of the Phoenix Guild, she usually acts as Lee Yong-wan’s secretary.

Administrative work seems to be rat poison, so the work is rough.

“Are you worried? Enough to make you have nightmares.”

“……It’s noisy.”

“If you’re worried, it’s best to consult with someone who knows how to solve it. Only one person on this planet can answer your doubts.”

Lion Heart King. When his name was mentioned, Lee Yong-wan smiled.

“That classist?

“It seems like you’re the type that can communicate unexpectedly.”


owed him his life. But I had no intention of making friends. It is because Lee Yong-wan and Leon are the opposite of each other.

“Since the situation has been resolved… I should say thank you. As for the gift… send it yourself.”

“Send your treasure No. 7?”

“Oh no! How much does that cost!”

Ha Yu-ri laughed at Lee Yong-wan, who was screaming as if he was running out of heat.

“You know there’s a big guild meeting next week for the tax exemption bill, right? They sent me a dress code.”

“Damn, I forgot. Where did you come from?”

“Cheongseong, Mujin, Shark… What’s new about new swords?

“With this much gathered, the government won’t be able to hold out any longer.

“Take it. Even if you lack horsemanship, you will follow the king’s words.”

“A life of honor.”

“May the gods protect you.”


“Lee Yong-wan?”

Honor, Justice, Glory. Such useless things… … .


Lee Yong-wan’s stomach suddenly started to hurt. The reason could not be explained. It just hurts.

“Tell me that I’m not going because I’m sick.”

“Five days left?”

“I’m going to be sick until then.”

After seeing those articles, I didn’t feel that wealth piled up like a mountain was trivial.


Because I saw something so intense. Wait, it’s just that I lost interest in making money for a while.

It will.

* * * *

Hari went to the training ground as per her morning routine.

But these days, even though I came out earlier than that, I see familiar faces on the training ground.

“Suho, did you sleep well?”

“Yes, sister.”

Han Su-ho, a younger brother from the same orphanage who came out of the boys’ dormitory after washing up.

The boy is holding a sword and shield, his weapons, and knocking on a scarecrow that Yapi has set up for training. Not just a scarecrow, but a servant of the goddess Demera who guards the fields.

“Hello, Senior Han.”

“Hari-senpai, good morning!”

And Cheon So-yeon and Kim Jae-hyeok came to say hello after seeing Hari enter.

Chun So-yeon was originally fast, so even so, it was surprising that Kim Jae-hyeok, who likes to play, came to the morning training ground.

“Jaehyuk is diligent these days? Even at the academy, morning walks are always missing.”

“Well… I saw something like that.”

Jaehyuk scratched his cheek as if he was embarrassed, then blushed as if he was thinking of an object of longing.

The three people here couldn’t help but understand what Jaehyuk was talking about.

“A knight…”

The four of them saw the existence of knights at the gate of Jeju Island.

At first, I thought chivalry, honor, and glory were unique to Leon.

An alien species like Leon is unusually arguing about things like that.

But no.

The Holy Grail Knight, who was said to be the pinnacle of knights, and the Kingdom Knight, who was said to be an official knight. Wandering articles that were not even official articles.

It was a strength that had no choice but to accept the strict standards of being a knight of Leon.

It’s not just about force.

All of them were honorable, brave, and armed with firm convictions and fidelity.

Even though the strength they had was similar, the will they possessed was not even comparable.

“Your Majesty, do you really think we… can become such knights?”

Everyone couldn’t open their mouths at Suho’s resignation.

Up until a week ago, they thought they could.

Out of 45 knight trainees, only four are pilgrims. It was only yesterday that they flirted with the fact that if you train well, you will be recognized as a knight of the kingdom, and you will listen to the voice of a knight in Korea.

But now they know.

How heavy was the position of being a knight, the honorific title of ‘sir’ to Leon.

A knight is not simply someone who is good at fighting.

They must be honorable, seek glory, and are willing to lay down their lives for their comrades.

A pilgrim knight, at least a single soldier, did the same.

The comparison was so realistic that I could feel why Leon was devaluing the superhuman hunters of this earth.

From his point of view, the hunters didn’t seem to be anything more than mercenaries who only wanted money.

‘wait for a sec… … .’

Harry suddenly felt strange.

The base point of the articles was realized. How good and upright they are. then… … .

‘Your Majesty, who fought alone for 200 years at the pinnacle… … .’

What kind of fight has he been fighting?

* * * *

“Sir Spinner. You take care of it from now on.”

-taking over.

After handing over the trainees’ training to Yapi, Leon headed to the knight’s training ground.

Even if it is a training ground for knights, it is just another training ground isolated from the trainees, and there is nothing special except that the space is wide enough for horses to run.

Here, Leon summoned the holy sword and began swordsmanship training.

Training that has been repeated every single day for 300 years of life.

The times he repeated with the knights of the Grand Duke’s family, the companions he met while wandering, and the soldiers and knights after becoming king.

When I looked back, there was only one person left.


Ever since he became a Holy Grail Knight, he has not lost his physical vitality.

No matter how fierce the battle is, it never gets tired, and no disease can invade it, and it always maintains perfect vitality.

“You’re tired.”

Nevertheless, Leon felt tired. My head grew tired and I felt the instructions.

It is 300 years.

Leon was tired enough to stop the routine he had been repeating for over 300 years.

After reincarnating in another world, the 15 years must have been a fairly prosperous time.

It was a time when my body was in pain while receiving the teachings of the Holy Grail Knight, but I still had confidence in the future.

When wandering and fighting against orcs, vampires, and barbarians, when the neighboring country was ruined by the appearance of the Great Devil… Even when you remain alone and continue a war that may last.

It just ran like a horse pulling a carriage. If you think about it, it was a life that only ran forward without any time to feel tired.

Why did the fatigue I didn’t feel even when I was killing the demons came back and bothered me again?


Yes, you must be afraid of losing.

The future of having to fight alone again is a terrible thing.

After all, he is a human too.

‘However, it is a burden that must be carried alone.’

Even the knights of glory have fallen, so how can we share this burden? It was when Leon was about to grab the sword to get rid of his thoughts.

“Ah, Your Majesty. Are you here?”

Hari opened the training ground door, poked her face in, and quickly jumped inside.

“Didn’t you rest at this time?”

Over the past few months, Leon knew Hari’s routine. Basically, the evening after work is spent watching dramas.

Although he is a hard worker, he is the type to take care of his rest time.

Hari scratched her ruddy cheeks and replied.

“That… these days, how to say. I have felt the need for training.”


“It’s not all of a sudden.”

Anyway, I came here to train myself. It is said that these days, young people do not meet Leon’s standards, but this is enough to be called admirable.

“Hold the sword. I’ll take a look.”

“Ah, yep!


When will he stop talking about pseudo historical dramas? In my opinion, it’s like being polite to the king.

“Top posture.”


Hari pulled out her signature sword and assumed a top stance. The basic base is kendo. There is little shaking in the posture, probably because it has been learned for a long time.

“Stop it.”

Leon swung his sword, and Hari blocked it.


He managed to block it, but Hari’s arms tingled at the shock from the sword.

‘Yeah, my strength isn’t normal!’

second, third… It’s fast and fierce, but not unstoppable. However, the transmitted shock accumulated and the arm inadvertently went down.

“Always keep your arms above your navel. If you go down one span, you’re 0.2 seconds late, and if you go down two spans, you’re twice as late.”

“Ah, I understand!”

As Leon pointed out, Hari raised her sword above her belly button. In response, Leon grabbed the wooden sword with both hands and raised it to the top position.

“It’s a hawk’s attitude. It’s a stance of unifying attack and defense.”

Leon strikes diagonally from the top and covers the whole body with the blade. The power in both hands is several times heavier than before.


Harry is not weak. An A-class hunter is a superhuman among superhumans. Even so, it was too much to block Leon’s attack.

“Defense is not only done with arms and swords. One foot back, don’t be pushed away from the center of gravity of the sword.”

After following the advice and blocking the sword, the shock was less than before. The feeling that the roots of Danjeon go down and the ground firmly supports it. A slight posture change can make this difference.

However, the joy of blocking Leon’s sword was short-lived, and the moment the swords met, Leon pushed Hari with his shoulder while they were entangled like magnets.


Hari slumped backwards. I tried to stand up right away, but the sword that touched my throat glowed brightly.

“The sword is not the only weapon. Use the whole body as a weapon.”

Teaching continued.

“The posture of wielding the sword is great. How many times have you said it, quickly and cut it off. What’s the point of revealing gaps in your movements?”

“That… if you want to use the ability…”

“Haa~ Are you saying that again? Don’t think that the only way to win is to use your abilities efficiently. What’s the point if you die?”

“Is that so?”

Hari widened her eyes as if surprised by Leon’s words.

“What do you mean?”

“Uh, um… it’s nothing.”

When Leon stared at Hari, Hari vomited his intentions.

“Your Majesty… I knew you would tell me to fight even at the risk of my life… That honor? For the glory…”


Leon hit Hari on the crown with the back of his sword. evil! Hari’s death trembled.

“Foolish thing. Where is the honor and glory you give?”

“That, that’s true, I’m not as good as those knights, but…”

“I’m not talking about him. They sang glory for the gods. They raised honor for their country. Han Hari, can you do that for this country, Korea?”

“Uh… I don’t think… I think?”

Hari is also in the middle of this generation. Hellfire Peninsula Hell Joseon. Patriotism was fading with each passing day, and the words to give one’s life for one’s country felt like propaganda.

Even though she herself has a particularly strong sense of justice among her peers.

“If you have no one to give glory and honor to, what does it mean to follow them?”

“To be honored…”

Harry was speechless at the unexpected.

Dalian and guidance continued for a while. Leon sharply pointed out each and every one of Hari’s swordsmanship and posture, and each time he corrected them, he felt better in real time.

But strangely… Leon looked weaker than usual.

“Enough here. Rest now.”


Normally, he would have stretched out as much as he could, saying, ‘To be guided by the Lion Heart King, consider it an honor and be grateful for this good luck’, but he indifferently turned around.

On Earth, Hari, who had been with Leon for the longest time, could tell the subtle difference.

“Your Majesty, you don’t seem to have any energy.”

Always confident and upbeat, he seems somewhat depressed after Jeju Island Gate. I knew that he was also a human after all, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to help.

“Your Majesty’s not feeling well these days. Maybe it’ll be good?”


It was the brain of the Pantheon and the first Holy Grail Knight, Sir Yacht Spinner, who gave such troubled counseling.

Yapi, who was pouring salt into the soldiers’ meals, rolled the camera eye and let out a mechanical sound.

-your majesty. Among non-specific biological reactions to stimuli applied to the living body.

“Can’t you talk to me at eye level?”

– Increased stress level. Need to relieve stress.

“Stress… that’s not wrong.”

So what do you need to relieve stress?

“Sir Yapi, do you know what His Majesty enjoys?

-your majesty. Wake up at 5 o’clock. 4 hours training. breakfast. Morning training map. Lunch. Afternoon training map. dinner. late night prayers. sleep afterwards. Overall, not out of the routine.

“…are you recording all of that?

– Research paper information. Definition of the concept of living things and entertainment. It refers to all activities to enjoy the mood during rest. Perfect for relieving stress.

In short, I think you should enjoy entertainment.

“Your Majesty is playing… well, I can’t imagine. What about Lord Yapi?”

-… … Entertainment for raising dopamine in organic matter is not a subject of consideration in this study.

Why is it so difficult to say something you don’t know?

Hari pondered for a while, and then an idea suddenly crossed her mind.

“Yes! If that’s the case, His Majesty will enjoy it too! It’s just like the times!”


“Just in time, there was something useful in the association! I’ll have to contact you first.”

-What is your plan?

Whispering, as Hari explained the plan, Yaffy sorted out the objective information and admitted that it was a reasonable derivation.

– The accidental conversion of organic matter. Not up to the computing power of this unit.

“Yes, yes, you would.”

-A nuance that mocks this machine. It is not an attitude that mere organic matter will take.

Hari shrugged and made a gesture of victory.

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