The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 66: Having an illustration to relieve stress

Leon had a prayer time in front of the altar after eating.

For Leon, prayer time is not just a time to express gratitude by reciting wishes.

He communicates with the gods, has direct conversations, and acts as their will.

The gods always answer his prayers.

[Leon, my knight. Your goddess waited for your prayers.]

‘Dear Ariana.’

Leon posted today’s report. An act close to a regular business report. Leon was the first to push their comfort.

‘Goddess. How are Sir Geobric and their condition?’

The souls of the knights and soldiers Leon collected while remaining at the gate until the end. The gods welcomed it.

If you were safely delivered to paradise, there is nothing to worry about… … .

[Their souls were polluted by bad things. The gods themselves purify the soul and lead it to paradise one after another.]

‘Fortunately, the.’

When Leon let out a sigh of relief, the goddess spoke.

[This is my article. You seem to be out of energy lately.]

‘It’s nothing to worry about. I’m just a little tired.’

[Your goddess is Leon, I am very worried about you. You have served too long, and you have fought too long.]

‘I just did what I had to do.’

[Where in the world did they say that such a fight was deserved? Your goddess is so full of debt that she is so heavy.]

While Leon was willing to worry about Ariana, he asked lightly to ease the goddess’ worries.

‘Are other gods like that?’

[Hmph, a war without that subtlety hopes that you will spread more fame. Recently, it seems that iron is also involved in the matter.]

‘It’s relieved that he seems to have found something to do.’

[Come to think of it, I heard that the dream has prepared something for you. This must be conveyed through the priest.]

Leon seemed to know how Fleur, the divine of dreams and death, would communicate.

If Fleur was just conveying a message, it would be enough to convey it directly to Leon.

But if it is a prophecy, the story is different.

Fleur is also a goddess who presides over death and the underworld, but she also intervenes in dreams to prophesy and shows a fragmented future.

It was usually delivered through the priest, so the lion heart kings of the past did not take lightly the prophecy.

‘Something big will happen soon.’

[My knight’s fatigue has reached its peak, but your goddess’s heart is heavy because it seems like she’s burdening her even more.]

For a while, the goddess delivered a message on behalf of the gods of the pantheon. Then Ariana spoke.

[My knight, your service makes the gods happy, but the observer is also very worried.]

‘I’m sorry for worrying you.’

[Relieve fatigue and enjoy entertainment. You ran non-stop for 200 years. It’s time to rest a little.]

‘It’s entertainment… It’s been a long time since I’ve heard that.’

[Yes, there seems to be a lot of entertainment in this day and age, but I’m not sure my knight will have any. However, wouldn’t the best entertainment be the same regardless of the times and the world?]

‘Is there such a thing?’

[Holding the woman.]

‘… … .’

Leon did not answer the goddess’ words. didn’t exactly

[From the point of view of your goddess, the queen is a good match. That beauty is admirable even to ‘Love’.]

‘… … Goddess.’

[Otherwise, how about that red-haired girl? A child whose eyes are on ‘war’. If you do that, there is no shortage to wear the sincerity of the Lion Heart King.]

‘It’s a young blue girl. How can you say such a thing?’

[Originally, human beings are the law to relieve pleasure by embracing reason. In order to raise the glorious name of Lion Heart King here, shouldn’t we rebuild the royal family as soon as possible?]

Leon shook his head and blurted out the words of the goddess, which is rare. And–

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty!

Hari runs over Leon and trips over the threshold. Such ugliness with superhuman physical abilities… … There is no such thing as a little boy put out on the riverside.

“Tsk tsk. What happened?”

“I have prepared something for you! I have received advice and help from Lord Yapi.”


Hari conspired with Yapi to prepare something. Leon suddenly remembered the Maid’s uniform, which had previously been worn as a maid’s uniform, ranked No.

“Anything so filthy would make me strip naked and walk the whole town on my hands.”

“What about my dignity?”

“Have you prepared clothes like that again?”

“No! No!”

Harry shook his head in denial.

* * * *

The place where Hari arrived, saying that there was something prepared, was Wen Gate. There, Hunter Association employees were waiting for the two.

“Are you here, Your Majesty?”

Hunter’s strategy team, including Manager Kim Jin-soo. They are heavily armed and waiting for Leon.

“What happened?”

“Yep! Peha! Actually, we gathered like this to give back to His Majesty at the association level to support Assistant Manager Han Hari, who planned this event!”


plan? What does that mean? Leon said he brought Hari as a surprise gift, so he didn’t know much about it.

To be honest, since Yapi also cooperated, I came because I didn’t want to do anything stupid… … .

“Please enter the gate first!”

The gate that Hari entered triumphantly. There is a wide forest spread out there.

“Where is this?”

“Here comes the training gate managed by the Association.”

The association maintains several gates for training and business use.

There were not only gates for the level test of hunters like the gates of Seoul Station, but also several gates for the training of raiding parties operated by themselves.

One of them was reserved for Leon.

“I will introduce the gate from now on. The characteristic of this gate is that it is an area called flood sea, where various animals, plants and monsters appear.”

As the level of the gate is only green, there are no dangerous monsters. It is a place that the association also visits for regional adaptation training, and above all, it seems that medicinal herbs that only grow here are regenerated.

“Small animals 1 point! Medium 3 points! Occasionally found orcs 10 points!”

“Hmm… In short, you mean hunting?”

“Yep! It’s a recurring gate that regenerates over time anyway, so don’t worry about it and just hunt it down!”

Leon knew why Hari had brought him this way. It was a hunt.

“I guessed, but I thought that hunting would have been popular where Your Majesty lived.”

“So you prepared a hunting ground for Jim’s examination?

How could you have thought of that?

Leon knew Hari’s intentions. He hid it, but it seemed that his gloomy attitude could be seen in the child’s eyes.

Come to think of it, the goddess told me to rest.

“Hunting… hunting…”

Indeed, it has been two hundred years. As Hari speculates, hunting is the game of knights and nobles in Lionheart Kingdom.

He trains his body and triumphs in the competition, offering the victory to God.

I didn’t have time to enjoy it because of the war with many demons, but enjoying the thrill of hunting was a noble virtue.

“Are they beaters? They’re holding instruments.”

To be precise, it was a gong. Heavily armed hunters entered with such loud equipment to drive and push their prey.

Yes, to make hunting fun, you need a beater.

Leon smiled and asked Hari.

“Did you say there are also orcs?”

“Yep! That’s why everyone is fully armed!”

“Let’s take it instead of a bear.”

Leon ran. Soon after, the association’s employees, who claimed to be chasers, began to play gongs noisily.

* * * *

The Thick Claw Tribe are Forest Orcs who live in the forest and lead a peaceful hunting life.

They serve the forest god, offer sacrifices to them, and claim themselves to be the custodians of the forest.

– Aaaaaaaaagh!

A scream echoed through the dense forest. Loud laughter erupts from him.

“Ha ha ha! Damn big axes! Do you dare to hunt in our territory? We haven’t had enough game lately, but with just one of your forearms, we can clean up a meal!”

“First of all, take off the skin on your face! We must offer the skull to God!”

They are hunting the same tribe of Orcs. They are engaged in a bloody slaughter battle with other Orc tribes due to the forest territory problem that has recently begun to intensify.

Forest Orcs could have chosen coexistence among the few Forest Orcs, but Orcs solved everything with war.

Coexistence does not exist between them, only battle and slaughter enforce their wishes.

-Dag dag dag dag!

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

“It’s a bit loud for a wild boar running…”

The moment the thick clawed orc hunters leaned their heads in the direction of the sound, a huge presence jumped out.


white goose A spear engraved with a delicate and beautiful engraving that cannot be compared to the crude objects of the forest is——

– Kkuheyup!?

Pierced through the heart of a Forest Orc.

– What, what!

– It’s an intruder!

Screams pour in from the thick brightsaw tribe. A knight appeared out of nowhere and hunted the orcs.

“Hahahaha! Hunting, not combat, has its own taste.”

“Who are you, you bastard!”

“Human! How dare you kill our tribe members!”


Forest Orcs rushed in. However, the opponent is the apex of the Holy Grail Knights, the Guardian of the Holy Grail.

Orcs who were less than forty, including all the tribesmen, were unilaterally swept away.

“Do, run away!”

“It’s a monster! Run away!”

The battle situation was one-sided and the Orcs tried to flee into the forest. As long as he’s alone and uses melee weapons, he won’t be able to hunt the entire tribe after all.



A fleeing orc was knocked down by an arrow that pierced its neck.

“Let’s put it on! Kkeok?!”

The orcs were knocked down by the arrows fired in succession. Thanks to their thick leather, they can withstand quite a few arrows with their bodies, but they are knocked down after being hit in vital points by their mysterious bow skills.

With only a few of the tribal orcs barely able to escape into the forest, Leon dismounted.

“If you’ve hunted, you’ll have to take the mark.”

Leon pulled out the molar of the dead orc and put it in his pocket. The pockets were already full of orc tusks.


Hari, who had followed her to the village where the catastrophe had taken place, gave off an awkward smile as she got off her horse.

“Wow, are you good at shooting a bow?”

As Hari remembers, Leon is a well-known distance hater in the Association. That’s why he didn’t prepare a bow and arrow for Leon to use in this hunt.

However, after annihilating the first orc colony, Leon took the bow and arrows from the orc hunters and was hunting orcs with them.

However, despite the fact that he hates long-range weapons, his bow shoots amazingly well.

“There’s a misunderstanding. Just because you’re a knight doesn’t mean you don’t know how to use ranged weapons.”

“is that so?”

“Hunting is a nobleman’s virtue and entertainment. How can you hunt only with a spear and a sword?”

Knights, especially wandering knights and attendants, had to secure their own food even in remote areas.

Knights had no choice but to become masters of hunting, and of course they also shot bows and arrows.

“A bow is a weak weapon for killing monsters, but it’s good enough for killing prey.”

“It… makes sense. But this… shoots really well.”

Leon chuckled at Hari’s candid admiration.

“Jim was famous for being the greatest tournament champion of all time, but he was also the second best hunter of his time. He also won occasional hunting competitions.”

“Your Majesty is the second? Then, was the first another Grail Knight?”

“Hmm, it’s ambiguous to see him as a Holy Grail Knight. The goddess of the moon and the hunt blessed him, but he was more of a hunter than a knight.”

Leon remembered the memories of the past. When the kingdom was still at peace, before it was invaded by demons.

Knights and nobles, who were said to be the king of the kingdom, entered the tournament, where they showed off their dragon power.

“Chief of the moon and hunting. She was a saint. Her bow is like a meteor, so if you shoot it at its maximum, you can cross the ridge of the mountain.”


How absurd are you talking about that, Hari knew well what the favored of the gods could do.

It splits a huge bear over 50m tall and sweeps away hundreds of demons with a single breakthrough. Right now, Leon is the living witness.

And it was clearly confirmed at the Jeju Island Gate that those with this level of power would be classified as ‘Grail Knights’, not the pinnacle.

“By the way… did you really have to hunt only orcs like this? It’s meaningless to prepare a chaser after all.”

“I’m sorry about that. But, if there’s a bear in the forest, how can they hunt rabbits? To win first place, you have to aim for big game.”

It was the eyes that saw the Orcs completely prey. Harry smiled bitterly.

“There is the body of the chief of the tribe. Judging from the power of magic, he must have something good.”

“Ah, really. Wow~ Isn’t this precious? It’s a shaman’s totem. It’s not a common drop item.”

“Sell it and give it to the employees who acted as drivers.”

“Huh? Gwa, are you okay? This is a pretty good item. I’ll do 100 million.”

“It will be a small reward for those who came to do mutt training on other days.”

“Kuh, keuhum…!”

Hari coughed at the naked expression. Certainly it was.

Hari only asked the Association for a gate to serve as a hunting ground for Leon, but nothing more.

The reason why the workers in the middle of the day were mobilized as chasers was the insistence of the upper echelons of the association that they should look good to Leon.

It is easy to mobilize subordinates anywhere.

Being visible to Leon is important for their organization, but what kind of crime is it for salary earners to suffer at the gate while sweating profusely?

“By the way, the footprints of the Orcs who escaped continue.”

“Do you want to hunt more? According to the mapped information, you destroyed the Orc colony…”

“So. The beasts exhale and pollute the forest, so how can we neglect them? Even if they’re fake, we have to kill the orcs.”


Leon handed over the orc’s bow and quiver to Hari who sighed.

“You too have to be good at anything to become a knight. Practice your bow today.”

“Umm… I’ve only ever used a bow in the aptitude test when I was in the academy.”

Hari feels awkward saying that her skills are low. Leon patted Hari on the shoulder and laughed.

“I’ll teach you the basics.”

“is that so?”

At Leon’s words, Hari smiled lightly.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better, though.”


Whoever sat on the throne offered the Fool and treasures to see how he felt. It is no different from everyday life, so I remember always dealing with it mechanically.

But Hari did this purely to cheer herself up. There were no aspirations or desires there.

“Well, that’s unusual.”

“Yes? Did you not hear me?”

“Catch at least three orcs. If you don’t, I’ll hit you.”

“Old?! I haven’t shot that bow a few times before, lung ha!”

Leon riding a horse. Harry hurried along.

* * * *

A few days later, Hari smiled and walked around the Manshinden building.

After that day’s hunt, Leon regained his energy. Harry’s plan was quite successful.

“Oh~ Deputy Han.”

“Ah, chief!”

On her way to the warehouse to pick up the training wooden sword, Hari found Chief Kim Jin-soo, a dispatched employee of the association.

“What are you doing here? I thought you went to collect the harvested rice from the rice warehouse.”

“The tractor is broken. I’m here to get some supplies.”

“It breaks down easily. Is it because it’s an old machine?”

“Well, since the plains of Naju were contaminated with magical energy, they didn’t take them out and use them, so they must have been poorly maintained.”

If this is the case, wouldn’t it be better to use horses or cows as before? Harry blurted out his thoughts.

“…there’s a point.”


“No, isn’t it almost treated like a divine being when His Majesty blesses them? They say that the horses bought from Jeju Island run much better than before after the consecration ceremony.”

surely. The horses purchased at the Jeju Island Gate were reinforced using the reins of the former king. The gap difference is huge, so it is not a task to dominate the world horse racing market even if only one horse is taken out.

“Although there are things that have become difficult to handle thanks to that. Our Cream has changed…”

“Well, since the hunters are also superhuman, the balance must be right. But when did you name it?”

The warehouse arrived with a small talk. Every time Hari visited this place, she purged her heart and prayed.

This is because the hammer left behind by the Holy Grail Knight, Sir Geobrick, is kept here.

“I wish you well…”

“According to the doctrine of the pantheon, isn’t it blasphemy to pray by combining your Buddhist and Christian rituals?”

Manager Kim Jin-soo scolds Hari for drawing Seong-ho and putting his hands together. The two of them opened the warehouse door–



Sir Geobrick’s hammer was nowhere to be seen in the warehouse.

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