The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 67: Geobrick’s Hammer

The Manshinjeon building is located in the middle of a wide grain belt with five surrounding mountains.

It’s not that far from the urban area, but it’s not a convenient place to access either. Occasionally, visitors to a nearby golf course come and see it.

Until recently, even that road was partially blocked due to contamination with magic elements.

Recently, as an altar to the Goddess of Life and Abundance was built and a temple building was built, hunter-related people even visited.

However, recently, the Manshinden building has become quite a hot place. It is mainly thanks to the hunters and the tourists watching the hunters.

“Yes, participation number 59! I will be Mr. Han Jin-soo, the A-class hunter of the Matrix Guild!”

entrance of the office building. At the head of the line there, a stout man strides forward.

Han Jin-soo, famous as an iron wall tanker, was muscular and over 2m tall.

Hari gulped at Han Jin-soo, who was so large that it cast a shadow on her, and cautiously placed the microphone on it.

“Then Jinsu Han! How do you feel as a challenger?”

“How about sleeping, if I really have this hammer, can I have it?”

Han Jin-soo’s eyes were on the large one-handed hammer. All the challengers stare with greedy eyes, and tourists are filming whether they will succeed this time.

A hunter that powerful might be able to lift a hammer that looks a bit heavy… … .

No, but until now, no hunters have been able to lift that hammer. It was because the hammer was so heavy that the so-called hunters couldn’t lift it even for a second.

However, Han Jin-soo put his palms on the handle of the hammer and smiled.

‘I have a unique skill, <Weight Conversion>. Any weight doesn’t matter to me!’

At the same time as the unique skill was activated, Han Jin-soo lightly tried to lift the hammer. but… … .


Doesn’t budge. Apparently, even though the weight of the hammer was reduced to close to 0 kg through weight conversion, the hammer did not move as if it were stuck to the ground.

“If it doesn’t work, go ahead. There are a lot of people waiting.”

“No, not yet!”

Han Jin-soo now pulled the hammer with all his might. By putting my feet on the floor and squeezing out all the strength I had been sucking on.

But in the end, the hammer didn’t budge, and neither did the others.

All of this goes back a week.

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Big things are coming!”

On my way to dinner with Beatrice. Ha-ri hurriedly ran along with manager Kim Jin-soo.

“Ttsk, don’t act rashly. How can an overaged virgin act so lightly?”

“That, that’s gender discrimination… Anyway! Something big is coming!”

“What happened?”

When Leon asked with a light sigh, Hari quickly reported the situation.

“In the warehouse! Sir Geobrick’s hammer is missing!”

“Has the hammer gone?”

“Yes! I went in with Chief Kim Jin-soo today, but he suddenly disappeared… It must have been thieves!”

“Can it be?”

“Uh… uh, but is it true that he disappeared?”

“The hammer can’t even be held by those who are qualified. If it disappears, it would be the hammer’s own judgment, not theft of the deceased.”


does that make sense? Harry swallowed the question that was about to come out of his mouth.

Yeah, whatever this person says makes sense. Even if it’s not, there’s no need to tackle it and get cursed at.

“You just feel the energy close by. Go that way.”

Leon led the way, and Hari and the Queen followed. And surprisingly, isn’t the hammer that disappeared in the middle of the Mansinjeon building?

“Hey, listen to this.”

“I don’t know, don’t even budge.”

“Who brought you here?”

The hammer in the middle of the training ground caught the attention of the trainees and cadets.

If you’re in a place like that, even if you don’t want to see it, you can’t help but notice it.

“What is your intention?”

Leon stared loftily at the holy castle stuck in the ground. It was a hammer that didn’t budge even when the cadets grabbed it, but it lifted easily when it was caught in Leon’s hand.

But that was only for a moment. The hammer moved on its own as if it were attracted by a magnet, and it immediately escaped from Leon’s hand and was driven back to the floor.

“Oh, it’s a hammer with strong self-expression.”

“It seems like you want something.”

Hari tilted her head at Leon’s guess.

“Do you have a will for the hammer?”

“Sometimes it’s a sacred object. Especially if it’s an object that’s been with a saint for a long time, it gets tricky.”

A holy object is an object that has been touched by a saint and blessed by him. In particular, the Holy Grail Knight’s weapon has both Blessing and Star Energy.

Relics exposed to the highest level of energy in the world sometimes have a will of their own. It is safe to say that it is a kind of egoization.

“However, I did not feel this kind of will when fighting Lord Geobrick.”

Before handing over the hammer, Leon remembered Geobrick’s declaration.

「The one who is loyal to the Lion Heart King and has been recognized by Demera! Through this hammer, I will inherit the authority of Geobrick!!”

It was an oath that he risked his soul. It is not an exaggeration to say that this hammer contains the thoughts of the Holy Grail Knight.

In other words, the hammer wants to fulfill Geobrick’s oath.

“I see. You mean find the owner?”

Leon smiled and put the hammer behind him.

“Leave it. And tell the Association.”

“What shall I say?”

“He who holds the hammer. Whoever it is will give you that hammer.”

Leon’s declaration was immediately delivered to the association through Hari.

[Is this a gate clear reward item?]

“It’s quite different.”

[wait. I’ll send the appraiser first.]

The appraiser dispatched from the association inspected the unmoving hammer here and there, and screamed in less than 10 seconds.

“Awaaaaaagh! What is this!!”

“Why, why are you?!”

Lee Chan-soo, an employee dispatched as an appraiser, shuddered in disbelief when he saw it.

“Eh, Epic…!”


Since Cataclysm, items have been classified as Normal, Rare, Unique, and Legendary.

Basically, the masterpieces created by blacksmiths called master craftsmen are unique. Legendary is made with countless resources and hard work.

It is common that even legendary items are made by fateful luck, which is one in ten million.

Since the probability is truly astronomical, the source of supply for Legendary items is usually the drop item at the gate.

However, there were items called ‘Epic’ in the 30-year history.

The breaking sword of the Heavenly Demon, the owner of the hundred thousand mountains on the continent.

The staff of the great wizard, the founder of the World Magic Tower, and the zodiac sign that is said to bring about the creation of heaven and earth.

The heart of the Frost Queen that continues to devour and expand the Siberian snowfields.

A wandering demonic sword that has been wandering around the world since the Black Gate London Incident.

The criteria for classifying epic items is simple.

Powerful enough to shake the battlefield with just one item. So far, there has been no gate where Epic items have been mobilized and failed to capture.

Epic items can be said to be unprecedented items that overturn common sense to the extent that the national total power is added when an epic item appears.

And now. Such an epic item was in front of Lee Chan-soo.

“Oh, really! Did you really just give it to me just by holding it? Is that true?”

“Uh, um… yes. I… would?”

Hari couldn’t even imagine that the hammer in front of her was an epic item. My eyes widened and I wondered if I should get confirmation from Leon even now, but—

“Yes. Whoever holds the hammer will be its owner.”

“Lungs, Your Majesty. The value of this hammer is enormous. Look at this!”

Lee Chan-soo organized the ability table he had organized.

[Geobrik’s one-handed hammer]

◆ Rating: Epic

◆ Details

It is a holy toe blessed by Geobric, the Holy Grail Knight of the goddess Demera, the deity of life and abundance, by entangling the soul.

Core of Faith: Receives holy power directly from Goddess Demera.

Perfect Vitality: Doesn’t get tired.

Goddess’ Blessing: While on the ground, defense increases by 400%. Recovery is increased by 300%. 200% defense and 150% recovery are applied to all subordinate corps.

Sanctification: Implement the Holy Law according to your faith and holy power.

Unable to appraise: Geobrick’s—————

Unappraisal: Existence────────

“It’s cloudy…”

Hari glanced at her and made a strange tongue sound. It’s because I’ve never seen such a ridiculous ability.

Either that or not, Leon’s choice remains unchanged.

This news was immediately made public through the association──

[First time in the country. The third epic item in Asia was unveiled at the Pantheon building. Anyone can take it.]

It was for this reason that so many challengers flocked.

* * * *

“Keukkyu, this is it.”

“Let’s take a look at some epic items!”

After Geobrick’s hammer made headlines, the first to visit the office building was a small and medium-sized hunter guild nearby.

The unconventional condition that you can take it with you as long as you can carry it.

The hunters, who were glistening with greed for epic items, put everything aside and entered the pantheon.

The moment they try to enter the Manshinden building——

-Kick look

They encountered a yakt spinner guarding the entrance.

“Hey, Yacht Spinner?!”

Nightmare at Cheongju Gate. Yakt Spinner, the killing machine that destroyed countless raiding parties, is a survivor as famous as Leon.

Even if the size has shrunk now, if a killing machine with an estimated grade of S or higher is in front of you, you will be embarrassed.

“What, what?”

– Hammer challenger?

“Yes, but.

-We welcome your visit.

“Oh, thank you.”

The hunters tried to enter the office building, feeling awkward with the killing machine’s softer response than expected.

But at that moment, a fierce wire whip slashes in front of them! and hit it savagely.

“why why why?!”

-Admission fee.


-Admission fee.

After repeating it twice, the Hunters also understood Yapi’s meaning.

“No, what kind of entrance fee do you charge…”

“I didn’t hear that…”

– Decided from today.

Yapi’s mechanical legs lifted slightly and headed for a sign.

[Sacred Land Admission Hunter: 5 million won. Civilian: 50.]


“No, civilians are 500,000 won, but why are we 5 million won!”

– Civilian caliber. Hunter Challenge. Added relic management cost.

No, where is that!

But I can’t go back from here. In fact, considering the value of an epic item, 5 million won was not even money, so the hunters cried and opened their wallets to eat mustard.

“……Is it possible to pay five stars?”

-Bank transfer is possible.

The hunters who paid such an expensive entrance fee and entered faced Hari Han who was waiting.

“Welcome, Hunters! I’m Assistant Manager Han Ha-ri of the Management Division 3 of the Korea Hunter Association!”

Hari, dressed in a cool outfit, greeted the hunters with a bright smile. They were delighted that last year’s rookie had come to meet them, but they wanted to see the holy relic as soon as possible.

“Where is Geobrick’s hammer? I want to see the real one soon.”

“Huh! Be careful with expressions!”


When Hari made a fuss and pointed it out, Hunter made an expression that he couldn’t understand.

“Geobrik ‘Sir’. Be sure to use honorifics when addressing honorable people here!”


it’s an item

But when you go to Rome, you have to follow the laws of Rome. It is a well-known fact that Leon, the king of knights in another world, has a damn personality.

The Hunters cleared their throats and corrected the name.

“I want to challenge Geobrick’s ‘Gyeong’ hammer…”

“Before that! First go to the altar and pray!”


The place I followed Hari’s incomprehensible guide was the Manshinjeon Altar, which was separately prepared in the Manshinjeon building.

Here, the altar of Demera, the goddess of life and fertility, and the altar of the gods of the pantheon are separately enshrined.

Even if it was an altar, it wasn’t that grandiose, and it seemed to be a temporary altar until a proper temple was built.

-Kick look

“Again, it’s here again.”

Yapi appeared. The mechanical spiders, which went to and from the multi-faceted altar, stood in front of the hunters who stole 5 million won each.

– Worship. Worship the gods of the pantheon.

“Uh, uh…”

The Hunters glanced at Yapi and reluctantly fell down. I had to prostrate myself at every altar of the gods, but it seems that I was able to do so with just one shot.

-Are you going to pay a donation?

“No, what are you asking me again…”

– You don’t have to pay.

Something… When Yapi, who seemed to be forced to pay, responded coolly, the hunters hesitated for a moment and then refused to pay the offering.

Some of them were Christians, so some refused to prostrate themselves.

The place I barely entered was the site of the former training ground that had been closed and moved. The moment they entered the place, the hunters felt an unknown aura enveloping them.

“Oh, oh…”

“What is it? This energy…

It is warm and soft energy. The whole body is energized, the mind is clear, and the vision is clear.

They knew at once what was the cause of this mystical experience.

“It’s the energy flowing from the hammer…”

“To think that this kind of energy flows just by being in the world…”

“As expected, it’s an epic item…!”

The hunters who were exposed to the energy of the hammer thought that this alone was worth 5 million won.

“Here! This hammer here is Sir Geobrick’s hammer! Would you like to challenge Hunter Kim Ho-yeol first?”

Hunter, who was called by Hari, approached the hammer with a gulp of saliva. He is a Christian and a devout believer who just refused to bow down at the altar.

“Then I’ll try—”

That was the moment he grabbed the hammer.

– Pajik!


Kim Ho-yeol was thrown back by the energy generated by the hammer handle.

“Muh, what!”

“Hearted from the hammer?!”

The hunters saw the energy flowing from the hammer while supporting Kim Ho-yeol, who had been thrown out. The ferocious growling energy is proof that the hammer rejected Kim Ho-yeol.

“Does a hammer do that?”

“That, I forgot to pay attention. People who have reasons for disqualification… sometimes reject it like that.”

“Reason for disqualification? If there was such a thing, you should have said it earlier!”

Hunters argued and listened, but Hari had nothing to answer.

“There is no standard… just use the hammer as you like.”

What do you mean when the hammer sees me doing that?

“Damn it! I’ll try this time!”

What came out was the giant Hunter. Tanker-type hunters are big, but he is the strongest among them. And as much as he lifted the heavy armor and shield, he was confident in his strength.

Fortunately, the hammer did not bounce him like the previous Hunter. As an atheist, he grabbed the handle of the hammer and was about to lift it with a single stroke.

“Turn it off!!”

But the hammer doesn’t budge. It was so heavy, as if thousands of tons of iron had been compressed.

“Haha! Damn it!”

After that, some hunters took on the challenge. Some even bounced off, but most of them got through even holding the sack. But that’s it. No one could move the hammer even a millimeter.

While the fallen Hunters are sweating profusely, Yappy approaches.

“What, what?”

-Are you going to pay?

Why don’t you donate again? The hunters frowned, but one hunter’s eyes flashed.

“God’s Relic… Yes, that was it!”

Hunter approached Yapi and made a donation of about 10 million won by account transfer. And I grabbed the hammer——

– Queek!

The hammer that didn’t shake at all was 0.05mm… moved for a very short time.



“That guy just now… he couldn’t move at all…”

Did you move because you paid an offering? Everyone’s eyes turned to Yapi.

– Mansinjeon Altar Temple Construction Offering Received.

You and I both took out bundles of money.

After going through a series of processes, Yapi identified the vitalization of commercial districts in each religious site by means of big data.

– Rushing money.

“Sir Yapi, is this really good? Isn’t it blasphemy?”

Hari asked with a worried expression, but Yapi answered calmly.

– Objection to the efficient asset management ability of this machine with the intellectual ability of an insignificant organism? All you have to do is follow this plan.

Hari read the plans that Yafi had written in an instant.

“……Provision of seats for improving health according to exposure of the hammer’s holy power?”

– Attracting regular visitors. Activation of surrounding commercial districts.

“Providing visitors with a blessed crop experience and forcing them to donate…”

-‘voluntary’ donations.

“Using hunters as labor force in the name of increasing faith?!”

– Labor activities combined with physical training. efficient.

“What will the king do?”

– Why do you give money to trainees? Meals provided, accommodation provided, cooking provided, daily necessities provided.

“No, Lord Yapi… In the world, there is a noble law called labor law——”

-Registered as trainees interns. Interns can be paid below the minimum wage.

“You’ve never seen them pay less money?!”

– Refunds are being made through ‘voluntary donations’. You can leave if you don’t like it.

“It’s vicious…”

The plan of Yapi, who was in charge of the pantheon’s finances, was just beginning.

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