The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 68: Perfect Calculation, Fateful Victory

It wasn’t just the Hunters who visited the Mansinjeon building to see the hammer.

“They say this is the headquarters of the pantheon.”

“Oh my gosh, really? Are you famous for being cheap and a new religion these days?”

“Sure. My cousin got rid of cancer after eating rice here.”

The pantheon, which has already built up a good image with blessed crops and yup tubes, is becoming a temple of religion known to those in the know.

There have been no full-fledged religious activities yet, but this time it was a little different.

The hammer of Geobrick, which was revealed to have been obtained from the gate, is itself a holy relic and possesses the holy power of earth and fertility.

A powerful holy object is no different from a saint. This is what the trainees under Leon’s command feel, and their health has gradually improved and their muscles have increased, and since the hammer came in, their overall body has improved.

The opportunity was when team leader Kim Do-han, who had entrusted her mother with dementia to a nursing home, brought her for a while to remodel the nursing facility.

When the soldier asked if he could bring his sick old mother for a while, Leon personally thanked Heo Hani, team leader Kim Do-han, and brought her to the Manshinjeon building for a while. And–

“Oh, Dohan!”

“Uh, Mom! Me, do you recognize me?!”

Dementia got better.

“Oh, my son! You’ve been through a lot because of your mother, right?”

“Heh, heh heh… heh heh heh heh heh…!”

Team leader Kim Do-han prostrated himself in front of the holy relic in front of a miracle in which his mother, who had been suffering from dementia for over five years, regained her spirit.

This beautiful story, Yapi was filming it from beginning to end.

[A story that opened the eyes of an elderly person with dementia at the K-Manshinjeon building]

– Even if it’s a fucking phrase, hit it really hard. (This comment has been deleted)

-No, no matter what bullshit it is, it’s real–(This is a deleted comment)

-This could be real. My uncle, who was terminally ill with cancer, is recovering after eating Mansinjeon rice that was difficultly obtained. (3,565 likes)

-What is this? The number of likes exceeded 5,000 between comments.

-I went to the golf course and saw the Manshinjeon office building from afar, and it was automatically connected to Wi-Fi? But it’s well over 1km, how did it explode?

It was a story that was so hard to believe, but visitors came one after another, thinking that there would be a video and the story of the blessed rice would spread.

Yapi rejected them at first.

-NON. Except for challengers, only believers in the pantheon can visit.

“Ah, no… I’ve come all the way here, so you have to let me in once…

-Invasion of private property. recommended to leave.

The machine blocked them without an inch of gap. And then, as if she had been waiting, Han Ha-ri appeared.

“Come on Sir Yapi.”


“Aren’t these people actually here to pay their respects at the Manshinden building?”

“Yes? No, what…”

“Wait, stay still.”

A visitor who stays quiet for the time being restrained by a companion. Harry clapped his hands.

“There are many gods in the pantheon. How about getting to know them, making a small offering, praying… and seeing the holy relics?”

-There is a point.

Yappy agrees to Hari’s words and moves the camera eye. The visitors also realized it only then.

“Yes, yes! I was thinking of making a donation!”

“Let’s see, hey, I wonder if this is enough here.”

A visitor handed over a blue bill. Yapi saw it and shook! and blow it away

– Lack of faith.


Visitors were able to enter only after depositing hundreds of thousands of won.

“Is this correct? No, what kind of religious worship is forced and don’t you accept less than 500,000 won in offerings?”

“This is completely pseudo–“


An eerie wire thread grazed the hem of the visitors’ clothes.

-Do not say bad word. I know everything Korean.


Visitors met villagers who were working as servants in front of the temporary altar of the Mansinjeon Hall.

“Oh, hello. Did you come to worship at the altar?”

“Uh, um… isn’t it?”

“New followers are always welcome. Would you like to see the guide to the gods of the pantheon made in our village?”

“Is there such a thing?”


The first thing the villagers handed over were the principles and teachings of Demera, the goddess of life and fertility.

The Code of Life and Abundance.

1. Make an image of the Goddess from the first harvest and offer it to the altar.

2. Don’t pee in the field. Manure is fine.

3. Set up the scarecrow and make sure to dress it with a hat and clothes.

4. Sing songs during harvest. A song that expresses gratitude to the goddess is even better.

5. Don’t go hungry even if you’re busy.

… … … …

… … … …

The most important 0th.

※ The frost man dies.

“These are good words.”

“What is the death of a frostman…”

It was a little unfamiliar, but it was mostly good words, probably because it was a religious word.

Visitors can enter the training ground where the holy relic is said to be enshrined only after going through the altar worship, singing the hymn to the Majesty of Leon Dragonia Lionheart, shouting the death of the devil, and purchasing a souvenir from the temple (made in Yapi).

“What, why are you doing such a disgrace to the holy relics…”

The moment they entered the training ground, they saw a holy relic.

A huge one-handed hammer standing tall in the middle of a desolate training ground.

The energy that flows from that noble body. I feel like my whole body is being refined while my mind is clear.

“Huh? Huh?!”

“Why, why?”

“Oh no… me, my eyes.”

“Why are your eyes?”

It was a young man with glasses. Due to myopia, he was judged 4th grade by the new sword and went to public service, his eyesight was bad.

But now, my vision became strangely blurry, and when I took off my glasses, a world I had never seen before was unfolding.

The moment when modern people who wear glasses with smartphones are increasing day by day, perceive the world directly with the naked eye. The young man wept.

“Haha… Thank God—”


“Long live Ariana! Thank you for going to public service and making my eyes better!!!”

Another young man here became a member of the pantheon.

– There is a donation envelope for the extension of the altar facility. Prove your faith.

“Uh, uh, sure! What I have now is 200,000 won… Oh, is that okay?”

It is true that they have escaped from the state-recognized eye disability. If it was now, I was willing to hand over the liver and gallbladder.

-Fine. Faith is not proven by the size of the sacrifice.

“Ah, Yapi-sama… I’m a Holy Grail Knight…”

The young man handed over 10,000 won bills at the entrance and bowed down in front of Yapi, as if he couldn’t remember being cut at the entrance.

like that–

Patients from all over the world came to us with the idea that we had to lose money. Those who experienced miracles with holy relics and blessed crop combos and became believers.

As such people gathered and gathered, the Manshinjeon building became a hot place for foreigners to visit in Naju, where you can hardly find a tourist destination.

“Sir Yapi! I’ve been requesting a store from Starbucks!”

– I want to report the amount of offering.

“Sir Yapi! Cherry, a training facility development company for hunters, will build a training facility in exchange for advertising! Our pantheon is now modernized!

-I’m going to ask you to pay the offering first.

“Oh my God! The governor said he would deliver a plaque of appreciation!

-If you promise to support the budget, I’ll tell you that I’ll meet you.

A strong artificial intelligence killing machine in the cyberpunk world and a holy grail knight of Heto, the iron and blacksmith god of the pantheon, Yacht Spinner.

Under the premise of securing funds and expanding his reputation, he persistently secured money and goods.

What did you do with this budget?

“Wow… Sir Yapi, what is this?”

-High-strength forging facilities.

In front of Hari is a huge metallurgical facility located at the corner of the Manshinden building. A future innovative design that is presumed to be somewhere in the near future rather than modern.

“Sir Yapi… is this really a forge?”

-The forging facility with the lowest level in this machine’s database. This is the limit for the earth’s crappy metallurgy level.

“Um… but it looks really great, doesn’t it?”

-That’s because you have an organic brain.

“It’s too much!”

Hari sighed, but when she saw a forge of a great level in front of her eyes, she secretly looked with anticipation.

“Hey, Sir Yapi. Sir Yapi is the Holy Grail Knight of the iron and blacksmith god, right?”

-It is.

“Then, could you make me some knives here?”

– No.

“Hey… I guess so.”

Hari is clearly an outsider. As long as he is a member of the Association, he will be grateful to receive the training of a knight of the Pantheon.

But that wasn’t the reason Yaffy refused.

-This forging facility is not completed. Additional facilities are required for adamantite grinding.

“That’s right?”

– I need more money for him.

After saying that, Yapi entered the forge.

The size of the building is about the size of a two-story building, but the entrance is barely large enough for a yapi to enter, so there is no way to know what is going on inside.

-minimum forge protocol initiation. Seed money secured. Understanding the international situation.

Yapi connected to the global stock exchange through a self-developed wireless internet sharing Wi-Fi-100Gbps installed in the Manshinjeon building.

Recently, the global stock market was facing a catastrophe.

From a certain moment, a stock price manipulation operation interferes with rapidly rising stocks, ruins the timing of the sale, and leisurely gains and loses profits alone.

Aka righteous stock thief.

Needless to say, this tycoon of the stock market, who is even evaluated as a ghost or a group because his substance has not been caught in the slightest, is Yappy.

Yapi hacks the world network and ruthlessly tramples on dummy news or corrupt politicians, media, and businessmen who intervene to manipulate stock prices, and manipulates information to their advantage.

They make a mess of their selling timing and buying timing, and in the gap, they dispose of the stocks that have risen as a strategy and get out.

– Holy shit! why! Why are you being bombarded with opposing articles at this timing!

-You bastard, can’t you do it right? No matter how much money I gave you, you can’t manipulate the news!

-what? wait a minute! A blackout at this time? no! Cell phone too? Satellite communication is also dead. What kind of nonsense is this!

The financial world also paid attention to this phenomenon that is common all over the world. Because the pattern is the same.

Although the method is different, the stock manipulators suffer terrible damage and someone who catches the timing of the sale gets out with a suitable profit.

Is this possible?

In the first place, why is a force that can hack the world’s computer network and even disable communication satellites harassing stock price manipulators?

Yapi, who has collected enough data and gained experience, is now thinking of advancing toward greater profits.

The financial item Yapi is eyeing is food.

The food situation of mankind in the 21st century has never been good.

First of all, there are too many places that have been contaminated with magical energy. In the early days of the cataclysm, Western powers and East Asia responded in an exemplary manner.

The gate was closed, hunters were encouraged to grow large guilds, and a system was built that could cope with red gates as long as there were no variables such as black gates.

Its downside is that it is swayed by large guilds, but it is exemplary in terms of security anyway.

However, in poor Eastern European countries, rigid Middle East Asia, and underdeveloped countries that do not even have time to foster hunters, it is a dungeon break that explodes on a fictional day.

What’s wrong with the dungeon break? First of all, there are casualties caused by monsters.

But that’s a secondary issue after all. The problem is that the land is contaminated with mana.

As can be seen from the examples of the Honam Plain and the Naju Plain, land contaminated with horsepower is a serious problem that threatens the right to live. Of course, the value of the land is infinitely close to 0 won.

Yapi bought this very polluted land. The first target is the Beidahuang granary of the ‘Heilong People’s Republic’ in northern East Asia.

As one of the 50 warlord independent states that were torn apart after the Shanghai Incident 20 years ago, the level of magic contamination here is at a serious level.

Nearly half of the land was polluted, part of this grain belt was purchased, and the faith of Demera, the goddess of life and fertility, was spread and the purification work started.

Large-scale purification and immediate food production at the level of Leon were not possible, but even now, the polluted land has been greatly restored due to prayers and accumulated faith.

Now, if only food is harvested, ‘blessed rice, corn, and barley’ will be transformed into a granary with tremendous value.

Its expected revenue is in the tens of millions of dollars indeed. In addition, if you consider the ten structure that farmers will pay, you will be able to get closer to the target amount.

-Calculating grain market impact. Confirmation of margin of error.

This is just the beginning. Starting with the country in question, the entire world food market will fluctuate greatly, and people will take it for granted that someday blessed crops will come to the table.

Of course, only farmers who worship Demera, the goddess of life and fertility, can grow those blessed crops, so in reality, world food supremacy is ruled by a pantheon.

If there is an uneasy point in this grand plan, it is the country right next to the region… … .

Machinery considered the possibility of an invasion of the Beidahuang region to be low, considering the complex situation of East Asian ’53 countries’.

World history has changed dramatically since the cataclysm. War between countries has become a meaningless waste of national power, and above all, these numerous countries have a hard time even coping with their own gates.

In the end it doesn’t matter. No matter how you think about it, there is nothing wrong with it. At one time, there were people who shouted “One China”, but that is now a thing of the past.

The warlords who established their own kingdoms away from the central government of a large country did not feel the need to expand their kingdoms.

Isn’t the Jilin Republic, a neighboring country of Heilong People’s Republic, also in a hurry to block the gate?

A common-sense human leader would have no reason to use excessive force here.

Logical calculation and fateful victory by big data. This is the only conclusion Yapi has made.

A complete zero-sum game? High risk high return? That kind of thing is meaningless numbers game in front of strong artificial intelligence.

my land floats sure to float this is bound to come out

three days later

[The outbreak of a coup in the Republic of Jilin.]

-Hey, Yapi boss! That’s Chief Hwang! food owner! Food stocks are crashing! News is spreading that an army of orcs is heading to the granary!


[The coup of the Orc soldiers. Declaration of open invasion of Heilong People’s granary to secure food.]

– This is news that the company’s profit rate will plummet! The loss rate has already exceeded 300 billion! If it goes on like this, it’s bankruptcy!


[The launch of the United Nations Criticism. Shocking remarks from Linxiang Kazak, who caused the coup, ‘Orc decides everything with war’.]

[Congratulations for public endorsement of Mayor Oak of Detroit.]

[Discrimination against Orcs is against political correctness. Those with human male power should reflect and understand them.]

[The chaos in the world food market. Will the Beida Huang granary fall into the hands of the Orcs?]

[Rising Comet Shinsung Private Equity Fund’s quarterly yield plummets due to sudden war!]

– I came from the bank. This is a foreclosure warning. You have to pay 14 billion won in interest this month.

– Kki-ki-reuk?

hit this?

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