The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 69: Yapi Private Equity Fund

Yakt Spinner.

Nightmare at Cheongju Gate.

Emotionless killing machine.

The final boss and survivor of the Red Gate, he is currently the first Holy Grail Knight and financial manager of the Pantheon, and is the actual brain.

The work that Yapi does is complicated and many.

Management and monitoring of trainees. Expansion of necessary facilities in the office building. From infrastructure construction to legal and administrative management.

It is a machine that does not get tired and at the same time, it does all of these things perfectly with the characteristics of strong artificial intelligence, but the most important task given to Yapi is two.

The Manshinjeon publicity and financial management.

The former hacks the central system of YouTube and social media to manipulate public opinion and control the press perfectly.

It has already been promoted on a global basis, and among those interested in it, personal information, financial status, and kinship are collected without exception to find suitable talent.

They are perfectly aware of the believers who will be the model cases of the pantheon.

The latter is financial management. This one was easier than the former.

Yapi is already a stock market tycoon. Under the principle of becoming a righteous thief, they are feeding all the operatives who are disrupting the stock market and robbing the vast majority.

The successive downfall of the operational forces has become a big news topic even in overseas topics, to the extent that a strange phenomenon called the stock market, which is suddenly taking place at midnight, is being reported.

The stock market is a virtuous cycle in which good companies are valued and insolvent companies are undervalued. It was thanks to Yapi’s crushing the operational forces in real time.

Yapi, who was doing these two tasks perfectly, wanted to move on to the next step.

A profitable conduction system that combines the former and latter missions.

Showing the miracle of the pantheon, increasing the number of followers, and maximizing profits by dominating the food market. Furthermore, the influence it will have on the global food market is a bonus.

The plan was perfect.

Logically, rationally, just look at the international public opinion.

The granary of the People’s Republic of Heilong that Yapi invested in is a stable country with virtually no external threats.

Unless there is a ‘coup’ in the neighboring country or a ‘declaration’ of war in the neighboring country.

-Hey, they say a war broke out upstairs.

-topside? North Korea?

– But when will they go bankrupt? higher up.

-Can Russia afford to start a war?

Even though the owner of the Manshinden building is Leon, basic infrastructure such as Internet and TV is in place.

Recently, 100 gigabytes of signal amplification designed by Yappi as junk at a junkyard were available to everyone who didn’t know about the hot war news in the news thanks to the Internet.

“Sir Yapi. Did you hear that? A war broke out upstairs. It doesn’t matter much to us, but the government seems to be very busy.”

-… … .

Yapi was watching the swordsmanship training of the cadets. To be precise, it monitors mechanical action repetitions such as slashing 10,000 times, blocking 10,000 times, and swinging 10,000 times, and records the number of times and the time taken.

It’s been a week already, so Hari is getting used to it, chatting with Yapi and repeating the upper slash.

“But it’s a big deal. They say that the grain belt of Heilong People’s Republic of Korea is also a place where food is imported from Korea. Rice is no problem, but other crops seem to be imported quite a bit.”

-… … .

“Even the UN and the US say they will issue warnings and sanctions, but since they’re Orcs, a protracted war is unavoidable—”

– Insufficient movement. Deleted from record 1,397. do it again


Hari, who was suddenly struck by lightning, trembled, but Yafi was merciless towards this ignorant organism.

“Huh… It was so hard today.”

As Hari was weary, Yafi approached.

“Hick! Sir Yapi, did I finish my quota today?!”

Yapi personally poured a drink for Hari, who was frightened, and kindly suggested it.

– Drink. Need to replenish moisture.

“Uh, uh… yes, thank you.”

Harry takes it awkwardly. It was awkward because it was the first time Yappi had been so kind.

Yappy said while displaying a smiley emoticon on the hologram.

“What, why are you being scared like this?”

-This is only for Hari.

“Only for me?”

– This company’s private equity fund is in operation. It is an asset management organization that is growing smoothly.

It’s true. Yapi’s private equity fund, which has been in operation since two months ago, is operating by hiring an appropriate asset management company. Its rate of return was already reaching the highest level in the country.

of course. He did not mention the fact that he fell into the abyss in the last three days.

-Manshinjeon staff’s financial welfare is in the implementation plan.

Yapi read all the books on psychological warfare. People aren’t soliciting investments, they’re making people beg you to join them.

-This machine will manage Hari’s assets specially for employee welfare. Sign up as part of today.

Saying so, Yappi distributes subscriptions. Hari stared at Yapi with trembling eyes.

“Is this an investment recommendation?”

-It means ‘I will manage’ the property.

“Sir Yapi. Do you also stock? Wow~ You’re very smart.”

San Ha-ri looked at Yapi with curious eyes, building a wall from finance and investment.

-Ha-ri Han. Given your poor finances, you need a professional asset manager.

“Bee, meager? Oh, isn’t it? I’ve collected quite a bit for my age?!”

Yapi beat Hari with a fact.

-Compared to the average financial situation of A-class hunters, it is only 15% level. An abnormal situation even if the activity period is short. The problem is the meager salary and donating the gate clearing bonus.

“Yes, yes… Except for living expenses, I donate to the orphanage where I grew up…”

– The act of giving, moral. However, even for more donations, financial expansion is necessary.

“I don’t really need it——Damn it!”

Yafi hits Hari on the back of her hand with a non-lethal wire.

– For modern people who are closely related to the financial society, neglecting financial studies is giving up life. It is here that you represent your lack of knowledge. be grateful

“Ugh… that, then only two million won…”

-20 million won.

“All of my savings?!”

– Called ten times. Subtract the rent for the semi-basement in Seoul.


Hari weeps and eats mustard to deposit money into Yapi’s account. I hope the machine won’t play Gura.

Yapi, who received Hari’s money, thought it was as planned and made an additional offer.

-Han Ha-ri is a ‘Silver’ member from now on. In particular, it was raised one step higher in bronze.

“Are you a silver member?”

– 100% profit for bronze members and 200% profit for silver members. Want to upgrade your grade?

“Well, is that good?”

-If you sign up 5 additional members, we will upgrade you to Gold Membership. So the profit is 300%.


Hari Han.

20 years old. A newcomer who has just been thrown into society.

It’s so naive that you don’t even think that this is a typical multi-level trick.

“Suho, your sister has found a good investment destination——”

“Ah, director. It’s Hari. It’s nothing else——”

Harry is good Anyone who knows her doubts her good intentions. so that… … .

“Wow, diamond members! Then, is the rate of return guaranteed 500%?”

-Congrats. If you pay more, you will be promoted to Diamond 3-Star Membership.

“Well, then, subtracting the charter money…!

Hari was a great multi-level employee.

– Soldier Koo Dae-seong. This is a special recommendation only for you.

– Choi Yeong-gyeong High. Are you interested in investing for old age security? Even the villagers–

And this movement spread out in all directions centered on the pantheon. It was a matter of seconds before the number of subscribers skyrocketed.

and a week later

“Came from District Court. Asset seizure warning.”

An enforcer with a red ticket came to visit.

* * * *

[Manshinden bankruptcy crisis!]

[Impossible asset management. Is it an alien investment failure!]

[The survivor who looks like he’s going to sit down. Survivor’s success story, will it collapse like this.]


While reading the newspaper, Leon stared at the Yapi and the staff of the Pantheon in front of him.

In front of everyone’s eyes, Yapi is lonely as if he is being judged.

“What happened? Keep it simple.”

A foreclosure warning came in from the district court. It was because he couldn’t repay the interest on the loan he borrowed in the name of the Manshinden Guild.

It wasn’t just this. Most of Manshinjeon employees, including Hari, invested in debt, and the private equity fund they invested in collapsed.

– This machine will explain.

Yappy began to recount his recent actions in an orderly manner.

Established a private equity fund to expand and secure funds for the Manshinjeon Guild. The guild borrowed as many bank loans as possible and increased the amount of investment by attracting employees.

Even the fact that the Heilong People’s Government fund and farm, which he invested with an enormous amount of money, was destroyed by the invasion of the Republic of Jilin.

“Yapi geoeoeoong… That money, 86 million won, is my entire property.

Hari was swollen with tears. So do other employees.

“Heuk…! My money! He was a genius who even collected my wife’s savings!”

From the association’s dispatched employee Kim Jin-soo, manager… … .

“Ha, haha… My 5-year installment savings that I saved to buy the elixir…”

Man-at-Arms soldiers including 1st trainee Goo Dae-seong.

“I got the land as collateral…”

to local farmers.

That amount is actually 80 billion won!!

Victims were not alone. The people who invested in Yapi’s Pantheon Private Equity Fund made a fuss outside the gate, and Leon was about to go inside to hear their story.

“So Sir Spinner, how much is the loss?”

– At this point, it is 878.9 billion 54.34 million won. Increasing by 49,853,655 won per hour. Loss of about 72%


Hari was stunned at the debt beyond common sense. Leon also asked a question on a scale that was surprisingly large.

“This temple won’t have enough funds?”

– Received a mortgage loan.


-130,000 hectares of rice fields in the Naju Plain. Rice harvested this year. Mansinjeon office building. Sir Geobrick’s hammer.

In short, not only the money of the investment victims, but also the money that the pantheon could pull in meant that the money was poured into it. If it fails, Leon will end up sitting on the street.

As if making an excuse, Yappy made a mechanical sound.

– The fund is recovered. This is just a temporary liquidity crisis. It is ignorant and oblivious impatience to fret over minor chart changes.

“Is it really going up? After the war, everything you invested in seems to be gone!

-Oll… it is probably rise. Stocks are waiting. Investing is patience. The Beidahuang grain belt is the lifeline of East Asia. There is no way the international community will leave such a breadbasket alone——

“No, Russia just declared support for the Republic? Is it falling in real time?”

-No way… doesn’t exist. It is an irrational conclusion. There is no reason to accept international sanctions. The disadvantages far outweigh the benefits. It can’t be——Putin bastard.

“”… … … … … .””

The victims were at a loss for words at Yapi’s confident, even brazen, claim.

In short, the asset management company that lost more than 70% of the investment amount is screaming that it will go up.

“Aww! Give me my money!”

“Damn it, grab something!”

In the end, it is natural for the investors who invested in private equity funds to go crazy, leaving behind the employees of Manshinjeon.

“That, that! Pull out that pillar!”

“Search for treasure! There might be something!”

“Take out all the rice warehouses! That’s all money!”

Leon watched for a while as the investors scrambled to get even a penny. It was because he himself was a little shocked.

“What’s this in the warehouse? It’s a knife? It looks expensive, so let’s take this one!”


It was then. Park Do, an investor kept in a warehouse. He discovered the great devil Androgyn’s Bakdo.

This legendary item made of adamantite was a valuable research material for Yapi.

-Stop it, human. don’t take that… ! It is the private property of this machine!

It was the time when Yapi was frantically trying to retrieve Bakdo. The moment an investor tries to get his hands on Geobrick’s hammer–

“Don’t panic, you lowly ones!!”

– Shut up?!

– Hehe!

Leon’s roar stopped everyone present.

While everyone stopped in a shuddering fear, Leon waited until they were sufficiently quiet.

said Leon.

“Sir Spinner.”

-your majesty… … .

Spinner also caught the anger in Leon’s voice and approached with a low profile.

“I believe that if it is your intellect, you will be able to solve this situation. How long can you solve it?”

-I’ll fix it by tomorrow.

tomorrow? by what means? How can we solve hundreds of billions of losses by tomorrow?

“Okay. Then I’ll leave it to you.”

However, the victims who regained their reason by Leon’s faith could not answer.

Even if they think, this situation cannot be undone with ordinary ideas.

In the end, they have to borrow the power of others, but who can rectify this other than Yapi, the main culprit of all this?

“I will guarantee your debt in the name of the Lion Heart King.

Investors have a lot to say. However, no one can stand up to Leon’s roar.

Above all, it is clear that even if you come now and apply for foreclosure, you will not be able to recover even half of the amount invested.

day. Will the miracle that everything is solved within it really happen?

Yapi went into the studio for a while and didn’t come out. And four hours later–

[Emergency ejection. Safety test ignored.]

[Special exoskeleton integrated armed platform MK.1 ejection.]

A weapon that will change the history of human warfare has been ejected from the Mansinjeon building.

[Operation Code: Fund Resurrection]

For very naughty reasons.

* * * *

A war that broke out due to the invasion of the Orc dictator who seized power.

Hunters from each country were also mobilized in this war.

Hundreds of hunters and tens of thousands of soldiers. A war in which all immigrant orcs were mobilized in each country.

No matter how much it is a continent that has been torn apart and collapsed since the cataclysm, a continent is a continent. The number of troops mobilized was not usually large.

And modern warfare is advanced network warfare.

War is not all about killing each other with guns and knives on the battlefield.

The electronic warfare of each country expands into a network war, and it is also an important battle to paralyze the enemy’s computer network or disturb the missile’s GPS information.

The intelligence soldiers of the aggressor Republic of Jilin also conducted electronic warfare with all means they could for two weeks after the outbreak of war.

“Whoa… what a hell of a high school student because of the fucking orcs.”

“A war without a justification like this…”

Since the cataclysm, countless survivors have come over from the other world. There were humans among them, but there were also many heterogeneous people.

Murim people from the martial arts world, elves, dwarves, and orcs from the fantasy world. Even fairies of the spirit realm and dangerous demons.

Even the mechanical tanks of the future world have recently arrived.

Meanwhile, orcs are a modern bane.

At first, in order to mobilize their outstanding combat power to attack the gate, they received immigration from each country, but problems immediately arose.

They were too violent and tried to solve everything with violence.

After eating food at a restaurant, he tried to kill and loot the restaurant owner, and challenged the landlord to a duel to take away the house he liked.

What’s more, the children’s population grew quickly, and after 5 years, they were as strong as any hunter.

So, will there be any countries that have migrated orcs because they can’t handle the early gates of Cataclysm?

Africa was full of orcs, and in Southeast Asia, orc coups were common.

However, an orc coup occurred in the Jilin Republic, and they went to war with the neighboring country to support their cheap population.

Would a war be possible for such a stupid cause?

It would have been suppressed long ago if Russia had not advocated and opposed the sending of peacekeepers at the United Nations in order to keep the US and the West in check.

But in the end, the guy with the sword is the owner. The intelligence soldiers of the Republic of Jilin had to invade the Heilong People’s Republic of China, who were once brothers.

“Damn it, let’s hope the war ends soon.”

“How did our Han people end up like this…”

Still, wouldn’t it be better than D country, a socialist country where a necromancer ascended as head of state?

– Beep beep!

A warning sound echoes throughout the computer information room. The intelligence soldiers of the Republic of Jilin screamed in astonishment.

“Bo, headquarters information room hacking?! Firewall number 3 has been breached?

“Yes, sir! The Fifth Firewall has just been breached!”

“What bullshit is that!”

Like other continental countries, the Republic of Jilin was once a warlord state that inherited the legacy of a superpower.

Super computers and information assets, which are still in active service, were protecting the country’s information network, and the system built by IT talents was also robust.

Above all, the military intelligence command’s security capability, if not the world’s highest level, was not at a level that the Heilong People’s Bureau could do anything about.

But all those firewalls were breached in less than 5 seconds?

“GPS system neutralized! Transportation Safety Bureau down!”

“The tactical radio network is down! It seems that the military satellite has been taken over too!”

“It’s not just the military wireless network. Civilian networks… that’s ridiculous! Even the banking system is down?”

What the hell is going on? The official in command of the intelligence command urgently exclaimed.

“Did the Yankees set off an EMP?! There’s never been a nuclear missile in orbit!”

No, is this possible even if EMP is exploded with a nuclear missile in space orbit? In addition, there were not one or two computer downs that could not be explained by EMP.

As everyone helplessly watched all the catastrophe unfolding before their eyes, the same phrase began to appear on their screens.

“This, this?”

“The culprit…”

phrases on their screens. it is–

“I have come to end this war.”

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