The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 7 Divinity ( 3)

Appraisers who appraise items have been one of the most important support jobs since Cataclysm.

There are not a small number of appraisal skills themselves, but if the appraiser’s level is low, there are many cases where an item’s ability value is skipped or a special ability cannot be interpreted.

In that sense, it is no exaggeration to say that Kang Seon-woo, an appraiser of the Phoenix Guild, is one of the best appraisers in Korea.

It is heartbreaking to appraise the miraculous rice that has occurred in front of his eyes, but it is inevitable to be disappointed to know the result.

‘Rice grown forcibly with magic is poisonous, so people can’t eat it. Hunters also have to wash their stomachs if they eat a few times.’

Such was the providence of nature.

It demanded a fair process and needed the right amount of time.

Although printing food and farm farms are being developed, they have not been able to completely replace the existing food system.

That’s why at first I was overwhelmed by the golden fields, but I couldn’t help but be disappointed with the results that would come soon.

“let’s begin.”

He piled up rice and started appraisal. Magical power circulates in his eyes, and the elements of rice are revealed one after another.

[Appraisal result]


[Blessed Rice]

◆ Rating: Rare

◆ Details

Rice blessed with the divine power of the goddess Demera, the goddess of life and fertility.

Tier 3 diseases are alleviated. When consumed continuously, there is a high probability of being cured.


He trembled and checked the message in front of him.

After the Cataclysm, with the advent of potions and elixirs, recovery items, diseases, and injuries also began to be intuitively determined.

Grade 3 diseases include most neurological diseases and even early cancers.

Does this rice cure cancer? Each and every one of these many rice plants? Aren’t these enormous grains better than expensive disease cures in the Mage’s Tower?

“Go, the evaluation results are out!”

He wanted to introduce everyone to this astounding miracle crop.

“The appraisal result grade is rare!”


“Each of these rice is all rare grade!”

Kang Seon-woo’s words shocked everyone. There were people who couldn’t understand what this meant. It was because it sounded too unrealistic.

However, when Kang Seon-woo said that this rice also cures cancer, everyone turned upside down.

“Gee, really?”

“It’s true!”

Why is this real? Hari looked at Leon, unable to close his gaping mouth.

As if he didn’t even need to hear it, he was talking to a rice straw doll that contained Demera’s divinity.

“Lungs, Your Majesty!”

“It’s reckless! The head of the priesthood, the main king, is facing the goddess!”

“Seo, Seong-eun is devastated! No no! I have committed a mortal sin!”

“It’s okay. How can the children of this world know how to deal with divinity?”

It was a benevolent voice. As if hearing Leon’s voice at the black gate gave him strength, just hearing his voice warmed his insides.

“Since Demera said so, I will forgive you this once.”

“Yes, yes…”

She lowered her head and looked at the two of them. The rice straw doll was drooping.

“At this point, it seems that my role has been fulfilled. I think I’ll be back soon.”

“Thank you. The grace given by the Earth Mother is always sweetly swallowed and reflected on.”

“Baby, let this mother nag you one last time.”

The voice of the divinity was struggling as if it had suddenly lost power. Embedded in the doll, she spoke to their champion one last time.

“Don’t go hungry anywhere.”

After that, the rice straw doll collapsed.

Leon closed his eyes and chewed on the grace left by Mother Earth.

After how long had it passed, Hari, who had been lying flat on her stomach, carefully raised her head.

“That… Your Majesty? What the hell is this…”

“It is divine.”

“Sacred… do you mean?”

“Are there no gods in this world?”

Hari didn’t know how to answer Leon’s question.

Of course, there are religions on Earth too. Jehovah, Allah, Buddha… Aren’t Buddhas Gods? anyway.

Religion exists.

But I am cautious about saying that God exists.

Of course, religious people will say that God exists. But whether we can prove that divinity is real, as we just witnessed, is another question.

The gods of the Earth Religion claim to be real only in their doctrines, but as Leon showed them, they did not prove the existence of divinity by miracles.

“I do not know.”

“This is the pantheon and divinity that burden follows. Righteous life and the world are harmony with the divinity. You earthlings should follow this.”

Hari Han thought that it might be possible.

The earth is already gripped by established religions. Their exclusivity towards other religions is understandable.

It is a yard where relatively calm Protestants enter other people’s temples on Heoguheon Day and step on the ground and damage shrines.

But what is right in front of you is reality.

It is a divinity in existence and a miracle in action.

Seeing this anachronistic king gave Hari a strange sense of trust.

They… Could it be that a really great person was brought from the gate? Wouldn’t this person really become a tremendous person enough to change the world?

“Cut the rice! Prostrate in gratitude to Demera and let the crops fulfill their due role!”

Leon had them cook rice with the blessed rice that grew in the middle of the plains of Honam. There were three hours left before the Phoenix Guild’s right to capture the Honam Plain Gate expired.

* * * *

“No, that’s nonsense.”

Manager Kim Jin-su swallowed as he watched the system message floating in front of him.

[Rice cooked with blessed rice]

White rice topped with steam. It was strange that it appeared on the Awakeners’ system windows, but the information the appraiser updated was shocking.

-Increases HP recovery by 100 per minute.

-Increases magic recovery by 50 per minute.

– Duration 8 hours.


What kind of bastard’s rice has a buff effect? Even the effect was staggering.

“This is almost the level of a continuous enhancer.”

The 3,000,000 won per bottle strengthening agent, which was terribly ineffective compared to the price, was just that.

“I’m the best!”

Hari approached with his mouth full of steamed pork belly.

“Eat everything and talk.”

Hari swallowed and finally opened his mouth.

“Chief, Chief, this is great…”


“This… overlaps.”


The ears of the association’s employees, including Manager Kim Jin-soo, perked up.

“I’m curious… I’ve eaten bugs grown in rice fields besides rice?”

“Bur, a bug?”

good speed How did you think of eating bugs?

“I ate it… and it overlapped.”


Manager Kim Jin-soo looked puzzled at the rice paddies.

It is not only rice that grows in rice fields. There are many deer beetles that gnaw on growing rice or eat insects around it.

If that blessing is an area blessing for the entire land… It wouldn’t be strange if all living things, not just rice, were blessed.

Greed burned in the eyes of the hunters who were about to advance to the gate soon.

They are the ones risking their lives to attack the gate. Although the government’s hunters were given the minimum reinforcement, it was minimal.

For wage earners, multi-million dollar reinforcing agents are really the last resort. But now, free reinforcing agents were scattered all over the world.

It’s like eating some bugs.

“Catch it! Catch at least one more!”

A strange phenomenon occurred where hunters armed with armor and swords searched the rice paddies with socks.

“It stacks up to three times…”

Before the departure of the attack team, the momentum of the association hunters soared.

* * * *

“Guild leader… are you okay?”

When everything went wrong with the appearance of a survivor named Leon, the deputy guild leader looked at Lee Yong-wan and asked a question.


Of course it can’t be okay.

Deliberately inducing a dungeon break was something the Phoenix Guild was prepared for to bleed.

As it is a 10th guild, it may not be openly hostile, but it was highly likely to treat them differently than other 10th guilds.

In particular, it will be excluded for the time being from the high-level gates of vermilion or higher, which are the most profitable.

‘Damn it, where the hell did that bastard come from?’

Lee Yong-wan glared at Leon, who was meditating with his eyes closed.

because of that guy That survivor ruined everything. If it wasn’t for that guy, the government, which suffered a great deal of damage, would have had no choice but to listen to their demands.

I’d rather be killed at the gate.


In an instant, Lee Yong-wan remembered the gate he had been wandering about for days.

“Huh-huh… This isn’t bad.”

“Deputy guild leader?”

“There’s nothing to worry about. But you attacked the gate to close at the end.”

“That’s right. In the middle… I wasn’t feeling well… Ah!”

The deputy guild leader who attacked the vermilion gate together read Lee Yong-wan’s intention and made the same expression.

“There’s only one class A, Hanhari?”

Then the result was obvious. Because that gate boss will never be defeated by the Hunter Association’s goofballs.

“But if there are survivors…”

“Even I am a difficult opponent. Seeing that I have blessed the ground, I am a buffer type.

Either way, the conclusion is the same.

Attacking the gate is not an attack for nothing. The concept of the gate and appropriate preparation are necessary.

They can never defeat the boss of that gate.

If you can’t defeat the boss, you can’t even close the gate.

The twisted smiles of the two greeted the Association raiding party leaving to find a way to die.

* * * *

Leon heard about the gate attack.

All gates are unfolded around a certain mission, and gate closing by clearing that mission… That is, it is possible to remove the gate.

“Most of them are boss mobs… No, there is a boss, but if you defeat it, it often closes.”

“Hmm… I guess it’s a one-on-one chat with the boss. I like it.”


Harry didn’t say that he usually gets beaten up. She agonized over how to gracefully speak in historical drama when a large number of people hit one.

“I heard that those miscellaneous birds attacked the other day, but surprisingly there are quite a few monsters?”

Leon said while looking at Kim Jin-soo and the Association Hunters fighting in the lead.

Skeletons rushed in full from the entrance of the gate, armed with swords and shields, were charging at the association staff.

“It’s a feature of this dungeon.”

“A feature?”

“Yeah… For most gates, the total amount is reduced by the number of monsters defeated. However, in special cases such as skeletons, zombies… and demons, if the boss monster is still alive, it will respawn infinitely.”

“I see, that’s why you have to subdue the boss to finish. I understand.”

Hari guessed that this was the Necromancer’s gate and that there would be a Necromancer working on the skeletons.

The party leader, Kim Jin-soo, also thought so, and empirically, there is a high probability of that.

“The high probability means that other things also appear with a low probability?”

“Yes, it is. For example… a spirit with very strong thoughts.”

An existence that is not a sorcerer, but a spirit itself. It was at that time that she was trying to explain the existence of Unseelly Fairy.


A grotesque eardrum resounds as if tearing the eardrum.

“Stop, can’t you?”

Manager Kim Jin-soo and assistant manager Han Ha-ri, whose complexion is pale. Other association hunters did the same.

“You bastard Lee Yong-wan! Why didn’t you tell me that!”

[The dungeon break begins.]

– Death is sentenced. The time limit for all creatures within the gate begins.

– Commander Knight Dyurahan leads the command army and advances.

– Defeat Necromancer Dullahan. Remaining deadline: 3 hours 00 minutes

Dungeon entrance. From the start, the entire army began marching towards the raiding party.

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