The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 70 The God of Electronic Warfare

There was a huge country on the continent. No, the continent itself should be regarded as a great power.

There are some exaggerations and bluffs, but a great country that boasts of its 10,000-year history.

Although it was crooked a few times, it was still a sleeping lion that predicted explosive growth with its overwhelming size and population.

However, the lion could not wake up and was slaughtered.


Humankind’s worst catastrophe, which ushered in the morning of the 21st century, struck the great nation equally.

Gates springing up from all directions. At that time, the hunters who would fight against the gate were not organized.

Most of the countries failed to cope with the gates, and many lands were contaminated with magical energy, and cities were destroyed by monsters that jumped out of the dungeon break.

If this is it.

He would still have been able to hold on somehow.

Daeguk had many people, and the land was vast.

What if some people die, what if the land is polluted?

The population that boasted 1 billion became 500 million in one year, but there were hundreds of thousands of Taegong warriors who fought for the death penalty.

The Communist Party leadership at the time was not incompetent.

Surprisingly, in this natural disaster, the country did the best it could. But–

The great country was too big, too wide, and too gigantic.

Gates pouring in from all directions and the rigid response typical of a dictatorship. On top of that, the restraints on Taegong Warriors, who suddenly gain strength and have a negligible influence, and the refusal of local warlords to borrow their power.

The disease and corruption of the great country over the past 10 years are exposed, the population continues to decrease, the land is polluted, and food is scarce.

Fall 2012.

Shanghai Gate.

The appearance of the second black gate, the appearance of the great demon Scajacarrier and the epic item Wandering Demonic Sword.

The worst case in which 15 million people in Shanghai evaporated.

The great nation began to crumble.

Starting with the terrible damage at this time, warlords in various places staged a coup d’état in protest against the weakened central government.

As was the case in the history of great powers, the ambitious warlords took the title of king themselves.

So today, 2,034 years.

The great country was torn to shreds into more than 50 smaller ones.

* * * *

This is the northernmost part of East Asia.

There are two countries from former continental countries that have been torn into 53 pieces.

The Heilong People’s Republic of China is a land of misfortune that is adjacent to Russia and has the world’s largest grain belts, but more than half of them are polluted by dungeon breaks.

The Republic of Jilin, which received a lot of orc immigrants after continuously blocking the monster wave and killing soldiers and sky warriors, that is, hunters.

Both countries were once huge powers, but they are new countries that emerged from the independence of local warlords triggered by the Shanghai Black Gate.

Compared to the infernal Shanghai Federation, the Acrich Socialist Republic, and the Heavenly Demon Church of the Hundred Thousand Mountains, it is a continental country that has no presence among the 50 countries torn apart.

But that was until yesterday. The two countries have been mentioned one after another in overseas topics around the world and have become the most ‘hot’ countries in the world.


Orc Corporal Luo of the Republic Army in Jilin is a typical Orc immigrant.

To be precise, it is the 16th generation of immigrants, but due to the nature of orcs who come of age at the age of two and start breeding, the generational distinction is meaningless.

“Boss, where are all the enemies?”

Orc People’s Army approaching Corporal Luo. They seem to be itching to fight right now.

“The guys next door are boring! We came to fight, but they all ran away with their tails out!”

“Humans are weak. They don’t even know the honor of being a warrior.”

The neighboring town, that is, the Heilong People’s Army, who stood on the southern border together until the other day, but the orcs do not remember such a long past.

All they know is that the legendary Lin Xiang orc Dappang became the chieftain of Jilin.

And if you want to eat a lot, you have to kill all the people on the ridge over there.

The irony that the Republic of Jilin, which has run out of power due to ongoing wars and gate raids, perishes due to the Orc immigrants they have accepted is not a part-time job for the Orcs.

The orcs who had overthrown the Republic of Jilin advanced to the People’s Republic of Heilong without a hitch.

Who would believe that all of this was simply because there was a lot of food in the next town.

However, ordinary civilized people would have negotiated and traded, but Orcs only solve problems in an extremely Oak-like way.

“The kids in the neighborhood have a lot of food!”

“Let’s kill them all and take their food!”

You can just kill and take it, so why would you bother to deal with it? Since they were a different race from the point of view, there was no reason to discuss common sense.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been able to cook human stew.”

“I hope humans will appear soon!”

The army of Orcs moved toward the People’s Republic of Heilong without hesitation. The soldiers and citizens of Heilong, fed up with their mighty fighting power, have long since fled.

They tried to enter the city with the intention of plundering even the empty city, and just then——something fell from the sky.

– Goo oh oh oh oh… !

It was a 10m tungsten rod falling at Mach 25.

* * * *

“The staff of God was hacked?”

Secretary of Defense of the United States, Secretary Julius, doubted his ears.

It was natural.

I heard that the secret weapon of their country, the satellite weapon ‘God’s Staff’, suddenly started operating.

wand of god.

It is an object of the Cold War era in which super-heavy bullets are dropped from artificial satellites in space orbit to create nuclear weapon-level destructive power.

Originally, it was a plan that had been scrapped long ago, but it was created to snip the ‘great devil class’ object that caused the dungeon break after the cataclysm.

Of course, the satellite and bullets are much stronger than the original plan, and it is a hidden weapon created by the 21st century American donjiral.

Such a weapon was suddenly activated.

“What, what happened! Who gave the permission to operate the G-1 satellite!”

Only three people in the United States have the ‘password key’ that can operate the wand of God.

One is the US President. Like the nuclear bag, it feels practically symbolic.

The other two are the Minister of Defense and the commander of the US Special Hunters Command.

And one of them, Defense Secretary Julius, never approved of the operation. Of course, the same goes for the president and the commander of the Hunter Command.

“Hacked…was it?”

At the question of Minister Julius, the soldiers at the headquarters waved their hands.

“The encryption key changes every minute. There are over 100 million combination patterns. Even if you bring the world’s best supercomputer, it will take 13 years to calculate!”

So, who the hell operated the staff of the gods?

“Damn it, I have to stop it somehow! Is there any way to stop it during the operation phase?”

“Boo, impossible! Encryption patterns have been strengthened! There are over 10 billion estimated patterns alone!”

“What kind of fantasy does that sound like?!”

How the hell is that even possible?

In the meantime, God’s staff was preparing for launch, preparing for operation.

“G-1 target specific! Republic of Jilin…? Is it! Republic of Jilin?!”

“What, what bullshit? Why are you aiming for that?!”

This is an area where the United States has been struggling lately.

A coup d’état by Orc soldiers caused a sudden war with the Heilong People’s Republic of China.

Normally, either the UN or the US military would have to be dispatched to end the situation, but Russia suddenly intervened and stopped it.

It was the justification that the People’s Republic of Heilong attacked the Republic of Jilin first.

Of course, it was bullshit, and the judgment was obvious.

If the orc army occupies the People’s Republic of Heilong, then they will pretend to be Heilong’s liberators and take over Heilong’s granary.

The United States has no intention of stepping in to protect the remnants of a great nation that has already been torn to pieces.

The UN only issued appropriate statements of criticism, but had no will to actively stop this war.

In the first place, from the northern part of the Korean Peninsula, it was not eaten even if it was eaten, but it was the magul itself.

There is no reason to take the risk of hitting Jilin, which is supported by Russia. By the way–

‘Damn it! If God’s staff hits Jilin like this, the Ruskeys will run wild!’

Russia is whining. Even if it is a little tiring issue, it is impossible for the US to attack another country with nuclear weapons without declaring war.

Minister Julius made a decision.

“Fire ballistic missiles at G-1.”


No one questioned the call to destroy their country’s $10 billion military assets.

The soldiers in the control room silently ordered the launch of the nearest ballistic missile launch site——

“Minister… The base is not responding.”

“What are you talking about?”

It was literally. For some reason, there was no response from missile bases and naval fleets all over the United States connected to the Pentagon.

‘Could it be that the communication was blocked?’


Regardless of the question, time goes by.

“Give commands to the communication room, even in Morse code! Use analog or whatever!”

“The communication room is not responding! The phone and Internet are all dead!”

“What nonsense!”

As if you expected this? no. It’s too cunning timing for that. As if he heard his commands from the side and responded in real time.

‘It can’t be! That’s impossible!’

There’s no way it’s possible. It is impossible even if hackers from all over the world unite to hack the Pentagon. Amidst Minister Julius’s bewilderment, someone in the control room shouted.

“5M65 NATO Code Name Grizzly Operation Confirmed!”


The code name the controller shouted just now is a magic crystal light-powered laser satellite weapon that only activates in the final activation protocol of the Russian dungeon break.

It was a collection of Russian military techniques that sniped the Frost Queen’s army in the Siberian snowfields 18 years ago.

An astronomical magic formula was used only once to activate the weapon, and it was activated only three times in 18 years, so why is it activated now?

“Moving the Grizzly Lens! Coordinates specified… Borderland of Jilin Republic… What the hell is going on here——orc corps advancing to Heilong?”

It was only then that Minister Julius realized what was the purpose of what was happening.

Unbeknownst to you, someone wants to destroy the Republic of Jilin. Even towards the orcs.

“The launch countdown begins! Preparing for simultaneous operation with Grizzly!”


who the hell

how? For what?

“5! 4! 3! 2! 1——it’s fired!”

The device of destruction activates.

As soon as it started operating, it struck directly at the Orc army of the Republic of Jilin.

God’s staff and code name Grizzly shot all the orc corps in the Republic of Jilin one after another. Surprisingly, it exceeded the performance of the two satellite weapons, rather, it showed an upgraded accuracy and relentlessly sniped only the Orc Corps.

If there was even one humanoid other than a civilian or orc nearby, they were thorough enough not to attempt an artillery attack at all.

As the whole situation was almost over, videos of emergency announcements from the White House and the Kremlin were released on the Internet.

[We, the United States of America, do not tolerate the actions of the Jilin Republic Army that disturb the peace, and have fired 12 staffs of God in defense of the Heilong People’s Republic.]

On one side is the face of the President of the United States——

[Russia does not tolerate provocations by rogue neighbors. We will not spare any cooperation for the sake of peace. Cooperate with the United States to specify the coordinates, and only for the coup army–]

On the other side, the Russian president issued a statement.

And when communication was restored and Minister Julius confirmed these images, he shuddered with fear.

“Deep fake…”

The deepfake video, which could only be called perfect, was blocked from being deleted.

Currently, social media and media outlets are covered with economic news announcing the United States’ attack on the United States and the recovery of food stocks, which punished the coup forces in the Republic of Jilin.

got hit perfectly

Minister Julius felt fear in front of a rare hacker who could manipulate the information network of the United States and Russia in this 21st century.

Above all, what should we call a god of electronic warfare with near-omnipotent electronic warfare capabilities in a modern age where networks are developed and everything runs on electronic devices?


Deus Ex Machina.

It was a mechanical god worthy of the name of a god.

* * * *

“Why… did this happen?”

Office of the President of the Republic of Jilin. Orc chief Lin Xiang Kazak, who sat there after cutting off the head of the former president, looked at the coup army that was destroyed in the blink of an eye, with a devastated expression on his face.

A veteran of the 3rd generation of Orc immigrants, who attacked the gate with his mighty fighting power and established himself as the real power of the Republic of Jilin, it was a natural step for him to kill the weaklings who commanded him.

Now that I got the job, the only thing left was to start an endless war as an orc. … .

Communications were blocked, and all electronic systems operated by weaklings were down.

At least, even the coded communication of each unit, which used to deliver news via analog, only reported the destruction of the unit.

“Boss, what should I do?”

“Isn’t it fucked up?”

The subordinate Orc officers looked anxious and wanted an answer, but Lin Xiang was not a sharp player.

“First of all, let’s pick up the remaining guys, take the money, and run away. Let’s go to the grassland and increase the number of children and start over.”

The fertility of the Orcs is terrifying. It was an orc that could give birth to a child anywhere, easily and cheaply.

If you do ‘Jeonbeo’ for 5 years, you will be able to quickly increase the scale, and with this kind of power, you will be welcomed as a gate attack anywhere.

That’s because the situation on the continent was devastating, and even the hands of the Orcs had to be borrowed.

However, the mechanical engineer watching all this did not tolerate it.

– Quaang!

Something breaking through the walls of the office. The pupils of the orcs widened as they witnessed the intruder.

“What, what, that!”

It was an armor of steel in the shape of a man.

If the rugged knight armor of the Middle Ages was remodeled into a futuristic one, would such a future-oriented and outdated design come out?

Unpainted ‘adamantite’ exoskeleton armor with traces of hastily fitted and soldered parts.

<Special exoskeleton integrated armed platform Mk.1>

It looks like a knight’s armor, which is unique in appearance, but the weapons attached to the whole body are brutal.

It let out a mechanical sound as it looked at the Orc officers.

[Check target target. Non-Human-Orc species confirmed.]

Deus Ex Machina.

The armed platform of the mechanical Holy Grail Knight descended from the sky and aimed its arms at the culprit of all this.

[Give me back my funds.]

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