The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 71 Owner of the hammer?

Even in the sudden attack of Yapi’s integrated armament platform Mk.

“Whoever it is, I’m not afraid of this Orc warrior, Rinxiang Kazak—”

[Activate assassination mode.]

Cannonballs rained down on the orcs around Linxiang.

The Orc generals were attacked by a net of high-speed cannons with an instant firepower of 6,000 rounds per minute. However, only one Orc officer with the lowest rank was hit by this fire.

It was because, in that fleeting moment, the orcs who brought their weapons to the office each raised their shields to block the cannonballs.

“Damn it, my big ass!”

One of the orc officers aimed a large shotgun. A type 17 firepower shotgun developed for Orc infantry. It is the most preferred armament of Orcs who are fascinated by the firepower of the shotgun.

– Kwaaak!

A torrent of bullets hit the Mk.1. However, with the firepower of the shotgun, it could not even give the Mk.1 a miss.

“Firearms do not work! Raise the ax!”

The reason why the migration of orcs was actively encouraged. They are a fighting race that attacks the gate with an axe.

Orc generals with axes the size of houses rushed at the Mk.1 in unison.

[Specially modified ultra high mass 12 gauge shotgun x 2 SET]

What was set was a Type 35 firepower shotgun for the Orc general that was secretly smuggled through a domestic gang. A high-mass, high-fired bullet that has been plugged to the limit.

They are shot at by two orc officers approaching right in front of them.


Orc officers being torn apart by dozens of iron balls.

Unlike the monsters in the gate, modern equipment is effective for Orcs and Hunters. Not to mention special ammunition handcrafted by the Holy Grail Knight of the God of Iron and Blacksmith.

“Fuck off!”

However, the orcs, not paying attention to the death of their comrades, took advantage of the opportunity to swing their axes.

– Kaang!

A clear sound of metal. The Orc officers looked at them with puzzled eyes. They are officer-level Orcs who are among the strongest among the Orcs.

He used a unique weapon if he had a lot of axes, and if it was a simple comparison of his strength, he was more than an A-class hunter. No matter how hard I try to block it with a shield, the shield is bound to be crushed… … .

[It is impossible to distinguish adamantite from the aesthetic eye of an organism.]

It is an exoskeleton lined with adamantite made by melting the Bakdo of Androgyne, the Great Demon. And that’s not all.

The exoskeleton of the Mk.1 was filled with only the finest rare minerals. Even excluding the adamantite part, its strength is unique-class defense.

Just because an orc has a slightly better weapon, it’s not a defense that can be broken.

“This bastard…!?”

At that moment, the Mk.1’s palm grabbed the orc’s face. The orc struggled and tried to escape, but he wouldn’t budge.

‘Muh, what power… !’

In the meantime, numerous combat robots have appeared to replace the Hunter.

However, none of them were commercialized, because there was a phenomenon in which mechanical devices broke down inside the gate, and above all, it was close to impossible to realize the power to surpass hunters, human-sized combat weapons.

To be precise, it could be implemented if it was a low-level hunter, but rather than making such a super robot, it would be better to hire at least one more hunter or hire orcs.

However, the Mk.1 manufactured by Yapi far exceeded the limits of such modern military technology.

The power to move the tank with only spare batteries produced by Yapi’s small reactor. I put five batteries in it.

Having grabbed the orc with that kind of power, there was no choice but to escape.

Yapi, who blew off the captured orc’s head with a 12-gauge shotgun, stared at the lone orc, Linxiang Kazak.

“It’s quite good. The guys you just killed were the ones whose promotion to general was confirmed.”

Rinxiang Kazak raised an ax while watching Yapi who had killed his men. A 12-gauge shotgun was fired right away, but it was blocked with a large ax blade.


With a loud roar, the Rinxiang Cossacks charged. It was a mistake for Yappy to trust his adamantite gloves and try to withstand the charge.

– Kwak!

With a loud roar, the fuselage of the Mk.1 is pushed away. And that’s not all. His left arm, wrapped in adamantite, was crushed and broken by Lin Xiang’s ax strike.

[…] … Same material used.]

“That’s right! This ax is also an ax made entirely of adamantite! Even Drake couldn’t stand this ax blow.”

Lin Xiang is an Orc soldier of a foreign race, and an Orc who has risen to the top of the rank, right below the enemy.

An Ork’s rank is determined solely by his performance at the Gate and his specialty. say it again–

[Estimated grade S.]

I had to see him as an S-class Hunter, not a coup dictator.

[Lack of firepower.]

Because it was completed in a hurry, it lacks armament.

Originally, in addition to the specially modified 12-gauge shotgun, a target type special reactive cannon or super-accelerating extra-class railgun had to be equipped.

Originally, this exoskeleton suit was an integrated weapon system operating platform that would replace Yapi’s reduced body. If it had not been necessary to urgently intervene in the torch of investors, it would not have even made a sortie.

If so, there is only one way left.

It was only a hand-to-hand combat using high power to the point of being ignorant.

[Activation of the unauthorized prototype combat system.]

Yapi manipulated the fuselage of the Mk.1. The two legs, which were thick, are split in half and lead to four.

The thick iron plate on his back was transformed into a huge greatsword before he knew it.

It looks like a four-legged knight. Half man half horse… No, more like a spider than that. The original final type was the expected spider knight.

[Project Yakt Spinner. Prototype hand-to-hand combat specification activated.]

“Ha ha ha ha! You know a little something! Yes, let’s fight like a warrior!”

Lin Xiang smiled cheerfully and charged at him with an axe. The Mk.1 that confronts this head-on.

The ax and the greatsword collide, sparks fly, and the friction between iron and iron rustles.

“Hmm…! That’s a good power!”

In terms of power, it was very tight. However, the bayonet was already starting to lose teeth. This is because the difference is so great from the composition material as a weapon.

[Thrust operation. Activity limit 3 minutes 20 seconds.]


The propellants exposed on the Mk.1’s four legs and arms began to emit high-temperature energy. It is an overuse of output prepared for melting of its own battery.

Even Lin Xiang had no choice but to be pushed out of the overpowered self-destruction. Linxiang, who was pushed back by the force of the nose, crashes into the wall and breaks the wall of the building one after another.

“Hahaha! Quite right! But…!”

Lin Xiang twisted his body slightly, deflected the Mk.1, and hit the ax with it. An Orc warrior who has been on the battlefield for a long time, skillfully avoiding a head-on collision.

– Kwadeuk!

One arm is blown off by skilled ax strikes. Lin Xiang read the victory.

“Fuck off!”

Mk.1, who had lost an arm, swung a greatsword, but cut it lightly and dug into the center. Lin Xiang broke Yapi’s left arm with an ax and trampled on it.

“It’s clumsy, clumsy! It moves slower than the monsters in the gate!”

The moment Lin Xiang raised his axe, a hidden auxiliary arm aimed a 12-gauge shotgun. But at that moment, an enormous wave erupted from Lin Xiang’s military boots, which had trampled on the Mk.1.


The mighty wave shattered the Mk.1 in half, destroying even the auxiliary arm and shotgun. Lin Xiang laughed.

“Do you think you can deal with me, who is protected by the warrior god Helkan, with this piece of scrap metal?”

That’s it. The merciless ax strike of the Mk.1, whose final struggle failed, shattered the chest, avoiding the adamantite skeleton. That moment when the Mk.1 was halved——

[Lack of budget, time. The actual case is a failure.]

The Mk.1’s chest opened, revealing a bright glow in its eyes. Lin Xiang lifts the ax and tries to strike it down, but it doesn’t budge.

“What, what?”

Lin Xiang noticed the wire tethering his arm before he knew it. The moment the chest was opened, the wires protruding from it caught Lin Xiang’s arms.

[I got good practical data. As a result, big data is getting closer to perfection.]

“What bullshit——!”

At that moment, Yapi’s auxiliary arm swung a wire.


In an instant, the spider’s web brushed past Lin Xiang. Lin Xiang witnessed the moment his throat trembled in real time.

An ambitious orc dictator who took over the Republic of Jilin through a coup d’état and waged war with neighboring countries. It was the end of the Linxiang Kazak.

After defeating the Rinxiang Kazak, Yapi left behind the orcs rushing into the turmoil and grabbed the ax that Rinxiang had left behind with her small auxiliary arm.

[Confirm adamantite material. I will retrieve it.]

After tying the ax with wire and loading it into the half-destroyed Mk.1, Yapi left the headquarters as it was.

* * * *

[The Jilin Republic coup incident that made the world buzz has come to an end. The newly established government of the Republic of Jilin apologized for this and began peace negotiations──]

[The collapse of food stocks triggered by the Heilong People’s Republic of China invasion has returned to normal. At the same time, as blessed crops were discovered in the granary of Beida Huang, the trade price increased——]

The war ended with the Orc troops advancing toward the Heilong People’s Republic destroyed and the key coup forces including Linxiang Kazak assassinated.

“Wow~ Thank God, Sir Yapi. The war is completely over.”

Hari was relieved that the war was over. I wondered what would happen at one time, but it seems that there is no law telling people to die.

“Ah, if this happens, Sir Yapi’s private equity fund will recover again, right? Let’s see, uh? Sue, the yield?!”

Hari almost dropped her phone in fright when she saw the rate of return announced by Yapi’s private equity fund.

The good news that started appearing in the news at the same time as the end of the war, the worship of Goddess Demera and the purification of magic that began to spread in the granary of Beida Huang. Food stocks skyrocketed as the small but blessed crops began to spread.

The rate of return soaring in real time is approximately 800% or more before the crash. In other words, Hari made a profit of more than 600 million won, excluding commissions.

“Awesome, awesome! Great, Sir Yapi!”

-Kick look

Yapi spoke in a somewhat arrogant tone to Hari, who stopped making a fuss.

– Stupid ants. Do you know what liquid assets and the real economy are?

Yapi’s private equity fund, which seemed to explode like this, soared without knowing the sky, recording at least 1,200% of the rate of return, and Yapi immediately distributed the profits to investors and cut off the investment.

-You foolish organisms who doubted this gi. Can no longer trade with this machine.

“Ah, oh my, Lord Yapi! We made a mistake!”

“Look down on us who are lowly and oblivious!”

For a while, there were more investors flocking to the Manshinjeon office building to ask for a reinvestment than customers who came to see the hammer, but Yapi neglected their situation for a long time.

And again, it was good news, and it was only after achieving a high rate of return that he said this.

-Would you like to support the Mansinjeon Foundation?

They were able to become investors again only after signing the worst unfair deal in history, donating 10% of the private equity fund’s profits to the Manshinjeon Foundation.

– Reached 12% of the target amount.

But it’s still a long way off. There is still a long way to go before the final plan being planned by Heto, the god of iron and blacksmith, and Yaffi, the Holy Grail Knight.

The Jilin coup incident left two legends.

Deus Ex Machina, a legendary hacker who not only hacked the US and Russian defense departments, but also used deepfakes to neutralize the Republic of Jilin, appeared.

And the dramatic revival of private equity funds, which were thought to collapse due to the war crisis, and a legendary surge in profits.

Of course, both were Yacht Spinner himself, the Holy Grail Knight of the Pantheon.

* * * *

One day, when the series of events were over, Leon sorted out the evaluation sheets of the knight cadets who had completed the basic training of about a month.

The academy cadets have their own characteristics, but for a month, only basic training was repeated thoroughly.

Swordsmanship, shield and spearmanship. Horseback riding is also not enough for a cavalryman, but at least it’s not to the point of falling while running.

‘I guess I’ll need to connect them with the gods soon.’

Originally, you would have had to go through a sufficient process of faith. As an apprentice priest, he must have had a chance after receiving training as a knight.

‘There is no time.’

I don’t know when there will be the evil species again. Although the identity of the gate is still in the speculation stage, it is clear that demons are involved.

As the gods said they would simplify the process exceptionally, the gods would be involved to some extent in their guidance.

‘Han Hari.’

In terms of talent alone, he is a child with two best talents among young people. Born with the energy of fire, the deity of war and flame is interested in it.

Leon is also a child who is keeping an eye on him because his natural disposition is good and pure.

‘Han Soo-ho.’

He has a cautious temperament, but when necessary, he is strong and protects others according to his natural name. He is a boy with outstanding talent.

Aside from swordsmanship, his shield skills are considerable, so he has fulfilled one of the virtues of a knight.

It is said that the unique skill is also to strengthen the defense, so it might be compatible with the goddess of life and abundance. If that boy holds up Geobrick’s hammer–


sound without a choice. The share of determining its owner was determined separately by whether it belonged to the hammer or whether it deserved recognition as a sacred object.

If you are unlucky, the successor may not appear for the rest of your life. Leon thought he could.

‘Kim Jae-hyeok.’

He is a boy who mainly uses spears. A type that unexpectedly pursues stability apart from the fierce spearmanship.

Besides that, Leon, who had been looking through the knight cadets, saw a girl’s profile.

‘Did I say Cheon So-yeon?’

A child who is said to be the granddaughter of the country’s strongest prosecutor. She is one of the few talented people who quietly completed basic training for about a month.

Unexpectedly honest and straightforward personality. It is suitable as a knight’s lumber. but… … .

‘avarice… is it.’

There was no naive thought that the next heir to the country’s top guild would have come to belong to the pantheon.

sex law. He must have been fascinated by that power. Most of the cadets were like that, but she seems impatient.

Leon recalled a familiar face from the child.

“It’s like that kid…”

Who did he resemble? He was venomous and blunt——

“You killed it, Your Majesty. You are the greatest king in the history of Lionheart.”


Leon let out a dry sigh and put on a bitter expression.

“It’s already too late.”

Leon turned his eyes to work as if he was trying to forget his thoughts, and that was the moment.


Leon’s five senses capture all movement within 30 km in all directions.

The thing he’s been focusing on lately is the hammer of the honorable Holy Grail Knight, Sir Geobrick.

It is about who will be chosen as the owner of the Holy Relic, which emits powerful holy power just by existing.

And just.

The relic showed some movement.

Leon hurriedly ran out to the training ground where the hammer was. And there–

“This is so… unexpected.”

very slightly It’s ambiguous to say that I heard it, but compared to the challengers so far, it’s not even comparable.

A suitable person judged by ‘Hammer himself’. When he saw Leon, he spoke gibberish.

“Your Majesty! No, it’s… It’s break time, so I just thought I’d give it a try…!”

The one who moved the hammer at least a little. he–

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