The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 73

July is when the hot summer begins. The second graduation ceremony is being prepared at the Manshinjeon building.

“Your Majesty, are you here?”

The ones preparing for the graduation ceremony are Queen Beatrice and Yaffi. They were in charge of the entire graduation ceremony for the 2nd trainees.

“You came back late last night. Did you finish the test strategy well?”

“Yes, it was the Orc Gate.


Beatrice whispered in Leon’s ear with a slightly troubled expression.

“Lord Yapi treated the orcs quite mercilessly. Even among the trainees, some were a bit intimidated.”

“Hmm… I see. But, no problem. If it’s not to the point of discussing inefficiency, wouldn’t it be appropriate to be angry with the beast?”

“If you think about it, that makes sense.”

Beatrice was immediately convinced when she substituted the orc for the devil.

“We decided to simplify the graduation ceremony, but we decided to leave it to Lord Yapi.”

“Wouldn’t it be okay for you to do it?”

“If I do it, the trainees… a difficult situation will unfold.”

Beatrice smiled bitterly through her veil. Leon nodded without speaking.

Certainly, her delusion was linked to the essence of corruption and reached the level of bewitching people with just the sound of her breath.

Even if the face was covered with a veil, encouragement from close range would break the soldiers’ will.

“Lord Spinner will do just fine.”

A week ago, the story that the private equity fund or something collapsed due to the war did not come out again, so it seems that it has recovered.

Leon also had a time as a resident of this district, but he lived in a time far away from finance. The financial crisis he remembers was about the IMF, so do we need to say more?

At the graduation ceremony, Leon shrugged his shoulders as he watched Yapi attaching badges to the 2nd class trainees.

“It seems that Sir Spinner is more adapted to Earth than Jim.”

“I bet His Majesty couldn’t adapt better than me?”

“How are you kidding me? I’ve come a couple of months earlier than you.”

Beatrice smiled and showed her smartphone. It is the latest rollable smartphone. Leon, who can’t adapt to a touch-type smartphone and makes Hari hold the phone instead, has no choice but to be silent.

“You seem to have adapted quickly, so I feel relieved. You are better than Jim.”

“Your Majesty is acclimatizing himself to Earth, so how can I be better?”

When Leon received a rollable smartphone from Viche, he shook his head, saying he did not know how to use it to browse the Internet or watch videos.

“Then what about Sir Spinner?”

“I heard that you hacked the communication station because it was a very uncivilized means of communication?”

“……I wonder if this is injustice.”

Yapi also made the illegally modified Wi-Fi amplification receiver installed in the Mansinjeon. It seems that rumors have spread quite a bit among tourists.

“By the way, what happened to the courtesy ‘him’?”

“It’s still in the middle of maturing. It’s been quite tough. It’s thanks to the energy of the evil spirit that still remains.”

“If necessary, I’ll let Jim help. If I peel off the skin on my face, will I be able to hold on?”

Beatrice shook her head and politely refused.

“I can’t entrust such a job to an honorable knight. I’ll do the dirty work. Surprisingly professional? But I guarantee it. It will give you valuable information.”

The sorcerer queen didn’t bother to say what a terrifying process it would take.

“It’s a pity that I can’t watch it in the first class.”

She said huhuhu, and smiled grimly. To this, Leon laughs as if in response.

The laughter of the two seemed vicious to the point of being frightening to the viewer.

* * * *

The Dragon Palace appeared.

Unlike the gate on the ground, if a dungeon breaker occurs in the sea, it is close to impossible to solve.

This is because no matter how powerful a hunter is, there are activity restrictions in the sea.

Moreover, considering the sea creatures contaminated with magical energy, resolving the aftermath of the Dungeon Breaker is a long way off.

Therefore, the Hunter Association has the right to urgently enlist powerful hunters when the appearance of the Sea Gate is confirmed.

“Are you here, Hunter Lee Yong-wan?”

“It’s been a while, President.”

Lee Yong-wan, the guild leader of the Phoenix Guild, came to the Hunter Association, where the conscription order was issued, along with Hayuri, the deputy guild leader.

“Hayuri Hunter is also here.”


Yuri Ha bowed her head. She looked around with her mask on.

“But can’t you see the others?”

At Lee Yong-wan’s question, Oh Kang-hyeok shrugged.

“This East Sea Gate will receive support from the United States. Therefore, the other guilds will remain as a preliminary attack in preparation for the odds.”

Lee Yong-wan’s mouth twisted at the words of the president Oh Kang-hyeok.

“Are we the first to be conscripted? There are many other great guilds, right?”

“It’s hard to find a guild as good as the Phoenix Guild.”

“The aftermath of the Jeju Island gate is still left.”

“It’s already been a month, so I believe you’ve already recovered. Heh heh heh.”

‘Damn inspiration.’

Lee Yong-wan realized the intention of the president of the association. this is a penalty

Regarding the manipulations that took place at the Honam Pyeongya Gate last time.

It must have been the most active in the tax exemption bill for large guilds, and they wanted to openly penalize the Phoenix Guild, which took action. It was safe to say that it was a warning to everyone.

‘Now come and come out hard. I have a corner to believe in.’

Iron Oh Kang-hyeok. At one time, he was a 1st-generation hunter who was the eldest and weakest leader of the Three Powers, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Swordsman of the New Swords Guild and the Infinite Sword of the Cheongseong Guild.

He is a civil servant who has to face a teenage guild that has grown too much.

Needless to say, he came out so strong against the 10th guild, the Phoenix Guild.

“I’m sure they won’t send us alone. Is the president’s trump card coming out?”

“He’s a trump card. He’s not the kind of person who can evaluate someone like me.”

‘I guess so.’

If it were the former self, he would have thought that the president of the association had made some kind of secret agreement with Leon or brought him into his power.

However, he witnessed the ignorance of the Holy Grail Knights at the gate of Jeju Island.

Geobrick and Leon too… Saints who are confident that they have been chosen by God are not the ones who will listen to human commands.


“What, isn’t it self-employed?”

Ha Yu-ri says something to Lee Yong-wan, who sits down with a sigh. Yongwan gave her a disapproving look, but Yuri only shrugged.

And while the two wait in the waiting room, one of the association’s staff hurries to report.

“The president of the association. A VIP has visited. He is coming.”

“Hmm…! I see.”

At that, the president of the association, Oh Kang-hyeok, checked that the suit and tie were not messed up, then took out a hairbrush and even tidied up his hair.

‘How are you?’

Anyone who sees it will know that they are looking at the opposite line. what a fuss While Yongwan thought so, the president of the association stared at him.

“What, what is it?”

“Hunter Lee Yong-wan, if it’s not rude, would you like to tidy up the messy clothes?”


“It would be disrespectful to the one who is about to visit.”


What the hell is this old man talking about… It was at this time that Yongwan’s expression became grotesque.

With a rattle, the door opened, and a handsome blond-haired man was guided by the staff. Oh Kang-hyeok runs in a hurry to him, whom Manager Kim Jin-soo and Assistant Manager Han Ha-ri chase after like an attendant.

“Thank you for visiting, Your Majesty.”

Leon Dragonia Lionheart. He looked down at the head of the association, Oh Kang-hyeok, who was bowing down, and spoke arrogantly.

“If you made the king’s parade, there must be a reason for doing so.”

“Of course. I’m ashamed of you for taking such a heavy step.”

After receiving the warm welcome from the president of the association, Leon naturally sat down in the seat of honor. Suk, I hear a sound coming up next to me. It was Hayuri.

“Why are you standing up?”

“Do you think you should?”

Yongwan frowned at Ha Yu-ri, who stood up when Leon came. Not just glass. The president of the association didn’t even sit down and stood next to Leon as if he was a waitress.

The only one sitting in this seat is Yongwan.

-Aren’t you up?

All eyes turned to Yongwan. no, why, what? That nobleman was a king in another world, is he a king here too?

-Are you really not up?

Yongwan couldn’t stand it for 10 seconds and stood up. It wasn’t until he got up that Leon opened his mouth.


The attitude of treating people thoroughly as if they were subordinates was staggering, but no one was there to tackle them.

“Yes, Your Majesty. Last evening around 11:00. We observed the magic of the gate on the East Coast.”

The head of the association personally uploaded the data as if reporting to a superior and pointed out a map of the East Coast.

“It’s 8km south of Ulleungdo here. It’s completely in the sea and is in contact with Japan’s maritime waters.”

And it is certain that there is a gate in the sea with cross information observed by the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force and the US Fleet.

“If you are in the sea, why don’t you just go out to the sea and attack? I couldn’t pamper the garden in my garden, so I had to carry my luggage.”

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty. It’s embarrassing, but it’s a difficult situation to even reach the gate, let alone attacking the gate.”

The president of the association added additional weather information.

“A typhoon is approaching. Of course, it will pass through the direction where the gate is located. It is so strong that only warships can barely approach it.”

“How to wait for the typhoon to pass?”

“Time is running out. Unlike other gates, Dragon Palace Gate… The gates that appear in the sea are not only difficult to attack, but also require quick action.”

However, for the typhoon to pass, we have to wait until four days later. This is a risk that is difficult to bear.

If the first raid team fails, the dungeon break may occur before the second raid team is dispatched due to the tight time.

And the dungeon break that takes place at sea will lead to catastrophe, so you must attack it quickly and perfectly.

“I know that you are risking the prestige of the country. But, as with the affairs in Cheongju and Jeju Island, you seem to know Jim as the country’s gardener.”

“Absolutely not…! How can I take Your Majesty lightly?”

“What is it? Even in this small country, if there are heroes of their own, what is the reason for finding luggage first?”

Of course, Oh Kang-hyeok was able to conscript other hunters ahead of Leon.

In the case of Yonggung Gate, the association had the right to force recruitment, so they could mobilize the strongest guilds in Korea, such as the Shingeom Guild or the Cheongseong Guild.

Of course, whether these guilds would respond obediently is another matter.

Lee Yong-wan looked forward to how the president of the association would persuade this tricky nobleman.

“Your Majesty, how can the rich in this small land compare to you? Compared to you, most of this land is no different from the common people.”

‘No, this nobleman?!’

Are you trying to cut us down?

“Your Majesty, this is an opportunity to raise the honor of the Lion Heart King!

Perhaps Leon didn’t like Oh Kang-hyeok’s honey-stained tongue, but he smiled and opened his mouth.

“Well, that’s good. However, the king’s procession is a heavy law. You’ll have to prepare a proper tribute.”

“Do you have any wishes?”

Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association, glanced at Leon. If there’s something this survivor wants, they’ll support you wherever possible, but it’s also important to figure out what they want.

“Kings don’t count pennies. See Sir Spinner for details.”


Naturally, I came up with a blank check. Oh Kang-hyuk smiled bitterly, saying that it was not easy.

* * * *

Leon’s attack on the East Sea Gate has been decided.

Although Leon had attacked numerous gates, this was the first time in a special situation like the Yonggung Gate.

Attack teams are recruited from Korea, Japan, and the United States, and even warships are mobilized.

Only a limited number of people could enter each guild, so Leon looked closely and counted the number of participants.

“This attack will be conducted in small groups due to the nature of the gate. From now on, those who are called by name will come out one by one.”

Yakt spinners were the first to be called, and yakt spinners, which show an all-around response in any situation, are the first priority.

Next were Han Suho and Kim Jaehyuk. It was only natural that he was called because of his power as a pilgrim knight.

Then, the names of the cadets were called, including the new cadet, Koo Dae-seong. A total of ten knight cadets. And in Man at Arms, 20 people are called.


Hari and Soyeon were the first to question it. Harry raised his hand.

“Um… Your Majesty. Among the people you called, there isn’t a single ‘woman’?”

Maybe gender discrimination? Ay~ Hari knew that Leon was like an unreasonable racist, but subtly he wasn’t.

Even though women are divided into ladies and women, there is no one who differentiates between men and women in organizing raids like this–

“It’s illegal to ride a woman on a boat.”


It was a very different reason.

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