The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 74 Ait-Sitpal!

It has been 14 hours since the Dragon Palace Gate was discovered. The Hunter Association quickly completed preparations for attacking the Dragon Palace Gate.

Attacking the Yonggung Gate is an important national event. A swift order was issued from the upper line of the head of the Hunter Association, and a warship was mobilized to attack the gate in the middle of the sea.

Helicopter landing pad for the 1st Fleet in Donghae Port, Gyeongsang Province. The ROK Army’s Black Hawk helicopters rotate fiercely and land on the Rotor Bladers.

Those who disembarked there were a series of groups that appeared to be civilians, not soldiers.

“It’s okay to get off, Your Majesty.”

The first to drop were Manager Kim Jin-su and Assistant Manager Han Ha-ri of the Hunter Association. The two respectfully serve Leon.

After that, Lee Yong-wan, the fire bird guild hunters, and the students of Mansinjeon descended one after another.

“It’s a decent ride. I should have about three or four of them.”

‘A military helicopter? A story without a choice… … .’

“We’ll tell you through the president of the association. Would it be all right if we had enough of six? We’re sorry we couldn’t tell you in advance.”

‘Are you allowing me?!’

Lee Yong-wan was stunned by manager Kim Jin-soo’s words that he would give away a military helicopter worth hundreds of millions of won.

‘It’s not the dogma of Chief Kim Jin-soo. An order for full support was given from above.’

There is no way that only the manager level has the authority to move the helicopter.

Judging from the respectful response of the association president, it is clear that the association president Oh Kang-hyeok asked Leon to listen to whatever he wanted.

“Your Majesty, this model is a bit outdated. There is a new, brand-new model that has just arrived in Korea. It’s called Surion… It’s nothing special, take a commemorative photo while receiving it and say a word of thanks——”

‘How are you?’

“It’s done. Jim likes foreign ones. That big Chinook or something. It can ride horses, so isn’t it the icing on the cake?”


Hari pats the shoulder of the sullen manager Kim Jin-soo.

The Pantheon Guild and the Phoenix Guild went straight to the 1st Fleet Headquarters. There, the commander, captains, noncommissioned officers, and hundreds of enlisted men lined up at once, probably because they had been notified in advance.

“Loyalty! Welcome to ROK Navy 1st Fleet Command!”

“Meet Your Majesty, Leon Dragonia Lionheart!”

-Ppamparabam~ Ppamppambam! Pampara night~!

A roar of congratulations and welcome. No matter how modern Earth treats Hunters as semi-heroes, there was a distinction between civilians and the military.

Except for a continent torn into at least 50 countries or a Hunter dictatorship, there is no case of such hospitality in a sane developed country.

“Hmm, are you the commander of this base?”

“Yes! I am Vice Admiral Choi Jae-seong, commander of the 1st Fleet!”

The commander, Lieutenant General Choi, did not commit rudeness in front of Leon thanks to being thoroughly warned in advance. But it’s not just because of an order that he’s being so rude.

“It’s an honor to meet you, Your Majesty! My granddaughter ate Goddess Demera’s crops and was cured of leukemia. If you don’t mind, I’d like to thank you.”

The granddaughter of Lieutenant General Choi Jae-seong was a terminally ill patient who had been waiting for her death from leukemia for a long time.

However, seeing his granddaughter cured of leukemia after eating the blessed crops, he shed tears and worshiped God for the first time.

“I see. If you receive the grace of the goddess and give thanks, then you are also my brother. Always give thanks and worship him.”

“It is an honour!”

It’s already been three months since Leon came to Earth. His influence was spreading throughout the country.

“Then, before briefing on this operation, let me introduce the allied forces to fight together.”

Director Choi took the hunters who visited the base to a common gym. Among the rather small Donghae Port facilities, it is the largest and one of the few places that can fill hundreds of people.

There, waiting for the Pantheon and the Phoenix were various foreigners.

“Are you an American raiding party?”

Lieutenant General Choi answered Lee Yong-wan’s question with a shrug.

“Yes, they said they flew straight from the Naval Air Corps transport plane. It’s a strange thing.”

As Lieutenant General Choi said, it was strange.

Yonggung Gate is a gate that occurred on the East Sea. The neighboring countries intertwined in this sea are Korea and Japan.

No matter how much the United States is a military ally of South Korea, did it need to send a raid party? It’s not that Korea and Japan don’t have enough Hunter resources right now.

“The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces are departing from Sasebo. They seem to be taking it quite seriously as well.”

I still couldn’t understand the US participation in the war, but I had no choice but to skip it. In any case, since only two S-class members are dispatched from the Korea-US-Japan joint raiding party, there will be no lack of power.

A tall, blond-haired man approached the Korean hunters.

Like Leon, he is blonde and shy, but the atmosphere of the man is closer to that of a scholar rather than an aristocratic youth.


“Raynald Schellman?!”

The Korean hunters who recognized him made a surprised expression. Isn’t it an American mage lord?

Why is such a big man in Korea?

Raynald Schellman grinned at his reaction. He confidently starts introducing himself.

“Nice to meet you, Korean Hunters. I am Raynald Shellman, the Mage Tower Lord who was invited to capture the gate this time—”

An intriguing introduction. Raynald’s pupils trembled. At the end of his gaze, like mine, he was looking at a man with blonde hair.


* * * *

[Go to Korea right now!]

The top floor of the U.S. Magic Tower branch. The Gem of Wisdom, enshrined in the master’s office, suddenly said that.

“Korea… you mean?”

[Yes! You have work to do there! You can’t do it alone, so I’ll be with you!]


Raynald was fascinated by the knowledge bestowed by the Jewel of Wisdom, but hesitated when asked to go to Korea.

It’s because I’ve already been there once before and faced a ‘horror existence’.

“That… Leon—”

[This is new! Don’t unluckily bring that name up! shit! I should clean my ears!]

Leon has become a man whose name must not be spoken between the two before he knows it.

‘I’m going to have a seizure like this… … .’

Why do you want to go to Korea? Aren’t your words and actions incongruent?

As if he had read the question, the Gem of Wisdom spoke to him as if to reassure him.

[Don’t worry. Tell me the recipe for an artifact that can completely hide the devil’s magic. If you have the ingredients, you can make it too.]

“Is that so?”

If you have that, you can escape from the Lion Heart King’s detection, right?

“What can I make it out of?”

[Unicorn horn, phoenix feathers, dragon claws——]

The price of a unicorn’s horn is 3.4 billion. The market value of the feathers of the phoenix is 2.1 billion. Dragon’s Claws No pieces for sale. In addition, it is full of unique and legendary grade material items.

“……Are you a great being?”


“These are not items that can be obtained right away…”

[Then I can’t help it. It’s a bit of a degraded version, but with this, it’s easy to make!]

The Jewel of Wisdom created a solution on the fly, befitting a holder of great knowledge. Looking at this, it can be said that he is more competent than the former Devil in Charge of the Jewel of Wisdom.

“Certainly, with this, you should be able to procure materials immediately from the Mage Tower’s warehouse! You’re amazing, too, great being!”

[Still, the durability is not good as it is a deteriorated version. But what… No matter how small Korea is, I will definitely meet you if you go there.]

“It’s not like that. It’s not just that he’s the one who shouldn’t be called by Hunter in Korea.”

[Kkya kya kak! I was born with bad luck!]

The reasoning of the two smart villains is all too reasonable. What is the probability that Hunter is not the only Leon in Korea, and that he will meet him right away when he goes to Korea?

However, sometimes–

“Be polite, spellcaster.”

There is also a being that is absurd itself.


* * * *

Upon meeting Leon, Leonard and the Gem of Wisdom trembled at this unreasonable misfortune. Raynald hurriedly tried to borrow wisdom from the Jewel of Wisdom.

‘Oh, how is it, great being! right in front of you! It’s right in front of you, ah?!’

[Ji Ji Ji Ji Ji Ji, calm down! If that bastard had a temper, he would have cut his throat with a noppa as soon as he saw it! I haven’t heard yet!]

Yes. An artifact prepared in advance by the Jewel of Wisdom. I hoped to encounter them in Korea, but there was an artifact in the form of a ring that suppresses and hides the magic made with minimal insurance.

‘Oh, you are the archevil of great wisdom! I believed!’

It was then. When Reynald rubbed my magic ring, my lifeline, I felt the ring wear away.

‘What a great existence!!!!!!’

‘Ehee eh! Calm down! It’s worn out against its holy power!!’

Reynald couldn’t even tell the screaming jewel of wisdom to calm down first. It has to be because the only lifeline is wearing down in real time.

[This, retreat for now! Dropped quickly! Get away from his holy power!]

Reynald showed his greatest wit in his life and acted out a calm expression.

“Bar, nice to meet you, Your Majesty. Even in a distant country, Your Majesty’s prestige is high. I really wanted to see you once.”

Reynald hesitated to shake hands, fearing that he would be found out if he touched his skin.

‘shit! This would raise suspicion!’

Although Reynald glanced at Leon with an uneasy expression, he rather put on a satisfied expression.

“You’re a spellcaster who knows my subject well.”

Where the hell did you get the points you were satisfied with?

Leon passed him and headed back to his seat, and Raynald managed to calm his trembling gums.

‘Bounce, bounce. I believe the Great One will agree!’

[Ah, don’t let it go… This is important. Do it, you have to do it… … .]

‘Is it more important than life?!’

[Above, instructions from above. I had no choice but to enter this gate… … .]

Mother fuck! Why is the lowly great demon attached to the Jewel of Wisdom at such a short time!

Reynald had no choice but to listen to the briefing calmly, swallowing swear words.

* * * *

Hari diligently organized the briefed information as an employee of the association.

Since he can’t participate in this raid, it’s to deliver things that can be helpful as much as possible.

“Uhhh… Your Majesty is right… You said that women should never board a warship…”

Although he was Vice Admiral Choi who admired Leon, he put on a puzzled expression when he said that he would cheat if a woman was on board.

He struggled to say, ‘If you are a medieval person, it could be because of cultural differences… … Is it fortunate that I passed it over as ‘.’?

The Gwanggaeto the Great, which will be used in this operation, originally did not have a female crew member.

Since the Navy had to extract maximum efficiency from a limited space, it was not possible to prepare separate toilets and bedrooms for female soldiers, so there were no female sailors from the beginning.

“Emergency rations in case of emergency… Combat rations that can be cooked without fire…”

I was in the middle of heading to the supply warehouse in Donghae Port to pack this and that.

I saw a hunter with a large backpack in front of the supply depot guarded by naval guards.

“Huh? Goo Daesung Hunter?”

“Deputy Han?”

Hari, who met Koo Dae-sung, made a puzzled expression.

“Why is Hunter-sama carrying the luggage? We have to do this…”

“Oh, no. I have to do chores like this.”

It wasn’t that I didn’t understand Goo Dae-sung’s words. Originally, men-at-arms did the chores in the pantheon. But isn’t Koo Dae-sung’s position different now?

“Hunter-sama is now a knight cadet. His Majesty wouldn’t have bothered to make Hunter do chores.”

“What is like me…”

Goo Dae-sung waved his hand and made an embarrassed expression.

After joining as a cadet, he trained with them for a few days, but Koo Dae-sung was on the outside among the cadets.

Age is also age, and above all, it is weak. One after another, cadets said they couldn’t figure out why he, a soldier, was chosen as a knight cadet.

No one dared to challenge Leon’s authority, so the question naturally turned to Daesung.

“I feel like I’m being treated undeservedly just because I picked up a little hammer.”

“It’s not so!”

Hari encouraged Daesung.

“I tried holding the hammer, but I really couldn’t move it at all. Out of over 1,000 challengers, only Hunter Goo Dae-seong succeeded. Some kind of Goddess’ choice? I received something like that!”

“I mean?”

Daesung gets serious when he hears that he was chosen by a goddess. It was worth it.

“It can’t be.”

“No, why are you so sure?”

“Yes, I… I’m much weaker than the other cadets, I’m older, and I’m not particularly religious…”

Daesung glanced at Hari.

Hari Han. Korea’s youngest Class A Hunter.

A genius with dazzling talent, but a young man who silently went to the Association according to his convictions despite the suggestion of a scout from a teenage guild.

Hari and herself are from another world. Daesung knew that all too well.

“In the first place… If I had really been chosen by the Goddess, I would have lifted the hammer.”

I know that Koo Dae-sung lifted the hammer the highest. But that’s because it hasn’t been long since the hammer was unveiled.

Considering that quite a few hunters succeeded in flinching their hammers, those with potential were scattered everywhere.

He was just lucky enough to have had a chance to pick up the hammer first.

“Gu Daesung Hunter, is it your Majesty who raised Hunter as a cadet?”

“Is that so?”

“Then, wouldn’t His Majesty listen to Hunter-sama’s concerns and think like this?”

Hari put down her backpack, pretended to be solemn, and started to imitate someone’s vocal cords.

“Does such a fool dare doubt the choice of the original king? What qualifications do you have to try to judge the will of the goddess? If you tell me to, I will train you!”

“Uh, uh… Manager Han. Over there…”

“Stay still! Your Majesty would have said this again. I can’t do it~ You’re so comfortable, you’re thinking so much. From now on, you’ll have to train for four more hours! La~ I mean, I trained without sleeping!”

Ha-ri noticed that Goo Dae-seong was silently looking over my shoulder while listening to her vocal mimicry.



silence for a while. Harry opened his mouth, unable to stop his trembling pupils.

“Are you behind me?”


And a cold voice from behind as if he had said everything.

“Have you seen something so outrageous? A lowly thing that arbitrarily assumes the king’s true intentions and imitates them?”

“Hehe…! I’m sorry! Please kill me!!”

Hari lying flat. Leon looked down at Hari.

‘It’s a big deal!’

When you do vocal mimicry, what is there to be behind!

Hari, who was trembling at Leon’s reprimand, flinched at the soon-to-be-heard voice.

“Tsk tsk, how could something like this even receive His grace?”


Hari slightly raised her head at the words she couldn’t understand.

“Han Hari.”

“Yes, yep!”

“Glorious news. One of the gods cares about you.”


Hari remembered something Leon had said one day. After the training of the knight cadets, the gods would choose each cadet.

The first step to ascending to the Knights of Realm is to connect with the gods. That was exactly what Leon was talking about.

“Uh, which god?”

Ariana, goddess of light and justice?

Petos, God of War and Flame?

Hari had high hopes for whoever it was, because it matched her personality well. However, the name of God that came out of Leon’s mouth was completely unexpected.

“Foma, the god of the sea and waves, said he would make you his priestess.”


“This expedition, you guys should also participate.”

Leon puts his hand on Hari’s shoulder. Unusually, he was looking at Hari with sad eyes.

I couldn’t figure out the meaning of that gaze.

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