The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 75 Han Ha-ri, the goddess of the sea and waves

32 hours after checking Donghae Gate.

Departure has been decided.

The flagship of the ROK 1st Fleet, the flagship Gwanggaeto the Great, and the Arleigh Burke-class Aegis destroyer dispatched from the US 7th Fleet were preparing to depart together.

“Hmm… It’s a pretty big ship.”

Leon first gazed at the east coast from the stern of the Gwanggaeto the Great.

Surprisingly clear and clean scenery for a typhoon approaching. It must be the calm before the storm.

While watching the sea and purifying my mind, there was some noise around me.

“Load all the troops food! Load spare weapons as much as possible! What do the American hunters say?”

“They do it on their own. Shall we turn the walkie-talkie to a shared channel?”

“It’s all useless after entering the gate anyway, so what are you doing?”

Lee Yong-wan and the phoenix guild hunters are busy moving. Indeed, there was moderation in their behavior.

Most of the Mansinjeon Guild is made up of low-level hunters and academy cadets who are about to graduate.

On the other hand, they are pros at attacking gates. Those who claim to be the top 10 guilds in Korea. It would be rude to compare them if there weren’t non-standard Holy Grail Knights like Leon and Yapi.

“I’ll contact Manager Park, so take care of the rest.”

Lee Yong-wan finished the instructions and came out to the stern. Then, when he ran into Leon, he stopped and stopped.

“They commanded the lead quite skillfully.”

“……Well, it’s been over 10 years since I rolled on this floor.”

You still look young, 10 years of experience. Leon recalled his first impression of Lee Ja.

“Are you done with that dirty trick?”

“It’s filthy… It’s definitely a business activity. It’s hard for His Highness to understand in the Middle Ages.”

yeah i don’t know

Leon died normally and was reincarnated.

The country born as the grand duke’s son was an honorable country, a righteous country, and a country that was cared for by the gods.

There, Leon could be right. He practiced justice and lived up to his convictions.

Sometimes admonishing messy neighboring countries, sometimes sweeping up dirty beasts, sometimes burying savages.

However, the premise of all those actions was only for the sake of light and justice.

“You guys seek money. They only care about riches and influence.”

“Isn’t that what people with power usually do? Your Majesty is not much different either.”

Lee Yong-wan knows that the Lionheart of this world is using his power and the miracle of God to expand his influence.

It has already revolutionized the domestic food market and made the Hunter Association my rattle.

Then, what is the difference between them and the pantheon? It’s just that we use a more sophisticated method.

“No, it’s different. You guys and Jim, Lionheart are very different.”


Leon dismissed the gaze directed at him.

“Food and wealth are ultimately meant to enrich people. What’s the point of monopolizing infinite goods?”

“Even if there is a medicine that can cure any disease, what does it mean if it is not given to the patient?”

“It is useless to accumulate gold and silver treasures in a harmless world.”


Looking at this sage-like man, Lee Yong-wan inadvertently thought of a man. The name was immediately mentioned.

“What did you see in Sir Geobrick?”


“Not only Sir Geobrick, but also the knights under him. What did you feel from the soldiers of the kingdom?”


Yongwan recalled the incident at Jeju Island Gate.

I saw their courage, and I was saved by their sacrifice.

And it’s not because they’re transcendental strong.

There is only one reason why they fought against the vastly powerful beast gods, against the endless army of beasts.

“Justice. You must follow justice. The first phrase that Goddess Ariana teaches.”

“What is childish justice…”

“It’s childish. Yes, that’s what it looks like to those who look at the world cynically and live calculatedly.”

Justice is childish.

Doing good is doing harm.

Such an idea was also present in his kingdom.

The humanists of the Empire did that, and the wise wizards laughed at it.

“Ahaha, laughing and cynicism is something anyone can do.”

“Justice is childish, good work is unprofitable, living innocence may seem foolish.”

“However, those who live in unrighteousness cannot save anything.”

“Those who live wickedly can be wise, but they cannot be courageous.”

“He who is impure cannot love.”

Leon gave this unrighteous man a rare amount of advice.

It was the life that Geobrick and the knights saved by giving up on their words. they had to realize had to prove

That their sacrifice, valor and justice are worth it.

“Prove it. Whether you were worthy of the glory knights and loyal soldiers.”

I will punish you otherwise.

Lee Yong-wan gulped and tensed at Leon’s cold declaration.

And in my heart… … .

– Boo Woo Woo!!

It was then. On the deck, the sailors retrieved the ropes connected to the land, and a loud horn sounded.

The gangway ladder leading to the land is removed, the Korean flag is hoisted, and tugboats steer the warship.

Gwanggaeto the Great prepares to leave the port while cutting through the current. The US Navy’s Arleigh Burke-class Aegis ships follow suit.

“Are we finally leaving?”

“You’re right on time.”

The training period naturally ended. However, it was not a very unpleasant time for Lee Yong-wan.

It must be because the attitude of their lives, which live with justice and goodwill, is deeply engraved in their hearts.

“Your Majesty, if you don’t mind, I’ll repay you for being indebted to me before——huh?”

It was then. The deck of the Gwanggaeto the Great. A strange noise is heard from there.

-Aisha! Aisha!

“The Pantheon?”

Cadets and soldiers sling something long poles over their shoulders and make their way across the deck to the stern. Someone was hanging from the pole they were on.

-Yeah, there’s something wrong with this! You say you’re a goddess? Said she was a goddess! Something is wrong with this treatment!

“Ha-ri Han… Sheep?”

When Yongwan asked what he was doing, Leon explained with a satisfied expression.

“If you put a woman on a boat, it is a law to get unclean.

That’s hanging a person from a player statue?

“How are you looking at it like that? Thanks to the sacrifice of that child, the priestess whom the deity of the sea and waves pointed out, other women were able to board.”

It was bold.

This man, who committed atrocities worthy of wrath, is not at all ashamed of his actions.

Something like this… Justice?

* * * *

Hari agonized over whether or not to be happy when she heard that she had been selected as the priestess of Poma, the god of the sea and waves.

“Well… but thanks to that, I was able to participate in the raid…”

Isn’t that such a bad thing? I wanted to… … .

“Han Hari. Instead, there is something you have to do.”

“What’s going on with that?”

“Originally, if you put a woman on a boat, it’s a law to ride unclean. Stormy waves, rainstorms, and sea monsters attack.”

Isn’t that too preconceived? Harry gave up on the question early.

“But there is a way to fix it. Rather, the ship will cruise, the sea will be calm, and safe sailing will be guaranteed. Can you do it?”

“Sir, just tell me! Anything I can do!”

At this time, Harry had to at least ask what the method was.

Could he have dared to imagine the idea of hanging a person on a statue of a player and dedicating it as a priestess?

“Yeah, there’s something wrong with this! They say you’re a priestess? You say you’re a priestess! There’s something wrong with being treated like this!”

Hari complained of this injustice while her whole body was tied to a pole with ropes, but the cadets and soldiers who carried Hari thought differently.

“Senpai… I’m having a hard time. If only the seniors are having a hard time, everyone is comfortable.”

“Jaehyuk junior? You, you! It’s Suho! It’s my younger brother, Suho!”

“Sister… I’m sorry. My right to speak… is not working.”

“Bae, traitor! Juniors! Hunters! Someone! Someone of reason must stop this!”

“”Ayescha! Oops!””

“Are you all listening?!”

Meanwhile, the Gwanggaeto the Great was cruising. and… Soon after, I witnessed a turbulent storm from beyond.

“Typhoon approaching ahead! It’s a butterfly! 64.5m per second!!”

As a result, the sailors were also busy. The target East Sea Gate is in contact with the direct hit course of the typhoon. Of course, you should prepare for a collision with a typhoon in mind.

Of course, during this process, Hari was left tied to the player statue.

“Kyaaaaaagh! Save the people! Save the people!!”

Even thunder and lightning strikes from black clouds. Are you really going to enter that demonic cave from the front? Hanging yourself too?

“People are saved!!”


“your majesty?!”

At the place where the voice was heard, Leon was calmly sitting on his seat. up to the fishing pole.

“Be quiet, don’t all the fish run away?”

“Fishing? Are you fishing now?!”

Fishing casually with a person suspended from a bow? Harry was stunned.

“If you go out to sea, you must catch fish. Tsk tsk, it seems the fish escaped thanks to you.”

“That’s that, with such a large warship running, there’s no way there’s a fish in the lead!”

“I can catch them all. When I was the guardian of my port city, Ranqual, I rode a whale and fished.”

It sounds like a bitch, but it was a credible voice because it was Leon. Harry asked anxiously.

“Are you really going to hang on like this and head for the typhoon? It’s not too late now!”

Hari was terrified of the approaching typhoon. If the statue on which he hangs himself breaks in the midst of a typhoon, the Jordan River Express is an established fact.

“Your Majesty! Is there a method? Is there a sex law or some method?! I believe, Your Majesty! I believe!”

Did Hari’s desperate encouragement reach her? A reaction came to Leon’s prick.

“Hmm, you’re quite a strong guy!”

Leon pulled the fishing rod. Even in the midst of this, Leon caught a fish with the skill of a professional at once, and a large Bengadom came along at the end.

“Lieutenant General Choi, prepare.”

“Yes, yes, Your Majesty…!”

At that time, the sailors rushed in and started preparing something in an instant.

Leon, who puts the instantly killed Benguedom on it, which plays the role of an altar as a sacrifice table around the time of the long voyage.

“You are the gracious master of the sea. Appear in front of those who dare to set foot in your domain.”

Then an amazing thing happened. The ship, which had been shaken by all sorts of abnormal weather and waves, became calm, and the seawater began to oscillate and take ‘form’.

Seawater that looks like a giant shark.

A phenomenon too contrived to speak of the mysteries of Mother Nature. Everyone had a gut feeling.

That is ‘God’.

[Ah~ Lionheart. Dear my lighthouse. The guardian of my temple, Rangqual.]

“Foma. God of the sea and waves.”

Poma happily accepts Leon’s greeting as he gets down on one knee. He let out a lamentable voice when he saw a typhoon approaching from the East Sea and beyond.

[What a frivolous sea. No dignity. As Fleur said, I feel that divinity does not exist on this earth.]

The god of drops, seas and waves in the form of a shark looked down at the warship he could swallow in one bite.

[What is the point of not even having a sail! Besides, this guy and that guy are idiots who can’t understand the grace of the sea!]

“This world has not received the teachings of the sea yet, so it can’t be helped. Please take care of it and take care of it.”

[no! There is no reason to care for those who are not even my followers! Grace is bestowed only in fear and respect!]

The sailors fell into fear at Poma’s attack.

I don’t know why he’s angry, but the anger of the huge being trembles and presses his whole body just by facing it.

Faced with the whims of that being, they would be no different from grains of sand being swallowed up by waves.


Leon is favored by many gods, but not all gods are comfortable with him.

Among them, Poma has a particularly capricious and eccentric personality. He never showed his anger towards himself, but he did often exert unreasonable pressure on other believers.

“Anyway, how did Poma-san make that child a priestess?”

[Ha ha ha ha… … .]

Foma let out a muffled laugh. He stared at the trembling Hari while clinging to the player statue.

[I managed to convince Petos, but it was worth it. This child has a good vessel to serve God by birth.]


[Of course not as much as you. Because you are outside the standard that can contain all the divine powers.]

“I felt that the seller was persecuted, but I really didn’t think so.”

[This is a blessing. How do you consider it bad luck?]

“The attention of the gods can be poisonous to those who lack faith.”

[I believe that my lighthouse will take care of it gradually.]

At those words, Leon sighed and leaned back in his fishing chair.

[Han Hari, my new priestess.]

“Me, me?”

[I will take good care of you and give you the blessing of water and the power to rule the waves. Accept this gladly and spread my decrees and teachings far and wide.]

“Ah, yes, yes…! If you let me out of here!”

Poma cried.

[As long as there is the sacrifice of my priestess, no waves will invade that ship!]


Hari nodded, but Foma smiled and gave the pretty priestess a trial.

[Your sacrifice will light the flame of life.]

At the end of those words, huge drops of water were scattered. Like a soap bubble at one time.


It was when Harry was devastated. someone shouted.

“A typhoon is approaching ahead! Wave height 10m!!”

Accordingly, the sailors and hunters all evacuated inside the deck. leave Harry alone.


Are you really going to let me go? Are you leaving me like this?

I met eyes with the academy juniors who only showed their faces from beyond the dock.

-Cheer up.

– Noona, cheer up.

– Senior, fighting!

-Show the potential of the head of the Korean Hunter Academy!

Hari, who only heard silent cheers, had to face the approaching waves.


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