The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 76 East Sea Gate

-Quarreung! Bang!

A loud rumble of thunder. waves crashing high. rain and wind blowing together.

Hari wasn’t so strong-hearted that he didn’t mind even in this situation.

“Kyaaaaaagh! Eopu! Eopufu!”

Natural disasters all at once. It was raining hard and Hari couldn’t keep her eyes open.

“People are saved…!”

What will happen if the waves come rushing in like this? What if lightning strikes? Originally, lightning strikes first, doesn’t it?

I heard Leon’s voice through my eardrums, which were obscured by the sound of anxiety and the typhoon.

“Hehe, faith is lacking. Faith. However, as Foma likes you, it seems that some disbelief will be forgiven.”

“Because I don’t have to forgive! My, please let me down!”

“Calm down. Entrust your body to the sea. Then the endless Mother Nature will surround you.”

“Your Majesty! I…!”

I want to live right now! The words he was about to say were blocked by the wind and rain.

“I told you to calm down. Now we’re in the middle of a typhoon. But, wouldn’t that be strange? Why doesn’t a wave hit you?”


At those words, Hari slowly opened her closed eyes. And his eyes widened at the unfolding scene.

“The waves…”

The whirlwind that raged fiercely from far away and the huge waves couldn’t invade the ship.

The waves, which boasted great majesty until just before the Gwanggaeto the Great, were not disturbed just before the collision, and even the whirlwind that was spinning sharply died down just before the collision.

“Poma is calming the waves through the medium of the priestess on the bow.”


“There are no people who believe in him, so he has no choice but to use a priestess as a medium.”

That, such a deep meaning. I thought it was because I was a fucking racist again… … .


Pak! and a rope that comes loose. The knot was cut because Hari struggled and trembled.


Hari, who had fallen onto the deck, put on a bitter expression as she grabbed her bruised buttocks. And at that very moment–

-Quarreung! Bang!



Mother Nature is terrified of Hari falling off the platform. Even the dullest person could not be unaware that this change was due to Hari’s fall.

-… … .

-… … .

Everyone’s eyes are on Harry. From beyond the dock, from Vice Admiral Choi on the mast, and from Leon looking down calmly right next to him in the rain and wind.

-Are you not going?

A common gaze as if to do one’s duty. Harry was distorted in tears.

“It’s fine if you tie it up again, if you tie it…”

In the end, Hari clings to the athlete again with Leon’s help.

The waves calmed down.

* * * *


The waves crashed over the Arleigh Burke. Thunder strikes and a typhoon hits the ship.

“Keuuu… great being. This will capsize the boat!”

[Neil is a piece of shit!]

After all, it was irrational to go to the gate through a typhoon like this. But I can’t help it.

In order to quickly ‘gate closing’, we had to start at the same time as the Korean raiding party, which will depart the fastest.

“Damn, why do those bastards look fine?”

“Holy shack! Those crazy Koreans. They hanged people!”

U.S. Navy sailors stared in disbelief at the Gwanggaeto the Great, which was cruising without being shaken even in the midst of such storms.

The Jewel of Wisdom shouted.

[Tell the captain right now to go after the tail of that ship!]


[If you don’t want to see your stomach capsize, do as I say!]

As the jewel of wisdom said, Raynald ordered the captain to chase the tail of the Gwanggaeto the Great.

Even though he was the admiral of the US Navy’s Aegis ship, he could not refuse the advice of the magic tower master, and when he actually followed the Gwanggaeto the Great closely, the ship became surprisingly stable.

“Oh my God… what is this…”

[That guy used the power of the god of the sea and waves! That god-blessed boat produces a bountiful catch and does not sink even in storms!]

“That’s right.”

This is a complete devil top compatibility… Reynald thought only that far and swallowed his saliva.

“Thanks to cruising this much in this typhoon, we will arrive soon.”

[Grat. Be mindful! What you have to do is very important!]

The warships that broke through the typhoon arrived at their target coordinates. And they heard the sad news.

[This is Arleigh Burke. This is bad news. It seems that the Murasame-class of the Moat, which sailed from Sasebo, was capsized in a storm and is being rescued.]

The Marine Corps could not penetrate the typhoon and sank. In other words, a third of the power had evaporated even before it started.

[This is Gwanggaeto the Great. carry on the operation This ship will enter the gate from now on. I will have the raiding party board the boat.]

The two ships boarded the hunters on rubber boats. Their goal is one.

A gate towering in the middle of the open sea.

“From now on, enter the gate.”

Black boats rowed toward the gate in unison.

light enveloped them.

* * * *

my arm is sore

Kwaa, kwaa~ and the rushing water made her clothes wet.


Hari licked the water that kept slapping around her mouth… The saltiness of the sea hits the taste bud cells.

“Ueep! Thoo! Twat Twa! Tah!”

Hari wakes up in a hurry. I shake off the sticky sand, open my eyes, and see the red sunset over the horizon.

‘What, half a day has passed?’

Ha-ri grabbed her greasy hair and recalled the memories before passing out.

“Surely, as soon as you enter the gate, a whirlwind…”

It was said that the Korean and American rubber boats that had entered were overturned and swept away. Harry’s complexion brightened.

“Everyone, where is everyone?”

Hari saw the other hunters strewn about on the sandy beach. It’s a face most know.

“Suho! Wake up!”


“Who, sister?”

The cadets and soldiers gradually open their eyes as Hari shakes. But there are many more invisible people.

‘His Majesty Leon? Sir Yapi? Where have the American hunters gone?!’

Among the cadets and soldiers, there was one invisible. When Hari urgently inquired about the people around her… … .

[Calm down. Everyone will be safe.]


Frightened by the voice, I turned around, but all I could see were the fallen cadets.

“Ears, ghosts?”

[It’s here.]

Hari cautiously heads towards the place where the voice is heard. However, there is only one small turtle, and no human form can be seen outside of the raiding party.

[It’s here.]

“A turtle?”

The tortoise that I ignored and passed by is staring at Hari. Harry asked cautiously.

“Are you… Poma-sama?”

[Yes, my priestess. I personally sent an incarnation for your salvation.]

“Incarnation… Che?”

Hari had seen the incarnation of a god. The incarnations of beast gods witnessed at the gate of Jeju Island.

giant iron man. That beast god was indeed a giant that could be called a god, but the god of the sea and waves in front of me was somewhere… … .

“It’s small.”

[Uh-huh, this! If you see the existence of a divinity, you won’t be able to worship it!]

The turtle, which is small enough to be placed on Hari’s shoulder, is furious, so she is at a loss as to whether she should be afraid or not.

“Come to think of it, you said everyone would be safe. Do you know what happened?”

[The moment they entered this place, the power of the waves pushed them to safe land. I couldn’t stop it from scattering, though.]

It was such a huge whirlwind. Hari admired Foma’s power to protect anyone from dying there.

“Damn, you’re great.”

[Rather than that, it is difficult to move with this body. Put it on your shoulder.]

“Oh, yes…”

Hari puts the incarnation of Foma on her shoulder. The minimalist turtle yawned and shoved its head into its shell.


[…] … … … .]

No reaction. Hari didn’t bother waking up Foma, thinking she might be sleepy. and… … .


Strange footsteps heard from the depths of the island. Hari, who witnessed this, exclaimed with a pale complexion.

“Everyone, stand up! Get up quickly! It’s a monster!”

Big get and monsters up to 1.6m. They came in, clattering their huge claws.

“Ugh, when you’re crazy…!”

Hari straightened up and raised her sword. Not all of the shipwrecked people have woken up yet. You need to be a little overworked and take your time.


A spark rose from Hari’s sword. Hari, who has a unique skill called Blessing of Fire, was going to stop the monsters with her maximum firepower, but… … .


Something impure had intervened in the flow of magical energy squeezed from the body. It’s like making your own cola at a hamburger chain, and it feels like white water is mixed in?

– Chow!

Some kind of water pouring into the rising flames. The lights go out.


what is this, why is this At Hari’s perplexed breathing, Foma said with a grimace in her eyes.

[The sea and… … The protection of the waves… The priestess receiving… What do you mean by fire… … .]


What do you mean?

It means that the water attribute is added to the magical power due to receiving the protection of water from the fire attribute magic swordsman! In other words!

“Boo, you can’t use fire?! Oh, no! Give it back! I don’t want to be a bridesmaid!”

[no. I have no intention of returning it… go back.]

Hari’s scream echoed far and wide across the sandy beach.

* * * *

It was the same for the American raiding party that was swept away by the whirlwind that occurred at the same time as entering the gate.

“Whoa…it’s bad luck to have something like this at the entrance.”

[Still, I’m glad I fell off that monster ticket thanks to you.]

While Raynald and the Jewel of Wisdom were relieved, the American Hunters who had managed the raiding party approached.

“Thirty-eight people confirmed, wizard.”

Minuteman, 8th in the ranks of Maverick, the super-large American guild. He is a tall S-class hunter with a height of over 2m, and he was hired directly by Mage Tower Lord Reynald for this job.

“Didn’t you figure out how many people were left?”

“It’s the first time I’ve done something like this. Well, they’re tough enough to give their lives, so they’ll settle down on their own.”

“What about the ‘natives’?”

“There was a commotion, so I’m sure they’ll get closer. Oh, they’re already here.”



As Minuteman said, giant crab-shaped monsters are flocking to the forest. The Maverick Guild members quickly prepared themselves for battle considering they had drifted on an island.

“It’s time to work, guys. Let’s clear it up and start ‘constructing the resort’.”

Reynald didn’t even need to help. Under the direction of Minuteman, the Maverick Guild members slaughtered monsters like a killing machine.

“Then you’re resting after building your camp. I’ll go to the back of the island for a while.”

“Can I do without an escort?”

“it’s okay.”

Raynald left the Maverick Guild members on the beach and headed towards the island.

He is a mighty wizard representing North America. Even without Hunter’s escort, he’s not a weakling to fall out of a gate like this.

In fact, several monsters attacked in the middle, but were killed by Reynald’s magic.

“Wake up.”

Reynald poured evil magic on the monsters. Then, the monsters wriggled and stood up as undead.

“Guide me to the stone statue.”

To Reynald’s horse, the monsters take the lead. And because the island is quite small, I was able to get to the destination quickly.


[The stone statue I was looking for is correct. I need to find a few more of these!]

The stone statue that Raynald found is a large stone statue in the shape of an anomaly.

Relics that feel the traces of time that can be found when excavating ancient civilizations.

An ordinary person would have sensed the traces of civilization here, but Raynald sensed the immense power felt in the stone statue.


The moment Reynald reached out to the stone statue——

“for a moment…!”

A voice restraining him rang through the island breeze.

* * * *

Yapi, swept away by the whirlwind, was barely able to function thanks to the influx of seawater.

The Yapi is an ultra-high-performance multi-legged tank for urban warfare, but it was not decontaminated because it was not premised on activities at sea.

However, thanks to the waterproof performance of important parts and the self-diagnosis program triggered at the same time as the system went down to remove contamination, the system was able to be restored to normal immediately.


What Yacht Spinner witnessed after booting up was a place full of Wenget and monsters.

-Kick! Squeaky look!

– Cluck!

When Yappy opened his eyes, the claws repeatedly moved left and right as if cheering. They held their feet high and were delighted with each and every move of Yapi.


We were unaware of this situation. Yapi realized that he was enshrined in a primal silkworm nest built high up.

Apparently, he was rescued by these crabs.


The crabs cheered when Yappy tilted his head and raised his voice.

– Cluck! Giggles!

-Kicky look!!

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