The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 77

“for a moment…!”

A voice that restrained Reynald. He turned his gaze toward the direction he felt the presence of.

There, the two major S-class Hunters of the Firebird Guild and raid members are lined up.

“Mr. Lee Yong-wan, Ms. Ha Yu-ri. You’re safe.”

Reynald stopped extending his hand toward the stone statue.

“You know what it is, do you touch it?

Raynald clicked his tongue as he saw Lee Yong-wan’s Phoenix Guild, which must have come from the other side.

‘I never thought it would come this soon. You’re quick to judge.’

[Even if it’s not him, it’s okay. But where is that bastard?]

Leon’s vigilance in the Jewel of Wisdom was almost at the level of obsessive compulsive disorder.

Meanwhile, Leonard calmly talked about the statue.

“The two Korean hunters must have also had a quest? Didn’t they tell you to wake up this statue?”

[Explore the island and destroy the ‘Great Rakshaar Stone Statue’. 0/3]

-Destroyed Rakshaar Statue: 0

Quest received after entering this gate. Of course, I checked right away.


However, Lee Yong-wan recently had doubts about the ‘quest’ given by the gate and system.

The Jeju Island gate that happened the other day. The purpose of the quest at the red gate was clearly ‘stop the slaughter and defeat the majestic Geobrick’.

However, when I turned it over, Geobrick was not the target to defeat.

‘This information… I haven’t shared much yet… … .’

The quest given by the gate has a ulterior motive. At least, it’s not something that should be taken for granted.

“Let’s put that aside. It’s not clear if this is a stone statue of Rakshaar.”

“……What does that mean?”

Raynald’s gaze narrowed. Lee Yong-wan, who met the gaze of the so-called great wizard, was reluctant, but it was not comparable to Leon or Geobrick.

“If this isn’t a stone statue from a quest, if you destroy it, there might be a trap. First, shouldn’t we be clear about what ‘Rakshar’ is?”


Reynald remained silent, speechless.

‘It’s not without reason.’

[Go away for a moment. It will be difficult for you alone to deal with all of these guys.]

After making an agreement with the Jewel of Wisdom, Raynald shows a business smile.

“Then join us at the beach. There are Maverick Guild members there.”

For the time being, I thought it was a castle to look for opportunities.

* * * *

“Whoa…! I finally finished everything!”

“Sister, you worked hard.”

Hari and the Manshinden cadets repulsed the get and monsters that were attacking them and gathered on the beach.

“Suho. Is anyone hurt?”

“It’s okay, sister.”

Hari patted the academy juniors who were keeping themselves in shape, then approached Kim Do-han and the soldiers. There, Koo Dae-seong was also taking care of himself with them.

“Hunter Park Dae-sik! Hunter Goo Dae-seong! Are there any injured?”

“It’s okay, Mr. Han.”

Park Dae-shik, a first-generation Man at Arms student, waved his hand with a friendly smile. On the other hand, Goo Dae-seong is making a serious expression.

“Gu Daesung Hunter?”

“……It was cut off.”

“Yes? What is it?”

“Your Majesty’s aura has been cut off.”


All sorts of passive buffs, such as the aura of a lion’s heart and the protection of War Knight, were given to Leon’s subordinates.

Those buffs increase power by at least 1 level and at most 2 levels.

To the extent that Hunters, who were only D-class, could compete against the Orcs to some extent.

“It’s a big deal. I’ve benefited from His Majesty’s buffs quite a lot…”

The guild members naturally saw the blurry islands in the distance.

“Could His Majesty be in one of them?”

“The distance doesn’t seem too far…

At those words, Goo Dae-seong shook his head.

“I’ve been experimenting with your majesty before. I wonder how far your majesty’s aura can reach.”

Buffs were commonly applied to corps members at a distance. However, there was clearly a limit to that distance.

“The demon hate buff, which was the widest range, was up to 30km. But none of us are currently under that buff.”

“What, is that so?”

“There is a chance that Your Majesty… is not on any of those islands.”

Are you not on that island? There are no more islands around here. Then where the hell is he?

“I hope His Majesty…”

Words spoken carefully. But everyone waved their hands and shook their heads.

“Your Majesty can’t…”

Was Leon the kind of person who would suffer a change somewhere like this? In an atmosphere of natural denial, Hariman put on a serious expression.

[Han Hari, the connection with Lion Heart King has been lost.]


Harry closed his mouth and didn’t react. It is because they are afraid that their anxiety will be contagious to others.

“First of all… let’s all get together and talk.

The cadets and trainees gathered together like that. They called each other by name and counted the number of people.

“I can’t see Kim Do-han.”

“I can’t see Jaehyuk.”

There were deserters from both cadets and soldiers. and… … .

-Hello, Koreans. It’s Michael.

-Ooh~ The girl hanging from the player statue. Why did you do such a crazy thing?

The hunters of the American Maverick Guild dispatched to the combined attack team. Their number is roughly ten.

“Oh, that’s right. They’re Americans.”

Hari distinguished them not by the language they spoke, but by their appearance.

After the Cataclysm, Awakeners and system windows appeared. And that overturned the language barrier between the Awoken as well.

Similarly, survivors also communicated with Earthlings when they crossed the world.

That’s why communication with the Maverick Guild members was not that difficult.

“Hello, my name is Mistral, the call sign of the Maverick Guild. What’s the name of that pretty lady over there?”

“Uh, um… It’s Han Hari. Mist… That Mistral?!”

Hari’s eyes widened when she heard the call sign of the man in front of her. This is because he was famous as the 6th-ranked S-class hunter in the Maverick Guild.

“Really Mistral? That Allen Taylor!?”

“If you call me by your real name, wouldn’t it be meaningless to ask for a call sign?”

“Hup! I’m sorry.”

Hari bowed her head. And the cadets longing for the appearance of a world-famous S-class hunter.

“I didn’t know you were on the raid.”

“Didn’t there be information sharing? Well, we started in a hurry without time for a proper briefing. But isn’t there a guild master there?”

“Our Majesty is absent…”

“Well, nothing special. There may be a few people who were swept away by the waves.”

“That’s probably not it.”


Allen made a puzzled expression at Hari’s assertion.

“I heard that the god of the sea protected them. No one died from the waves.”

As if confident, the tortoise poked out on Hari’s shoulder.

“And… if Your Majesty wanted to find us, he would have found it long ago.”

“That’s right, sister. Because Your Majesty has Pegasus.”

“Then, were we left to take care of things roughly? He’s the one who raises the original body to be strong, but…”


Allen gave his guild leader a strange expression as he listened to the conversation between Hari and the Pantheon guild members.

god of the sea? A legendary winged beast? It’s such an absurd word for a joke.

“Anyway, what we have to do on this island is simple.”

Allen’s gaze went up into the air. A system window that all hunters have.

As soon as they entered the gate, this system window, which informed the purpose of the gate, told them what quests they had to perform.

[Explore the island and destroy the ‘Great Rakshaar Stone Statue’. 0/3]

-Destroyed Rakshaar Statue: 0

In short, destroying the three statues would close the dungeon.

However, Hari and the Manshinden cadets, who had already gone through all the battles before birth, had different thoughts.

“I’ll start by exploring the island. I’ll search for the statue, but I’ll put off destroying it.”

“Yeah, I don’t think it’s a very good idea to just destroy it. Let’s make sure we know the gate.”

“I agree.”


Allen tilted his head at the reaction of the Pantheon Guild.

Hunters only have to keep the closing conditions of the dungeon gate. If you get all the resources you can get from it, you just close it.

However, the response of the Pantheon Guild was different from that of an ordinary guild.

“Well… It’s just a matter of looking for a stone statue and a double job, though.”

But just then–

[The first wave begins.]



A system window announcing a warning. There is no need to ask what that means.

“Kraken? It’s a sea monster!”

A giant monster that reached the sandy beach by riding the waves. And after that, numerous monsters appeared together.

“A class A field boss from the start. It’s tough.”

The Pantheon and the Maverick Guild. They raised their weapons against the advancing hordes of krakens brandishing huge tentacles.

* * * *

In the abyss of the endless sea. The deep sea where even the sunlight can’t reach. On the floor there is a luminous body that emits brilliant light.

It pushes away even the enormous pressure of the deep sea, forming space and creating air.

A safe zone for land creatures created in the middle of the sea. The existence that caused an impossible miracle opened its eyes.

“You’re in trouble.”

Leon opened his eyes and stared at the deep sea fish flocking from all directions.

A fish like a lanternfish that came in search of prey attracted by the intense light shows interest, while a giant snake-like deep-sea fish with a diameter of up to 100m is showing hundreds of teeth.

Originally, in the wild world, if predators and prey are not looking at one place so peacefully, all these deep-sea fish are only looking at themselves.

And that’s not all. This deep sea was not simply the bottom of the sea.

The frames of the building, which were built while maintaining their shape even under the enormous pressure of the deep sea. Traces of civilization… … This place was evidence of a destroyed world.


When the boat capsized, Foma’s power was temporarily cut off.

Precisely, it should be said that the power decreased in the sea, not in one’s domain.

Who is going to cut off the power of the gods, even temporarily, and take themselves out and plunge them into the deep abyss?

Those who can do such things are those with the same divinity, or extreme demons with completely different properties.

“Reveal yourself, evil thing.”


The sea moves with Leon’s actions. No, it seemed that way.

The bottom of the abyss cracks and a huge presence emerges from within. The whole sea resonates just by moving, and a light action like stretching breaks and splits the area… Destroy.

Even anglers with ferocious teeth, deep seas boasting a length of hundreds of meters, and even whales that seem to be the biggest in the world feel instinctive fear at their movements and cannot move.

Since the ground Leon was standing on was the palm of his hand, how could such a gigantic being be called a creature?

[Lion Heart… A fierce dog of the gods with a lion heart. descendant of the dragon slayer. The one who killed the most demons.]

A muffled voice spreads through the water. What was revealed was only one of hundreds of tentacles. But even that tentacle was bigger than the largest creature in the sea.

[An article among articles. king of kings. The once glorious guardian of the kingdom has lost his army and has appeared before me with his strength diminished.]

“Did you know Jim?”

[Among the demons, who doesn’t know the Lion Heart King? You are a hero with a reputation among us.]

Tentacles slowly approaching. It’s too big. Being big is huge violence in itself. Existence in front of your eyes is the most unreasonable violence in this world.

[Many heroes have visited this place, but none of them have been able to defeat the evil. Are you different?]

Each of the tentacles looked straight at Leon as if they had eyes.

“Did a filthy evil talk about the incomprehensible to me? Did you guys really not know that there is a sky above the sky?”

A huge tentacle that looked like it would crush Leon at any moment grabbed the whale and squeezed it.

Padduk! The whale, which vomits up its intestines, dies miserably and falls to the floor. The shock was heavy enough to reach Leon.

[Lionheart. Dragonia. Yes, your very existence is the devil’s shame!]

Tentacles hit the floor. It was a shock that was incomparable to that of when the whale’s corpse fell, shaking the earth’s axis and sending huge waves all over the place.

[However, I am grateful to you. Lionheart.]


[Thanks to you defeating Malus, I got a chance too.]


Malus, the demon lord of chaos. Are you referring to those who are related to that evil species?

[I’ve been idle here for the past five hundred years. But that too is over now. The time has come to end this long sleep.]

Dozens of tentacles stretch out in all directions, revealing grandeur. Huge deep-sea fish that couldn’t even think of escaping were caught, torn and swallowed by its tentacles.

From the place where the giant tentacles brought the big fish they had hunted, a pulsating voice headed for Leon.

[It’s been boring since I’ve only eaten fish for five hundred years. I wonder what a knight of the gods would taste like.]

Great Devil… no, more than that.

Leon stumbled upon the monster staring down at him.

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