The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 78 Poma, God of the Sea

A large tentacle swings. It was an octopus foot.

– Kaak!

“I’ll stop you!”

A shield that blocks it. Goo Dae-sung’s shield blocked the swinging octopus foot, and in the end, it bounced off without being able to hold on.


Goo Dae-sung rolls his seat.

‘There are no buffs… I’m much weaker than before!’

It seems that the arm bone is crushed. Without the Holy Grail’s recovery function, continuing the battle would be difficult.

‘I just blocked the blow… … .’

In the meantime, Hari dug into the cracks of the monsters that had landed.


Harry jumps in. Hari’s sword flashed in the gap he skillfully dug into.

– Kwaaak!

The sword he swung aiming at the head ended up amputating the leg he was trying to hit Hari with. Hari soothed her regret by avoiding the falling leg after landing.

‘Even if I could only use skills!’

As Hari stepped back, she shouted at Foma, who was peeking out from above her shoulder.

“Poma-sama! I’m a priestess by name, but don’t you have some kind of super tsunami skill? Or something like water breathing!”

[Have you read too many novels?]

“Profit! They are like the most novel!”

“Sister, avoid!”

It was then. When the back of his head froze and he turned around, the merman that came with the kraken was throwing a sharp trident.


Dangerous. I didn’t notice it because I was focusing only on the Kraken. The moment he urgently tried to block the rushing trident with his arm, something shot like a flash of light penetrated Merman.

“Be careful, Pretty Girl.”

It was Allen. He and the Maverick Guild members swept away the landed monsters and came to help capture the Kraken.

“Are you flirting with women, boss?”

“A man should do it everywhere.”

“Well, it’s because Asian kids look so young.”

Even against an A-class field boss, the Maverick Guild members were relaxed. Usually, the larger the boss level monster, the more bloody and difficult the opponent is… … .

“It’s just mediocre for an A-class, isn’t it?”

“The 1st wave. Manage deals properly. Don’t lose your strength for nothing.”

It was an instant. The huge field boss was helpless in front of Allen and the Maverick Guild members.

“…it’s strong.”

“Yes. It’s like the best hunter guild in America.”

Manshinjeon had more than 30 guild members, but Maverick produced overwhelming results with only 10 members.

If it’s natural, it’s natural. Each one of them was an A-class hunter and the leader was Allen Taylor, an S-class hunter who was one of the best hunters in the country.

“Let’s clean up the remaining ones too! Not long left!”

In fact, the battle ended easily. Power was power, so the battle itself was easy.

[The 1st wave has ended.]

“Whoa~ The wave is over.”

The battle ended in a line that didn’t overdo it. Even though it was difficult because of the field boss, the strength of this side was overwhelming.

[Well, that’s not bad.]

Even in the middle of the battle, Poma doesn’t get out of Hari’s shoulders. Hari hated Poma.

“I could have fought much better if it wasn’t for Poma-sama’s holy power?!”

[Hehe, my priestess. Yes, how can you attribute your shortcomings to God?]

“Ugh… I was originally a fire attribute swordsman, right?”

It was disappointing for Hari to not be able to use her blessing of fire because of Foma’s holy power.

It was because of this that she, who was a promising A-rank, couldn’t use her strength in the wave.

A hunter’s unique skill is the hunter’s characteristic and innate talent itself.

Hari has the ability to handle fire, which is a strong advantage over other hunters.

“In the first place, if it’s water ability, something freezes! Ice spears! Isn’t it something like this? Why does water mix with it and put out the fire?”

[I should have been called the god of the sea and waves. Why don’t you look for an ice god?]

“anybody home?”

[There is a goddess of winter, but there is no such thing as a god of ice. Isn’t there no dignity to be an ice god?]

“Geep… uh, that’s right.”

Hari was anxious about not being able to use her powers right away. Since the power that was said to be a blessing since childhood has been neutralized, of course I have no choice but to be anxious.

[Ah. Don’t cling to a handful of power. Infiniteness exists in front of you, how can you not realize it?]


Hari couldn’t understand Poma’s words. To be honest, I wanted to ask if you could just let me know.

However, I also felt that Foma, who spills words in metaphors and metaphors, is somehow like a wise man. why are you there A hermit master who teaches the main character in a movie or something.

In fact, even if it seems silly, wouldn’t there be some hidden truth and reason?

Such expectations were quickly shattered.

* * * *

Search for statues and defend against repeated waves. Allen of the Maverick Guild decided to defend against both.

First, build a team to search for stone statues by breaking through the crab monsters on the island,

Second, prepare for a long-term battle by building barricades and camp facilities on the coast.

The crab monsters didn’t come out to the beach for a while, so they thought that holding out on the beach was the only way to deal with one side of the enemy.

This work progressed quickly. The essential teaching at the academy is teaching how to build a position at the gate where you don’t know what will happen and survival common sense.

The Maverick Guild members who had gone through all the battles and the Mansin War Guild members who had received enough education quickly built their camps and had time to rest.


– Ugh, don’t throw it! Throw it——Whoops!

-Don’t go too deep into the sea!

Even if they don’t have swimsuits or other facilities, children of this age can play somehow as long as they have water.

“Whoa~ Would you like some water, Poma-nim?”

Hari sits on the sandy beach after drying her wet outerwear. I took out a water bottle from my emergency backpack and poured the water into the turtle’s snout.

[Ah, the water tastes good.]

Poma spread her belly while wearing turtle-themed sunglasses. In the gaze of the turtle, the academy cadets were playing vigorously.

[Whoa~ It’s always good to see the young girls’ flesh and playful appearance.]


Hari is distorted by the frivolous Poma’s opinion.

[My bride. Do you not intend to play in it?]

“I don’t like playing in the water. The sun is stinging, and my skin is uncomfortable.”

[Hehe, all young women are unique in their freshness. Enjoy your youth, maiden. How are you squatting like a man in the corner of a room with that sturdy piece of flesh left?]

“Poma… sounds like the epitome of a bad boss.”

Honestly, if it wasn’t for God, I would have said one word.

[What~ Originally, young men and women are like flowers that have just bloomed. In that respect, I agreed with the war guy.]

‘… … Instead of being twisted.’

Hari thought of Leon, who was the epitome of the worst in his opinion, and wondered if he might have been influenced by the gods.

“Ah. Then, Mr. Poma.”


“What was the reason for hanging me on the bow? Thanks to that, I was able to navigate safely without being overturned by the waves.”

It was a pure question.

[You mean that? It is a kind of sacrificial ceremony.]

“A sacrifice… a ritual?”

[In the old days. There were guys who were overly loyal even if we didn’t ask them to. Typically, human sacrifice.]

It is said that Foma issued a direct order after seeing humans drowning virgins towards him in the seas around the world on the day of Heguheon.

[What’s the use of throwing it into the sea? At first, I took her to my palace and made her a bride, but that became too much.]

So we agreed to hang a virgin on the athlete statue.

Hari wondered whether to call this an agreement.

“Can’t you just tell me not to do it?”

[I can’t do that. An offering to the bondi god is itself a lump of faithful faith. They pay the price they deserve for respecting and fearing God. Miracles given without cost only lead to indolence and negligence.]

“I think I understand… why don’t you just accept it as a tribute…”

[Isn’t a virgin’s flesh always nice to look at?]

“……Rice, pervert.”


“Oh, nothing!”

Foma poked his head out of his sunglasses.

[If you are my priestess, remember my rule first. Now you have to teach and pass on.]

What lessons will Foma give? Hari recalled the code of Demera, the goddess of life and fertility, from earlier.

Originally, the words of the gods transcend cultures and do not all say good things. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with learning it.

Code of the Sea and Waves

1) Release the first fish you catch into the sea.

2) Cast the net only on the right side.

3) Don’t throw garbage into the sea.

4) Don’t copulate on the boat. especially among men.

… … … …

… … … …

12) On the first voyage, whoever catches the biggest fish on the first day will have good luck until they reach the land.

13) First voyage, whoever catches the smallest fish on the first day may be ridiculed. Even if he is the captain.

… … … …

… … … …

17) Do not carry women on boats. misfortune will come

18) Bare skinned virgins are fine. The more exposed the skin, the better.

[You heard me right? From now on, do not carry women on the boat, or find a virgin and hang it on the bow statue. Then I will bless that ship of mine.]


Hari was silent for a long time, looking down at Poma with a rude gaze. Forcibly swallowing many words I wanted to say.

‘A complete pervert… … .’

Poma just yawned, saying Huaam, and enjoying the warm sunlight and hot sand bath. Harry’s gaze was lightly overlooked.

* * * *

[The 3rd wave has ended.]


– Giggling!

At the end of the third wave, the kikkiruk tribe cheered and exclaimed. They dedicated this honor to Yapi.

It’s been 36 hours since I drifted.

On the island where he was adrift, Yapi stopped the waves that flocked to the island with the Kiruk tribe.

As Yapi understands, the wave continues to attack periodically. And those wave monsters seem to be blocked by Get and the natives.

Wave update time is every 12 hours. No small number of the Kikkiruk also perished during these regular invasions.

-Identification of the population of the Kkikkiruk family. Reproductive and growth rates abnormal.

Nevertheless, the reason why they were able to block the wave was their innate mass fertility and abnormal growth rate.

All organisms have time to secure nutrients and form skeletons necessary for growth.

However, the Kikkiruk tribe grows and reproduces at an abnormal speed somewhere.

“Yapie bro. Yapi bro!”

It was then. It is none other than Kim Jae-hyeok, a cadet of the Manshinjeon pilgrim knight, who broke into the crowd and ran to Yapi.

He drifted off and was found on the beach and rescued on Yapi’s instructions.

-What. Jaehyeok Kim Organism.

“Not a single Rakshaar statue has been destroyed yet.”

Yapi is a survivor. Survivors have the advantage of not being limited in language, but unlike the Awoken, they couldn’t see the system window.

Kim Jae-hyeok was responsible for conveying the system’s information, and Yapi inferred a lot from that alone.

-Kikkiru people. During a long war with hostile forces. The force that sends the wave monster is assumed to be the main body.

“That’s right. To put it plainly, it’s a strange situation. What’s the purpose? After all, a stone statue?”

-That’s reasonable.

Destroy the quest ‘Great Rakshaar Statue’ sent by the system.

Ordinary hunters would have tried to destroy the stone statue as guided by the quest, but it was a little different for the members of the Pantheon Shrine guild.

The quest to defeat the Yakt Spinner at Cheongju Gate.

A quest that can be closed without having to side with the Orcs at the Oak Gate.

Quests to defeat Geobrick at Jeju Island Gate, etc.

The quest given by the system is not necessarily to realize ‘goodness’ or ‘justice’. Rather, it feels like they are guiding the hunters in the direction they want.

That’s why anyone belonging to the pantheon was suspicious of the quest itself. Rather than taking the easy path, he began to consider the number of cases.

-Rakshaar’s stone statue. Abnormal magic concentration phenomenon. It is possible that it affected the abnormal growth of the Kikkiruk tribe.

“If I interpret it differently, should I say that I have to protect the statue of Rakshaar?”

-It is.

What if all the statues were destroyed? Yapi and Jaehyuk rather thought of the worst case there.

“If we continue to defend the wave like this, will something happen?”

– No.

“Yeah? Didn’t Yapi wipe everything out?”

-Difficulty is rising rapidly with each wave step increase. Strategic defeat is highly likely from the 5th wave with the current strategy.

Yapi is a Holy Grail Knight. Of course, it’s not perfect power, but at least it’s a strong man who is ranked third in combat power in the pantheon guild.

His power is equivalent to that of an S-class, but he can’t guarantee victory?

“Other guys have better circumstances than us, but…”

Of course, there are advantages to this as well. In other words, the Kikiru people move as Yapi commands.

The Kikkiruk tribe, who saw the steel body of Yaphi, saw Yapi as something like a savior who came to save them.

– Giggling! (hurray!)

-Kick! Giggles! (Praise the Savior!)

The Kikiru are completely under Yapi’s command. And they were those who formed a more sophisticated tribal society than I thought.

– Power reinforcement is required. At least, you should have a primitive cold weapon.

“It’s a cold weapon… That’s right, yapi. I found something interesting.”


Guided by Jaehyeok and escorted by the Kikiru tribe, they arrived at the inner side of the island. It was also hidden inside the waterfall.

After passing through this place, which can easily be mistaken for the inside of a cave, Yapi witnessed an amazing sight.

It was a trace of urban civilization.

Pillars that form the frame of the street and buildings. Although it has been crumbled by the wind and waves of the years, such as public sanitation facilities and iron statues that symbolize authority.

-Looking at the width of the road, the outline of the building, and the direction of the formed culture, it is in line with the physical characteristics of the Kikiru people.

“That’s right. It was a more advanced civilization than I thought…”

Why do the Kikiru people of today form a primitive society?

-Kikiru’s intellectual abilities are not lacking significantly compared to humans. They have superior intelligence and social empathy than dolphins. It has all the conditions necessary for the formation of civilization.

If so, there must be a reason why they have fallen like this and are not even able to utilize the legacy of their ancestors.

Yapi looked at the old forge and called the Kikiru tribe to ask.

-Kick! Cheeky look! (Is there a place where something similar to this mineral is gathered?)

To this, the Kikiru people responded.

– Cluck!

The answer didn’t even need to be interpreted. Yapi immediately gave instructions.

“Yapi bro? I don’t understand what you’re talking about, can’t you translate it?”

I couldn’t understand the chatter and chatter from earlier.

– Simplicity.

“Ohhh, brother. What a mysterious number?”

Yapi confidently rolled the camera eye and declared.

– Raise the civilization level of this world.

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