The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 79: Development at Mach Speed

The fourth wave already. Two days have passed since I drifted to the gate.

In the meantime, Hari focused on awakening her strength on the beach while facing the wave.

Normally, she would have helped harder than anyone else, whether it was searching for statues or whatever, but there was a desperate reason.

“Eight! Eight!”

They play splashing with their bare feet and grab a handful of sea water.

However, the splashing device quickly fades away, and the seawater that he grasps tends to scatter right in his hands.

Foma nodded at Hari’s meaningless struggle.

[If you want to play in the water, take off your clothes at least. It looks good.]

“Profit…! People are struggling to wake up somehow, so don’t sexually harass them!”

[I don’t know where your actions are now, trying to awaken the power of the sea and waves.]

At Foma’s question, Hari pouted as she sat down on the wet sandy floor.

“Ariana, the goddess of light and justice, learned that by repeating acts of justice or by increasing one’s honor, one gets closer to her.”

[It’s a guy’s teaching. It’s boring, but.]

“Demera, the goddess of life and fertility, gave thanks to the land while cultivating, and Petos, the god of war and fire, the flame of victory and fighting spirit? I think it was something like that.”

The gods inform the proper teachings and how to carry out the teachings in each realm they preside over.

Surprisingly, the advanced gods put the difficulty aside and the teaching was simple.

“Poman-nim is the god of the sea and waves? I thought it might have something to do with the sea.”

[Even so, it seems unlikely that it has anything to do with water sports.]

“Ik…! Then can you tell me something? Shall I go out to sea and catch some fish?”

[To be precise, it is to catch a fish and offer it to me. But there is no boat, no net, no fishing rod, so what are you going to catch fish with?]


Hari wondered why this illuminating turtle god wouldn’t give her powers.

“His Majesty Leon… I heard that we have to save him… Shouldn’t we be in a hurry, even for a minute or a second?”

[It is true. The guy is stuck in the sea, not on land. The fact that he has not been able to come out on his own must have put him in a rather embarrassing position.]

“Then, shouldn’t Foma-sama wake me up and find His Majesty?”

[That’s right.]

Then why? Hari was even less aware of this god of the sea and the waves.

[Han Hari, my bride. It is easy for you to practice the tenets of the sea and the waves and build your faith.]

[Every day, as a fisherman, cast a net, harvest fish, give thanks to Me, and pray toward the source of life.]

[The sea is the source of infinite life. You can build your faith just by being grateful for it.]

When Hari was contemplating whether she should at least make some corn, Poma said with a benevolent expression.

[However, Hariya. she’s a young lady How can you mistake the path of a believer and a priest to be the same? Are you arrogant that the enlightenment of a soldier and a knight are the same?]

Realize and put into practice. It is the only way for you to realize the way of faith.


Harry had a complicated mind. I just need to tell you. Why is it so long?

It would be the same for anyone in this era to want results that are given without process, like skills or systems.

“Huh… I’ll try harder.”

but can it be Hari was just trying to awaken the power that had been given to her, as Foma had told her to do.

“Sister! Sister!”

And then, I see Suho running furiously toward the beach.

“what’s the matter?”

“I found it! The Maverick Guild found the statue!”

Nine hours until the next wave. Hari immediately followed Suho.

* * * *

The back of the island is full of crab monsters, so just advancing is a big deal.

However, the island where Reynald was located was quite small, so the distance to the statue was not too far.

Reynald received only one mission from the Jewel of Wisdom. Destroy all these statues.

Normally, I should have destroyed this stone statue on the first day and proceeded to the next island… … .

‘You’re still guarding it. There are more mistakes than expected.’

[Why do those bastards do things they weren’t told to do?]

The Firebird Guild thoroughly investigated the stone statue and its surroundings. As if doubting the quest itself to destroy the stone statue.

It was beyond the Jewel of Wisdom and Raynald’s expectations.

This is because hunters who usually receive a quest only try to follow the quest, and do not try to uncover the true intention or truth of the quest.

Unlike hunters who only pursue sweet fruits and rewards obtained while clearing quests, Lee Yong-wan and the Phoenix Guild’s movements were clearly different.

‘Should I secretly destroy it in the middle of the night?’

[There is no need to be suspicious. And there is a cause on this side.]

Raynald immediately knew the justification the Jewel of Wisdom was talking about.

“Hey, Korean guys. Shouldn’t we destroy the statue soon? I think we’ve waited a long time for that.”

Maverick Guild members. They considered the judgment of the Firebird Guild to be reasonable.

Even if it wasn’t to the conclusion that the stone statue shouldn’t be destroyed, first of all, it was a stone statue, so it was really a ‘Rakshar’s stone statue’ as per the quest, and whether there was something else around.

“When I was attacking the gate in Mexico City, I fell into a trap because of the wrong attack.”

“It’s not a bad choice to faithfully investigate the surroundings rather than destroying them recklessly.”

Yes, three days. After examining the island pretty well, blocking the waves, they came to a conclusion.

“I couldn’t find anything on the island other than those crab monsters and traces of civilization.”

“There’s only one stone statue. According to the quest, one for each island. I think this is the right ‘Rakshahr Stone Statue’ to be destroyed.”

“Is there any reason to wait any longer?”

The Maverick Guild drew a reasonable conclusion based on its investigation.

Neither Lee Yong-wan nor Ha Yu-ri had anything to refute.


“I don’t think there’s any other way.”

The Maverick Guild’s conclusion is reasonable. There seemed to be no other way than to destroy the statue.

Lee Yong-wan could not provide any evidence to prove his reluctance.

“Then… let’s destroy the statue.”

Almost simultaneously with the agreement, Minuteman, an S-class hunter from the Maverick Guild, pounded the stone statue with his fist.

“Is this pretty solid?”

But that was it. When the S-class hunter expressed his sincerity, the stone statue was destroyed shortly after, and at that moment, the quest window was updated.

[‘The Great Rakshaar’s Stone Statue’ has been destroyed.]

1/3 destroyed stone statue

“As expected, destroying this stone statue was the correct answer.”

When the quest was renewed, the Maverick Guild looked like it had accomplished just one thing. However, Lee Yong-wan and Ha Yu-ri still couldn’t let go of their feelings.

“I wonder if this is right.”

“I can’t help it. I can’t see any other way.”


-Kick! Squeak!

It was then. The moment the statue was destroyed, crab monsters rushed from all sides, biting into bubbles.

As if angered by the destruction of the statue.

“Suddenly going mad.”

“Do it!”

However, the crab monsters were no match for them. Basically, the quantity is huge, but only three S-class hunters.

The hunters calmly slaughtered the crab monsters and the battle continued for a long time.

“Whoa… Shit, the number is so damn high.”

“I found the nest and destroyed it, so it won’t come anymore.”

“Yongwan-ah. It’s wave time.”

“Already? It took longer than I thought.”

It is time for the sixth wave to come. However, even though it was 12 noon, the wave warning did not come to the island.

“Isn’t there a wave?”

“As expected, destroying the statue was the correct answer.”

When the statue was destroyed, the wave also stopped. It was natural for them to be confident that their actions were correct.

“Then let’s attack the rest of the islands!”

The Phoenix and Maverick guilds split into two sides and agreed to attack the island.

Four days after drifting. This is thanks to the recovery of the rubber boat that was washed up.

“Then let’s say that the one who destroyed it first will come to support us.”

Lee Yong-wan broke up with the Maverick Guild and headed for the island, and was able to reach the second island soon after surrendering to the calm storm.

“Everyone, drop off supplies and start building camps! We have to respond immediately to the monster wave!”

As soon as the Phoenix Guild landed, they quickly built their camps and began installing obstacles to deal with the wave.

By the time it had progressed to some extent, the hunters who had scouted the surroundings returned.

“Guild leader! There is something you need to see!”

A guild member urgently looking for Lee Yong-wan.

“Is there a problem?”

“Hey, there are battle marks!”

“Well, if the hunters were swept away here too, it would be natural—”

“It’s not that level of a trace! You have to see it to know!”


Lee Yong-wan felt puzzled by the guild member’s pale expression and followed him. Another sandy beach a little far from the sandy beach where they landed.

“This, this…!”

Seeing this, Lee Yong-wan’s eyes widened.

It was a sign of war.

To be precise, it was a war between the landing force conducting the amphibious war and the defending force taking it down.

If that was all, it would have been regarded as a trace of the hunters fighting the wave monsters. But this wasn’t it.


The scars of the monsters were not traces of being cut by cold weapons such as knives or spears.

It was as if there were only horrendous corpses annihilated unilaterally by powerful firepower. The torn pieces of meat are scattered in rags.

If we moved the horrific scene of a war documentary, would it roughly look like this?

“We must hurry back. This island is different. We must prepare!”


It was then. A multitude of gazes that give chills. Lee Yong-wan hurriedly aimed his bow at the island.

– Cluck!

– Giggling!

Crab monsters I saw on the island. The inexhaustible gaze is directed toward Lee Yong-wan.

If that were all, it would not be a big worry for Lee Yong-wan, an S-rank hunter. These crab monsters were numerous, but not very strong monsters. But–

Armor that fits snugly along the thick shoulder blades. There is a line connected to it that looks like something electrical.

Even more surprising was that it wasn’t the only thing. The big, long something all the crab monsters carried on their carapaces was like… It looked like a ‘foxin’.

“Cannon, cannon?”

“Armed with firearms! Eh, why only on this island?!”

No, let’s calm down. Even the islands they attacked were primitive monsters wielding thick claws.

But does it make sense to use cannons only here? Isn’t there such a difference between civilization gaps? Obviously that’s a decoration–

– Boom!

A gun barrel that spews fire after burying my body in the sand. The cannon ball fired past Lee Yong-wan and fell into the sea.

– Quaang!

A shell that causes an explosion and water fountain. Lee Yong-wan was hit by a fountain of water rising as his teeth clashed.

“It’s true…”

Hundreds of guns like that. The numbers are too different to rush into a battle.

Some crab monsters approached Lee Yong-wan, who hesitated, carrying something on their shoulders. It is like a large kiln.

– Cluck!

-Kicky look!


Crab monsters prostrate themselves as if to worship. Above it is a primitive tribal chief embroidered with floral and wooden ornaments. that… … A really unexpected person… No, it was a machine.

“Hey, Yacht Spinner?!”

Yakt Spinner. It is unmistakably the killing machine of Cheongju Gate, approaching on a palanquin while being worshiped by crab monsters. It was the Yakt Spinner, the Holy Grail Knight of the Pantheon.

“Worship, towards Yapi-hyung, who is the breadwinner of our Kikkiruk tribe!”

After that, the person who followed and shouted like a crippled man begging for a hand was undoubtedly Kim Jae-hyeok, a knight of the Mansinjeon Guild.

– Surrender, organism. There is no chance of winning for you.

“”… … … … .””

Seeing the two, Lee Yong-wan put down his weapon with a bewildered face.

Firebird Guild.

suppression complete.

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