The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 8 Chivalry (1)

Manager Jinsu Kim, the party leader and tank of the raid, swallowed his saliva at the swarming army of bones.

“There are too many.”

“And, Chief, do you distribute potions?”

“……Distributed to the maximum limit.”

Unlike private hunter guilds that generously invest in gate raids, the association raid team had limited resources and budget.

Short-term reinforcement potions, which the Hunter Guild would generously invest in, or recovery potions, which are lifelines in times of crisis, were not supplied to their full extent.

After all, the Hunter Association is also an institution belonging to the government, and since it is a national institution, it is inevitable that it will be difficult to spend more than the set budget.

“But it’s fortunate. The opponent is a bone.”

“Still, don’t be vigilant. Even blind knives will hook you.”

Skeletons are the easiest to deal with among the Undead.

Bondi strength comes from muscles. The proportion of hunters who have awakened their magical powers has declined, but as long as they are living creatures, the basics do not change.

A skeleton is a bunch of bony bones without a single muscle. Those things move with the power of thought or magical power.

The basic power is also different, so be careful of the Skeleton Archer who shoots blind arrows or the Skeleton Mages that are occasionally seen.

Manager Kim shouted to his subordinates.

“Deputy Sa, Employee Park, two tanks back!

They were the youngest and most talented friends in the party. Kim Jin-soo put them in reserve and looked for a Skeleton Mage first.

“Have you eaten! How many archers and mages are there?”

“All I can see right now are thirty archers and two mages!”

“Those with sniper skills take precedence, and those with shields will block them from coming in! Believe me, bastards!”

As soon as the words were finished, the skeleton army rushed. As the masses of the bones collided, Manager Kim felt that the shield was heavy.

‘It’s heavier than I thought? Are you saying that the vermilion gate is different?’

But it’s not to the extent that I, a B-class tanker, can’t stand it. With one hand, he blocked the skeleton warrior in front, and with the other, he smashed his skull with a warhammer.

– Whiik!

It was then. Arrows flying between the skeleton’s ribs. It’s a shame because the shield was a bit long, but I almost got shot in the knee.

‘What the fuck? Skeleton archers can also snip?’

Manager Kim was taken aback for a moment, but he shouted while tearing apart the new skeleton.

“Archers, wizards, don’t you hurry up and kill those bastards? Skeleton archers are most afraid of blind arrows!”


As a counterattack, the association hunters sniped at the skeleton archers one after another. As the skeleton archers who had been pierced through the skull collapsed one after another, they smiled in repentance.

– Goooooong!

It was then. A magic circle was drawn towards the front. The Skeleton Mages used magic.

‘Damn it, there’s not a single wizard over here, but even the skull bones over there have wizards!’

The ransom of Mage Tower wizards should usually be high. Manager Kim shouted, swallowing the sorrow of the organization of the poor.

“I am here!!”

There was magic in his voice. Instant threat increase. The eyes of the Skeleton mages were directed to Chief Kim.

Thanks to this, the coordinates of the bombing magic that was about to fall in the middle of the party were distorted. Hit Manager Kim directly.

– Kwareung!


Thunder roared from the magic circle and struck Manager Kim directly. But Manager Kim persevered. I was able to hold out.


“It’s okay… It’s just a thrill. This armor is expensive—”

At that moment, a shadow fell over Manager Kim. Manager Kim encountered the ‘gaze’.

head tucked in the waistband. headless knight. huge warhorse. All of them were staring at him.


The moment I couldn’t cope with my paralyzed body. The headless knight rushed along with the huge warhorse and ran into Chief Kim Jin-soo.


bang! Manager Kim jumped out. He heard voices calling him from here and there, but they were soon replaced by screams.

Dullahan, the headless knight. The boss of this dungeon started rampaging with a huge sword.


“What, what, what kind of greatsword is so fast…!”

“What are you doing! Close the opening!”

A gap opened after a devastating cavalry charge. Skeletons tangled in the gap.

Skeletons are not so fearful opponents. As long as they are properly displayed, they can handle even a D-oriented party.

Conversely, the most lethal moment for skeletons is melee.

As long as you don’t break the bone pain, the skeletons that move only with the knuckle bones will get entangled with their allies.

“Ah, Manager Kim!”

Han Ha-ri and the party, who were on standby as a reserve, were restless as they saw the front collapsed in an instant.

“What should I do? I have to go get him, Deputy Han!”

have to save I had to go to support right away. It is a reserve unit prepared for that purpose.

However, Han Ha-ri naturally looked at Leon, who was waiting behind me. If so… If this self-proclaimed Lion Heart King who slaughtered even that great demon… … .

“Your Majesty! We ask for your support!”

Everyone’s eyes naturally turned to Leon. However, even in that gaze, Leon only gives a sour look.

“No king ever takes the lead in such a small fight.”

“Yes? What is that…!”

“You have to find a way to raise your own honor. Do you mean moving the jade body around such an insignificant bone?”

The King of Knights did not pull out his sword, showing his genuine disgust towards that group.

“It’s rude to the goddess that the sword of the main king should touch such an undead brat. It’s disgusting to even see it.”

What are you talking about, really!

But Harry was clearly aware of it. This man has no intention of leaving now. His eyes only stare at the headless knight with interest.

“Deputy Han! What are you going to do?!”

“Ah, damn it! I’m leaving the reserve now!”

Harry drew his sword. Skeletons and entangled allies are also dangerous, but the most dangerous is Dyurahan, who is rampaging in the middle of the formation.

“I’ll take over the boss, everyone, please support Manager Kim and allies!”

take a seat Using the skeleton as a stepping stone, she leaped into the air and approached Dyurahan in an instant.


A perfect surprise that killed even the sound. However, Dyurahan put the greatsword behind his back to block Hari’s sword, as if he had eyes in the back of his head.

“Hey, stop this?”

The surprise was stopped at once. It was disappointing, but there is another option.

Kick off Dyurahan’s horse and start idling. Whirik! Doing a trick or not, she spun and cut Dyurahan’s chest.

– Kacan!

However, the blow was blocked by Dullahan’s armor and stopped at a scratch.

‘iced coffee… I should have bought a more expensive sword!’

It was the best weapon in a limited budget. However, the armor of the dungeon boss is heavier and harder than I thought.

Hari was satisfied that he drew Dullahan’s attention to himself. In fact, unlike when Dyurahan wandered through formations randomly, he was only conscious of himself and pulling the reins of his horse.


As if responding to a provocation, the pulled reins move the horse. With just a little distance, Dyurahan performed the most reckless cavalry charge.

thud! Dyurahan, who ran into Hari. It was a charge that blew away even B-class tanker Kim Jin-soo at once. A dizzying shock will be delivered to her——

– Hwareuk!

Flames created at the moment of impact. The shock of the charge was dampened by it. Hari laughs at Dyurahan, who realizes that it is not an ordinary flame.

“I’m sorry, but my skills are too broad.”

As if she had been waiting for this moment, sparks swirled from her sword.

She had just been waiting for the cavalry charge to get away from her allies, and she activated her skill.

The flames caused by the idling of the magic of the heart quickly became a great scare and swallowed Dyurahan.


A scream is heard from the burning Dyurahan. Hari pierced Dyurahan’s burning head without stopping.



The blow that was certain of victory made a very cheerful sound. As if an attack had hit steel.

‘Did you block it with the side of the great sword in that situation?’

– Hoo.

Someone’s admiration and momentary hesitation, a fist flew through the flames.


Hari rolls the ground in one blow. she didn’t understand He couldn’t have been knocked down in one blow. But there was no taste at all.


At that time, hunters rush to help Hari. However, their attacks couldn’t even surpass Dyurahan’s swordsmanship.


Lightly wielding a greatsword as tall as a man, blocks a blow and strikes with that force.

It would be an unavoidable choice to protect the head, a fatal weakness, but the sight of Dullahan overwhelming the hunters with such a penalty is truly awe-inspiring.

The overwhelming power of pure swordsmanship. It was the moment when he was about to unleash a fatal blow on himself, block it, and wield a fatal blow.


It was then.

A voice resounded loud enough to resonate throughout the dungeon.

All eyes turned to the blond man in the back.

* * * *

They despised it as an undead because it was said to be a headless knight.

Leon had hated evil things from before.

From bone soldiers, ghouls, corpse golems, and death knights.

There is no honor or glory in raising the dead and using them as meat shields.

Those who lost their previous skills and pushed forward only with strength and magic were not even opponents of the Holy Grail Knights.

‘I was mistaken. Those aren’t just undead.’

Although Leon had dealt with countless undead, there was no one with sword prowess like that.

It was an impossible move for the undead in the first place. How could something like this perform sophisticated swordsmanship?


So, I decided to go to war.

If you saw an outstanding knight, how could it not be honorable to defeat him?

His booming voice drew everyone’s attention, even the bones.

“First, let me apologize. The king’s shallow eyes for mistaking a great knight like you for something like the undead.”

-… … .

Dyurahan rolled the sword he was about to wield at Hari and listened to his voice.

“You, despite being one-handed, have excellent swordsmanship. Strategies and tactics. You must have been a famous knight in your lifetime.”

Talking to the dungeon boss. Even the hunters stopped at this absurd situation.

“Okay! This lionhearted Leon Dragonia Lionheart allows me to say your name! Say your name!”

-… … .

Dyurahan did not answer. I couldn’t be precise.

Dullahans do not have vocal cords. There was no way to communicate with Unsily Fairy, who was close to an undead but not an undead that moved with thoughts.

Understanding that, Leon nodded.

“Hmm… I see. The king made a mistake. It’s a pity that I don’t know your name, but let’s leave it as a tragedy on the battlefield.”

“……No, Your Majesty.”

What if you’re talking to a real boss… Harry couldn’t even get the words out.

Leon continues to talk in a dog my way whether the hunters are dumbfounded or not.

“Nameless Knight! I’ll give you the right to challenge this Lion Heart King to a duel!”

duel? No, I didn’t even ask for a duel, but the right to apply? to the monster?

It was an unprecedented eccentricity in history since the appearance of Gate. But his eccentricities did not stop there.

“There is no need to hurt the Amon soldiers. Let’s end this fight with an honorable duel between two knights!”

will that work? The time when everyone swallowed the words.



It was the first time ever. A dungeon boss responding to the Hunter’s duel request?

No, there wasn’t even a Hunter who applied for a one-on-one duel in the first place!

The journey did not end here.

“Hmm… But, the king doesn’t have the necessary warhorse to fight as a knight. There’s a situation and I can’t prepare a horse right now. This is obviously the king’s fault…”

So what… … .

“Knight, for your honor, why don’t you get off your horse and fight fair with two feet?”

The boss isn’t an idiot, so why get off his horse–


Are you getting off!?

Hari and the hunters couldn’t close their gaping mouths. The headless rider, who rode a cavalry brandishing a greatsword larger than a man, came down from his horse by himself.

For a fair showdown between knights!

The spirits of the hunters became confused after seeing them get out of the melee and build a prototype.

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