The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 82: Devil Grand Duke Rakshaar (3)

Rakshaar moved towards the place where the last stone statue was.

Not specifically to destroy the stone statue. He has a long-standing grudge against the indigenous creatures of this land.

It is only natural that the enemy of the mortal enemy, who had sealed himself and kept the seal only by instinct until now, would be the priority.


– Giggling!

From all over the island came swarms of claw-clawed kikkiruks. That number is tens of thousands. Rakshaar’s seal was broken, and the clan that instinctively came to stop him jumped out.


The cry of Rakshaar that makes the world tremble. Indigenous creatures resisted this.


Rakshaar, the demon of chaos, is a demon that contaminates life itself. Anyone who encounters him falls into the abyss of chaos and loses his sanity.

With very few exceptions.

[Holy Grail Knight… !]

There was a divine aura on that island that made it possible to withstand even one’s own demons. Even Rakshaar, who had invaded the world of knights in the long past, knew their identity.

Beings chosen by the gods to change the laws. Most of them would have been killed, but how do they exist on that island?

I would never have thought there would be someone other than a priestess who would be favored by a god like this.

[Nothing insignificant!]

Rakshaar brandished his huge tentacles and slashed the Kirkiruks.

– Quaang! bang!

– Kwak!

An explosion like thunder hit Rakshaar. A simple attack with firearms meant nothing to Rakshaar.

It is because his uppers are so hard that it is meaningless to distinguish the power of arrows and shells. But this shell is something different.

– 3rd class. Japanese Sosa. Retreat to cool the gun barrel. Move the ammunition carrier.

Holy Grail Knight Yakt Spinner.

The saint of the iron and blacksmith gods.

All the objects he made with his hands are sacred in themselves and contain holy power.

It was thanks to these Holy Grenade shells that the overwhelming size of the Rakshaar was slowing down for a moment.

A trivial struggle.

Rakshaar raised his pincer. And when it hits the sea, a huge tidal wave rises.

Digging 46m. It is a natural disaster that can wipe out life on an island at once.

The moment when waves of terrible height are about to hit the island——

Seongbeop <Wave Manipulation>

The waves that were majestic as if they were going to hit the island at any moment were scattered. And that’s not all. The sea beneath Raksar’s feet swirled, turning the floor over and trapping him.


Rakshaar’s gaze turned to one place. Above the blue sky, a dazzling pure white divine beast was looking down at him.

[Lion Heart… !]

Leon and Hari Han. The two looked down at Rakshaar.

* * * *

The moment Hari used the miraculous sex method, the pressure of the deep sea that had imprisoned Leon temporarily split.

Cleft like the miracle of the Red Sea to the Bible. Leon did not miss that temporary gap.


Summons an old ally who could not be summoned from the sea. Stallion, who grasped the situation in an instant, burned his allies and spread his wings.

– Hee hee!

Pegasus soars toward the sky. The collapsed sea wall and deep-sea fish attacked Leon, but the fastest and best Shinma easily avoided them all.

“Stalion, I’ll rescue that child first.”

Leon rescued Hari from floating on the water with the power of Foma. Hari, who was grabbed by the nape of her neck, exhaled heavily.

“Lungs, Your Majesty?”

As Hari spit out the swallowed sea water, she looked at Leon and put on a happy expression as if she had met a savior.

“Good job.”

Leon praises Hari frankly and puts Hari in the front seat. She immediately recites what needs to be reported.

“Ah, the Devil Grand Duke has been resurrected! Everyone is crazy, killing each other and harming themselves…!”

“I know. Criminals have a hard time keeping their sanity in front of the giants.”

Leon immediately landed on the island where the members of the Maverick Guild and the Pantheon War Guild were located. He shouts at the scene of a big battle where each other wields weapons at each other.

“I am here!!”

Leon’s cry resounded loudly. At that moment, not only the members of the Mansinjeon Guild, but even the Maverick Hunters witness the system window that covers their eyes.

【Aura of Lion’s Heart】


: ──────

: Legion strengthening contamination resistance is granted.

Among the many effects of Lion Heart, the property of purifying pollution works.

【 Demon Lord Slayer 】

Come to your senses in front of the great being who even killed the demon lord—

【Most demon slayers】

The effect of giving a percentage reduction to all actions of demons was granted to everyone.

Crucially, the light from the Holy Grail that Leon took out healed their wounds and restored their broken spirits.

“Uh huh?”

“My, what have I done…”

The awakened hunters stare at each other. It wasn’t long before they looked at Leon.

“You lowly ones, if you’ve come to your senses, get ready right now.”

“What are you talking about?”

Allen naturally bowed down and waited for Leon’s instructions. All of Maverick, as well as the Pantheon, fell on their knees, feeling the holy power emanating from the Lion Heart King and the sea god’s priestess.

“You guys are no help. Run to the gate right now.”

“Yes? That, what is that…”

Deep down, I was relieved that it wasn’t an order to fight Rakshaar, but running toward the gate?

The gate is in the middle of the sea. There weren’t enough boats to pick everyone up.

“A new priestess of the sea god is in front of you. If you have faith, you will walk on the surface of the water.”

A new system message flew in front of them.

[Blessing of the priestess of the sea and waves]


: A 35% advantage is given to actions at sea.

: Waves work beneficially.

: The penalty in the water is removed.

: You can walk on water.

It is a blessing given to those who believe in the sea god. However, having awakened as a priestess of God, she was able to scatter that protection even among the unbelievers.

“Geez, it’s real.”

“You can walk on water?”

They admired the miracle of not falling even on the surface of the water.

“La, Your Majesty the Lionheart! Priestess! What are you guys thinking!”

Allen asked politely. Can even two people stand up to that evil? It’s because of having such a reasonable idea.

“Save the survivors as much as possible. You can’t win against him in this world.”

Rakshaar descended in a form optimized for this world. Originally, the sea of this world was his domain.

If the power was strong enough to temporarily block even the authority of a god, there was no possibility of victory in a head-to-head confrontation.

Leon intends to buy time until he can retreat as many survivors as possible.

“Let’s go, Stallion!”

At Leon’s cry, Stallion soars. Hari grabbed Stallion by the nape of his neck.


“Your Majesty! Rakshar! Rakshar is attacking Lord Yapi!”

“I’ll have to tie the guy’s feet first. Han Hari, you guys do it.”

“Am I?”

Leon sighed at Hari’s bewildered question.

“Since the whole world is the sea, how can you argue about the impossibility? Manipulate the flow of the sea and tie him up.”

“Uh, uhm…!”

When Hari couldn’t get the hang of it, Leon grabbed Hari’s shoulder and brought his face closer.

“Lungs, Your Majesty?!”

“Close your eyes and concentrate. You must have already heard the sound of the sea.”

Whether or not Hari blushed, Leon, as a senior priest, taught him lessons based on his experience.

“The sea is a current. Think of it as a huge creature. Manipulating the current is nothing more than moving your limbs. You will feel it now.”

It was as Leon said. Hari was awakened to the power of the sea and waves and could feel the flow of the sea.

As he said, manipulate the ocean currents around Rakshaar to drown the giant demon and imprison him inside.

Although he intuitively sensed that it was his limit, Leon ordered one after another.

“Next, make a spark. You must have been chosen by the God of War and Flame.”

“Yes?! Fu, fireworks? It’s effective in the sea—”

“You stupid fool. How do you treat the power of God as one of the trivial laws? The Holy Law is the power to change the laws. Any common sense you know doesn’t work there.”

make a fire A holy flame that will burn roaring even in the sea.

Hari started the fire as usual. Once awakened, the holy power begins to move according to her will.

“This fire is not quenched by water. This fire has a current like an ocean current and moves like a wave at your will.”

Leon held Hari’s hand and assisted him. Then an amazing thing happened.

The fire started by Hari began to entwine Rakshaar in the sea like a huge wave. The fire really did not go out even in the water and was burning Rakshaar.

“I did it, I did it, Your Majesty!”

“Good job.”

Leon patted Hari’s head on rare occasions and landed in front of Yafi, who was resisting Rakshaar.

“Lungs, Your Majesty!”

There were not only Yapi, but also Lee Yong-wan, Ha Yu-ri, and Kim Jae-hyeok of the Firebird Guild.

“Sir Spinner. We need to get out of this gate right now.”

– Serious damage to enemy entities. A gradual retreat is possible.


Leon denied Yapi’s guess. Hari’s voice, confirmed by Yapi’s camera eye, completely blocked Rakshaar’s movements. But–


The monster’s roar is overwhelming even in the sea. It was moving, breaking through the eddies of fire and the backwaters of the waves, navigating the floor with dozens of tentacles.

“Close the gate and retreat.”

Leon wanted to slash the demon archduke right in front of his eyes, but he lacked the strength.

At least if you don’t recover the ‘Holy Sword’, you won’t be able to defeat the demon of great supply.

In a situation where the world capital has not blossomed yet, the best he can do is to leave as many survivors as possible.

“Sir Spinner. We have to close the gate right now.”

– Gate closing conditions. destroying stone statues.

If that’s the case, destroy the stone statue and that’s it. At that time, Yapi made an additional suggestion.

-Kicky look. The clans that sealed the demons. Not ‘NPC’.


– Survivors. We recommend that they evacuate.

“Will it be time? It’s not long until the divine punishment that binds him goes off.”

– Possible. cheesy people. I will use the last bastion.

While Yapi was worshiped as the savior of the Kirkiruk tribe at the gate, he read the records left on the island and their secret history.

Only those who can read the traces of weathered civilization by interpreting language in real time can do it.

And he knew that the last bastion remained for the Kirkiruk tribe.

* * * *

[‘The Great Rakshaar’s Stone Statue’ has been destroyed.]

3 of 3 statues destroyed

All statues have been destroyed.

Rakshaar, who had been suppressed and sealed by a stone statue for hundreds of years, immediately noticed the change.

[Are you going to run away?]

Rakshaar knew the closing condition of this gate. If you break the seal on yourself, the gate will close.

Of course, it was meaningless because he had no intention of keeping the hunters visited by Rakshaar alive, but he must have intended to run away while this pillar of fire bound him.

With the help of Hari, the goddess of the sea, all the kikkiruks ran on the water and headed for the gate.

The existence of the Holy Grail Knight revered by the Kirkiruk tribe and the existence of a priestess loved by the sea. And even the Guardian of the Holy Grail, who can put even the mightiest Rakshaar on his feet.

Even if there was only one person, it was possible because there were as many as three miraculous beings in one place.

[As expected, it is the old enemy of the devil. But one step is not enough.]

Rakshaar managed to get out of the vortex of fire.

For him, the Grand Duke of Devil, the just-awakened priestess’s spell was merely a hindrance for a while.

[Do you think you can run away!]

A muffled echo made the sea tremble. It was such a loud echo that all those who fled stopped.

[Lion Heart!]

A descending horse and a knight with a spear. The moment Leon’s spear abruptly penetrates Rakshaar, the long tentacle strikes the Heavenly Horse from the side.


The Heavenly Demon crashes into the sea with a fierce blow. Just before its wings touch the sea water, the awakened Stallion manages to fly above the surface of the water.


the heavenly horse runs While dodging tentacles that were threateningly swung around, and hitting those that could not be avoided with a lance.


Until the sharp tip of the spear reached the giant monster.


Rakshaar’s gaze turned to Leon. At that moment, the light in the eyes shines and an enormous amount of magical energy is irradiated.


A magic light that cuts through space. The two reacted at the same time.

Leon and Stallion, who threw each other away, passed the magic light with a stunt-like movement. Leon was defenseless in the air, but he was not without a footing.

good! Leon stepping on the tentacles of the unfolded Rakshaar. run as is


The moment the eye light was about to pour light once more, the thrown spear pierced the eyeball. However, Rakshaar did not stop the exercise of this enormous magical power.

The magic ore that was fired at no cost split the sky into dozens of pieces centered on the spot where the holy spear was inserted.

A dark light embroidering the sky. Running through the light is Leon and Stallion, who joined before they knew it.

I run with the Holy Sword. Numerous tentacles swooped down on Leon, but Stallion’s acrobatic flight evaded them, and the holy sword cut every flying tentacle.

[Snapping like a flying fly… !]

pouring demonic light. Stallion, who received it from the front, is pushed up into the sky.

Seongbeop <Blessing of Arrow Barrier>

A spell that blocks any ranged attack. However, the magical investigation, which quickly exceeded the limit of the number of defenses, was more like a piercing blow than a long-distance attack.

“Stallion, hang on!”


Leon, who is eventually pushed high into the sky by enormous energy.

In the end, Leon couldn’t reach Rakshaar, and Rakshaar couldn’t finish it with a single blow.

A lull in which each other is not satisfied. Even at that instant, the two beings pour pressure on each other.

[[Curse of Chaos] hits Lionheart Leon Dragonia Lionheart.]


: Weakness, chaos, terrifyingness, confusion, tetanus, screaming, fear, confusion, despair, body decay, mental pollution, soul erosion────

A powerful curse that makes ordinary humans instantly die and even hunters go mad. The holy grail guardian’s protection against this.

[【Holy Grail Guardian】 resists the curse.]


: Vitality, Order, Fear Immunity, Confusion Immunity, Wound Regeneration, Bravery, Perfect Body, Pollution Resistance, Great Spirit────

perfect resistance. No, rather, the power of the blessing that surpasses him strengthens Leon. And no matter how great he is, as long as he is a devil, he is bound to be influenced by Leon in front of him.

[[Demonic Terror] weakens the great Rakshaar, the Grand Prince of Demons.]


: Forced Fear, Horror, Decreased Resistance──

[【Legendary Great Demon】 resists this.]

[【Most demon slayer】────]

[【Intelligence Predator】────]

[【Demon Lord Slayer】────]

[【Devil Grand Duke Rakshaar】────]

A flood of traits and system messages. The two beings were not the ones who directly received it, but the hunters who saw the message were tinged with astonishment.

Each one is legendary… Epic quality traits. It is also an epic of power accumulated from experience and a legend created by oneself.

How many fights have you had, how many limbs have you broken through, are those legendary traits always active?

An ordinary human would suffocate just by stepping into that realm of blessings and curses.

They were mighty beings with their existence alone, and beings that oppressed the space with their existence alone.

Leon lifted the window.

“It punishes evil.”

High-pitched voice. At the end, the ‘fire of the battlefield’ begins to focus.

The flames surrounding Rakshaar soared like a whirlwind and turned into a pillar of fire. At the end of all those flames was Leon’s holy spear.


– What, what, what is that?

The flames were focused on the tip of the spear. Horrible heat gathers at the tip of the spear, foretelling a harbinger of destruction.

Power possessed by the war riders of Petos, the god of war and flame.

One of its powers is immunity to flames and controlling flames.

Among them, War Knight Leon Dragonia Lionheart, who is most favored by war, controls even the fire poured out by others with his own.

“It’s the fire that burned and killed the Lord of Chaos. The screams of your lord, who burned to death in this flame for thirty days, are still ringing sweetly in the memory of the main king.”

Rakshaar, instinctively aware of the creepiness of it, swallowed the seawater and vomited it out at Leon.

Thousands of meters of giant monster shoots streams of water that cut through the city itself. But that didn’t extinguish the flames that Leon had started in the slightest.

If that’s the case, it’s magic investigation once again. The time when Rakshaar focused his magic into the eye-light——


The existence of a giant that moves the sea water. A loud cry that even drew Rakshaar’s attention.

A huge presence that even Rakshaar couldn’t ignore surrounded him, rattling its claws.

A giant squirrel.

This is the last bastion of the Kikkiruk tribe found by Yapi. The true identity of what was thought to be an island and the guardians of the ancient Kikkiruk tribe.

[Was there still an entity alive!]

They are the final weapons of the Kirkiruk Tribe, who killed every single one of them when Rakshaar destroyed this world. The gigantic Kikiru tribe attacked Rakshaar.


The monster roars. The black light of destruction that has reached the critical point is emitted even in the situation where the three gigantic kikkiruk tribes are caught.

Transcendence <Light of Extinction>

At the same time, the white divine beast wrapped in the flames of the battlefield is engulfed in red flames,

Divine Punishment <Fire of the Battlefield>

Black masses of red meteors accelerate towards each other. It took less than 0.2 seconds before they collided with each other.


sky and sea. A terrible collision antagonizes the space between them.

The unprecedented phenomenon of cloud splitting and sea water evaporating. Leon shouted.

“Lion Heart…! Glory to you!!”

Falling Heavenly Demon. The flames generated by the flame window break through the black magic power.

Divine Punishment <Fire of the Battlefield>

Because the flame is so powerful, it is the greatest blow that allows only one blow to both the rider and the horseman.

It finally breaks through the black magic power and shines a divine light toward the demon archduke.

[Lion Heart… !]

A cry like death. At that moment, a pillar of fire that evaporated the whole seawater soared into the sky.

“What, what is that…”

“That’s the power of a person…”

Many people were speechless and saw the pillar of fire burning the clouds. No one believed that it was human power.

Just a few of the pantheon’s guild members. Suho, Hari, and Jaehyuk… And the members of the Phoenix Guild remember the <Earth Shattering>, the divine punishment shown by the majestic Geobrick.

Only they knew that the pillar of fire was a miracle created by human hands.

The embodiment of miracles worthy of respect, causing miracles with human bodies.

“The Holy Grail Knight.”

The pinnacle of those great beings is the rider of that heavenly horse.

In the prelude to destruction poured out by the pillars of fire, all gazed in worship and awe and were silent.

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