The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 83: Devil Grand Duke Rakshaar (4)

In the middle of the sea, a pillar of fire soars.

It must be a great flame that will consume anything.

Its energy is absolute, like the compressed explosive power of a nuclear weapon. There’s no way even the Demon Grand Duke could survive that pillar of fire.

-observation. Logic circuit error. can’t be

Yappy, who tried to observe Leon’s denial again, saw a living creature moving in a column of fire emitting steam while evaporating the pouring sea water in real time.

Demon Grand Duke Rakshaar. The guy was still alive.

There can be no

Could there be a being in this universe who could survive a direct hit with such an amount of energy?

“Sir Spinner. How is the evacuation?”

Leon landed on Yapi, who was overseeing the retreat. Leon and Stallion don’t say much, but they look tired.

-80% progress. Completed securing of major materials and records.

“Is it a little lacking?”

-no. they will survive

Yafi’s gaze turns to Rakshaar, who is trapped in a pillar of fire. To be precise, it was the three gigantic Kiruks who were guarding Rakshaar with claws raised around them.

“Are they determined?”

-Have been sleeping for this moment for 500 years. Linguistic system analysis. Prosperity to Krashatria.

“Their name. It’s a proud name.”

Leon thanked them for their sacrifice and reached out to Yapi.

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“Now the gate is slowly closing. Let’s retreat.”

Yaffe rides on Leon’s forearm and boards the Stallion. Stallion flaps its wings and soars into the sky.

Rakshaar shouted to them as they headed towards the gate.

[Lion Heart… ! run away! Isn’t invincibility a virtue of you knights!]

While being burned in real-time by a pillar of fire and engaging in a hand-to-hand battle with the three giant Krashatrias, their eyes are on Leon.

Leon sneered.

“There’s no way to keep the knight’s duty against lowly people like you. Green beasts and evil species are not the object of respect.”

After saying that, Leon ran towards the disappearing gate.

[Lion Heart————!!]

[The gate is closed.]

* * * *

After the East Sea Gate was cleared, the world was buzzing for a while.

The first is a large-supply demon discovered for the first time. It was news like a thunderbolt from the blue sky for mankind, who had suffered devastating damage even against the great devil.

Even S-class hunters couldn’t stand up to that mental pollution.

Naturally, mind-defending items around the world began to be ordered in large quantities, but it was a meaningless waste of money.

But the news wasn’t all bad news.

Even in the terrible aura of the demon archduke, there were beings whose minds were not polluted and withstood.

The first is Han Hari, a priestess of Poma, the god of the sea and waves.

The second is Yakt Spinner, the first Holy Grail Knight of the Pantheon.

Lastly, it is the existence of Leon who not only escaped the protection that had stopped at ‘resistance’, but also fought an equal fight against the devil’s grand duke.

– Wow, what the fuck is that?

– That such a big demon existed? can you beat that?

-look. flying on a Pegasus. They said they fought almost equally in hand-to-hand combat.

-What is that crazy pillar of fire? It’s ridiculous that Han Ha-ri started a fire in the waves, but that one pierces the sky.

-It’s the Lion Heart King of another world. Have you seen the most demon slayer trait? It means that there is no one who has conquered the devil more than that person in all dimensions.

-Is that a person?

-It’s a half-god.

The Battle of the East Sea Gate, which was filmed by Yapi, was broadcast all over the world through Manshinjeon YouTube.

People don’t despair easily. Because even in despair, somehow find hope.

Leon was a symbol of that hope, and naturally, people began to learn more about the pantheon and enter the church.

There was also the virtue of the Maverick Guild’s S-class Hunter Allen, Minuteman, and other key A-class raid members stepping out and preaching the pantheon.


“Uh, then, then… As of today, we declare the Special Self-Governing District of Mokpo for the Krashatria.”

– Cluck!

President Andong-gil smiled awkwardly and shook hands with the gigantic claw-claws, not shaking hands.

The second issue was the large-scale migration of the Kikkiruk people. The world’s largest collective migration of 10,000 survivors required an administrative process and political decision that was so great that the president had to step in.

“Thank you, President Ahn.”

“Ah… it’s nothing, Your Majesty.”

Andong-gil shook hands with Leon with a business smile as much as possible.

In just a few months, Leon, who has grown into a tycoon that even the president cannot easily ignore, has brought an unprecedented mass of migrants, 10,000 survivors.

President Ahn and the political circles could not refuse Leon’s request that it would be nice to give him land suitable for living.

Although there was some objection from the citizens of Mokpo, there were also cases where their residential area did not overlap with people, and as the commander-in-chief of the Korean government, it was impossible to ignore the only power that could confront the great supply devil.

“Um, Your Majesty… What is that?”

President Ahn looked at the gigantic Kikkiruk statue that was being built in the middle of the sea and the tortoise statue in the middle, with a puzzled look.

Is it a mark of territory for different races?

“It is to honor the great hero who sacrificed himself against the demon prince. The one in the middle is a statue representing Poma, the god of the sea and waves.”

Ooh, idolatry… No, you can’t even call it an idol. Because they were real gods, and they really bestowed favors and favors.

President Andong-gil, a Protestant believer, only put on a bitter expression.

“It seems that the statue is not the only one.”

“Ah~ there’s Jim’s and Sir Spinner’s. Sir Spinner is the real representative of the Kirk tribe.”

Leon is a demigod, so even so, is even the machine an idol? President Ahn suddenly realized that there was one more empty seat in the statue.

“Haha, you have good eyesight. That seat is yours, President Ahn.”


“How can you not thank the benefactor who gave you the land? Although you are not an object of faith, the Kikkiruk tribe will come and go and bow down to your statue.”

“Ah, no. Then idolatry… Oh, anyway, I don’t have a statue of myself…”

Leon chuckled, patted President Ahn on the shoulder, and disappeared.

As a Protestant believer in motherhood and an honorary elder at Gangnam XX Church, he is only worried about the keyword ‘idolatry president’ that will be posted this weekend.


At that time, the chief of staff approached President Ahn. He personally came to show the media that he was friendly with Leon, but a security meeting must have been taking place in Seoul by now.

“what’s the matter?”

“It’s separate from the security agenda… but it’s an emergency intelligence from the NIS. It’s related to North Korea.”

“North Korea? You’ve been calm lately. Why?”

Since the cataclysm, North Korea has gone from being a nuisance to South Korea’s troublesome neighbor.

They even gave up nuclear weapons to attack their country’s gate, and the central government, which lost its authority, could not stop the warlords from rampaging.

At least, North Korea has had a good relationship with the most legit Pyongyang government, so there has been no news of any problems for quite some time.

“Lost contact yesterday at midnight.”

If it was only that, I would have wanted to fuck again. It must have been a protest to send some rice.

However, the information sent by the chief of staff clearly foreshadowed further developments.

“Satellite observations across North Korea have been suspended. Reconnaissance satellites are not filming anything in North Korea.”

* * * *

Pyongyang, North Korea.

Just as the continent was torn into 50 pieces due to the cataclysm, North Korea could not escape the cataclysmic storm.

The warlords who secured the Awoken to deal with the Gate started to become independent, ignoring Pyongyang’s chain of command, and the North Korean government, which had blown away what little conventional power it had in the early days of the cataclysm, had no power to control them.

In the end, until 2030, the only thing left to do is to borrow the power of South Korea whenever gates appear.

They dreamed of a comeback in this place where they even gave up nuclear weapons and barely maintained the regime.

Cults began to spread after the Cataclysm. It is ready to attract demon worshipers and summon the mighty Archdemon.

“Hehehe, a strong and prosperous nation will be achieved by entrusting the devil.”

The Pyongyang leadership, who directed all of this, reviewed the monumental summoning of demons.

It is a summons formed by sacrificing 100,000 civilians in Pyongyang. A long-cherished dream is about to come true with the help of devil worshipers all over the world.

[This is Raynald Schellman. The preparations are complete. You can also activate a summoning circle.]

A signal came from the Yankee Wizard. They said they needed to prepare something, but after waiting for nearly a week, the signal finally came.

“Summon me!”

At that gesture, the summoning circle began to glow. An ominously red and dark aura engulfs the fabric and souls of the corpses in the summoning circle.

What was summoned like that was a gigantic monster.

“Uh, huh?”

Could it be that he didn’t expect such a giant monster to be summoned? Or was he surprised that the colossus was full of scars?

The monster was not only burned all over the body, but it was a miserable appearance with limbs torn off.

Looking at the traces of the giant pincers, it reminded me of an enormous battle.

“Why is the state of the Great Demon like that? It’s true that I summoned it right away!”

Despite the leader’s scolding, the devil worshipers seemed unable to comprehend the situation.


Rakshaar looking down at the thousands of soldiers gathered in the summoning circle.

[I’m in trouble. The wounds are too deep to act right away.]

Rakshaar first felt the need to restore his body. It will take some time for the other ‘great devils’ to gather anyway.

Until then, I’ll have to eat the overflowing food and recover.


At that moment, 3 million citizens of Pyongyang heard that voice.

* * * *

When the Manshinjeon building was built, the underground space was not considered.

Basically, it is because the current office building of Manshinjeon has been expanded whenever necessary to build a rice warehouse on a rural site.

However, when the magician queen of the other world resided here, the building of the Pantheon Shrine changed drastically.

For example, a space the size of a room can be enlarged to the size of a soccer field by performing space expansion magic.

By distorting the space, it is possible to create a sub-space in which no one can enter except those permitted by the magician himself.

If modern wizards had heard it, they would have said what nonsense it was, but it was no big deal to the magician queen who was at the top of the world. And–

The subterranean space of the Mansinjeon building. To be precise, in a subspace decorated like an underground, a beautiful woman stands with her whole body bound.

No, to be precise, it is to ‘not move’ as if oneself was bound. Because I heard that ‘order’.

The wet environment that made the prisoners uneasy, the direction of the space where even the slightest sound resonated, and the staged eerieness, but the woman was trembling enough.

And in such a gloomy space, a new sound is heard.

Again and again… A clear, clear sound was approaching the prisoner Hildir.

“How are you today? It’s been a bit noisy outside lately. It looks like you have more new neighbors.”

“Eup… oops!”

Hildir is not wearing any restraints. Of course, those lips also had no restrictions on their actions.

But all Hildir can produce is a choking voice. There is only one reason. It is because the demonic charm has firmly seduced her.

A demonic being that corrupts even the old shaman who served the beast god at once.

Silver hair like a skein of thread that shimmers even in a dark subspace.

Beatrice, the queen of the ruined country, who had only anger and vengeance left, smiled bewitchingly at Hildir.


Just seeing that smile in his eyes seemed to drive Hildir out of his mind.

How could such a fatal energy flow out of a person?

A strong desire to dedicate oneself to Him just by hearing the voice and witnessing the face revealed under the veil.

An innate natural talent that charms even the same sex. Spero’s magician queen actively used her talents and corrupted the beast god’s sorcerer.

“I remember fighting the demons. It was pretty simple back then. There was no particular purpose to the interrogation, it was just to make it ‘painful’.”

Beatrice smiled softly. Even though he is smiling, there is not even the slightest freshness in his smile. There is only the creepy dryness that seems to have dried up.

“But this time I have a purpose. I want to know a lot of things from you… something that has been seduced by me and has yet to be told.”

“Ugh, ugh!”

Not as much as that. Hildir knew death was not the end. Even thinking of my soul that will be captured by the beast god after death, I can no longer betray God.

This is engraved in her soul, and it was determined the moment she offered her soul, carving the imprints of the beast gods on her skin.

“Yeah, I thought so.”

As if knowing everything, her beautiful fingers caressed Hildir’s cheek and brushed her arm. I felt happiness and pleasure like crazy with that alone, but the dry voice that followed brought Hildir back to reality.

“Even the demons that invaded the kingdom built their pride like that.”

There was a crack, a sound like something breaking.

Beatrice’s fingers, which were so soft, broke Hildir’s fingers casually.

“Turn it off?!”

Everyone screams of pain when a finger is bent in the opposite direction. But Hildir was not even allowed to speak.

Her full-bodied scream lingers in her mouth. Beatrice asked in a kind voice as she caressed Hildir’s cheek.

“They expected a hundred years to corrupt me. How long will you last?”

Seeing Beatrice’s smile, Hildir realized. That he himself could not even save this soul.

She realized too late that the decision had been made from the moment she offered her soul to the evil spirit.

Hildir vomited everything he knew to Beatrice while he did not know how long it had passed in such a space where the senses of space and time seemed to have diverged.

And among them–

“……Is that true?”

When Hildir, covered in tears and runny nose, nodded, Beatrice let out a deep sigh.

“It’s interesting. The demons say, ‘You can go to any gate you want’.”

A gate is a phenomenon.

Demons can use it to travel to any system and historical moment they desire.


“On the other hand, it means we can go to any gate we want.”

Whoops… .

The magician queen’s smile overflowed.

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