The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 84: Gate Utilization

Mokpo coastal estuary.

Krashatria. This place, which became the so-called Kikkiruk Special Autonomous District, was busy moving.

As 10,000 Kikkiruks migrated, administrative and regional issues overlapped, and above all, securing their residential area was the problem.

“Now, here on the tidal flat, sell by category! It’s going to be low tide soon, don’t you mind?”

– Cluck!

– Giggling!

Hari Han. Recently established as the goddess of the sea and waves, she is helping the Kikkiruk people develop their living quarters along with Yakt Spinner, the actual landlord.

“Sir Yapi. Is it really possible to build a house on a tidal flat? It’s said that underwater breathing is possible.”

-No problem. It can be self-sustaining if there are nests and hunting grounds for breeding activities.

“I think it would be a big deal just to be self-sufficient in food.”

The resources of tidal flats are not infinite. It is said that there was a backlash from local residents when the entire tidal flat was given to Madang, where there is much talk of destruction of nature due to reckless development.

Fortunately, the breeding ability and growth rate of the Kikkiruk returned to normal after they got out of the gate.

Although it has half the lifespan of a human, it only takes 3 years to become an adult, so even this is fast enough.

– Planning to collaborate with Mokpo-si and nearby coastal cities.

“Ah~ I’m pretty mobilized for fishermen, regional development, and simple labor, right?”

The Kikkiruk tribe is a race with innate strength enough to come out as hostile forces at the gate before that number.

Even though the average armed force is below D-class, that alone is an enormous force for labor force. Above all, since the Kikkiruk people are free to move in the sea, it should not be difficult to find a job.

“Survivors who are unfamiliar with modern Earth civilization often fall victim to scams. Please tell them to be careful.”

Survivors receive substantial subsidies and national support. It was natural for an outfield of the same standard as Leon, and the settlement subsidies and monthly subsidies are not insignificant.

Of course, fraudsters targeting this were prevalent, and although the number of cases was small, it was a serious social problem.

-No problem. I am subscribing to the Manshinden Relief Service.

“The pantheon safe service?”

-Provides various services other than all administrative and legal matters of subscribers.

“Is there such a thing? Can I join?”

– Already subscribed.


it’s a sound you’ve never heard

“Am I?”

– As of the last month, I have been benefiting from the relief service.


Harry was a little uneasy.

“Uh, how much are you paying?”

-Ten structures.


The bastard’s 10th rescue! Hari tried to say something out of resentment, but felt like fighting for a moment.

“Wait… this time, the settlement subsidy and monthly subsidies are provided to the Kikkiruk, right?”

They are the only survivors. The level of legally guaranteed support is truly astronomical.

– Signed up, of course. without leaving.

“Lord Yapi’s wealth management tricks are getting more vicious day by day!”

-No one has any complaints.

“That’s right! It’s because they’re a race without economics!

At least the orcs know the value of money and sell drugs or run as mercenaries. However, the Kikkiruk tribe were self-sufficient in the sea, so they didn’t really need money.

A few fish a day is enough for them.

“How did you create the account?!”

-Manshinjeon safe service.

“How did you do the transfer? It’s not even you!”

– Bank hacked.

“It’s a crime!”

-Consent obtained.

vicious What on earth did this mechanical engineer have to do with collecting money like this?

“Even if His Majesty ordered it, aren’t you too obsessed with money?”

-Everything is useful.

“Where are you?

– Confidential.


It was then. Yaffi seemed to be receiving a signal and came down from Hari’s shoulder.

“What happen?”

– Disputes on the port side. It is said that he is playing with the local fisherman’s fish allowance.

“It’s a big deal. Shall I go and help?”

-not needed. If you go out to sea later, you will pay the price.


It is not only the Kikkiruk people who migrated to the Korean coast.

As the altar to Poma, the god of the sea and waves, was built, belief in Poma was spreading among the fishermen.

Perhaps in the future, depending on whether the sea worships the god Poma or not, the catch and safe voyage will be different.

“Umm… I feel that Korean society is gradually being encroached on by the pantheon. These days, there is a public opinion that all politicians should serve the goddess of light and justice.”

It was a petition made after the spread of the idea that divine punishment would be imposed if one did not maliciously follow the divine decrees.

The other day, when reporters interviewed Leon about the culture of the kingdom, it became quite an issue.

“Then, Your Majesty, are you saying that in Your Kingdom there was no corruption among nobles and bureaucrats?”

“Of course. Of course, there was no trash that was foolishly buried in the immediate greed. But it’s okay. All of those guys have their souls torn to pieces.”

-This is it… You mean all the corrupt guys went to hell?

-There is no hell in the doctrine of the pantheon. If it’s not in heaven, everyone is reincarnated.

– According to the weight of sin, the soul is torn apart and reincarnated.

-If it is too heavy, the soul will be destroyed.

– Heh heh heh.

– Shouldn’t this apply to all politicians? That way all corrupt bastards go to hell.

-It’s honey.

In the case that even came up as a national petition, the Korean political world sweated profusely and insisted on freedom of religion.

In this way, the divine beast with white wings landed in front of Hari and Yapi, who were looking at the Kikkiruk tribe along the coast.

“your majesty!”

-your majesty.

The two of them naturally got down on one knee and were polite. said Leon.


Leon recommended to board the Stallion. It was unexpected. It was Stallion, who said it was the king’s horse and usually rode around Queen Beatrice or Yapi.

It was an emergency at Tokai Gate, so even so, this time it was really surprising—

“your majesty?”


Leon stared at Hari, who was wondering how to board the Stallion, with a worried expression.

‘Are you uncomfortable with me riding? A lowly good citizen?!’

This lion heart king can do that. It was an article like the incarnation of classism.


Leon sighed for some reason, then got off his horse and held out one hand in a respectful manner. It was the etiquette of a knight.

“Get on.”


Hari’s eyes rolled back and forth at the polite and soft tone he had received for the first time.

“Why, why are you doing this, so scary…”

As usual, ‘Hurry up, you’re like a colt.’ ‘The glory of the family that a lowly commoner can ride the king’s horse. It should be passed on from generation to generation.’ Leon must have sent all sorts of downcast eyes.

The sight of Leon politely extending his hand to encourage boarding was beyond surprising and terrifying.

“Tsk. Go ahead and ride it.”

Leon clicks his tongue disapprovingly but politely puts Hari on a horse. As he soared into the sky, he handed over a document.

“Hey, what is this?”

“It’s a manor.”

“A manor?”

What Leon handed over was a land document for part of the Naju plains. Specifically, it is a gift document.

“The produce of the land is yours. Take care of it yourself.”

“Uh, uh uh, is it real? No, one month’s sales profit?!”

It wasn’t a large piece of land, but the yield was formidable as it was a place where blessed crops grew. Hari had an expression asking if he could accept something like this, but Leon asked back with a sour expression.

“As a knight of the kingdom, it is the law to give you at least one manor. Your affiliation may not be clear, but since you are a priestess and knight chosen by the gods, it is natural.”

“Umm… I still don’t understand. Why did the gods choose you two or me?”

Hari was originally the first jockey chosen by Petos, the god of war and flame. This is because he is born with an affinity for fire to the extent that it manifests as a unique skill.

However, even Poma, the god of the sea and waves, chose Hari as his bridesmaid. The reason is that Poma God reveals beauty, but… This is a surprisingly fundamental reason.


The gods favor those who are like unspoiled white paper.

Just as knights swear to love with innocence, innocence in seeing the world is a precious talent.

Especially in the 21st century like these days, human groups like Hari were not common, so it was bound to attract attention.

“Anyway, now you will be officially treated as a kingdom knight and priestess. Aware of your position, spread the decrees of the gods.”

“Ah, I understand. You’re kindly ignoring it——”

“Correct that unfunny tone. I won’t ask for lady’s manners, but there’s no need to humble myself.”

“Ah, I see… Huh! Old!”

Hari now realizes that she has become a noble person who is treated differently by Leon. Isn’t it a de facto nobility if you have a manor?

“your majesty?”


“Then am I a noble now?”


Leon admitted that Hari, who asked with a smile on his face, did not deserve it, so he had to admit it.

“Yes. At least within the pantheon, you are second only to the Queen and Lord Spinner.”



“Then Sir Yapi!”


At Hari’s question, Yaffe snooped over her shoulder.

“From now on, don’t treat me rudely! Me too… No, I’m not a noble, I’m also a noble.”


“Oops! When, did you hit me, now?!”

-Don’t mess around, organism. No respect for monkeys with low intelligence.

“Your Majesty… He’s the same noble, but he was right.”

Leon let out a deep sigh as he saw Hari complaining of resentment.

* * * *

A separate warehouse in the Manshinjeon building. There, Beatrice set up her own magic workshop.

As the Magician Queen of the Kingdom of Spero and the priestess of the Goddess of Dreams and Death, she has many powers.

Among them, there is an application method of entering the target’s dream and digging up information, so the target is a certain ‘thing’, even Hildir captured at the gate of Jeju Island.


“You are here, Your Majesty.

Beatrice greeted Leon by lifting the hem of her dress.

“How are the results of the study?”

“It’s successful. Would you like to see it?”

Beatrice showed the ‘crown of longing’ in the center of my workshop.

Crown of longing obtained after defeating Androgyne, the great demon of pleasure. This was retrieved by Fleur, the goddess of dreams and death.

“As expected by Your Majesty, it has become clear that the demons are using the Gate.”

The first question started with the variable gate.

How were the demons able to change the gate into a demon gate in line with Leon’s position?

Accident? Yeah, it could be a coincidence. However, that suspicion surfaced at the Jeju Island Gate.

A quest to save people from being slaughtered and defeat the majestic Geobrick.

Judging by the appearance, justice was realized, but in reality it was a malicious quest to save the barbarians who sold their souls to evil spirits and defeat the honorable Holy Grail Knight.

At this stage, Leon was convinced that the system and quests given to the Awakeners were not ‘good’, but ‘malice’, which induced the Awakeners to their liking.

And the long-awaited Donghae Gate.

It culminated in this quest to destroy the stone statue that was holding the seal of the Demon Grand Duke Rakshaar.

“As a result of our investigation, gates are divided into two types. To be precise, ‘real space’ and ‘virtual space’.”

“What is real space?”

“The kingdom of Sphero where I was. The city that Lord Yapi guarded. And the black gate where His Majesty was said to have returned. In other words, the gate where the ‘survivors’ are.”

One of their characteristics.

It is where the survivors of a world that has not been completely destroyed by demons have been captured.

In fact, Beatrice was only undergoing the process of time repetition and corruption over a hundred years, and Cheongju Gate also had a thousand-year guardian called Yacht Spinner.

The same goes for the gate that Leon returned to. The world where the demons were finally slaughtered and the last survivor survived was not invaded by demons.

“On the other hand, the second example, ‘virtual space’, is nothing more than a place imitating the real world. It is literally a virtual space that cuts out a moment from the past and reproduces it.”

The Oak Gate was like that, and the Jeju Island Gate where Geobrik and the Knights of Glory were being held was like that.

At a gate that imitates a certain event or place, hunters break the quest there and retrieve items or magic stones.

“There is a difference between ‘real’ and ‘imaginary’.”

“It’s a ‘compensation’. There is a difference in that there is a ‘compensation in kind’ with an easy-to-understand purpose.”

The reason why you can’t just dismiss it as fake.

Items and reward traits. and magic stone.

The resources of the gate that are the social foundation of the present mankind.

“It’s also what Earthlings distinguish between ‘survivors’ and ‘NPCs’.”

“You’re referring to the magic stone that replaces the heart.”

“That’s right. Also, judging from the case of you and Sir Geobrick, the gate seems to be able to recur.”

What is the replacement magic stone? You can speculate about its identity, but on the contrary, this question also arises.

If gates and ‘virtual spaces’ are spaces created by demons’ schemes, what is the reason for them to mine all sorts of items and magic stones?

“One thing is certain. Nothing is free in this world.”

“I agree.”

In fact, it was something that anyone could be suspicious of.

Why did gates occur, and why do these gates produce a common resource called magic stones?

Even though it is a different world that obviously enjoys many worlds, how can common things come out?

There were quite a few doubters, but it did not become mainstream.

“Current Earth is accustomed to the abundance of magic stones. Even if there are suspicions, it will not give up for economic reasons.”

They are blinded by the immediate benefits, because it costs a lot to change the system.

Even the promised destruction is ignored and passed on to the next generation. In any world, humans have passed risks in that way.

“Foolish things are unavoidable. That’s why we need monarchs and nobles with truly noble duties.”

Leon is willing to take on the role. This is also the mandate of heaven, and he thought it was something he could not accomplish unless he was the proof of the divine right of the king.

“The villains’ conspiracy has reached an alarm. We need the power to respond to them quickly. I heard that you can apply this gate.”

“It’s a story limited to ‘virtual space’ to be precise. Gates with survivors or gates with demons need a medium to specify ‘coordinates’.”

“Then why don’t you use this as a medium to enter the coordinates of the gate?”

At those words, Beatrice shook her head.

“Since it is an evil species, it will jump to a place related to it. Then why not try something else first?”

“Something else?”

“How about using His Majesty’s relics as coordinates?”

“The relics?”

Leon had the Holy Sword, the Holy Lance, and the Holy Grail. There are many other things that can be called holy relics, but these three are representative.

“It might be worth a try. What should Jim do?”

“The fuel needed to summon the gate… In other words, a large amount of magic crystals. We need very… very, very many magic crystals.”

If the item is navigation that takes the coordinates of the gate, the magic stone is the fuel to reach the gate.

This consumes a huge amount of magic stones, and like other gates, the maintenance time is between a week and ten days.

The problem is where to get those magic stones–

“It’s simple. There are still places to mine magic stones all over the world.”

Leon immediately recognized Beatrice’s intentions. He immediately contacted Yapi and Hari.

“Issuing a summons order. To gather all available forces. From now on, we will attack the gates indiscriminately.”

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