The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 85

Four months have passed since the appearance of the pantheon.

Starting with the Lionheart of the other world, Leon Dragonia Lionheart, who set foot on Earth, they, Leon to be precise, were always the ones who brought issues.

The first issue is the complete purification of the Naju Plain. Appearance of blessed crops and virtual cure of disease.

It is a crop that has been supplied knowingly after rapid growth due to blessings, but it is sure to bring a huge shock from next month when the full-scale harvest will take place.

Considering the main arable lands of the Asian continent and the arable lands that the Maverick Guild’s S-class hunter Allen and Minuteman will harvest, the earth will now be divided into blessed crops and others.

The second issue is about defeating the Yakt Spinner, the Nightmare Killing Machine at Cheongju Gate.

Not only did he single-handedly defeat the field boss, who had struggled with the S-class Hunter Hwang Chul-cheol and the semi-S-class Hwang Yeon-ha, and the wizard of the Mage Tower, but also incorporated him into his guild as a survivor.

At one time, public opinion was formed that the yakt spinner, which slaughtered countless hunters, should not be accepted, but even that has been ignored recently.

As the official first Holy Grail Knight of the Pantheon, his overwhelming control over the network not only erased all negative public opinion about the Pantheon, but also retaliated.

The third issue is training D-class hunters, the lowest-class courier hunters, and Beatrice Alighieri Spero, a survivor.

In the high-level gate of the average D-level, he took hunters who were not used as porters and raised them by one grade in just one month, and cleared the variable gate where the great devil appeared.

No matter how outstanding Leon’s individual strength is, the performance of the D-class hunters shown in the video was never at the D-class level.

Although there was a brief controversy over the harsh exploitation of human rights and inhumane treatment, numerous hunters hoped and applied for enlistment in front of the miracle that their grades rose in just one month.

And the magician queen of Spero, a new survivor who was revived from the fluctuating gate.

At least S-class Hunter. That precious magician.

Her beauty was hidden behind a veil, but a reporter conducting an interview witnessed her face inside the veil blown away by the wind and collapsed with foam on her face.

After that, the hunter academy group draft incident, the attack on the Jeju Island gate where the Phoenix and Golden Lion guilds failed, the appearance and defeat of the Devil Grand Duke, the transfer of 10,000 meals, etc… … .

The Pantheon has been the center of the issue every time, and it is well documented in the official yuptube of the Pantheon Guild.

And it’s already been 4 months since the appearance of the pantheon.

When the famous Mansinjeon trainee was about to enter the 4th class, the Mansinjeon became the center of the issue again.

-Hey, it’s no joke here.


-It’s a truck with hunters on the bus.

– You seem to belong to the pantheon? I also saw Yapi.

-Krasya… No, there were also a lot of kinky people gathered.

It was an army march.

The scale of the pantheon is larger than that of ordinary guilds.

Usually, in a guild, a limited number of guild members are selected to form a raiding party.

Typically 50 people. There are 100 people up to the 2nd attack team and about 130 people even if you take the reserve.

This also applies to small and medium-sized guilds and above who can frequently win gates and rotate rotations.

It is common for guilds operating in the provinces to operate in small groups of 3 to 40 without reserve.

However, the Mansinjeon Guild was basically a quantity group.

Even if the 1st and 2nd seasons man-at-arms and knight cadets are combined, there are 300 people. There are thousands of people in the 3rd and 4th gen here. Of the 10,000 survivors of the Kikkiruk tribe, only the warrior class was selected and 2,000 were selected.

Even considering the Kirkiruk tribe, it is a superhuman corps with a regimental level of 3,000.

Considering that even after going through a training called the 4-week hell course of the Pantheon, he will be promoted to a C-class hunter.

Everyone else is saying that they are raiding parties or a small elite, but only the pantheon is organizing an army.

-The gate opened in front of Gwangju Station, and the pantheon appeared! Hanhari. Weren’t you an employee of the association?

-He’s almost like a dual citizen these days… weird. Yesterday, the gate in front of my house also entered the pantheon? For reference, this is Gangneung.

-Hey, there’s a gate here in Wando, but the children of Mansinjeon are there? Are you yappy and geeky? What are the boys’ arms? it’s fucking brutal

– Wow, great! The Queen has arrived in Hoengseong! The veil was blown away by the wind, and everyone who saw the face fainted. what is it

-The King of Lion Hearts has appeared in Cheonan! It’s called the Oak Gate, and it’s been left unattended for four days.

-Are you talking about New World Department Store in Sinbu-dong, Dongnam-gu? Hey, it also appeared here in Buldang-dong yesterday.

-crazy? Attacking in one day and going to the next gate?

The Manshinden was clearing gates throughout the country by dividing its 3,000 military force into 20 raid groups.

The high-levels were the high-ranking forces centered on Leon, Yapi, Beatrice, and Han Hari, and the low-level gates were quickly attacked with cadets and man-at-arms.

In particular, the raiding party, made up of kikkiruk, showed tremendous speed in attacking the gate.

“Come on, head over there~ and shoot!”

-bang! Kwak! Kwak Kwa Kwak!

The monsters in the gate are swept away by the indiscriminate shelling of the Kikkiruk armed with firearms.

Inside the Bondi Gate, the modern firearms are not very effective, but the sacred shells that Yapi made himself are a different story.

“As ammunition is limited, just reload and prepare for hand-to-hand combat!”

At the low-level gates, not the high-level gates, the Kikkiruk warriors swept through the gates with mighty firepower + faithful weapons.

As the pantheon of gods swept through all the gates, domestic hunter guilds raised their voices in rebellion.

-Isn’t that too much? Over the last four days, there are more than 20 gates in the pantheon.

– There has never been so many successful bids to a single guild. The hunter association’s favoritism is threatening the survival rights of small and medium-sized guilds in Korea!

Generally, a guild’s average gate attack per month is two. At the age of 10 guilds, it would increase three to four times, but even that was standard for one month.

The Pantheon Guild closed more than 20 gates in just 4 days, so it is inevitable to say this.

However, the response of Oh Kang-hyeok, the president of the association, was strong.

“The Mansinjeon Guild is the largest guild in Korea, with over 3,000 hunters in the guild. In addition, most of the guilds are D-class hunters who are not hired and work daily jobs. You can.”

Originally, winning the right to capture the gate depended on performance and the number of people. This is because, of course, if there are a large number of hunters belonging to it, it is possible to operate multiple raiding parties.

However, is the Manshinjeon lacking in performance or the number of people lacking?

The Hunter Association decided and pushed it, but it’s about a minor issue. There was also a good reaction from the citizens.

-Hey, that gate is finally disappearing. I thought that no one would come because it was a corner of the countryside, and then the association raiding party would come.

– If the guilds want to have bad traffic, no one will win the bid.

-You gave up on the oak gate floating in front of my house belatedly, so the dungeon break almost happened.

-If you don’t have the capacity, you have to give up quickly, but there were too many bullies who gave up on the break just because they had mined as much magic stones as possible.

Gates are a resource. If you win the bid, you must fill the mulberry as much as you won the bid.

At least with the caution that there should be no damage, the practice of mining narrowly until two or three days before the dungeon break and handing it over to the association has been a long-standing headache.

Most of all, how many other gates are neglected because there is no news after challenging the top gate, even though they do not have the ability? This was also the burden of the Hunter Association.

“Whoops, really, the Lion Heart King is the treasure of the country.”

Oh Kang-hyeok, the president of the association, is dying because of the beauty of the pantheon that clears the unexplored gates accumulated in the association at an incredible speed.

The Hunter Association is still ambiguous in terms of the number of people in the face of losing talented people to the top 10 guilds, but thanks to the alliance of domestic guilds, it was forced to be swayed by uncontrollable power.

However, the Mansinjeon guild doesn’t do power-ups, has no interest in the association’s interests, isn’t negligent, and gets things done quickly.

Mansinjeon does not give up just because it is far away or in a difficult area. Whether there are orcs or demons at the gate, kill them all with Nopaku and come out.

‘As expected, it was good to bet on the pantheon. Only the Pantheon can stand against the tyranny of the 10 guilds!’

Oh Kang-hyeok was well aware of the cases of developed countries being swayed by powerful large guilds.

In Japan, a neighboring country, guilds that are more powerful than national power emerged with the advent of super-large guilds, and guilds replaced the government in a great country that was torn to shreds.

Korea was not in a safe situation either.

Leading by Cheongseong Guild of Infinite Sword Kang Jin-seong, which is said to be standing shoulder to shoulder with the optical swordsman, beating the No.

The union of these five guilds could lead to a second Japanese kaminari coalition.

It is absolutely necessary to stop the already powerful hunter guilds from gaining power beyond national power.

‘On the other hand, His Majesty is different. He is not interested in political power.’

It was very different from being a king of knights in the Middle Ages in that he respected President Andong-gil and responded to requests from a large country.

Of course, there is a bit of a bad side when it comes to tax issues. I understand that it is a cultural difference, but the ten structure was too severe.

If you dig into even that, it is a structure that spreads enough to see it as the ideal of a welfare state, so it seems that there are no complaints among the members than I thought.

Well, even Oh Kang-hyuk himself doesn’t seem to have that much dissatisfaction.

Isn’t it a utopia guaranteed by the gods as long as you pray well and abide by the Code?

‘Korea would rather follow the pantheon system–‘

No, this has gone too far. To say that the pantheon system is being introduced into the country is to say that the country has been torn from its roots.

Ordinary people might not know about it, but high-ranking officials in Korea will block it no matter what cause it is.

‘Come to think of it, did you have any intentions about the presidential election?’

I sometimes fantasize about it. What kind of country will the gods bless?

Strangely, I didn’t think it would be that bad.

* * * *

one week.

The result of mining magic stones by indiscriminately attacking gates all over the country with the full mobilization of the Mansinjeon was proved by the magic stones that filled the warehouse of the company building.

“13 unique grade equipment, 89 rare, and 500 other equipment and magic stones…”

-3.83 tons. Sorting by grade is complete. About 38.3 billion won in Hanwha. Item auction expected to be about KRW12.7bn.

“You’re quick to calculate, Sir Yapi!”

They were magic stones mined day and night by a thousand human hunters and 2,000 warriors.

Seeing the ominous bloody stones, Leon asked Beatrice.

“Will this be enough?”

“Yes, that’s enough.”

“That’s it. Get ready right away.”

Leon stared at the staff of the Pantheon Temple gathered in the seat.

There are not many hunters in this place except for the Kikkiruk tribe who are still carrying the magic stones.

Yapi, Han Hari, and a few knight cadets.

“This attack will target only a small number of elites. Also, all information related to this attack is prohibited from being disclosed to the outside world.”


Those who tilt their heads as if puzzled by Leon’s words.

But as Leon, I can’t help it. Can you intentionally open the gate and specify the coordinates through a medium?

This information is more susceptible to misuse. I’ll have to inform the Hunter Association sooner or later, but Leon intends to hide the information until things are clear.

“Han Hari. You will also have to refrain from speaking to the association. Can you?”

“Oh, um…”

Harry puts on a puzzled expression. She was a priestess of two gods, but at the same time a stern government official.

The reason she is here in the first place is to report what happened in the pantheon.

“Your Majesty… You’re not doing anything that harms the country, are you?”

“Of course.”

“Then I will trust you!”

Hari knew Leon’s eccentricity and at the same time his justice. As long as that upright justice is not shaken, this level of negligence will be fine.

Leon consisted of all top-level forces such as Beatrice, Yapi, and Han Hari, and only a few knights who could ride horses.

“I’m ready, Your Majesty.”

Beatrice’s preparations were complete. She places the holy sword at the center of the magic circle and designates magic stones as sacrifices.

When the magic team was activated based on the information thoroughly extracted from Hildir, the shaman of the Beast God, the magic stones piled up in the warehouse began to fluctuate.


Everyone was stunned by the phenomena in front of them. Magic stones were swallowed up as if they were being sucked into the magic circle, and soon a gate the size of a truck was formed!

“Crab, Gate!?”

“Did you make the gate… artificial?”

So far, gates have been a random phenomenon. Just like that, Beatrice created the gate right in front of her eyes.

“Eh, what the hell is this…”

The only ones who are not taken aback by the situation in front of them are Leon, Beatrice, and the machine Yafi, who knew in advance.

The knight cadets were speechless at the shocking truth unfolding in front of their eyes.


Leon leads, followed by Beatrice and Yapi. When the cadets included in the assault party entered for the last time, the gate shed a static light as if it had never happened.

* * * *

The process of recovering the unique dark vision at the same time as entering the gate. Leon furrowed his brow at the noisy tinnitus in his ears.

-visor! Chaeeng!

– Perok!


A familiar landing sound. The cacophony created by iron colliding with iron is a sound that Leon has been accustomed to throughout his life.

“I knew it…….”

Leon, who looked around with his restored vision, was not very happy that his prediction was correct.

A soldier in armor fights a ‘green skin’, and knights on horseback slaughter swarming beasts such as bears and wolves.


This was a battlefield.

The ‘Lionheart Kingdom Army’ fighting against disgusting creatures that are also very familiar.

– Stop it! Don’t let them pass here!

-Damn the Orcs! How dare you dig a trap!

-You have to buy time for Sir Zereah!


It was the time when I listened to the familiar name. A father’s voice is heard from the side.

“Your Majesty! Where is this place?”

When the two knight cadets, Han Su-ho and Kim Jae-hyeok, were stunned in the middle of the battlefield, an ax flew toward Kim Jae-hyuk.


The moment the ax reached Jaehyuk’s nose, there were two flashes of light.

Leon’s holy sword and a shield that flew in from somewhere hit the ax at the same time.

“Oh, go, thank you…”

“Knights, why are you lost there!”

The owner of the shield, the soldier, came back wearing the shield again like a magnet, found Leon and immediately fell down.

“Your Majesty! How the hell are you here…!”

The soldier on one knee was wearing familiar armor and decorations.

Orc skulls were attached to both shoulders, and the unique saw blade-shaped sword and dark bloody makeup on the inside of the helmet reminded me of familiar soldiers.

“Baltaric Orc Crushers.”

“Yes, Your Majesty! My name is Beverly, the company commander of the Baltaric Corps!”

“Wake up. Where is this place?”

“Yes? Oh, no.”

Beverly, who was momentarily taken aback by Leon’s absurd appearance and question, but soon began to speak faithfully.

“We were attacked by orcs and barbarians while on a mission to escort Lord Zereah’s relic! Most of the convoy is currently fighting against them!”

I remembered.

This happened in his reign.

The Holy Grail Knight of Dreams and Death, ‘Zerea of Twilight’. his last mission.

convoy of relics.

It was a disastrous mission that ultimately failed and destroyed the Holy Grail Knights and their knights.

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