The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 88: Relic Convoy (3)

Leon was very annoyed at the orc looking down at Leon while boarding the Bone Crusher.

He has the authority to make you fall down and pray just by meeting him, but the orc only looks down on him with an arrogant gaze.

“A beast that should wait for the land and die like a worm… dare to look down at the original king.”

The king’s wrath is not released by the king’s hand. Leon first looked for a knight who would win glory.

“Grail Knight Zereah! Bring the supply and demand of that outrageous beast!”

“I will gladly dedicate his supply and demand to His Majesty.”

The decrepit-looking knight bent his knees as if to make a run. And at that very moment, transcendent leg power causes his body to leap into the sky and lead him to the top of the canyon.

Kim Jae-hyeok and Han Su-ho were frightened, and the soldiers cheered.

The most decrepit Holy Grail Knight.

But the most challenging saint.



“Zerea of Twilight!”

“The one who challenged the thunderclap!”

“A knight of glory who rose from the most humble place, from the lowest place!”

Receiving applause from the soldiers, the Dark Knight soars.

Looking at the Grail Knights soaring with enormous majesty, it was easy to understand why the Holy Grail Knights were the saints favored by the gods or the strongest superweapons of mankind.

* * * *

Orc shaman Krakan loaded his spear with magic for the next attack.

The shamans of Gokrok are famous for crushing opponents with unorcishly cunning and destructive spells.

Krakan intended to safely deal with humans in the air, out of reach of their attacks. Until something rises from the ground… … .


By the time I realized that the dot was a person, it was already too late.


No matter how much a shaman was, an orc was an orc. Krakan instinctively pulled the reins, and the Flying Beast’s torso twisted.

– Shaak!

As the creepy anticipation passed by, Krakan witnessed it.

The form of a person who passed through the place he was at at high speed.

“Does an animal that should crawl on the ground intrude into the sky where the king plays?”

An elderly knight who reaches out even though the attack misses. What that hand reached out was a snarling bone crusher.

-Grruk… !

Then, Bone Crusher’s eyelids, which had been purring ferociously until just now, closed heavily. Of course, I had no choice but to stop flapping my wings and fall.

“This, this guy…!”

Falling Orc Shaman. Even though it was falling towards the orcs at the entrance of the gorge, Zereah willingly pursued it for the supply and demand promised to the king.

– Quaang!

At the same time that Bone Crusher, who fell from the sky, died of a head explosion while sleeping. Zereah rolled on the floor and followed the crawling Krakan.

“Turn it off…!”

Krakan struggled to crawl on the floor and ran away from the cold gaze felt behind his back.

he was in a hurry

“Get rid of it! Kill him!”

Krakan turned around and pointed at Zereah.

An army of tens of thousands of Orcs and barbarians gathered to attack the convoy. Each of their ravenous gazes is an ally that Krakan can mobilize.

“You’ll regret coming alone! I have an army!”

Despite being injured and looking ugly, Krakan did not lose his confidence. As he said, thousands of Orcs stepped forward and the savages turned into beasts.

Too much army for just one person. Even this isn’t everything.

Orcs and beasts filled the land. Black eagles embroidering the sky. Zereah frowned in front of the hostility of this formidable army.

“To mobilize such a number of beasts. It’s definitely a surprise.”

Orcs and barbarian cultists are Lionheart’s common enemies, but that doesn’t mean they’re on good terms.

In the first place, Orcs are ignorant beasts who are good enough as long as they can fight. If they attack the barbarians, don’t you know or cooperate?

Something went terribly wrong.

“Kuhehe… No matter how human it is, you can’t do this much by yourself——?!”

Krakan suddenly realized that his eyes were too dark.

Even though it is still broad daylight, the sky is dark as if it is immersed in darkness. I thought a large number of black eagles were blocking the sun… … .

‘It’s not like that! this is different… !’

The hair all over the body stands up. Even if I touch it, I feel that I will die through my skin.

“A lot, a lot.”

Zereah’s low voice was gloomy. Black eagles, unable to avoid the purple mist that covered the sky, fall in torrents.

-Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

The eagles were falling in despair. The mortal sinners who were not forgiven for their existence in the heavenly realm paid the price with death.

“O Divinity of Dreams and Death. Lady of Death. I want a knight who has completed your task.”

A purple mist spreads in all directions as if it had been swept away by the wind.

The beasts who realized death just by touching it fled, but they couldn’t be faster than the wind.

“Death to those who do not believe, unbreakable nightmares—”

A ruthless massacre that did not even establish a battle. Krakan exclaimed urgently.

“Oh, it’s a golem! I’m responding with a golem!”

Indeed, the sorcerer’s nerd. Did he realize that the fog was the fog of death that took away life?

Contrary to Krakan’s screaming voice, the rock golems built by the shamans in an instant made their way through the fog with dull steps.

An army made entirely of golems.

Krakan smiled triumphantly, but it was quickly replaced by anxiety. why? Why does that old man look at an army of golems this big?

“Do you know why the Holy Grail Knights are called the strongest creatures on earth?”

He dove toward the slow approaching golem. He slashed his sword at a huge boulder.

“That’s because we alone outsmart the Legion.”

Several tons of boulders were cut off like tofu.

* * * *

cack, cack… The bleak birdsong resounding in the canyon at night. The power of his grip that gently holds Goo Dae-seong with his head raised inadvertently and presses him gently.

“Be careful. Most of the nocturnal beasts here are monsters.”

“I’m sorry.”

Zereah, a young in-house trainee, smiled benevolently at Goo Dae-seong.

“You may not know. You are still young.”

They were hiding in the bushes. Not only that, but even the horses lie down and hold their breath. Daesung and Hari’s horse was forced to sleep.

“It was fortunate that there was a bush nearby.”

While hiding in a bush that reached up to a person’s waist, an orc riding a wild boar roamed around.

It was a precarious street where an orc’s stomach would be exposed immediately after taking a few steps closer. Just then, the purple mist spread by Zereah enveloped the orc.

“Uh, uhm…! Uh, this place…”

The orcs and wild boars, who were searching with open eyes, swayed with unfocused eyes as if they were somehow drunk.

“It’s not good…”

The orc turned the boar’s head and headed the other way. Hari, who had been holding her breath, exhaled.

“All right, I’m glad.”

No matter how many times this happened, everyone stared at Zereah with relief.

Zereah, who took off her armor and tied it to a horse to reduce the rattle, led the party with a relaxed voice.

“There’s a cave I’ve been looking at. Go there and hide.”

Then Zerea heads to the words of Hari and Daesung who are asleep. The other horses were able to reduce their voices with muzzles, but the two horses had not been trained for such a thing, so they were put to sleep with Zereah’s voice.

Zerea picks up one of the horses and puts it on her shoulder.

“Sir Zereah. We can do it. How precious is your body…”

When Zereah takes the lead, the female knight dissuades her with an embarrassed expression. As a Holy Grail Knight, she felt it was too much of a burden for him to do the chores.

“It’s okay, Sir Stella. Right now I’m not a Holy Grail Knight, I’m just an acolyte. Treat me comfortably.”

In a wartime situation, the Knight of War takes orders from the Knight of War or the Knight of the Kingdom. In that sense, Zerea, who said that the commanding authority was Stella and nailed it.

In the end, Zereah carried the horse until he reached the cave.

“I’ll block the cave from now on. Please step back.”

Putting her horse down in the cave, Zereah knelt on the ground and prayed. It was a prayer to Demera, the goddess of earth and fertility.

-Guuuuu… !

Plants that cover the cave in response to the knight’s prayers. As it is a native plant of this land, the entrance of the cave will not be discovered or looked awkward.


Watching that scene, Hari and Daesung shed the same impression.

Zereah, who utilizes various sacred spells in the right place. If it hadn’t been for him, the pursuers might have been caught long ago.

“It’s just an old man’s catch.”

Zereah smiled kindly and headed towards the back of the cave. Naturally, the horses were tied up and prepared for camping.

“Sir Zereah. May I ask you to keep the sacred object?”

The red-haired kingdom knight, Stella, who had stopped Zereah a while ago, handed over the box of holy things she was carrying.

Zereah shook his head at the long ship, which could have been 1.5m long.

“Sir Stella, don’t you know. In wartime, the Kingdom Knights of the Kingdom Army have the right to command rather than wandering attendants. Don’t force me to exceed my authority.”

“But, Sir. You are the Holy Grail Knight chosen by the divinity of dreams and death.”

“It’s just difficult to put the achievements I’ve accomplished in the future on me. The one in front of you is just a challenger. It’s not someone who has completed the quest.”


Daesung cautiously asked Stella, who was in trouble. It’s because I didn’t understand it from daylight.

“Sorry to interrupt, but future Sir Zereah… What do you mean by past Sir Zereah?”

“Ah… Knights who have just started wandering may be unfamiliar. Sir Han Ha-ri… Did you say Sir Koo Dae-seong?”

Stella and Zereah glanced at the unusual names of the two people who were mistaken for pilgrims, but it was only for a moment.

Apart from their origins, the ‘obvious divinity’ was proof that they were brothers.

“It’s just that the goddess gave her undeserved favor.”

Grail Knight of Dreams and Death, Zereah of Twilight.

His endless challenges were famous not only in the kingdom but also on the continent.

Dumb Zerea, a person who endlessly challenged bards who sing of disgrace.

When he finally became a Holy Grail Knight after drinking the holy water of the Holy Grail, Fleur presented him with special powers in honor of his great journey.

Uniqueness Law <You are destined to win in the end in an endless dream.>

His unique surname symbolizes his life story, which started wandering at the age of 15 and dreamed of becoming a Holy Grail Knight.

The ability is simple with his own unique method that combines the power of dreams and death.

“Fleu is to recreate the dreamed past and summon an alter ego in reality. Now I am 85 years old. It’s time to finally receive the quest.”

“Such sex law…”

“Then the power is… dissipated, isn’t it?”

At Hari’s question, Zereah laughed and denied it.

“This body is nothing more than a reproduction of the past. It reproduces the power without dispersing it.”

“Wow~ Then, aren’t you invincible?”

“Even if I’m just an acolyte, I’m not strong enough to compare to the power of a Holy Grail Knight. Don’t expect too much.”

It seems that summoning an alter ego from the past does not double its power.

-Koo Goong!

A canyon that suddenly fluctuates. A mad trembling shook the entire canyon. It was a time when everyone was barely holding on to the center of gravity in that trembling.

“This? Oh…! Avoid!”

Zereah hurriedly grabbed Hari and Daesung and threw them into the cave. At that very moment, something huge falls from the ceiling.

– Kwaaak!

Something collided with Zereah’s sword. In the midst of the dust, several attacks went back and forth. Goo Dae-seong realized from the sound that this was not an accident, but an attack.

“Sir Zereah! I’ll help you——Kuh!”

In the thick dust, Stella also collided with something.

“What, what…!”

It was at that time when Koo Dae-sung was about to step forward. Harry drew his sword. Soon after, her flames soar and form a vortex that shoots toward the entrance of the cave.

The flames that burn what has been wronged and the waves that wash away the dust. According to her wishes, the two powers swept away everything in the cave without harming her allies in the slightest.

– Knock!

The assailants were swept away by the vortex of fire and pinned to the wall. As the vortex swallowed up the dust and poured out of the cave, all that remained in the cave were the shapes of the allies and the assailants.

“What the hell?”

Zereah tossed the attacker’s scruff and decapitated it. Then, the mogaji rolls around. Hari and Daesung held their breath.

“A monster, a monster?”

With a height of more than 2m and the size of three or four bears, it was by no means human. No, it was hard to see it as a whole life.

Melted skin, tentacles protruding from eating eyeballs, a stinky smell like a rotting corpse, and grotesquely shaped joints.

Strange monsters that seem to blaspheme and loathe life itself.


Something like a bleak cry echoed deep in the cave.

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