The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 89: Relic Convoy (4)

five assailants. One of them was decapitated by Zereah, and the other two were hit by the vortex of the Holy Law poured out by Hari.

A sacred flame that burns, it will surely burn its enemies. Even if you touch it, it will stick to you like white phosphorus and won’t stop until you burn them all out—


The monsters on fire were drenched and swaying, aiming for the convoy.

“Even though it’s on fire, how…”

As if you don’t feel any pain.

“Relax. Raise your shield, watch his attacks. Be especially careful with those tentacles, they’re poisonous.”

Hari, who was about to ask how he knew that, looked at the nape of Zereah’s neck and startled.

It was because there was a dark blue bruise on the nape of Zereah’s neck centered on a small cut.

“I-Sir Zerea…!”

“Focus on the enemy. That’s the priority now.”

Like a veteran knight here, Zereah didn’t care and picked up the sword. The battle between the four monsters and the relic convoy resumes.



The voices of the monsters were different, but their behavior was the same as if they were of the same species.

Seeking an opportunity to release a stinger with its tentacles, it wields its huge claws like a bear. As if he didn’t feel any pain, he pushed in, ignoring the slight scratches.

‘Strong… ! It’s almost at the level of an A-class monster!’

A tricky strategy and pure physical ability that would appear as a mid-boss even in an orange gate. It’s not easy to deal with because he ignores the pain.

But Hari is God’s daughter-in-law. He was a chosen holy law user, and in terms of power, he was no match for these monsters.

-Quaaaa… !

To a fire so large that it could be completely destroyed if it was not pushed out by touching it.

Ha-ri’s flame consumed the monster entirely, consuming the stinging tentacles.

– Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee … .

A monster whose vocal chords were burned in an instant and even his voice died. In the meantime, Zereah and the knights also steadily defeated the monsters.

“Riders hold on to your shields. Two seconds is enough.”

“I’ll take your name!”

The commoner riders stopped the charge of the monsters, trusting only their shields. Although he was a commoner in light cavalry, his shield skills were sufficiently skilled. They added strength and weight by relying on each other.


Monsters screaming as their charge is blocked. However, what is important in group warfare is not individual strength, but commanded combat power.

“Just watch out for the tentacles.”

Zereah and the knights stabbed the head, the vital point of all living things, avoiding the tentacles that were swinging at random.

If it couldn’t pierce the skull with one shot, it immediately retreated and entrusted it to the next knight’s sword.

It was when there was only one left.

-Bake it… !

The monster that was blocked by the shield wall witnessed something and began to run and run like crazy. At the end of the sprint, not caring about death, there was a ‘reliquary’ that was neglected in the middle of a chaotic battle.

“Uh, uh?!”

Of course, Goo Dae-sung, who was closest to him, inadvertently blocked his way.

“Gu, Gu Dae-sung Hunter!”

Hari shouted, but the monster was already approaching Goo Dae-seong. Koo Dae-seong reflexively thrusts his sword at the monster that charges forward while wielding tentacles.

– Kwaaak!

Maybe I was lucky? Goo Dae-sung’s skull was pierced with the acceleration of the black monster he stabbed, and he died with it.

“S-I knocked it down…!?”

However, a new type of monster that attacks Goo Dae-seong as it collapses.

There was even a running speed, so the impact force close to the collision is transmitted as it is.

“Keuugh! My arm…!”

Possibly because the position was wrong, he tried to pull out his arm, which felt intense pain, but for some reason, the arm wouldn’t listen.

“I’ll pull you out!”

Knights and riders rescue Goo Dae-seong from being crushed by a monster. Hari pushed the monster’s corpse as hard as he could with one hand, and Goo Dae-sung was able to free himself from the weight that was oppressing him.

“Hunter Goo Dae-sung! You won’t get hurt… Ah.”

Ha-ri, who was taking care of him right away, turned pale as she checked Koo Dae-sung’s broken arm.

Swayed by tentacles, through torn clothes… It was because of the dark blue spots.

“You’re addicted.”

It’s not just old age. Zereah, who saved Hari and Daesung in the first raid, and several knights and riders were also stung by tentacles while dealing with the monster.


“poison is…….”

At the moment of battle, the riders collapsed one after another, although they didn’t pay attention due to the excessively secreted adrenaline. The knights seemed to be holding up somehow, but they didn’t look good.

“We must find an antidote.”

“But it’s an unheard of monster, so what?”

“Are the Orc shamans and cultists monsters with some strange curse?”

Stella, who had served as a Kingdom Knight for ten years, had never seen such an abominable creature. The same goes for Gerea.

As it is a creature seen for the first time, finding an antidote seems impossible. but… … .

“This poison, it seems, is a poison I know.”

“Yes? Sir Zereah?”

The gaze focused on the words. He, who was the first to be poisoned, infers the poison by examining the spots on his body.

“It’s the nerve poison of sea corals. It’s an instant-acting poison, and if left unattended for a long time, it will lead to death.”

“Sea corals? Why is the poison of sea creatures to monsters on land…”

“Not only that. It has forepaws like those of an owl bear and skin like that of an upper boar. It’s a mix of things.”


At those words, the knights frowned. It was because it was taboo.

Synthesizing and creating life is the realm of the gods. A taboo that should never be allowed to humans.

“It’s a Chimera synthetic water. It’s the work of warlocks.”

* * * *

Zereah quickly created an antidote. After dismantling the Chimera, he created an antidote from the tentacles of the sea coral.

“First the riders. They are in a hurry.”

Zereah fed the antidote, starting with riders with low resistance.

“Keuuu… Thank you, I do.”

“Lord Zereah… you have to decipher it first….”

“Never mind me. Just as you were loyal to protect the kingdom’s people, I swore an oath to protect the knights and commoners.”

Duties of nobles and knights. they sacrifice first. None of the knights abandoned this due duty.

The problem arose in the process of distributing the antidote to the knights.

“One serving… is not enough.”

Among the articles, three were poisoned.

Zereah, an ascetic knight, Stella, a kingdom knight, and Koo Dae-seong, considered a pilgrim knight.

“An antidote from Sir Stella.”

Zereah handed over the antidote to the red-haired female knight halfway through coercion. This is because it is clear that she, who has the authority to command, must be deciphered first.

“Sir Zereah…”

Stella hesitated with the antidote before swallowing it. It is because of her duty as a commander.

“Ugh… I’m sorry. I burned a monster…”

At Hari’s self-reproach, Zerea pats her on the shoulder and smiles benevolently.

“You never know what’s going on in battle. Don’t blame yourself.”

Then, Zereah approaches Goo Dae-seong and recommends an antidote.

“I am….”

Goo Dae-seong hesitated even while receiving the antidote. He is the weakest in this convoy. Even though he is a double body, he and Zereah, an ascetic knight.

Really, is there any way to compare the value of the two?

Why did this knight casually give himself the antidote?

“Hurry up and get it. This old man’s arms are heavy.”

Goo Dae-seong accepted the antidote and swallowed it, feeling the burden of his gaze without hesitation.

The powdered antidote lingered in my mouth, but I washed it off by drinking the water Hari gave me.

“They hid the entrance more secretly. Even if they have a good nose, you won’t be able to easily track them in this cave.”

Zereah squeezed out the last of her holy power to ensure the safety of the convoy. And I asked them to take a break for a while.


“Sir Zereah!”

And his limit was finally found.

Knights and riders lighted a bonfire and spread blankets to make his surroundings as comfortable as possible. Although he was a clone, he was dying with honor.

“Sir Zereah…”

knights… And Daesung, who saved his life through his concession. Looking at their sad eyes, the decrepit knight said.

“Relax. Even if this body dies, I will be with you again from the past.”

The past that the Holy Grail Knight recreated doesn’t just stop once. The countless processes he underwent, the heyday of his life, were allowed as much as seven times he performed ‘The Task of Fleur’.

In other words, Zereah can be resummoned six times in the future.

“But… you are the only one.”

Goo Dae-sung’s words hit a blind spot. Even if it is a reproduced past, death is death. How could he accept his own death so calmly?

“My body… has been blessed by the woman of death. She will be gracious to me who is connected with the body. So… there is nothing to be sad about. My death will be peaceful.”

The person himself is calm, but it was a death that those who watched him mourned more. Zereah said to Goo Dae-sung.

“Young knight, you are worthy. Thanks to you, the holy relic is not tainted by evil hands.”

Goo Dae-sung wanted to say that it was a miraculous thing that he himself had done all of a sudden. I don’t know if I would have done it in the first place.

Having just been lucky enough to pick up a little hammer, he seemed to be weighed down by this illusion.

Zereah’s gaze turned to everyone.

“Sir Stella.”

“I’m listening, Sir Zereah.”

“It’s clear that this mission… is a trap. The problem must be behind it…”

The rare alliance and raid between the Orcs and Barbarians could have been considered an happening in the process of searching for the Holy Relic.

However, such persistent pursuit and the attack of an unknown group… And even the capture of the reliquary, which the monsters prioritized while ignoring their lives.

“Someone is aiming for the Holy Relic…. Never… Never let the Relic go over.”

“Of course, Sir Zereah.”

“You… you identify me with Zereah of Twilight… I am just a stupid Zereah. Treat my past as well when I will be resurrected. In order to deliver this holy relic to the Lion Heart King… I will have to consume it without hesitation.”


Zereah could no longer speak at the death that came while looking at Stella, who was speechless. His fading gaze stared at the ceiling.

“To Lionheart… be the glory….”

He was a knight until the end, and the protection of death willingly covered his end.

* * * *

-Ahhhhhh… !

-Gaaaaaaaa… !

A scream echoed through the canyon. As a result, the Orc warriors and beasts around them took a step back.


Chimera monsters that make even Orcs reluctant as well as the fists of the Beast Gods. The leader of the tracking team spat and showed his displeasure.

“To pursue with those monsters.”

“That’s right. Even if it’s an order from the ‘Warchief’…”

Originally, he joined hands with the savage cultists who would have cut the ax the moment he encountered them, and he was firmly ordered not to collide with those who led the whole situation.

Originally, orcs were the ones who would ignore the chieftain’s orders if they didn’t like them, but it was the warchief who gave them orders.

Even the mightiest Orc warrior would fall to his knees in fear before that terrifying power and axe.

“It’s convenient, though. These monsters can smell a human.”

The dead bodies of horses and knights were lined up around the orcs. One of the convoys that Grail Knight Zereah tore into five parts.

“Damn it! I can’t see that thing! Second bang already!”

This time again, the orc bursts into anger at this nonsense. The second time the tracking masters who serve the Orc hunting god, Skunik, are in vain.

“How many convoys are left?”


“These chimeras… are there any that haven’t returned?”

“All three.”

In other words, it means that all three were beaten. Knowing the power of these chimeras, the orcs intuited that the remaining three convoys were formidable.

“For now, we’ll track everyone. We’re still far from getting out of the gorge.”

“And what?”

“We’ll have to hit the weakest ones first.”

The Orc Tracker found the correct answer with reasonable reasoning.

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