The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 9 Chivalry (2)

Looking at Dyurahan getting off the horse, Leon assumed that his guess was correct.

“As expected, an honorable knight.”

Leon summoned a sword in the air. It is an iron sword that feels old but strong.

There was no armor. After repeated wars for a long time, the armor forged by Heto, the god of iron and blacksmith, has been broken.

Leon looked at Dyurahan holding a greatsword in one hand and wearing his head on his waist and gave a word of consideration.

“It’s okay to lay down your neck. Your swordsmanship, originally a two-handed swordsmanship. A true duel cannot be established if you wield it with one hand.”

“……Me, Your Majesty.”

Then, Hari approaches cautiously.

“What’s going on?”

“That… Dullahan won’t die unless you cut off his head.”


So that’s it. How the hell are you going to beat Dyurahan without cutting your hair?

“It doesn’t matter. It is the honor of the knights to decide the outcome.”

No, so you’re not going to die? Leon, who lightly chewed on Hari’s words, saw Dyurahan holding a sword with both hands while entrusting his head to the skeleton.

“The first knight of Ariana, the goddess of light and justice. The Grand Duke of Dragonia and the Lionheart of Lionheart. Allow the honorable knight to take on the challenge.”

It was as soon as the anachronistic introduction and misleading declaration were over.

Dyurahan, who narrowed the distance in an instant even while wearing the creaking armor, drew a greatsword as if slashing down.

thud! There was a dizzying sound, but Leon was not wounded by the greatsword. The sword blade and the sword blade pushed each other to the point where they had a contest of strength.

“Hey, is strength a whistle?”

Hari denied the words of Manager Kim, who was trying to calm herself down.

Leon’s sword is an ordinary longsword. On the other hand, Dullahan’s sword is a great sword that can be twice that size. In addition, despite the advantage of putting his weight on top and striking down, Leon did not move at all.

‘What power… … .’

In terms of physical strength, Leon was overwhelming Dyurahan. Rather, in that situation, Leon is the one who can afford it.

Dyurahan put his hand on the blade and tried to strike it down. However, at that instant, he twisted the edge of a sword as if he were brushing it off, and in an instant, he aimed his heart at Dullahan’s chest with sword wrestling.

“One time.”

No one knew what the declaration meant. Dyurahan took two steps back and rotated his body.

The great sword with its weight was swung as hard as it could, creating a frenzy. A light strike that will destroy the entire defense.

At first, I wanted to catch it with the blade, but then I pressed it down with the pommel. The longsword, deeply embedded in the ground, blocks the greatsword as it is.

-… … !

In the next moment, a kick kicks Dyurahan in the chest. It is an act closer to pushing with your foot than a swift kick. But for some reason, Dyurahan’s posture collapsed and he hit his butt.

The sword is pointed straight away and Leon speaks.


Hunters who watched the series did not understand what was happening.

Leon’s kick looked more like a light push. Even so, Dyurahan’s posture collapsed.

If anyone saw it, it would look like Dyurahan took care of Leon.

“What the hell happened?”



Meanwhile, only Harry had just understood it.

Since she was a child, she has been learning swords for a long time as a promising kendo player.

When it comes to boxing or swordsmanship, you might think you just need to be good at punching and swordsmanship, but there are things that are emphasized in any martial art.

The technique of moving the center of gravity and stride length from the lower body planted like a root.

Even a light jab, even a wrist strike that is used as a check ball, everything starts from the center of gravity of the lower body.

What Leon did was to break that center of gravity.

‘At a glance, it seems that the power is concentrated on the right foot when kicking, but in reality it is the left foot on the ground. It created a hole in the ground with magic power and caused a small vibration within a radius of 2.5m.’

A technique that shakes the ground with just the explosion of a foot. It is a technique like a double-edged sword that disrupts the opponent’s posture and disrupts one’s own posture.

Leon did it very naturally and broke Dyurahan’s stride.

Kicking from a collapsed center of gravity is just an act of pushing a person standing in front of a cliff very lightly.

It was a natural way to achieve that subtle technique in such a short time.

“Get your posture back.”

Dyurahan shuddered and stood up again. The same thing happened again after that.

* * * *

Command Knight Dyurahan was a knight who pursued honor and glory.

However, he was cursed by the necromancer and became the commander who leads the command army.

Now the necromancer’s restraints are gone, but all he can do is lock himself in this unknown place and repel the intruders.

Repeating the tedious task, he again commanded the army to repel the intruder.

There were some moderately strong people among the intruders this time, but not so great people.


Except for one man.

A person who self-proclaimed Leon Dragonia Lionheart.

He proudly challenged himself to a duel as a knight.

It’s been a long time indeed.

A knight who treats himself as a knight and asks for a duel.

However, there is a high possibility that this is a trick to overcome the chaff’s difficulties. Anyone who had been offered to dismount would have judged it that way.

However, Dyurahan must have been angry with the guy who said such a stupid thing not to tarnish the knight’s honor.

look at that

see that article

The appearance and upright attitude of a veteran beyond countless battlefields. The eyes of the stars who pursue fame and fame.

The author is the end of the honor that knights seek.

The king of knights whom all knights should look up to, fear, and challenge.

Looking at him, how could he associate it with such a crafty craft?

“Three times. Would you like more?”

-… … .

third death. If anyone had seen it, the armor would have blocked it anyway, but they would have said it wasn’t forced.

But Dyurahan knew. If this man tried to kill him, he could have killed him at any time.

This knight, like the idol of all knights, bestowed teachings on himself and raised his honor.

That’s why Dyurahan and the article couldn’t help but admire.

This knight, this lion heart king… Do you treat yourself, who has become a commander, with honor?

He had powerful powers as a Commander-in-Chief.

Command armor that offsets all physical power by 80%.

The black magic circle of evil that Dullahan’s head can use.

The general of the bones that rallies the skeleton soldiers, etc.

Powerful powers that he acquired after becoming a Command Knight. But I didn’t want to use any of them.

Just as a knight, upright, clashing sword against sword without witchcraft.

I want to cross swords with this man over and over again.

Just as he once forgot about the world and fought against renowned knights while wandering the world with honor.

“That’s ten times. Your swordsmanship is getting more and more sophisticated. Did you trace your memories well?

iced coffee.

Honorable knight.

Dyurahan realized the intent of this article.

Treating him as a knight rather than a miserable seed of a necromancer, returning him to an era of glory.

“Do you want more, knight?”

Dyurahan had the skeletons bring his head. Then he got down on one knee and offered his head.

It was a perfect surrender, entrusted to one’s disposition.

“Excellent. I am so happy that you have regained your honor.”

With both hands, Leon put his hand on the head of Dyurahan, who had offered his head. And spoke in a reverent voice.

“I will pray for you. If there is a god you believe in, may he give rest to your soul. If not, may the goddess guide you even to the edge of the garden.”

How long was the time spent in slaughter?

Was it the time that was repeated with a fight without honor?

“I hope to meet this wonderful knight at the banquet hall of the gods.”

Dyurahan was thrilled with this knight who treated him as a knight, prayed for him, and blessed him.

“Let there be light.”

A light shone from Leon’s hand. He sensed that the warm light was guiding him. At the last moment, Dyurahan destroyed all the skeletons and worshiped Leon.

– Glory to Leon Dragonia Lionheart!

His silent awe echoed throughout the dungeon.

* * * *

The dungeon boss commander, Dullahhan, has collapsed.

Originally, that is not the end. Even after defeating the boss, if there are still trash mobs, it takes time to calmly clean them up.

“You kept your promise….”

“Gee, really… It ended with a duel.”

last minute. Dyurahan destroyed the Command Army with his will.

As if he had been sincerely blessed, he prostrated himself as if he was worshiping Leon, accepting the end.

“Bah, what was that light just now? I think he said let there be light.”

“……Isn’t that called divine power?”

Divine power does not exist among the Awakened. Even the survivors claimed the existence of the gods, but could not provide evidence of their existence.

However, the power that Leon had just purified Dyurahan at once cannot be explained unless it is the divine power of the undead or the demons seen only in novels and cartoons.

“Uh… well, if you have that kind of skill, use it long ago.”

Hari couldn’t say anything directly, but he said the words that anyone would have thought.

“If so, wouldn’t that honorable knight meet his end as a Commander?”

To revive Dullahan’s memory as a knight? To accept your own death?

“A knight is a being who follows his honor and reputation. Honor comes from action, and action comes from the fulfillment of his will. A noble knight would have done that.”

Hari didn’t fully understand Leon’s words. There were many things I wanted to say.

uncertain possibility.

Damage in case of failure.

Irrational behavior and illogical arguments that do not calculate risk.

But it didn’t seem necessary to say it out loud.

Even knowing all that, this man would act like it was natural.

It is emotion, not reason.

It’s intuition, not logic.

It is not rational, but a flower that blooms in irrationality.

Anyone can’t follow it because they know it, so it must be a beautiful flower.

“Hmm, now let’s go get the loot.”

“Uh… yes?”

“If there was a battle, wouldn’t it be right to take the spoils? Take the lead. You guys will have to take care of what is valuable.”

On this day, while closing the dungeon, the association hunters obtained an unexpected loot.

[Durahan’s Cloak]

[Durahan’s Greatsword]

[Jewel of the Necromancer]

In addition, the magic crystals that I hurriedly brought after the dungeon boss died.

“Wow! Look at this gem! Even just looking at it, it’s imbued with tremendous magic power! It would be worth it if I sold this—”

“It’s a bad thing from buggy trash. These things only cause trouble.”

– Kwajik!


[Knight’s Cloak]

[Durahan’s Greatsword]

Other magic stones, etc.

Although there was some commotion in the process of obtaining the loot, the clearing of the Honam Pyeongya Gate was successful.

Not only did he purify the plains contaminated with magical energy, but he also witnessed a tremendous miracle of blessed rice, and perfectly handled the vermilion grade gate.

The Phoenix Guild and Lee Yong-wan, who had been watching the scene, returned with gritted teeth, but right now it was their turn to celebrate this event with everyone.

However, the problem occurred in an unexpected part.

“Uh… Your Majesty. Tax, do you have to pay taxes?”

“Ugh! How can a king ask a foreign king to pay taxes! This is the spoils of the original king! It is against the law to pay taxes on it!”

“Ah, no, you don’t have to pay in cash. Even if you use magic stones from the loot instead of paying taxes…”

“Kings don’t count coins. How do you argue to the king what the lower ones should do?”

“No, then Your Majesty! What are you asking us to do?!”

“There is nothing to report to your king. It is desirable to just respect each other’s honor.”

“Sae, you’re saying you’re really not going to pay any taxes?”

“Stop talking about coins.

The staff of the Hunter Association thought in unison as they watched Leon, who was stubborn and arguing.

”This child… Isn’t it worse than the Phoenix Guild?’

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