The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 91: Grail Knight Zereah (2)

Through the holy water of the Holy Grail bestowed by the Lion Heart King after completing the task given by God, the trainee knight finally reconstructs his body and becomes a Holy Grail Knight.

One of the most representative powers of the Holy Grail Knight is, of course, the nature of being an ‘agent of God’.

Ariana of Light and Justice.

Poma of the sea and waves.

Fleur of Dreams and Death.

Petos of War and Flame.

Demera of life and abundance.

Heto of iron and blacksmith.

Ultima of Sky and Thunder.

Tatar of the Sun and Judgment.

Dina of the moon and chastity.

Irmin of forests and trees.

Ventasis of Darkness and Vengeance.

Those who maintain divinity through the faith of believers are their agents. In other words, it grants the ‘living saint’ the power of faith dedicated to me.

In other words, unlike knights who cause miracles only with their own holy power, Holy Grail Knights replace all beliefs devoted to God with holy power.

Therefore, the Holy Grail Knight could be said to be a huge storehouse of faith that encompasses the gods and followers, and the ability naturally given to them with enormous holy power is ‘perfect vitality’.

vitality. In other words, living power. Vigor.

In other words, a Holy Grail Knight who maintains “perfect vitality” at any moment—

“How can these madmen carry out raids without rest for three days!!”

don’t get tired

Some fierce battles… No, even after hundreds of years of repetition, the body never loses vitality.

“I’ve already been attacked over three hundred times!”

The tribal council of barbarians who worship the beast god. They were tired of the unrestricted raids from the night three days ago.

If it’s a night raid, I understand. No, I honestly don’t understand.

A battle is only possible when the minimum number is established. However, these guys are popping up all over the place, just the two of them.

It means that only two people are attacking tens of thousands of troops.

Even raids took place during the day.

They raided food stores, exploded weapons warehouses, and even slaughtered the strongholds of the orcs in which the entire tribe moved during war and escaped leisurely.

‘Those fanatics who sing the song of honor and honor… !’

Surprise is not honorable. The battle is the Lionheart’s knights who shout fair and square in the front, but they were brutally ignorant against the three types.

Orcs, heretics, demons.

Honor is the way to choose what to protect, and I do not hide the Lionheart way of thinking, if I do it, it is honor, if you do it, it is dishonorable.

“Why can’t you catch them!”


Because he is a Holy Grail Knight.

It was a fact everyone knew.

A being that transcends all disadvantages and impossibilities. Monsters whose very existence is unreasonable.

It is a fact that not only they know, but Dagchi tribal leader Dagil also knows.

I just don’t want to believe in this absurd reality.

“Chief… At this rate, they will only make fun of them. We must find a way…”

method? If there was such a thing, he would have killed the Grail Knights long ago.

What is the reason Lionheart’s old enemies have been slaughtered from time to time over thousands of years?

It was because there was very little they could do in front of the strongest creatures on earth.

“I have to do something…!”

– Quaang!

It was then. A commotion was heard outside the tent where the tribal meeting of the barbarians was held, and soon a chunk of meat was thrown inside.

Pucak! And the meat thrown into the tent… A cultist in the form of a bear.


Cultists who dedicated their souls to Cheol-woong are given a stronger and bulkier body than anyone else. Blowing away the upper body of such a warrior?

“What the hell… what are you doing, Helkan Champion!”

It entered silently from the entrance of the tent. Red aura gushed from the orc holding a heavy club.

That aura is proof that you have received the blessing of the Orc Avatar Helcan. In other words, he is the champion of Helcan.

“I, until yesterday, told you to drill.”

A heavy voice echoed through the tent. It’s a terrible presence. The barbarians trembled in fear just by his appearance.

However, Da-Gil tried to overcome his energy and tried to hold on. He is the chief of the black eagle tribe and the chief of the cult who has the right to summon the incarnation of the beast god.

No matter how powerful the champion of the Orc God is, if he is pushed here, his position in the savage society of the law of the jungle is doomed.

However, the champion of Helkan was not the one to consider such a thing.

– Knock!

“It’s big?!”

In an instant, a large hand gripped the nape of her neck, and Da-gil groaned. A powerful white wolf warrior, he immediately turned into a beast, but was unable to escape from his grasp.

‘Kuh… ! What, what kind of power!?’

He is an old master of back-to-back combat. When he was young, he had even fought a Holy Grail Knight. However, the power he felt from the fighter in front of him was stronger than any power he had ever experienced.

‘interest… Stronger than the Holy Grail Knights!’

60 years ago, he was the one who competed with the Holy Grail Knight, who was proud of his strength. At that time, he managed to escape alive, but the orc in front of him was stronger than the Holy Grail Knight back then!

“All-out attack tomorrow. Deploy troops.”

“Ha, but…! They have two Holy Grail Knights!”

“Me and the warriors of Skunik will lend a helping hand.”

Dagil’s eyes flashed at this. Are there two champions of the orc god that appear only in history books?

If what he said was true, tomorrow’s battle wouldn’t have to weigh the outcome.

“Ah, I see.”

Da-gil nodded his head in fear at the blazing red gaze.

“Then, starting today, we will launch an all-out attack—”

– Boo Woo Woo Woo!!

It was at that time that Dagil was about to make a decision as tribal chief. A trumpet sounded loudly towards the canyon.

“What’s up!”

The ark was different from the sound of the trumpets of the orcs and barbarians.

Dagil as well as the Orc Champion left the tent and headed towards the place where the sound was heard. And there–

“Listen, beasts!”

Holy Grail Knight Zereah. He was boldly hovering right in front of the Orcs’ camp.

“I give you the lowly beasts the lion heart king’s edict.

At the same time as he said that, Zereah threw a spear with all his might into the middle of the orc camp. The javelin, fired by the Grail Knight’s monstrous power, stopped only after penetrating an orc.

– Big!

Zereah, who served as a messenger even after witnessing the death of an orc, shows no regrets.

“Tsk, to think that His Majesty’s temple is stained with the blood of a filthy green beast. It’s a mortal sin that will tear your soul even in death.”

It was brazenness worthy of resentment from the Orc’s point of view, but Zereah turned his horse’s head and turned back to the kingdom’s camp.

* * * *

“These cheeky bastards!”

What the Kingdom Army delivered through the javelin was simple.

“Let’s open one-on-one.”

There was all sorts of rhetoric, but this was only what the ignorant orcs and cultists understood.

They said that each of them should choose a warrior to fight the duel between the Orcs, the barbarians, and the kingdom army.

“You don’t even have to accept it! When these despicable people have been raiding at night, when will they come and duel!”

In addition, the contents were excessively favorable to the kingdom army.

If they win, they will back down. They say they will resign if defeated, but that is something that can be achieved through battle.

On the other hand, there were two Holy Grail Knights who were said to be the strongest creatures on earth.

If you fight one-on-one, the odds are not high. In the first place, being able to deal with a monster like the Holy Grail Knight alone——


Dagil’s gaze glanced at the orcs.

Originally, two races that would not hold meetings together gathered together. And in this place were the ‘champions’ of the Orc Gods.

‘Worth a try.’

The eccentric and wayward Orc gods rarely chose their own champions.

Orc Avatar Helcan.

Gokrok, the orc shaman god.

Orc hunting god Skunik.

Powerful orc warriors whose champions have been chosen by the powerful orc gods.

“What are you thinking? I think you have a pretty good chance of winning.”


The Orc Toshin champion stared at Dagil. Da-gil, who was overwhelmed by him, inadvertently avoided his gaze and rolled his eyes.

“I agree. This is enough for our role anyway.”

It was unexpected. The Holy Grail Knight is the one who sparks a match even if the savage tribes only see the hem of the cloak of their armor.

It is because they know their strength and transcendent power. No matter how much barbarians are treated as serf candidates who cannot be treated as human beings, they were like paper.

The Lionheart Kingdom was also basically reformed and taken as serfs, whereas the Orcs were slaughtered for questioning and answering nothing.

Orcs would have been more serious if they were afraid, but they were rather welcoming of this confrontation.

“Is it the Holy Grail Knight? I wanted to deal with him once.”

Balbaza, the champion of Orc Avatar Helcan, willingly accepted this battle. It’s not just the fighting spirit champion.

“The Grail Knight’s corpse… I will take it.”

“Leave the skin over.”

Maghar, the champion of the orc shaman god Gokrok. The champion of Skunik, the hunting god, Skira.

The three orc champions gladly agreed to a duel.

For them, who revere fierce battles and are a natural fighter race, fighting against the strong is something they always look forward to.

* * * *

The last few days, Beatrice joined the knight cadets as they passed through the gorge.

“Wow! Queen! Thank you! Kuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh scary!”

“Are you okay? I’m glad you’re not hurt.”

It has been three days since they found scattered cadets and joined them.

The relic convoy that Beatrice belonged to was completely crushing monsters and pursuit groups with overwhelming power.

Once, a chimera compound appeared, but such a monster could not become the queen’s enemy.

“The others… don’t have to join?”

Cheon So-yeon. Wiping the knife stained with the blood of the raiding monsters, she mentioned those who were not here.

Although she had a calm attitude, the corners of Beatrice’s mouth twisted benevolently because she seemed to be worried about her colleagues.

“Didn’t some of your quests include helping ‘Sir Zereah’ defend the main unit? The fact that His Majesty didn’t come to this place, I think you’re probably over there.”

When Beatrice first entered the gate, she placed a tracking spell to locate the cadets.

Of the four who are not here, two were with Leon, and the other two are with what are assumed to be other convoys.

The problem is that the two are too far apart.

“Then I’m glad…”

So-yeon, who was worried about Jae-hyeok and Su-ho, her classmates at the academy, felt relieved. The problem is the remaining three.

Koo Dae-sung, Han Hari… and yakt spinners.

It is said that Koo Dae-seong and Han Hari-ya are with the convoy, but the Yacht Spinner is unknown where it is.

“Where the hell is Lord Yapi?”

I asked Beatrice, who should have been using the tracking magic, but she just shook her head and said she didn’t know.

“It’s beyond my detection range. I thought I was keeping an eye on every nook and cranny of this canyon.”

Where the hell did that strong artificial intelligence article disappear?

Either way will help, and only then will it be neglect of duty.

Of course, no one believed that the Yacht Spinner had thrown out the gate and disappeared.

That yakt spinner.

Emotionless killing machine, king of efficiency. Isn’t he the most extraordinary person in the Pantheon, far beyond human common sense?

“I don’t know where else he’s doing weird things.”

… … … …

… … …

… …

At an altitude of 800 km from Death Valley and the borders of the Empire.

Twenty-four hours have passed since the beginning of the history of divinity, and the challenger who has proudly entered the space orbit that no one has conquered has settled down as the ‘first’.

– Orbit stop. Calculating gravitational influence.

-clear. Observing Gate’s world reproducibility.

When the yakt spinner first arrived on Earth, it was disappointing.

It is because the civilization and science level of the earth was lower than expected.

If it weren’t for the invasion of demons, the era of Yapi was an era in front of satellite terraforming and space exploration.

In the eyes of Yapi, who contains the essence of the technology, the space technology of Earth’s civilization is at the level of a baby who has just taken its first steps.

However, in this place where there is no infrastructure, even that was not good enough, so even low-quality satellite launch vehicle technology had to be improved and launched.

And it was quite successful.

-Satellite launch test in the gate was successful. Limited amount of observational information. Anomalous Physics Calculation.

However, the satellite launched from inside the gate had limitations.

Bondi Gate is a scene in history that reproduces the events of an era.

The places implemented are limited to areas related to one region, not the entire planet.

First of all, the ground observed from space has the shape of a planet, but the canyon where the quest is in progress and part of the border of the empire… And, except for the Lionheart border, nothing is observed.

To put it simply, it would be a ‘place that has not been implemented’ in the game at all.

-Measuring the situation. In case of emergency, the body ejection system is operated. Standby for Integrated Weapons Platform MK.2.

After observing that he didn’t need to step out right away, Yaffy searched the canyon, Empire, and Lionheart’s borders to collect as much information as possible.

Then, as he continued his observations, he saw a group of knights waiting at the border of the Lionheart Kingdom.

– Observation of high-energy bodies.

It was a red knight.

The presence that the machine “instinctively” senses something even though it is observing from 800 km in the sky.

There was an unspoken momentum clearly different from the knights around him.

The moment I zoomed in on the wide-angle lens to take a closer look——


The red knight raised his head. In an instant, Yapi calculated that she had met the knight’s eyes.

No, it can’t be. The machine’s logic circuit insisted that this be impossible.

This is the sky above the space orbit 800 km away from the ground. It would be impossible to meet eyes with life on earth there——

unless I’m mistaken.

The red knight’s lips were clearly saying this.

“go away.”

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