The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 92: Grail Knight Zereah (3)

There were two main reasons why Leon challenged the orcs to a duel.

First of all, it is to grasp the truth of this history as much as possible.

Why did Zereah die here, and the holy relics did not reach the kingdom?

Who intervened in this history? What is the truth of history?

The power of the Orc to defeat the Holy Grail Knight and even intercept the convoy of holy relics.

If the orcs responded, he could check what kind of hand the orcs had, and it didn’t matter if they didn’t.

It means that the head of the orcs is cunning enough to overcome the struggle right in front of them.

“There is also the aspect of buying time. If their main force is tied up here, those escorting the relic will be much more comfortable.”

Of course, even in the original history, Zereah succeeded in tying up the Orc main force considerably.

The distance between the Baltaric Corps and Zereah was holding on, and the distance must have widened considerably for the main force to pursue.

“Nevertheless, the convoy failed to escort the relic.”

“Then… isn’t it a big deal? Even if we try to stop the orcs here, isn’t it going to fail in the end?”

Jaehyuk and Suho heard from Leon that the relic convoy had failed.

The most expected reward from this gate is the Holy Relic, but if it fails, isn’t the gate attack also a failure?

“I’m curious about that, too.”

Zereah made enough arrangements for the convoy.

Even though he is not a superhuman comparable to himself as a Holy Grail Knight, he has attached an alter ego that repeats death and reappearance of the past to the holy relic.

If he was a seasoned knight who had accumulated experience while traveling all over the world to become a Holy Grail Knight, he would have been able to outwit the Orcs.

‘However, he did not reach the borders of Lionheart.’

It means that something unknown to you has intervened.

After listening to Leon’s story, Suho carefully raised his hand.

“Your Majesty… Then you shouldn’t be staying here, should you go to support the convoy?”

In the end, protecting the main unit here is just an ‘additional mission’. The main quest is escorting the holy relic.

The main unit here would eventually be pushed back without Leon, but isn’t it an NPC that just reproduced history?

“From a practical point of view, that’s right. After all, this is paying off Jim’s personal debt.”

Leon had a sense of debt to Zereah, who ascended during the mission he sent. Not only that, but to everyone who has been with us.

Most of them have entered the paradise of the gods, and no one blames Leon… Leon wanted to continue their survival even in this false history.

Of course, he didn’t just give up on the quest with a sense of debt.

“There is Sir Spinner and Queen Beatrice. If they are the two, they will be able to solve Jim’s absence.”

“That’s right… it does.”

Both Beatrice and Yaphie are superhumans who have reached the ranks of the ‘Grail Knights’.

Of course, in the case of Yapi, it was said that the main body, which was called Cheongju’s nightmare, could not be recovered, but quite a few problems were solved in the Beatrice line.

Because the magician queen of Spero Kingdom, her strength is at a level that can be dismissed as an S-rank Hunter.

“And… maybe it would be okay if that man came along too.”

“Is that the man?”

Did anyone else come out here? As Suho looked up, Leon closed his eyes as if recalling old memories.

“At this time in the past… It was canceled due to the resistance of the Empire, but his knights were waiting to greet the convoy.”

The 15th Lion Heart King Leon Dragonia Lionheart.

Under the Holy Grail Guardian, who is said to be the strongest of all time, there were definitely superhumans called the Glory Generation.

Saint Agac.

Sage Gunlar.

Guardian Antok.

One by one, including the Holy Grail Knights, the heroes of the turbulent times shook the continent. If I had to choose the best among them, Leon would pick that guy.

Before the Great War, when Leon was still a young Holy Grail Guardian… There was only one strongest knight who surpassed him.

“I miss comrades. And…”

A Holy Grail Knight like Geobrick, a Holy Grail Knight, not found anywhere in the Paradise of the Gods.



The strongest holy sword.

If you’re lucky, someone from the pantheon will face him.

* * * *

A wild, rugged valley that straddles the North and the Empire.

Tens of thousands of green waves were advancing right in front of the kingdom army that blocked the place.

Confronting this are the hundreds of kingdom troops who are holding on, blocking the narrow entrance like a rock.

Despite the overwhelming power difference that can never be sustained by common sense, they have been blocking the advance of the large army for more than four days.

What made it possible was the absolute experience and proficiency of the kingdom army… And the existence of the Holy Grail Knights.

The Orcs, who had suffered from a series of guerrilla warfare by the Holy Grail Knights with infinite vitality, accepted their duel request, and the fighters of both armies gathered in the middle.

“It’s okay… Is it black? If this is wrong, I think they’ll attack right away?”

Jaehyuk was stunned by the green wave approaching right in front of him.

Up until now, they had been able to hold on through the narrow canyon as the stage, but the number of the main Orcs was really unreasonable.

It’s amazing how they’ve held up against this large army so far.

No, in reality, the orcs probably couldn’t project their power either.

As the canyon is so narrow, the number of troops that can be projected is limited. Orcs are simple, but not so stupid that they don’t even know the minimum strategy.

He didn’t do anything stupid by recklessly pushing troops into a canyon teeming with high-fire, high-output weapons.

“Since we’ve come this far… I think we’ll be able to break through if we really push in…”

However, seeing the tens of thousands of troops in front of them, it is also true that the kingdom army, which is only a few hundred, looks like fallen leaves about to be swept away in front of a storm.

Zereah patted Jaehyuk’s shoulder and reassured him.

“Even though they are lowly beasts, they also have rules that they must follow.”

Helkhan, the god of struggle, is the main god of the orcs.

Helcan recklessly washes blood with blood and was happy with the great slaughter, but he was also happy with a one-on-one confrontation like a duel.

“Orcs never touch the winner of a duel to the death. One of the few virtues in their tradition.”

It is one of the few characteristics that Lionheart knights highly value orcs who are terribly savage and prefer only bloody combat.

Leon also does not deny Zerea’s words. Since childhood, Leon had also experienced a duel with Orc fighters.

“Now let’s go.”

“I’ll take the lead.”

Four people who departed from the headquarters of the kingdom army and approached right in front of the large army that had gathered.

– Kill! Kill! Kill!

-Helkhan is watching!!

-Tease the armored guys!

Leon clicked his tongue at the shouts of the orcs flocking to the arena.

“Tsk, inelegant things.”

“That’s right. They’re always noisy for momentum.”

subject of duel. To be precise, Jaehyuk and Suho filled up the number of people, but the other side was steadily gathering four duelists.

Three orcs and one barbarian.

One of them stepped forward. Among the Orcs, he was the only one who was tall and wielded a huge axe.

“Here you come, strong people.”

Large fangs, simple but heavy shield-like armor. he spoke cynically.

“The rules of struggle are simple. The one who dies is the loser.”

It was an extremely simple, straightforward rule. cried the orc.

“I am Helkan Champion Barbaza! I am the undefeated Barbaza! Who will fight me!!”

God’s Champion. At those words, Zereah and Leon exchanged glances.

As expected, there was a champion of God on this battlefield. So, is the author the chief of the orcs?

In any case, the other side sent out the target of the duel. It’s time for this one too.

“The cheeky beast boasts its invincibility in the shallow well. Twilight Zerea! Holy Grail Knight of Dreams and Death!”

“Yes! Your Majesty!”

“Go and get the head of that shameless beast!”

“I’ll take your name!”

Zereah gladly stepped forward. Zereah asked to be put ahead of the king. He stepped forward with a small sword compared to Balbaza’s massive axe.

“Your opponent is this Nogu.”

“Clarify your name, Armorer.”

Had it been an ordinary opponent, Zereah would have gladly revealed his glorious name. However, he stared at Balbaza with a contemptuous gaze and twisted the corner of his mouth.

“I have no name to give to a beast. You will die here today.”

“Old man, the impossible is not talked about.”

“The impossible has always been overcome. Who do you think is in front of you?”

Balbaza raised an axe. A sizzle of heat escapes from his mouth.

“Then, today must be the first day you wake up to the impossible.”

he swung the axe

* * * *

Balbaza, the Great Warrior of Orc Champion Helcan.

An Orc Warlord and the unified warchief of the seven Orc tribes.

He is served by all orcs, but he is the one chosen by Helkan, the one who is notoriously picky.

In other words, his life was a history of struggle itself, meaning he was a warrior that Helcan would be satisfied with.

The northern part of Lionheart Kingdom. northwestern part of the empire.

The rugged bedrock, commonly referred to as the land of savages, was a place full of slaughter, destruction, domination and submission.

Balbaza was born into one of the weakest of the orc tribes that inhabited this rugged land.

There, at the youngest age, Balbaza assumed the position of chieftain as the greatest orc in the tribe.

and declared

“I am the greatest orc! My tribe must be the greatest!”

Balbaza has conquered all of the nearby Orc tribes. Even the smallest tribe was three times as big as Balbaza’s tribe, but they were swept away by the mighty great oak Balbaza’s axe.

Indeed, Balbaza, who was born with the fate of a champion, has fought tirelessly, and that struggle has fully satisfied Helkan.

His strength was undoubtedly the strongest of the era.

“Die, human.”

It was a huge ax. It was an ax that could cover Zereah’s entire torso, and was powerful enough to crush even the Holy Grail Knight’s armor.

On the other hand, the sword that blocked it was too thin and looked weak… It couldn’t stand a single blow from Balbaza’s axe.

– Kak!

The sound was too light to be said to be metal being cut. The ax that split Zereah’s sword in one fell swoop down on the old knight.


Full of astonishment, Zereah couldn’t avoid the axe. The next moment, Balbaza’s ax cut through the top of Zereah’s head and split it in two.

– Kwajijik!

The body of the strong Holy Grail Knight splits along with the armor. Balbaza looked down at Zereah, who had fallen in one blow, and raised his ax.

“I won!”


The shouts and applause of the orcs poured towards him. A sound he had heard countless times. Balbaza pointed out the next opponent.

… …

“”… … .””

Audience seats in the arena. Jaehyuk and Suho, as well as the orcs, looked at Balbaza, who had not moved, with puzzled eyes.

It’s because Balbaza hasn’t moved a single step since the duel started.

The only ones who understand this situation are Leon and the person involved, Zereah.

“It worked well. After all, a beast is a beast.”

Zereah calmly walked towards Balbaza. Even though the target of the duel is approaching, Balbaza is lowering his head.

‘ah… !’

‘The Holy Grail Knight of Dreams and Death!’

Only then did the two realize what Zereah had done.

Seongbeop <Hwanmong Realm>.

For Zereah, who has been endowed with the power of dreams and death, it is not even easy to make an orc in front of her fall into a dream.

By now, Balbaza should be drinking the victorious wine in his dreams. Without even knowing that death is approaching in reality.

Zereah put the aura of death on her sword. A lethal blow that kills just by touching it.

The deadly connection between dreams and death that Zereah presents rushes.

“Die in sweet dreams.”

The very moment when the sword rushes toward Barbaza——


With a scream, the warrior of the fighting god widened his eyes.

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