The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 93: Grail Knight Zereah (4)

Zerea also witnessed the moment Balbaza opened his eyes.

But he didn’t stop. It was because his sword was already rushing towards Barbaza, and even if he blocked it, he was confident that it would hurt him.

Seongbeop <Aura of Execution>

A one-hit death technique that overlays the holy power of death on an object.

As soon as it touches, the holy power is eroded, and it eventually leads to the death of the target.

‘This distance, this speed… It will definitely reach you!’

A purple light flashes eerily. Balbaza, who followed the inevitable death with open eyes, stretched out his hand.


And Balbaza grabbed the sword. amazing reflexes. Zereah was also impressed, but nothing changed.

Grabbing a sword covered with an aura of execution with bare hands, the end at that point──


At that moment, Zereah hurriedly pulled back to avoid the ax that struck.


But it was too late. Could it be because of unexpected carelessness? Zereah’s retreat is slow, and the ax blade scratches from the left shoulder to the right chest.

The joint of the shoulder, which was the gap in the armor, was cut, but the body of the armor stopped at the distorted line. Zereah retreated greatly.

But it doesn’t matter. Although the shoulder blades were cut a little, this one cut his arm with the power of death. The eroded holy power of death must have penetrated him——

“You’re quick.”


Reddish aura was emanating from Balbaza’s hand that held Zereah’s sword.

He did not die, but rather exudes destructive energy that oppresses the purple holy power.

“……The authority of Helcan.”

“Yes. I am Helcan’s big hand. I have the power to crush and destroy everything.”

The Orc Avatar Helkhan overlays one of his bodies on his champion.

Among them, Balbaza obtained Helkan’s big hand with power, and that power is in contact with the divine.

“Even the remaining talents of you armorers are meaningless in front of these arms.”

Even the Holy Grail Knights’ holy law, which manipulates concepts and laws, is neutralized in front of that arm. Lionheart’s knights will never acknowledge the god of the orcs, but in the end it’s because they’re the same god.

The confrontation between divinity and divinity eventually has no choice but to progress to a battle of size of power.

“I see. It’s definitely annoying.”

“The illusion that only you guys will use the power of the gods—”

A flash of light flashed in an instant, as if ridiculing Balbaza’s confidence.

A sharp sword specialized in stabbing stabs a gap in consciousness and performs an artistic surprise. Balbaza nodded his head to avoid that fleeting attack.

A purple aura passes through and remains in the space like a residue. Zereah’s strike did not end with this.

-Shish hiss… !

One hit, two strikes, three strikes… Thirteen strikes in an instant.

A sharp, super-speedy thrust that would be like this if space was pierced.

It was when Balbaza raised an ax while not being able to block all of those attacks, sometimes being cut and sometimes being brushed off with armor.


The moment you raise your arm, it doesn’t move as if it’s been eroded by something.

No, that’s not all. His whole body was paralyzed and he couldn’t move.

paralysis? No, it’s not like that. This was his will.

As a fighter, he warned that he would die if his animal-like instincts, which had passed countless deaths, moved.

‘Heavy… !’

The fighter immediately realized that this was a defense instinct caused by a certain threat.

Zereah’s continuous attack felt like an instant. The heavy mass of death at the tip of the sword surrounds him on all sides. It warns that if you touch it, you will die instantly.

Seongbeop <Instant Death Boundary>

Indeed, the best among the armorers. It is the operation of holy power to the point of falling in love.

He overcame the disadvantage from the physical difference and made this side a big target.

“I want you to die with this.”

The moment the final blow of the cynical knight is about to be fired, the purple lumps that restrain Balbaza are distorted.

The holy powers of death that had surrounded him so that he couldn’t move were scattered just by Balbaza swinging his arm.

“I would have said. You can’t beat me with your leftovers!”

Helcan’s big hand. The authority of that enormous power dwells in the axe and swings it.


The aftermath of the ax strike is revealed with a heavy roar. Helcan’s energy split the earth and ruthlessly pulverized it.


Zereah checked the aftermath of the destruction with a sidelong glance.

‘He crushed the ground with an axe.’

The distance is as much as 500m. A slight misdirection would have split the canyon and buried the entire entrance.


The strength to crush the Holy Grail Knight’s armor, and the destructive power using the divine power of fighting.

Indeed, the champion of fighting spirit.

Balbaza’s red energy vibrates wildly and rushes.

Unlike the massive giant, its movements were terrifyingly fast and strong.

– Kwak!

ax that strikes. I evaded it, but the stone fragments scattered from the shattered ground hit the whole body.


A terrifyingly heavy blow is followed by ferocious punches without time to complain. Zereah’s three swords barely let it go.

From the next moment, it was a series of workshops that shocked the viewer.


Not to mention modern people like Jaehyuk and Suho… Everyone present there is holding their breath.

A confrontation between the transcendent and the transcendent.

No matter how much modern people live in the era of superhumans called Awakeners, they are modern weapons, not to mention the end of their armed forces.

Modern firearms that do not work properly in the special environment of the gate boast devastating power against the same human beings on Earth.

No matter how powerful the hunter’s skill is, it can’t be more powerful than the 2,000-pound smart bomb dropped by the bomber.

Even more so, the era of Leon… No matter how powerful they are as Holy Grail Knights, even if each one of them is an existence like a nuclear missile——until they inflict the Divine Punishment of their wholehearted power, they are just users of pre-modern cold weapons.

It should be just that.

– Quaang!

– Kaang!

Was the impact of steel and steel as fierce as ever?

The wind pressure caused by the floating ax creates a storm,

A missed flash-like thrust pierces the valley behind her.

The amount of heat and mass of the power they have are different.

Users of transcendence are not merely temporary miracle workers.

Each of their actions was a transcendence that far exceeded the limit that a single creature could produce, and it was like a miracle.

The aftermath of the clash between the champion of the Orc Awakening and the Grail Knight of Dreams and Death had already formed a ground zero, becoming a field of destruction that would drop everyone who approached it.

Truly a mythic representation.

Jaehyuk and Suho are stunned by the phenomenal phenomenon in front of them. And admire again.

In this era full of things like this, did that Lionheart survive alone and become the final victor?

“Ha ha ha ha…! You’re holding up well, old man!”

Axes and swords cut each other, causing blood to splatter. Even after receiving the poisonous thrust that instantly kills her, Zereah is increasingly at a disadvantage.

“The beast… is as big as the life spirit.”

yeah this was the problem

Helcan’s champion. Barbaza, who was endowed with the power of Helcan, specialized in fighting, had tremendous strength, but possessed an astoundingly huge life force.

As long as the divine force of death does not work, Zereah has no choice but to reduce Barbaza’s vitality little by little.

However, Balbaza’s vitality was so huge that he was ignorant of it, so it was not possible.


Zereah staggers from anemia caused by the blood that escaped before perfect vitality. Balbaza laughed at him.

“What is it, are you tired already? You can’t lie about your age.”

Even if this side succeeds in ten attacks, a single stroke from the one that brushes against it will tip the scales of fairness.

The strength of the power they had was different.


Barbaza rushes with a beast’s roar. It was Zerea who immediately fixed the sword and received it, but the difference in power between the two was self-evident.


Zereah is thrown to the ground by an ax with swirling red energy. Balbaza rushed at it with the momentum of a beast, and slammed the ax.


A dizzying sound resounded, and the Pyroscopic Castle tore the surroundings to shreds.

The blade of the ax struck Zereah, whose knees were bent by the weight of the axe. His body bounces off the floor. The stripped helmet rolled around.

“As expected.”

Balbaza held Zereah’s helmet in one hand. The star-steel helmet, imbued with the energy of the stars, clung to his hand.

“After all, you’re just a weak human being.”


While moaning, Zereah understood. Indeed, was his original history of being defeated by this orc here?

Zereah’s gaze turned to the watching king.


His glorious king watched this ugliness with a frown. It seems cold-hearted, but holding its hand violently means that it is restraining its seething anger.

What a pity.

How disloyal is this ugliness.

To see a beast stomp on the ground and bleed when the glory of victory wasn’t enough.

Zereah was furious that he had given Leon such a disgrace in real history.

“Where are you looking away!”

At that time, Balbaza’s fist dug into Zereah’s breastplate. Clumsy! With the sound of the shattered breastplate breaking into pieces, Zereah’s model rolls on the floor.

Barbaza booed Zereah, who was covered in dust and dripping blood.

“It’s over, old man. Even the not-so-reputable name of the Holy Grail Knight will be crushed in my hands today.”

The ax overflows with violent energy.

The ax hit, and Zereah didn’t dodge it.

* * * *

Amid the silence that came with the foreshadowing of a collision. The surroundings are quiet like the beating of a dying heart.



The expression of the kingdom army watching it in the silence is absolutely miserable.

The ax struck by Balbaza cut from the shoulder blade to the thigh. The reason why his body wasn’t cut in half was because he lacked a little bit of strength at the last moment.

On the other hand, Zereah’s sword was lacking. Although it penetrated the armor of Barbaza, it ended there. Insufficient strength, in the end, only slightly penetrated the skin connected to the heart, but it was not fatal.


Suho rolled his eyes. Jaehyuk shook his head.

Everyone felt devastated by the defeat of the Holy Grail Knight, who seemed invincible.

“It’s my victory.”

Balbaza arrogantly declared victory and tried to draw the axe. but… … .


I can’t hear the ax handle. Is it because it is deeply embedded? The moment Barbaza tried to retrieve the ax with strength, Balbaza met eyes with the old knight.


Zerea, who was stained with blood and dust, stared at him clearly.

The moment of death, the last flame? No, it’s too much for that–

“You are the woman who presides over the end of all things.”

– Poo-wook.

“Listen to my voice.


A sharp sword that pierces the skin. Balbaza was taken aback.

“Pray with your knight.”

how! He wouldn’t have the strength to move anymore! split the body in half Should have died… … .


Is he still alive? Why are you still alive when your body is split in two?

“Death is with me.”

Daeseongbeop <Death Immunity>.

A miracle that resists any kind of death and finally breathes, the most discordant miracle.

Zereah did not miss the moment of great miracles given by Fleur to his knight who overcame death many times.

– Fu-wook!

A sharp sword that penetrates the heart and pierces the back. The sound of his heart beating from his sword died down.

The spark of life went out without Valbaza finally understanding why he was defeated.


Zereah, who looked like she was about to collapse at any moment, but did not bend her knees in the end. The cheers of the soldiers as he declares victory over the corpse of Balbaza… And the next champion came.

“You caught your guard, you idiot.”

Orc wearing a mask. Gokrok’s champion, Maghar. He approached while holding a twisted old tree staff while securing distance from Zereah.

“Looking at it, it’s going to die soon. How about it? Are you going to light the last flame?”

Although the aging of an orc cannot be directly compared to that of a human, he was a shaman who could feel aging as much as Zereah from his fingertips.

He stepped forward as the subject of a second duel. Gerea was troubled.

The moment the death immunity is released, oneself will face true death.

If so, why not make at least one more companion for the Lion Heart King until the last moment?

It was when he gripped the sword, still burning with fighting spirit. The amount of spilled blood is already lethal… The moment Zereah’s knees are about to break due to unsupplyed blood… … .

“It was a great fight, Sir Zereah.”

Grabbing his arm, the brilliant golden knight raised Zereah.

“your majesty…….”

“Rest now. Your end, Jim will watch over and bless you.”


It is impossible. Now your life will be shorter than a burnt out candle.

“Green beasts. I’ll give you the only chance to win.”

Leon pulled out the holy sword. The Holy Chang was deployed. The Holy Grail floated from his bedside.

“Come on all the rest at once.”


I couldn’t hide the twisted corner of my mouth at that shocking declaration.

“You’re arrogant.”

The same goes for Skira, the champion of the Orc Hunt God Skunik. The rising blue aura represented his anger.

“You’re going to take on all of us by yourself? We who have been chosen by the gods?”

Da-gil, the tribal chief of the beast god Baek-rang, also glares at the golden lion with fierce eyes.

They all thought that Leon had provoked them intolerable. It was judged that he was talking about the arrogant bravado peculiar to knights.

“Whoop whoop…”

However, only the corner of Zereah’s mouth was fiercely torn.

In the face of a declaration that everyone would regard as bluffing and arrogance, Zereah viewed it differently.

“Look at it.”

The old knight’s gaze turned to the golden lion heart. He spread his arms wide.

“The power of the pinnacle of human history.”

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