The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 94: Holy Grail Knight Zereah (5)

800 km above the ground. Yaffy closely examined the surrounding terrain and the movements of living things.

-Lionheart Kingdom borderline. Floating to date.

After encountering the red knight, he turned off his movements.

It’s because Yappy doesn’t move as if he’s toxically restricted in all the places he’s grasping.

Unless you know the conditions under which those forces operate, it is dangerous to contact them hastily.

-There is a lot of movement on the borders of the Empire.

As Yapi knows, the Empire is an uncomfortable ally of Lionheart.

The so-called ‘unbelievers’ flourish, but anyway, the same human good forces. Even during the final war, a small number of survivors were with Leon.

-The Canyon Relic Convoy is moving sequentially.

Two of the five relic convoys were annihilated by orc chasers. There are no pantheonists among them.

There was no problem with the convoy that Beatrice had joined. Even if they run into pursuers, they will be able to crush them.

The problem is with Koo Dae-sung and Han Ha-ri. The Orc tracking party was not aiming for Beatrice or the other convoys, but was aiming directly for Han Ha-ri.

Perhaps, it seems that it has become the target of tracking first, but it seems that there is no need to worry too much about this.

-Observation of seasoned surname users. Presumed to be a similar entity to the Seongbeop user who joined His Majesty.

If you don’t have any trouble, you can reach the border of the Empire without any problem.

Yafi’s observation is now at the edge of the gate’s field. Heading to the place where the Orcs are gathering.

After Leon and Zerea’s unlimited raids, the main force of the Orcs accepted the duel and entered the canyon.

Perhaps thanks to this, a new group gradually descends from the north, which was ‘unobservable’.

-Check the orc population. increasingly increasing.

Like black dots, the Orcs and barbarians continued to push down from the unobservable area.

Seeing the ever-increasing number of Orcs, Yapi felt a sense of mission to drop the Geostationary Satellite Weapons, such as God’s Staff or Grizzly, which he had hacked from the Earth.

However, the space weapon platform that still operates inside the gate is unfinished.

Yapi decided to observe the orcs in more detail than the attack system, which was impossible at this point.

As the magnified lens observes the orcs gradually appearing in the dark area… something flashed

-Kwaaa… !

Something that erupts with a groaning sound. It rushed towards Yapi and——

-Emergency escape sequence operation

Moments after Yaffi hastily ejected, the reconnaissance satellite was destroyed by a green beam of light.

The fuselage of Yapi, which crashed from an altitude of 800 km, was engulfed in flames.

* * * *

Maghar, the champion of the orc shaman god, clicked his tongue as he saw the arrogant golden knight in front of him.

All the Holy Grail Knights are mortal enemies to the Orcs, but the current Lion Heart King is the worst among them.

Well over a million Orcs were buried by that terrible being.

As soon as I received the command of the Knights, I did the Orc Conquest. The southern part of the realm where he was the lord. In the Langqual region, the seeds of the orcs dried up.

‘It’s not a masterpiece.’

Although the region is different, I have heard enough of the rumors. There is an orc butcher in the land to the south.

“However, arrogant. It’s too much to be overconfident in one’s own strength.”

The Mag’har stepped forward. A thick green aura began to spread like mist around his staff of rotten old wood.

“I am the one who can recite three hundred spells and eight hundred curses. The king of the snow fields. I am the master of the crater.”

The green magic power reconciles with hundreds of curses and unfolds. The wrath of this great sorcerer is directed against one person.

And the other Orc champions don’t hide their wrath either.

“Even if it’s a beast, it’s just a prey. You’re overconfident in my teeth.”

-thud! thud!

It was then. The orcs shouted amidst the resounding sound that the entire floor was shaking.

– Destroyer Dothraki!

– Dothrak, the Breaker!

It flopped wildly and made grand strides.

The whole body clad in heavy iron armor made a clicking sound.

Dothrak, the giant wild boar of the Bhutan Mountains. A beast that was captured and tamed by a great hunter blessed by the Orc Hunting God.

Skira, the champion of the orc hunting god Skunik, rode on Dothraki’s back.

“Baekrang. Your blessing…!”

A cultic tribe that worships the four beast gods. The leader of Lionheart’s old enemy is the one who receives the protection of the ferocious White Wrangler.

His body is so ferocious that you want to turn your eyes away just by looking at it.

The human body enlarges, the hair rake grows, and it develops a ferocious spirit.

The reason why barbarians serve beast gods.

There is no code, no discipline. There is no need for a long journey of asceticism or completion of tasks.

If you just offer yourself to the beast and make offerings to others, it will bless you with that alone.

Despite this vicious contract, seeing the warriors of the beast god who get out of the human body and obtain the flesh of the grassland, foolish and ignorant ordinary people have no choice but to be attracted to it.

Something that could be obtained so easily, without effort or sacrifice.

Even in the face of the terrible monsters that received the power of evil spirits, Leon remained calm.

“It stinks.”

“”… … ???””

A word that strikes a strange nerve. Amidst the focused gaze, the blonde-haired nobleman frowned.

“It’s a dishonorable smell. It’s more suitable for a serf barn than a battlefield.”

get hot The first thing I ran into was Dagil, whose white fur was flying.

It dents just by kicking the ground, and its powerful body and speed are itself violent.

He stretches out his arms even when he can crush Leon just by bumping into them.

Da-Gil’s white-flowered arm is itself a vicious weapon. Its sharpness is enough to tear Leon limb from limb.


Seongbeop <Iron Armor>

At that moment, Leon’s body receives the divine protection of iron and blacksmith. The arm of the approaching dagil was swung, and it struck Leon’s neck precisely.

– Kaang!

It was an impossible sound. It was a sound too foreign for a knife-like fingernail to hit a person’s raw flesh.


Da-gil’s ferocious eyes are dotted with bewilderment. That’s right, Leon’s neck, which should have been cut off like tofu… It was because the skin was intact without being cut off.

“Those who represent God are those who revere him and follow his teachings reverently.”

The blue gaze goes to the road. I inadvertently took a step back.

“However, you only pursued ignorance in ignorance. The god you follow doesn’t teach anything, and the believer you follow doesn’t try to learn anything.”

The holy sword is heard. Brilliant golden light shone dazzlingly.

<Holy Sword of Hwihwang>

“You’re just rotten. Your gods are rotten. Your shallow faith cannot be compared to ours.”

‘I have to stop… !’

Dagil raised his iron claws. Vicious claws that can tear even rocks to shreds. It can be stopped with just one blow——

– Kwajik!


The eyes of the savages widened. Even though Da-gil, the most powerful god warrior in the tribe, has completely turned into a beast… neatly cut.

As if a sharp blade had cut paper, Dagil’s nails split and were cut in a straight line from the top of his head to his groin.

“You bastard…!”

Gokrok’s champion, Mag’har, extended his staff.

Numerous curses form and spread towards Leon.

It is a deadly poison that takes away life one by one, and a curse of all evil that suffocates the world.

“Those who receive the protection of the Holy Grail will not be invaded by any sickness.”

Behind Leon’s back, a blue glass stirred. It produces holy water on its own and emits the protection of brilliant light.

This spot where the Holy Grail is located is a sacred place. Under the proclamation of demigods, evil things are driven out.

<Proclamation of Sanctuary>


As all his curses melted before the protection of the Holy Grail, Maghar aimed his staff at Leon, who rushed at him.

Dozens of Orc spells are pouring down on Leon. Its firepower is truly firepower that can annihilate an army. These are destruction spells stocked up to avoid the canyon being destroyed and the entrance blocked.


However, the Shinsoo of Light breaks through. Most of the spells missed in front of the rapidly increasing resistance at the moment of the charge.

“You’re a spellcaster. Even if you know all the spells in the world, what’s the point if you’re so shallow?”

The holy sword sounds high. The Mag’har tried to do something, but in any case, he couldn’t imagine a future ahead of that holy sword.

“A shallow omnipotence collapses in front of the ultimate one.”


The shaman’s bloody family coat of arms fell to the floor.


The wrath close to screaming is loud. Skira, holding a huge spear like a harpoon, charged with the giant boar Dothraki.

“You’re arrogant! How dare you charge me!”

Leon reverse summoned Stallion and summoned a new beast. fire-breathing bull. The war chariot of Petos, the god of war, picks up Leon.

【Strongest Assaulter】


-Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… !

-Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… !

The two bulls start galloping ferociously. The air warmed by the sound of breathing and the heat spurting out forcefully. Faced with that momentum, the northern mountains tremble in fear.

– Kweeek!?

Faced with Petos’s bull, Marga stopped in fear, and Skira panicked and pulled the reins.

However, no matter what they do, they will not listen to Skira’s orders. In the next moment, the horns of the brave war bull collided with Mazu.


With the sound of meat exploding, Skira’s seat shakes. Leon jumps at him.

“You bastard…!”

Skira held up the Holy Spear and extended the javelin of destruction toward Leon, who was slashing down. A sacred object bestowed upon him by Skunic himself. The moment it collides with the holy spear… The side that cracks like a tong is the javelin side.


Before he had time to do anything, Skira had to watch the holy spear pierce his torso.

“”… … … … .””

“”… … … … .””

The hall is enveloped in silence.

A massacre that could not be considered a duel that took place right in front of your eyes.

Beyond humans and orcs, everyone recognizes it.

That an article at the pinnacle of human history is here.

* * * *

Immunity to death disappears.

To be precise, the holy power still remained, but it was close to Zereah’s own holy law.

“Are you thinking of going?”

“Yeah… I think you fought pretty well… Your Majesty is amazing, after all.”

Zereah was proud of Leon, who showed transcendent power.

200 years from now. In the end, how strong did he become when he fought alone in this tragedy when the world perished?

It was sad, but proud. your own king… Since he is such a dazzling person, how could he not be proud as a servant?

“I have the Holy Grail. If need be, I will be with you until the end of this world.”

At those words, Zereah shook her head.

“Your Majesty, please do not be buried in memories of the past. Please do not waste your precious time. You have shown yourself to be such a proud person, what more can I ask for?”

Also, we weren’t wrong.

The gods were not wrong.

The young king in front of you… No, I was sure that the glorious Lionheart of Lionheart in the future would finally win.

Leon made up his mind while looking at the truly greedy and loyal knight.

“I will perform the Ascension Ritual. Receive it.”

“Your Majesty… The fight is not over yet…!”

Ascension consciousness.

It is a religious ceremony performed by the Lion Heart King for the Holy Grail Knight who is fatally wounded or wishes death.

A great ceremony in which the lion heart king directly collects his soul and leads it to paradise. Zereah didn’t want to put a burden on her because she consumed a huge amount of holy power.

“The Orcs and Cultists have withdrawn. If I don’t pursue them, I won’t have to fight anymore. Honey, accept it.”

“Ha, I’m already…”

he is fake Since his soul is enshrined in the paradise of the gods, it is only a reproduced memory. For such a self… … .

“Grail Knight Zereah Vertum. Second son of Zordic Vertum, Knight of the Liona Sunset Knights. The first knight to serve dreams and death.”

The ceremony of ascension began as if he would not be questioned. Zereah hurriedly straightened her blood-soaked body and knelt down in front of him.

“Say hello to the lady you follow.”

In response, Zereah prayed to the woman who granted her the quest and gave her a chance.

“Sailor who leads from the lowest place. Lady who presides over the end of all things. Here your servant finishes a long journey.”

“I leave alone with my beloved friend, proud comrade, and great King.”

“All my life I shunned vanity and lies, hated gold, kept my subjects and fed them to the full. Lady.”

“I hope you will bless my king for his merits in this world, expand the territory of my king, and lead your servants, so that my king will have no sorrow or trouble.”

“Don’t make me poor, don’t be full, and protect the king with the remaining merit. Light up the dark path ahead of Banya.”

He is foolish and stupid to the point of being greedy. Leon washed his bloody head as he filled the Holy Grail with holy water.

All the filth in him was cleansed and blessed.

“Dreamer. You who are blessed by death. Your honor made the lion’s heart prosper, and your glory made the woman happy.”

“God of dreams and death. Here comes your first knight on his final journey.”

“His honor is remembered by the living, and his glory by you.”

“May this knight pour a glass of wine at your banquet hall. May his name remain forever.”

“I, the 15th Lion Heart King, the guardian of light and justice, the rider of war and flame, the lighthouse of the sea and the waves——the representative of the gods, I promise that we will be together at the banquet hall of the gods.”

The brilliant light of the Holy Grail enveloped Zereah. He finally closed his eyes at the warm energy that sliced through him.

Throwing off the skin of the body, shining like a purple jewel——

The Holy Grail Knight ascended to heaven.

* * * *

Home of tens of thousands of Orcs. Even in the unprecedented situation in which three Orc god champions were defeated, their headquarters remained unshaken.

“I got hit.”

Although the tone was polite for an orc, the two pupils emanating a thick green aura were swallowing their wrath.

Fear of disgrace, shame, and anger at the presence in front of you.

“I’m sorry. My disciple was not enough.”

Another orc shaman god champion. The cunning black magician Golgotha bowed her head deeply.

Now he will decide. Should I sweep away those poor kingdom armies as it is, or should I accept victory and defeat and retreat according to tradition?


Calm and dignified, but not hidden ferocity. However, the conclusion he reached was contrary to the voice.

“I paid for the money I received. This is not the right balance.”

After that, the warchief rises from the throne of the main spirit.

Warchief who united all 50 tribes and a champion blessed by all the Orc Gods. He seemed unwilling to take any more damage.

“Is it the Lion Heart King?”

-Hehehehehe… … .

his voice is muffled It cast green eyes toward its rival.

“If you have a relationship, you might be able to stick together.”

However, that is not the case now. With this done, his schedule turns to the other side of Lionheart.

After circling this world about once, the final conquest would be possible only then.

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