The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 96: Acolyte Knight Zereah (2) Has Illustration

unexpected surprise. Almost simultaneously, the convoy responded.

“Hey light…!”

It was at that time when a knight shouted and pulled out a sword aimed at the elector who had been attacked by surprise.

“It’s okay.”

The Elector Count, who attacked Zerea, reached out his hand. Then the knight was caught in the shining net and rolled on the floor.

Bind magic light web. In response, Stella started a fire.

Seongbeop <Fire Wall>

A wall of fire built to block enemy wizards from raiding. However, the sound of chanting from over there causes a cataclysm——

<Upper element decomposition>

The holy law of fire created by Stella, the knight of the kingdom, was scattered as if it were a fleeting light.


sex law lifted? Confused Stella. However, the Pope only smiled confidently.

“Unlike the Holy Grail Knights or the priest, the surname you use is not at the level of ‘changing the law’. We’ve been studying your surname for a very long time.”

“To seek a miracle of God recklessly…! It’s blasphemy!”

Stella is indignant, but the Pope only laughs at it, saying it’s unreasonable.

“That’s why you fanatics are foolish. Faith, divinity, clinging to old things and not progressing. People like you dominate the world, so the development of mankind is slow.”

“You… you were a holy independenceist!”

Stella was indignant at the heresy in front of her.

Divine Independentists who deny God’s miracles, reject teachings and programs, and value human development on their own.

It was said that there were especially many such people in empires other than the Chosen Kingdom, but I could never have thought that the Elector Count would talk such nonsense!

“No way… you guys made those terrible beasts too!”

Cunning chimeras raiding and tracking the relic convoy. At first, I wondered if it was the beast god’s main tool or the bizarre magic of the Orcs, but when I thought about it, it was too functional.

“Isn’t it quite useful? It’s a collaboration between the School of Life and the School of Death.”

The pope who confesses that this terrible, blasphemous monster is their craft. Stella was twisted with wrath.

“In the name of the goddess, I will never forgive you——!”

It was then. Sharp anticipation rushed from Stella’s back.

“Sir Stella!”

Quack! And the harpoon pierced Stella’s shoulder and came out. The flesh-slicing thing did not come off easily, and Stella was dragged into the hands of the one who threw the harpoon.

“These beasts…!”

A fellow knight cut off the line connected to the harpoon and rescued him, but the situation was too urgent to stop the bleeding.

Orc hunters. And the beast god’s family… In front, the imperial army and the imperial electors, each of whom was a great wizard, surrounded the convoy.

as if they were on one side.

“Uh… what the hell is this?!”

Hari could not hide her bewilderment at the chaotic situation of the battlefield, even though she was preparing to deploy the Seongbeop at any time. At least, Goo Dae-seong was astonished that his guess was correct.

“From the beginning… the Empire and the Orcs were on one side! The Empire instigated all of this!”

At that, the knights and riders had to recognize a fact they did not want to admit.

Orcs and barbarians joined hands with the Empire. No, the Empire was behind it.

Then why?

Why did they join hands with the green beasts, enemies of mankind? There was no need to ask why.

“The holy relics… these worm scum go after the relics the gods have bestowed on the kingdom!”

“If you know your enemy and know yourself, you win 100,000 victories. The holy relic will be of great help in our interpretation of God.”

Since the relic was discovered in the lands of barbarians, the Empire has restricted the size of Lionheart’s relic seekers.

One Holy Grail Knight and a search party of only 500 people for the important task of searching for the Holy Relic and escorting it to the Kingdom.

Since it was necessary to cross the border of the Empire for the cause, Lionheart had no choice but to reduce the size of the search team.

And that’s an empire… It was a conspiracy involving at least three Elector Counts.

After letting them find the holy relic, they use barbarians and orcs to attack them, and the electorate and the imperial army attack the convoy without the Holy Grail Knight and steal the holy relic.

Such a calculation had been laid in the heart of the empire.

“How come! Even if you guys are self-indulgent, the world is made up of the grace and grace of the gods! Is this a serious enough thing to attack the same people!”

“Relatives? Did you say kinsfolk!”

The one who was furious at those words was Wolfhard, the Imperial Countess and commander of the Imperial Guard Division.

“Arrogant bastards! Did you guys forget the atrocities you committed 60 years ago!”

The reason why the current empire and kingdom are estranged. It was in the tragedy that occurred on the outskirts of the Empire 60 years ago.

The case of summoning the demon grand duke by black magicians. In response to this catastrophe on the outskirts of the empire, the kingdom immediately launched a night war.

No matter what mission you are carrying out, even if you are carrying out a god’s quest, a large-scale call-up order that the region where the call-up order is issued must comply.

Numerous knights responded to this, and Leon, who was squeezing orcs in Rangqual at the time, also participated.

The Elector Counts of the Empire had no choice but to accept them even though they were reluctant to seek help from foreign troops, because they are specialists in the hunt for heresy and at the same time, they are convulsive fanatics of the devil.

In the end, the knights succeeded in annihilating the demon archduke until the death of Argentinian Majesty Lionheart, but the problem came after that.

“I was a knight of the Royal Guard Corps at the time. I clearly saw your atrocities there.”

Wolfhart still recalled the tragedy of that time.

The black magicians who summoned the demon grand duke… When it was revealed that one of the Elector Counts was behind it, the Knights of the Holy Grail, who were summoned to the Night War, immediately turned their heads.

In order to survive, the Elector Count tried to stop them with two imperial legions in the region, but the results were disastrous.

It was a knighthood of seven terrible Holy Grail Knights with just one person.

Two corps of the Imperial Army broke through in just one day, and the Elector Empress was dragged by the hair and burned alive by Leon, the current Lion Heart King.

“Your Majesty’s actions are perfectly justified! How can you keep a demon follower alive!”

“You disregarded the laws and face of the Empire. You willingly trampled on allies for your justice.”

Of course, this is not to say that this has not happened.

Each Knight of Lionheart is no different from the Heretic Questioner.

They roam all over the continent, establishing justice and spreading the right faith.

Punishing corrupt foreign officials, cultists, and citizens in the process is not uncommon.

However, it must have been unexpected that the sword would be pointed at the pinnacle of imperial power, the Elector Count.

Lionheart’s ruthless heresy hunting forced the Imperial Counts to feel a great sense of crisis.

I wanted the power to stand against these crazy fanatics who would kill all the emperors and emperors if necessary.

“We will interpret the relics and analyze the divine powers. That is the progress we seek.”

For him, he joined hands with barbarians and orcs. The Elector Counts of the Empire stretched out their hands. The imperial army, the Orc chasers, the Beast God’s family, and even the Chimeras.

The power difference was too obvious. The Elector Counts were also confident in knowing the difference.

“Anyway, do you know why we kindly explained our inner circumstances?”

The Pope twisted the corner of his mouth.

“Unlike the dogs of the gods, magic, which is entirely human power, takes some time to cast.”

The next moment, behind the Pope and Wolfhart, the archmage who had been silent until now radiated a tremendous amount of magical power.

The entire area began to shake as the light emitted from the staff of Stutt, the head of the Imperial Celestial Observation School, scattered in all directions.

One of the greatest wizards in the Empire.

Among them, a person who senses the movements of celestial bodies and unusual changes in climate.

The great magic that only he can use to manipulate the phenomenon of climate with human power alone, rejecting the Church of Ultima, the divine sky and thunder, begins to go against the providence of the world.

<Strengthen Spell>, <Double Activation>, <Rising Level>, <Triple Power Up>, <Expanded Range of Effect>

Continuous activation of top-notch magic. Even that was only a precursor to real magic, and this alone was comparable to a decent amount of destructive magic, but Stadtwoot combined all of these magics and calculated them into one.

“The law of the sky is contained in my hands.”

Great Magic <Weather Manipulation>

-Kwaaa… !

First, the clouds stir.

The dry sky transforms into dark clouds, expands as if exploding, and then amplifies with magical power—transforms into a gigantic thundercloud that shakes the sky and the ground.

“Damn it… everyone charge!”

The knights who witnessed this were astonished and started running towards the imperial army. But the pope does not allow them access.

<Raising the Hierarchy>, <Expanding the Area of Effect>, <Exceeding the Spell Limit>──

Great Magic <Richard’s Net>

A huge net of light engulfing the convoy. As a result, their charge was stopped and their feet were tied up. In the next moment, Goo Dae-seong witnessed the thundercloud in the sky fluctuating——

Giant Magic <Ramanta’s Lightning>

Lightning struck over their heads.

* * * *

Among the Four Great Element Schools, if one were to pick the most powerful magic, all the magicians of the Empire would point to the Celestial School.

Even if it takes time to cast and activate, the speed that humans can’t even recognize, and the destructive power of brainstorm that can’t be blocked.


“As expected, he’s a great wizard…!”

The light poured into the thundercloud,

Destroy the ground, light up the world.

Even with such a mighty power in front of them, everyone can’t help but be fascinated.

The moment of human praise achieved only by human power, not by borrowing the power of God.

It was enough power to excite those who insisted on independence from divinity.

See, this is human strength.

It is to twist and manipulate the power of Mother Nature, which has been designated as a limit, with human hands to cause miracles.

Human power to replace God. It was not strange that they became arrogant.



Stout doubted that the power of magic was weaker than expected. Originally, the falling lightning would have destroyed the ground and raised a thick cloud of dust.

However, what I saw in front of me was closer to ‘fog’ than dust.


The knights of the kingdom appearing soon. The Elector Counts were able to confirm something that blocked the thunderbolt.

“Whoa, big, I almost got in trouble.”

The heavy seawater spread over the heads of the kingdom’s knights. It blocked the lightning strike.

“Priestess level… No, isn’t that enough?”

What is certain is that he is a spell user at a level higher than that of a knight of the kingdom.

Hari immediately created a vortex of fire with the blade of her sword. The holy flame rushes over the electors like a wave.

The sacred law of the priestess who had received the blessings of the two gods swung wildly as if to attack the imperial army.

At the same time, the magic baptism unfolded by the pope.

<Triple Trigger>, <Spell Enhancement>, <Disintegration>, <Target Targeting>────<HYPER ELEMENTAL BREAK>

The pouring vortex of fire is disintegrated by the Pope’s hand. But what he was able to disassemble was only one of the ‘two attributes’.

Among the ‘vortexes’ of ‘flame’, as the vortex dissipates, the flames scatter and pour down as if to attack.

“Huh… Was it the double sex law?”

Even though the vortex spell has disappeared, the divine flame itself is a powerful spell. Incinerating the Archmage or whatever is no big deal.

“The power to go against providence. You guys aren’t the only ones using it.”

The next moment, the Pope’s circlet lit up.

Pure Concept <Barrier>


Hari was taken aback by the flames that scattered as soon as she touched the barrier. How could the power of the concept created by holy power be so easily dissipated?

Until now, Seongbeop had no choice but to be embarrassed by Hari, who knew that Seongbeop was an invincible power.

“Go away.”

The Elector Counts did not miss the moment of Hari’s embarrassment. Stadtt manipulated the thunderclouds that still echoed in the sky, and lightning bolts fell one after another.


Hari quickly embodied what she believed in. A thick barrier of water that blocks any current. Her faith is formed as it is in the sex law.


– Kwak!

A thunderbolt of mighty power struck the barrier of water spread in the air. Sounds dizzy just to look at.

‘Ugh… ! holy power… !’

Hari sensed that her barriers were gradually dissolving. Unlike the Holy Grail Knight, who represents the power of God, Hari is an existence that only borrows the power of God.

The imperfect holy law is gradually evaporated, scattered, and poured out by the successive thunderbolts.

And finally, at the moment when the water wall opens a hole and a bolt of lightning is about to fall toward it——


At that moment, the lightning that was about to fall disappeared neatly.


For the first time, the faces of the Elector Counts are cracked. The calculation, which had predicted an overwhelming advantage, was distorted and a variable appeared.

“Who are you…!”

Their eyes are directed to the center of the wave of magic. Above the canyon, a great black eagle. It must have belonged to the Beast God, and it was carrying a woman with strange energy.

“I came here because I thought it was dangerous… It doesn’t go beyond my expectations.”

The one who cut off the connection between the subordinates of the gods and made them obey me absolutely.

The one who made the blow of the Elector Count, called the Grand Wizard, disappear like bubbles.

Most of all, even though he wore a veil, everyone looked at him in awe at the fatal color that was reflected beyond it.

“Hello gentlemen.”

The Magician Queen of the Spero Kingdom.

Beatrice Alighieri Spero.

The greatest magician of this century smiled bewitchingly at the Imperial army.

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